England & Wales census 1901

170 households

COUNTY, Town or Parish


  • RG13, piece 1168, folio 95, p. 22
    5 Adelaide Cottages, New Windsor, Berkshire
    Robert Copping, head, married, 25, police constable, b. Norfolk, Diss
    Jane Copping, wife, 24, b. Kent, Worth
    Elizabeth Copping, dau, 5mo, b. Berks, Windsor

DEVON, Dartmouth

  • 2070/26v
    North Embankment, Dartmouth, Devon
    (5+ rooms)
    Alfred Sackett, head, married, 34, general labourer, b. Teignmouth, Devon
    Elizabeth Sackett, wife, 39, b. Truro, Cornwall
    Arthur Sackett, son, 10, b. Teignmouth
    Alice Sackett, dau, 8, b. Dartmouth
    Thomas Clarke, boarder, single, 20, bricklayer's labourer, worker, b. Lucland[?], Somerset
    John H Moore, boarder, single, 19, bricklayer's labourer, worker, b. Dunstone, Devon

DEVON, Teignmouth

  • RG13; Piece: 2048; Folio: 59; Page: 15
    33 Teign Street, Teignmouth, Devon
    Alfred Sackett, head, 58, [occ. ?], worker, b. Kent, Ramsgate
    Eliza Sackett, wife, 56, b. Devon, Bishopsteignton
    Dinah Sackett, dau, 27, general domestic servant, b. Teignmouth
    Eliza Sackett, dau, 16, general domestic servant, b. Teignmouth
    Ann Elizth Sackett, dau, 14, b. Teignmouth
    Richard Sackett, son, 12, b. Teignmouth

DORSET, Portland

  • RG13, piece 1998, folio 187, p. 2
    HMS Dolphin, sailing sloop, Home Training Service, Portland Harbour, Dorset
    William Sackett, crew, married, 30, domestic 2nd class, b. Worth, Kent
    [one of 159 crew]

DORSET, Weymouth

  • RG13; Piece: 1994; Folio: 125; Page: 16
    10 Khartoum Road, All Saints and Wyke Regis, Weymouth, Dorset
    George Sackett, head, married, 24, labourer Whitehead Torpedo Works, b. Devon, Teignmouth
    Eliza Sackett, wife, 25, b. Somerset, Bridgewater
    Edith Sackett, dau, 2, b. Dorset, Fleet
    George Chaplin, boarder, single, 22, machinist Whitehead Torpedo Works, b. London, Camden Town

ESSEX, Barking

ESSEX, Dagenham

  • RG13, piece 1645, folio 112, p. 6
    Paradise Cottage, Romford Rd, Dagenham, Essex
    William E Blaxland, head, married, 30 [?36], painter, employer, b. Kent, Sittingbourne
    Mary A Blaxland, wife, 23, b. Dagenham
    Olive A P Blaxland, dau, 5, b. Dagenham
    Doris M A Blaxland, dau, 2, b. Dagenham
    Leonard E Marshall, adopted son, 5mo, b. Dagenham
  • 1645/113v
    Bull Street, Dagenham (St Peter & St Paul), Essex
    (4 rooms)
    Robert Sackett, head, married, 53, general labourer, worker, b. Dagenham
    Mary G Sackett, wife, 55, b. Upminster, Essex
    William Sackett, son, 17, railway platelayer, worker, b. Dagenham
  • RG13, piece 1645, folio 127, p. 35
    Grosvenor Ter, Dagenham, Essex
    John H Thomas, head, married, 44, coal porter, worker, b. Sussex, Brede
    Annie E Thomas, wife, 32, b. Essex, Dagenham
    Herbert H Thomas, son, 13, ordinary agricultural labourer, b. Essex, Dagenham
    Wilfred J Thomas, son, 11, b. Essex, Dagenham
    Louisa A Thomas, dau, 7, b. Essex, Dagenham
    Hilda E Thomas, dau, 5, b. Essex, Dagenham
    John R Thomas, son, 4, b. Essex, Dagenham
    George H Thomas, son, 1, b. Essex, Barking
    Winnie J Sparrow, servant, single, 24, nurse domestic, b. Suffolk, Great Hurston

ESSEX, East Ham

  • 1602/26v
    36 Bessborough Road, East Ham (St Mary the Virgin), Essex
    (4 rooms)
    Thomas Wood, head, married, 33, general labourer, worker, b. Stratford, Essex
    Mary Wood, wife, 32, b. Mile End, London
    Thomas Wood, son, 11, b. Stratford
    Jane Wood, dau, 8, b. Stratford
    John Wood, son, 6, b. Manor Park, Essex
    Frank Wood, son, 4, b. Manor Park
    Ernest Wood, son, 1, b. Manor Park
    Mary Sackett, mother-in-law, widow, 52, laundress, worker, b. Haydon Bois, Essex
    Emily Bright, sister, married, 25, laundress, worker, b. Stratford

ESSEX, Harwich

  • RG13, piece 1699, folio 24, p. 40
    1 Ingestre St, Harwich, Essex
    William Phillips, head, married, 29, petty officer RN, b. Devon, Ashdown
    Catherine Phillips, wife, 30, b. Devon, Teignmouth
    Alfred J Phillips, son, 2, b. Cornwall, Falmouth

ESSEX, Ilford

  • 1652/166 London County Lunatic Asylum, Claybury Asylum, Barkingside, Ilford, Essex
    H W Sackett, pauper patient, single, male, 43, general labourer, b. London St Georges, lunatic

ESSEX, Leyton

  • 1614/118
    14 Cathall Road, Leyton (St John the Baptist, Leytonstone), Essex
    (3 rooms)
    Richard Sackett, head, married, 38, sawyer (wood), b. Stratford, Essex
    Alma Sackett, wife, 35, b. Chadwell Heath, Essex
    A G A Sackett, dau, 4, b. West Ham, Essex
    E U Sackett, dau, 3, b. West Ham

ESSEX, Orsett

  • 1663/38
    Wingfield House, Orsett (St Giles & All Saints), Essex
    (5+ rooms)
    William Henry Sackett, head, married, 61, collector of poor rates, b. Orsett
    Ada Sackett, dau, single, 32, mother's help at home, b. Orsett
    Edith Grace Sackett, dau, single, 24, daily governess, b. Orsett
    Wilfrid Sackett, son, single, 27, carter on farm, worker, b. Orsett
    Sydney Rupert Sackett, son, single, 18, land agents clerk, b. Orsett
    Harriet Rose Johnson, serv, single, 15, general servant domestic, b. Orsett

ESSEX, Rainham

  • 1657/18v
    6 Rosedale Terrace, Rainham (SS Helen & Giles), Essex
    (5+ rooms)
    Henry Sackett, head, married, 29, blacksmith's farrier, worker, b. Dagenham, Essex
    Louisa Sackett, wife, 31, b. Eaton Wick [Eton Wick, Buckinghamshire?]
    Jessie Sackett, dau, 6, b. Dagenham
    Jennie Sackett, dau, 5, b. Dagenham
    Leonard Sackett, son, 2, b. Dagenham
    Ernest Sackett, son, 1, b. Dagenham
    David Mattison, nephew, 5, b. Barking, Essex
    [Henry Sackett s. Robert & Mary Ann (Lazell) Sackett]

ESSEX, Walthamstow

  • RG13, piece 1630, folio 132, p. 11
    113 Winns Avenue (Beer House Off-Licence), Walthamstow, Essex
    William F Davis, head, married, 21, clerk Mineral Water Works, manager off-licence, own account at home, b. London, Stepney
    Ada E Davis, wife, 22, b. London, Stratford

ESSEX, Wanstead

  • 1608/58
    2 Chaucer Street, Wanstead (St Mary), Essex
    (5+ rooms)
    Elizabeth Sackett, head, widow, 65, b. Hythe, Kent
    Emily L Spice, dau, widow, 37, b. Hythe
    George W Sackett, son, single, 28, theological student, b. Langford, Oxon
    Martin L Sackett, son, single, 24, merchants' clerk, worker, b. Langford
    Robert M Sackett, son, single, 20, merchants' clerk, worker, b. Bow, London, Middlesex
    Dorothy W Spice, g-dau, 3, b. Mile End, London
  • 1608/83v
    6 Albert Terrace, Hermon Hill, Wanstead (St Mary), Essex
    (5+ rooms)
    Mary Ann REYNOLDS, head, single, 50, living on own means, b. Islington, London
    Annie Clara Sackett, niece, single, 29, living on own means, b. Kingsland, London
    Leonard TIBBITTS, nephew, 11, b. Hoxton, London
    Marjorie TIBBITTS, niece, 2, b. Hoxton
    James J TIBBITTS, visitor, married, 38, hosier - shopkeeper, own account, b. Lambeth, London
    Elizabeth TIBBITTS, visitor, married, 42, b. Shoreditch, London
    [Annie Clara Sackett d. William Hewitt & Sarah (Reynolds) Sackett]

ESSEX, West Ham

  • RG13, piece 1562, folio 13, p. 17 [added Mar 2012]
    92 High St, West Ham, Essex
    Arthur Sacket, head, married, 52, tin gds worker, own a/c, b. Kent, Ramsgate
    Elizabeth Sacket, wife, 47, b. Norfolk, Lynn
    Emily Sacket, dau, single, 20, drapers assistant, b. Essex, Stratford
  • RG13, piece 1575, folio 92, p. 15 [added Apr 2012]
    12 Philip St, West Ham, Essex
    Henry Sackett, head, married, 40, general labourer, worker, b. Rotherhithe
    Jenny Sackett, wife, 34, b. Hackney, London
    Mary Sackett, dau, 16, dress maker, own account, b. Rotherhithe
    Alice Sackett, dau, 13, nurse maid, worker, b. Poplar, London
    Edith Sackett, dau, 11, b. Plaistow, Essex
    Edna M Sackett, dau, 8 mo, b. Plaistow, Essex
    Claude Perry, visitor, 3, b. Islington, London
  • 1578/140
    37 Oriental Road, West Ham (St Mark's), Essex
    (3 rooms)
    Henry WRIGHT, head, single, 38, insurance agent, worker, b. Rotherhithe, London
    May Sackett, grandmother, widow, 81, b. not known
  • 1585/21v
    22 Woodstock Street, West Ham (Holy Trinity), Essex
    (3 rooms)
    Thomas Sacket, head, widower, 31, dock labourer, worker, b. Deptford, London
    Phillis Sacket, mother, widow, 63, b. Canning Town, Essex
    Daniel Sacket, son, 4, b. Canning Town
    Elizabeth Moore, niece, 16, domestic servant, worker, b. Poplar
    George Moore, nephew, 14, van guard, worker, b. Poplar
  • RG13, piece 1594, folio 35, p. 6
    17 Major Road, West Ham, Essex
    Harry Luxton, head, married, 29, steam ship stoker, b. Essex, Stratford
    Matilda Luxton, wife, 29, b. Essex, Stratford
    Frederick Luxton, son, 6, b. Essex, Stratford
    Matilda Luxton, dau, 5, b. Essex, Stratford
    Albert Luxton, son, 3, b. Essex, Stratford
    John Luxton, son, 1, b. Essex, Stratford
    John Read, boarder, single, 42, general labourer, b. Essex, Stratford
  • 1594/45v & 46
    26 Major Road, West Ham (St Paul's), Essex
    (5+ rooms)
    Richard Sackett, head, married, 69, general labourer, worker, b. Dover, Kent
    Ann Sackett, wife, 75, b. Stratford, London
    Henry Sackett, son, single, 29, general labourer, worker, b. Stratford
    John Sackett, son, single, 26, general labourer, worker, b. Stratford

ESSEX, Woodford

  • 1634/134v
    Lilian Cottage, Derby Road, Woodford (St Mary), Essex
    (5+ rooms)
    Harry Lee Sackett, head, married, 35, merchant's clerk, b. Harefield, Middlesex
    Annie Sackett, wife, 35, b. Epping, Essex
    Fanny Maria HILLS, sister-in-law, single, 28, b. Epping
    Edith WHITBREAD, servant, 16, general servant domestic, b. Epping
  • Essex Villa, Derby Road, Woodford (St Mary), Essex
    (5+ rooms)
    Benjamin Sackett, head, married, 41, wholesale hosier's clerk, b. Hythe, Kent
    Francis [sic] S Sackett, wife, 43, b. Hythe
    Emily Frances Sackett, dau, 13, b. Albert Sq, Commercial Rd
    Annie HORTON, sister-in-law, single, 33, b. Hythe
    Ruth HORTON, sister-in-law, single, 29, b. Hythe
    Florence WINTER, servant, 15, general servant domestic, b. Goring, nr Reading, Berkshire
  • 1634/136v
    1 Arundell Villas, Chelmsford Road, Woodford (St Mary), Essex
    (5+ rooms)
    John Wesley Sackett, head, married, 26, bookkeeper, worker, b. Langford, Oxford
    Ada Sackett, wife, 25, b. St George's in East, London
    Martha Willis, mother-in-law, widow, 64, living on own means, b. Mendleham, Norfolk
  • 1635/79
    1 Madiera Villas, Snakes Lanes, Woodford (St Paul's), Essex
    (5+ rooms)
    Clara Sackett, head, widow, 37, dressmaker, own account at home, b. Liverpool
    Gilbert Sackett, son, 6, b. Woodford
    Ethel Sackett, dau, 16, b. Woodford
    Annie Bush, serv, single, 21, general servant domestic, b. Woodford
    Carl Philipson, boarder, single, 30, wine merchant, employer, b. Germany

HAMPSHIRE, Alverstoke

HAMPSHIRE, Farnborough

  • 1103/52
    Melrose, Alexandra Road, Farnborough, Hampshire
    (5+ rooms)
    John PUCKLE, head, married, 31, Captain [Af__ly] Service Corps, b. India
    Mary PUCKLE, wife, 28, b. Canada
    Ethel JONES, serv, single, 27, cook (domestic), b. Peckham, London
    Harriet CRICKLEY, serv, widow, 30, parlourmaid, b. Cambridge
    Annie Sackett, serv, single, 26, housemaid, b. Westminster, London
    [Road has many household heads who are military officers]

HAMPSHIRE, Portsmouth

  • RG13, piece 982, folio 14, p. 20
    96 Kingston Road, Portsmouth (St Stephen), Hampshire
    James Sackett, head, married, 37, florist, b. Kent, Worth
    Angelina Sackett, wife, 34, b. Portsmouth, Hants
    Ivy Sackett, dau, 9, b. Portsmouth, Hants
    Lylie Sackett, dau, 7, b. Portsmouth, Hants
    Ida Sackett, dau, 4, b. Portsmouth, Hants
    Ada Bellchamber, sis-in-law, single, 28, b. Portsmouth, Hants
  • 995/75v
    34 Staunton Road, Portsmouth (All Saints), Hampshire
    (4 rooms)
    Harriett Sackett, servant, widow, 50, general domestic servant, worker, b. Chalton, Hampshire
    [In household of Frank SLOPER, head, widower, 49, briller[?] HM Dockyard, worker, b. Eastmeon, Hampshire]

HAMPSHIRE, Southampton

  • 1056/142
    22 Albert Road, St Mary's, Southampton, Hampshire
    (4 rooms)
    Clara GAUDY, wife, 46, b. Redbridge, Southampton
    Robert GAUDY, son, single, 20, fish salesman, worker, b. Southampton
    Percy GAUDY, son, single, 19, general labourer, worker, b. Southampton
    Edgar GAUDY, son, 17, stationer's assistant, worker, b. Southampton
    Edward GAUDY, son, 12, b. Southampton
    Fanny GAUDY, dau, 10, b. Southampton
    William GAUDY, son, 9, b. Southampton
    Herbert GAUDY, son, 7, b. Southampton
    George GAUDY, son, 4, b. Southampton
    (1 room)
    Georgina RULLS[?], lodger, widow, 60, charwoman, worker, b. Southampton
    (1 room)
    Elizabeth Sackett, lodger, widow, 58[?] [blot on number; indexer has 68], invalid, b. Plymouth, Devon

HAMPSHIRE, Winchester

  • RG13, piece 1082, folio 149, p. 34
    9 Fairfield Rd, Winchester, Hampshire
    Arthur Raddon, head, married, 43, tailor, worker, b. Devon, Monkton
    Charlotte E Raddon, wife, 43, b. London, St Pancras


  • RG13, Piece 1298, Folio 77, p. 3
    The Grange School, High Street, Stevenage, Hertfordshire
    James C Bracebridge, pupil, 12, b. London


  • 1322/134v
    St Pancras Schools (All Saints, Leavesden), Watford, Hertfordshire [for maintenance of Poor Law children from St Pancras parish]
    Lilian Sackett, pupil, 7, b. not known
    Maud Sackett, pupil, 6, b. not known
    [not found in GRO births index]

KENT, Acol

  • 819/118
    Woodchurch Farm House, Acol, Kent
    Vincent Sackett, head, married, 33, farmer, employer, b. St Lawrence, Kent
    Florence Sackett, wife, 32, b. Hornsey
    Hilda Sackett, dau, 7, b. Margate, Thanet, Kent
    Gladys Sackett, dau, 4, b. Ramsgate, Thanet
    Arthur Sackett, son, 1, b. Acol, Thanet
    Nellie Sackett, dau, 4, b. Acol
    Mary HALLIDAY, serv, single, 17, servant domestic, b. Ramsgate, Kent

KENT, Barham

  • 791/51
    Denton Street, Barham, Kent
    Goulder YOUNG, head, married, 66, living on own means, b. Minster, Thanet
    Anne YOUNG, wife, 66, b. Margate, Thanet
    Annie TAYLOR, visitor, married, 33, living on own means, b. Margate
    Ada YOUNG, dau, single, 20, living on own means, b. Margate
    Albert TAYLOR, visitor, married, 33, grocer, b. Ramsgate
    Reginald TAYLOR, visitor, 3, b. Dover
    Marian Sackett, nurse child, [gender not given], 2 months, b. Margate, Kent

KENT, Birchington

  • RG13, piece 819, folio 76, p 10
    15 Victoria Terrace, Birchington, Kent
    Clark, Eliza F, head, wid, 54, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    Clark, Alfred W, son, 32, bricklayer's labourer, b. Acol, Kent
    Clark, Jessie A, daughter, 19, mother's help, b. Minster, Kent
    Greengrass, Walter H, grandson, 4, b. Ramsgate, Kent
  • RG13, piece 819, folio 104, p. 21
    Woodbine, Birchington, Kent
    Leonard Hogbin, head, married, 35, District Surveyor, under R District Council, b. Kent, Herne Bay
    Ada Hogbin, wife, 30, b. London, W End Parish
    Raymond Hogbin, son, 4, b. Kent, Minster
    Douglas Hogbin, son, 11 mos, b. Birchington
    Alice M Hughes, serv, 17, general servant domestic, b. Kent, Monkton
  • 819/105
    3 Dartford Villas, Birchington, Kent
    George Sackett, head, married, 49, plasterer, worker, b. Margate, Kent
    Louisa Sackett, wife, 48, b. Plurkley, Kent
    Fredk G T Sackett, son, single, 23, plasterer, worker, b. Faversham, Kent
    Stephen E Sackett, son, single, 17, apprentice to plumber, worker, b. Faversham
    Lewis H Sackett, son, 15, telegraph messenger, worker, b. Faversham
    Ernest Sackett, son, 13, plasterer's apprentice, worker, b. Faversham
    Kate A Sackett, dau, 12, b. Faversham
    Sidney F Sackett, son, 8, b. Faversham
    Edmond H Sackett, son, 5, b. Faversham

KENT, Broadstairs & St Peter's

  • 828/58v & 59
    2 Farley Cottages, St Peter's, Broadstairs, Kent
    (5+ rooms)
    T W WOODWARD, head, married, 42, house decorator, worker, b. Broadstairs, Kent
    E H WOODWARD, wife, 43, b. Broadstairs
    M H WOODWARD, dau, 13, b. Broadstairs
    Gilbert S WOODWARD, son, 10, b. Broadstairs
    Elizth A Sackett, mother-in-law, widow, 69, b. Eastry
    Chas A SMITH, bro-in-law, married, 23, insurance agent, b. Canterbury, Kent
    Annie C SMITH, sis-in-law, married, 33, b. Broadstairs
    Nellie M SMITH, niece, 6 months, b. Dover, Kent
  • 828/67v & 68
    Cromwell House, St Peter's Road, Broadstairs (St Peter's), Kent
    James EMERY, head, married, 40, solicitor, b. Stibbard[?], Norfolk
    Gertrude EMERY, wife, 35, b. Maidstone, Kent
    George M EMERY, son, 10, schoolboy, b. Broadstairs
    Charles M ALLNUTT, visitor, 8, schoolboy, b. St Peter's
    Harriet COURT, servant, widow, 70, cook domestic, b. St Nicholas, Kent
    Alma Sackett, 21, housemaid domestic, b. Ospinge, Kent
  • RG13, piece 828, folio 116, p. 1
    Gloucester C, Oscar Rd, St Peter's, Broadstairs, Kent
    Gertrude R Sackett, head, wid, 30, lodging house keeper, own a/c, b. Banbury, Oxon
    Gertrude A Sackett, dau, 4, b. Hoxton, London
  • 828/123
    Paragon Lodge, Crow Hill, St Peter's, Kent
    (5+ rooms)
    Henry Sackett, head, widower, 85, retired farmer, b. Northdown, Kent
    Elizabeth LAYNG, dau, widow, 59, living on own means, b. Northdown, Kent
    Minnie HARTY, serv, single, 19, domestic, b. Broadstairs, Kent
  • RG13, piece 828, folio 124, p. 18
    Lynton, Stone Rd, Broadstairs, Kent
    Elizabeth H Sackett, serv, single, 23, parlourmaid, b. Faversham
    [In household of Barry Cleveland, retired insurance manager, & his wife Harriett E Cleveland, a school proprietress, with 4 teachers, 7 pupils, and 2 other servants.]
  • 828/189
    8 Church Street, St Peter's, Kent
    (5+ rooms)
    Harry Sackett, head, married, 54, bricklayer, worker, b. Thanet, Kent
    Mary Sackett, wife, 53, b. Stafford, Staffs
    Hester Sackett, dau, single, 29, b. Thanet
    John Lynch, boarder, single, 30, electrical engineer, worker, b. Dublin, Ireland

KENT, Bromley

  • RG13, piece 684, folio 44, p. 1
    43/45 Homedale Road, Bromley, Kent
    Julia Catherine Giles, head, widow, 54, beer & wine housekeeper, off licence, employer, b. Kent, Ramsgate
    Vincent Sackett Giles, son, single, 19, assistant, beer house, worker, b. Kent, Bromley
    Amy May G Giles, dau, 17, assistant, beer house, worker, b. Kent, Bromley

KENT, Canterbury

  • 792/160
    3 Ivy Place, Canterbury, Kent
    William Sackett, head, married, 56, engine driver gas works, worker, b. Chartham, Kent
    Rachel Sackett, wife, 58, b. Chartham
    Percy Sackett, son, single, 24, bricklayers' labourer, worker, b. Canterbury
    Herbert Sackett, son, single, 20, attendant asylum, worker, b. Canterbury
    George Sackett, [relationship not given], 7, b. Canterbury
  • RG13, Piece 794, Folio 45, p. 20
    6 Myrtle Ter, Canterbury, Kent
    Catherine Smith, head, married, 49, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    Frances Smith, dau, single, 21, domestic general, b. Canterbury
    Doris Smith, dau, 11, scholar, b. Canterbury
    Edith Baldock, niece, 18 months, b. Kennington, London
    Frederick Smith, son, 17, domestic footman, b. Ash, Kent

KENT, Dover

  • 839/20 8 Montague Gardens, Dover (SS Peter & Paul), Kent
    (5+ rooms)
    Annie Sackett, serv, single, 17, general servant domestic, b. Dover
    [In household of Walter E Wright, head, married, 37, assessor & collector of income tax, secretary of political club, secretary of public company, employer, b. Warrington, Lancashire]
  • 842/24
    15 Military Road, Dover (Christchurch, Hougham), Kent
    (5+ rooms)
    George T Sackett, head, married, 56, coach body maker, worker, b. Lambeth, London
    Margaret Sackett, wife, 69, b. Bermondsey, London
    Jessie M Sackett, dau, single, 32, dressmaker, worker, b. Hougham, Kent
    George E Sackett, son, single, 31, shoemaker, worker, b. Hougham
    Robert H Sackett, son, single, 29, hammerman blacksmith, worker, b. Hougham
  • 843/115v
    11 Oswald Place (St Andrew's, Buckland), Dover, Kent
    (5+ rooms)
    Harry DUNIGAN, head, married, 28, grocer's carman, worker, b. Ireland
    Alice DUNIGAN, wife, 29, b. Canterbury, Kent
    Annie DUNIGAN, dau, 3, b. Canterbury
    William DUNIGAN, son, 1, b. Dover
    William Sackett, boarder, single, 37, bricklayer's labourer, b. Canterbury

KENT, Folkestone

  • RG13, Piece 846, Folio 42, p. 2 10 Burrow Rd, Folkestone, Kent Francis S Smith, head, 24, police constable, b. Northants, Northampton Florence A Smith, wife, 28, b. Harbledown, Kent Alfred G Smith, brother, 18, solicitor's clerk, b. Ash, Kent George C Smith, brother, 13, office boy, b. Canterbury, Kent
  • 848/41
    35 Earl's Avenue, Folkestone (Holy Trinity), Kent
    (5+ rooms)
    Meredith Sackett, serv, single, female, 23, cook domestic, b. Folkestone, Kent
    [In household of George H Hayne, head, married, 39, living on own means, b. Tottenham, Middlesex]

KENT, Gillingham

  • 735/68
    28 Green Street, Gillingham, Kent
    Annie Sackett, boarder, widow, 27, dressmaker, own account at home, b. Dover, Kent
    [In household of Robert Moffett, 36, insurance agent] [Not identified]

KENT, Herne Bay

  • RG13, piece 798, folio 91, p. 24
    Victoria House, 52 William St, Herne Bay, Kent
    John Hogbin, head, married, 61, auctioneer & upholsterer, shopkeeper, employer, b. Kent, Margate
    Catherine A Hogbin, wife, 49, b. Lincolnshire, Louth
    Lillie M Crouch, servt, single, 18, general servant domestic, b. Kent, Chartham
  • RG13, piece 798, folio 112, p. 15
    27 Carlton Gds, Herne Bay, Kent
    Alfred A Hogbin, head, married, 30, upholsterer's asst, worker, b. Herne Bay
    Grace Hogbin, wife, 32, b. Hampshire, Southampton
    Clement J Hogbin, son, 5, scholar, b. Herne Bay
    Aline M Hogbin, dau, 2, b. Herne Bay
    Emily Carden, s-in-law, 25, b. Middlesex [sic], South-?-
  • RG13, piece 798, folio 112, p. 15
    28 Carlton Gds, Herne Bay, Kent
    Thomas Ridout, head, married, 35, stationers asst, worker, b. Herne Bay
    Alice K Ridout, wife, 32, b. Herne Bay
    Elizth M Ridout, visitor, single, 26, b. Sussex, Brighton

KENT, Hythe

  • RG13, piece 854, folio 88, p. 15
    32 Stade Street, St Leonard's, Hythe, Kent
    Emily Sackett, head, wid, 65, living on own means, b. Kent, Hythe

KENT, Margate

  • 820/7
    East Northdown Farm, Northdown (St John's), Margate, Kent
    Barzillai Sackett, head, married, 57, farmer, employer, b. St Peter's, Kent
    Sarah Sackett, wife, 58, b. Minster, Kent
    Arthur Sackett, son, single, 32, farmer's son, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    Ada Sackett, dau, single, 23, b. Ramsgate
    Bertha Ralph, servt., single, 20, gen serv domestic, b. Cranbrook, Kent
  • 821/9
    28 Church Street, Margate (St John), Kent
    Robert Sackett, head, married, 27, bricklayers general labourer, worker, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    Emma Sackett, wife, 26, charwoman, worker, b. Margate, Kent
    Albert Sackett, son, 4, b. Margate
    Herbert Sackett, son, 1, b. Margate
  • RG13, piece 821, folio 50, p. 37
    12 Milton Rd, Margate, Kent
    Thomas Read, head, married, 64, fisherman, own account, b. Kent, Bishopsbourne
    Emma Read, wife, 55, b. Margate
    Nellie Read, dau, 15, b. Margate
    John S Read, son, 9, b. Margate
    Edith Read, dau, 5, b. Margate
    Florence M Read, dau, 2, b. Margate
    William Pearce, stepson, single, 21, fisherman, worker, b. Margate
  • Piece 821, folio 63, p. 10
    21 Setterfield Rd, Margate, Kent
    William Robt Robinson, head, married, 28, paperhanger & painter, worker, b. Margate
    Beatrice Louise Robinson, wife, 28, b. Margate
    John William Robinson, son, 4, b. Margate
    George Edward Robinson, son, 2, b. Margate
    Edward Aaron Robinson, son, 2 months, b. Margate
    Katherine E Read, stepsister, 12, b. Margate
  • RG13, piece 821, folio 67, p. 17
    3 Clarence Villas, Connaught Road, Margate, Kent
    Shrubsole Lawrence, head, mariied, 60, house painter, own account, b. Margate
    Mercy Lawrence, wife, 62, b. Margate
    Florence M Lawrence, dau, 22, teacher of music, b. Margate
    Eliza Anne Brangain?, visitor, wid, 75, living on own means, b. Margate
  • 821/77
    5 Gladstone Road, Margate (St John), Kent
    Thos Sackett, head, married, 52, railway luggage porter, b. Margate, Kent
    Harriet M Sackett, wife, 51, b. Margate
    Kate M Sackett, dau, 14, b. Faversham, Kent
    Alma E Sackett, gdau, 7 months, b. Minster, Kent
  • RG13, piece 821, folio 78, p. 39
    11 Gladstone Rd, Margate, Kent
    Henry Murton, head, married, 32, carpenter, worker, b. Kent, Faversham
    Elizth Murton, wife, 35, b. Margate
    Henry Murton, son, 11, b. Margate
    Gwendoline Murton, dau, 4, b. Margate
  • 821/97
    4 Grange Road, Margate (St John), Kent
    George E Sackett, head, married, 28, blacksmith, worker, b. Faversham, Kent
    Rosa Sackett, wife, 28, b. Canterbury, Kent
    Harriet M Sackett, dau, 7, b. Faversham, Kent
    Kate Hilda Sackett, dau, 5, b. Margate, Kent
    John T Sackett, son, 3, b. Margate
    George W Sackett, son, 9 months, b. Margate
  • RG13, Piece 821, Folio 156, p. 39
    7 Garfield Rd, Westbrook All Saints, Margate, Kent
    Ernest Quested, head, married, 28, clerk (Millers), b. Kent, Westgate
    Rosie Quested, wife, 28, b. Kent, Northwood
    Eric Quested, son, 5, b. Margate
    Herbert Quested, son, 5 mo, b. Margate
    Margaret Emptage, serv, 15, general servant domestic, b. Margate
  • 822/26
    Crescent Lodge, Margate (St John), Kent
    F J L Sackett, head, married, 61, carpenter, worker, b. Newington Causeway, London
    Emma Sackett, wife, 58, b. Canterbury, Kent
    Ellen Mary Sackett, dau, single, 33, b. Margate, Kent
  • 822/27v
    Margate Ladies College [near junction Addington St/ Lausanne Rd], Margate, Kent
    Ruth Sackett, serv, single, 22, general servant domestic, b. Worth, Kent
  • RG13, piece 822, folio 67, p. 33 [added Mar 2012]
    86 Dane Rd, Margate, Kent
    Elizabeth Sackett, head, wid, 61, lodging housekeeper, own account, b. Margate
    Annie E Sackett, dau, single, 34, clerk, b. Bermondsey, London
  • 822/103
    1a Trinity Hill, Margate (Holy Trinity), Kent
    Stephen S Sackett, head, married, 62, fish shop keeper, own account, b. Margate
    Mary A Sackett, wife, 58, b. Canterbury, Kent
  • 822/131v
    70 Trinity Square, Margate, Kent
    Susanah Sackett, head, widow, 80, keeping lodging house, own account, b. Margate
    Elizabeth HOLNESS, sister, single, 74, help to her sister, b. Margate
  • RG13, piece 823, folio 31, p. 7
    72 Northumberland Road, Margate, Kent
    James Knott, head, married, 42, grocer's manager, worker, b. Margate
    Kate Knott, wife, 40, b. Margate
    Kate Knott, dau, single, 21, b. Margate
    Alfred Knott, son, 12, b. Margate
    Alice Knott, dau, 7, b. Margate
    Mary Sackett, m-in-law, wid, 74, b. Margate

KENT, Milton

  • RG13, Piece 711, Folio 42, p. 15
    25, Harmer St, Milton, Kent
    Charlotte Ray, head, wid, 68, living on own means, b. Kent, Sturry
    Annie D Easton, visitor, 69, living on own means, b. Kent, Ramsgate

KENT, Ramsgate

  • 825/19
    Sangers Restaurant, High Street, Ramsgate, Kent
    Harriett E Sackett, serv, single, 20, servt nurse, b. Faversham
    [In household of Alfred Knight, 43, hotel proprietor, Elizabeth Knight, his wife, 29, two children, a cook, & two barmaids]
  • 825/41
    7 Bristol Place, Ramsgate, Kent
    James U Sackett, head, married, 46, house painter, worker, b. Ramsgate
    Harriet Sackett, wife, 41, b. Ramsgate
    Florence Sackett, dau, 17, b. Ramsgate
    Lilian Sackett, dau, 13, b. Ramsgate
    James Sackett, son, 12, b. Ramsgate
    Albert Sackett, son, 6, b. Ramsgate
  • 825/61v
    153 Boundary Road, Ramsgate, Kent
    (3 rooms)
    Francis Sackett, head, widower, 64, painter & decorator, employer, b. St Peter's, Thanet
  • 825/72v
    4 Paradise, Ramsgate, Kent
    Edward Sackett, head, single, 69, tailor, worker at home, b. Ramsgate
  • 825/93 & 93v
    7 Effingham Street, Ramsgate, Kent
    George Sackett, head, married, 47, licensed general porter, b. Ramsgate
    Caroline E Sackett, wife, 57, b. Canterbury, Kent [?age]
    Ada C Sackett, dau, single, 19, mothers help domestic, b. Ramsgate
    Emily J Sackett, dau, 17, dressmakers improver, worker, b. Ramsgate
    Florence B Sackett, dau, 14, b. Ramsgate
    William F Sackett, son, 10, b. Ramsgate
    George F Sackett, son, 7, b. Ramsgate
    Albert E Sackett, son, 4, b. Ramsgate
    Herbert W Pillow, bro-in-law, single, 59, paperhanger, worker, b. Canterbury
    Marian Strickland, boarder, single, 28, manageress fancy bazaar, b. Clapham, London
  • RG13, piece 825, folio 104, p 2
    17 Plains of Waterloo, Ramsgate, Kent
    Clark, Thomas J, head, 34, general labourer, b. Acol, Kent
    Clark, Margret A, wife, 39, b. Margate, Kent
  • RG13, piece 825, folio 105, p 3
    29 Plains of Waterloo, Ramsgate, Kent
    Greengrass, Charles J, head, 27, bootmaker, own account, b. Clapton, London
    Greengrass, Jane, wife, 26, b. Minster, Kent
    Greengrass, Herbert L, son, 3, b. Ramsgate
    Greengrass, Charles J, son, 3 mo, b. Ramsgate
  • Piece 825, Folio 151, p. 24
    6 Adalaid Gar, Ramsgate, Kent
    Mynheer, W H, head, married, 38, mariner, own a/c, b. Ramsgate
    Mynheer, R, wife, 39, b. Ramsgate
    Mynheer, A V, son, 12, scholar, b. Ramsgate
    Mynheer, J A, son, 2, b. Ramsgate
    Mynheer, F R, son, 5 months, b. Ramsgate
  • 826/11
    1 Salem Cottages, King Street, Ramsgate (St Paul's), Kent
    (3 rooms)
    Walter R Sackett, head, married, 34, porter boat, worker, b. Ramsgate
    Mary A Sackett, wife, 35, b. Canterbury, Kent
    Edward W Sackett, son, 13, b. Ramsgate
    Olive M Sackett, dau, 11, b. Ramsgate
    Lizzie Sackett, dau, 8, b. Ramsgate
    Kate F Sackett, dau, 3, b. Ramsgate
    Maggie Sackett, dau, 7 months, b. Ramsgate
  • 826/76
    10 Addington Street, Ramsgate (Christchurch), Kent
    (5+ rooms)
    George Holt Sackett, head, married, 65, pork butcher shopkeeper, own account, b. St Peter's, Ramsgate
    Maud Sackett, wife, 36, at home, b. Canterbury
  • 826/94 86 Queen St, Ramsgate, Kent
    Henry Sackett, head, 59, decorator & builder, employer, b. Ramsgate
    Alexander Allen Sackett, son, 19, b. Ramsgate
    Cordelia A Summerford, visitor, 37, worker, at home, b. London, Clapham
  • 826/169
    Terncot, Ellington Road, Ramsgate (Christchurch), Kent
    (5+ rooms)
    Arthur D Sackett, head, married, 36, monumental mason, employer, b. Ramsgate
    Florence Sackett, wife, 27, b. Ramsgate
    Arthur D Sackett, son, 1, b. Ramsgate
    Mary A Sackett, mother, widow, 71, living on own means, b. Ramsgate

KENT, St Lawrence

  • 827/8v
    1a Lorne Road, St Lawrence (Christchurch), Kent
    (5+ rooms)
    Albert Sacket, boarder, single, 24, sailor/fisherman, worker, b. Folkestone, Kent [In household of Elizabeth Millross, head, widow, 68, monthly nurse sick, b. Broadstairs, Kent]
  • 827/24v
    8 Fredrick Pl, Hereson Road, St Lawrence (Holy Trinity), Kent
    (5+ rooms)
    Edward Sackett, head, married, 29, harbour porter, own account, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    Elizabeth Sackett, wife, 27, b. Margate, Kent
    Amy Sackett, dau, 4, b. Ramsgate
    Rosie Sackett, dau, 3, b. Ramsgate
    Clara Gibbs, sister-in-law, 15, servant (domestic), worker, b. Margate
  • 827/41v
    Gowan Cottage, Hereson Road, St Lawrence (Holy Trinity), Kent
    (5+ rooms)
    Sarah Ann Harman, head, widow, 69, living on own means, b. St Lawrence
    Ernest Sackett, boarder, single, 26, gas fitter, worker, b. St Peter's, Kent
  • RG13, piece 827, folio 139, p. 42
    3 Castle Rd, St Lawrence, Ramsgate, Kent
    Edward Goldfinch, head, married, 27, general labourer, b. Margate
    Mary Goldfinch, wife, 28, b. Ramsgate
    Beatrice Goldfinch, dau, 7, b. Ramsgate
    Alfred Goldfinch, son, 5, b. Ramsgate
    Violet Goldfinch, dau, 3, b. Ramsgate
    Frederick Goldfinch, son, 1, b. Ramsgate

KENT, Sittingbourne

  • 811/90
    Railway Station House, Sittingbourne, Kent
    Thomas H[?] SHEPHARD, head, married, 54, station master, worker, b. Ipswich, Suffolk
    Caroline E SHEPHARD, wife, 51, b. Dover, Kent
    Helen M SHEPHARD, dau, single, 24, b. Kearsney[?], Kent
    Lucy SHEPHARD, mother, widow, 79, living on own means, b. Bonhall [or Borehall], Suffolk
    Sarah A Sackett, aunt, single, 83, living on own means, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    Alice A COLLINS, serv, single, 18, general servant (domestic), b. Poplar, London

KENT, Tunbridge Wells

  • 754/134
    Gas Works, High Brooms (St Matthew, Southborough), Tunbridge Wells, Kent
    Frederick Sackett, head, married, 31, gas works inspector, b. Broadstairs, Kent
    Jessie G Sackett, wife, 31, b. Scotland
    Wallace R Sackett, son, 5, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    Elsie Sackett, dau, 2, b. Southboro, Kent

KENT, West Malling

  • RG13, Piece 743, Folio 58, p. 3
    High Street, West Malling, Kent
    Sackette, Louisa R, head, single, 74, living on own means, b. Kent, Ramsgate
    Sackette, Mary C, sister, single, 71, living on own means, b. Kent, Ramsgate
    Sackette, Margaret I, sister, single, 67, living on own means, b. Kent, Ramsgate
    King, Mary A, serv, single, 20, cook domestic, b. Kent, Larkfield
    Austen, Scissie M, serv, single, 17, housemaid domestic, b. Kent, Ryarsh

KENT, Worth

  • 832/41
    8 Canon Flowers Cottages, Worth (SS Peter & Paul), Kent
    (5+ rooms)
    John Sackett, head, married, 62, wheelwright, worker, b. Margate, Kent
    Maria Sackett, wife, 61, b. Ash, Kent
    John S Sackett, son, single, 26, general labourer, worker, b. Worth
    Frank P Sackett, son, single, 19, under gardener domestic, b. Worth
    Cecil Sackett, grandson, 7, b. Worth
  • LINCOLNSHIRE, Skirbeck

    • RG13, piece 3045, folio 76, p 26
      Horncastle Road, Skirbeck, Lincolnshire
      Sackett, Edward, head, 29, tailor's cutter, b. Croydon, Surrey
      Sackett, Rose E, wife, 26, b. Charlton, Kent
      Sackett, Edward L, son, 4, b. Blackheath, Kent
      Sackett, Gladys W, daughter, 3, b. Sheerness, Kent

LONDON, Battersea

  • 460/94v
    76 Nightingale Lane, Battersea, London
    Emma Sackett, 30, housemaid domestic, b. England N K
    [In household of Robert P Taylor, head, married, 67]

LONDON, Bermondsey

  • 392/129v
    5 Anthony Street, Bermondsey, London
    (3 rooms)
    Henry Sackett, head, married, 31, dock labourer, worker, b. Rotherhithe, London
    Annie Sackett, wife, 31, b. Bermondsey
    Henry Sackett, son, 10, b. Rotherhithe, London
    Timothy Sackett, son, 8, b. Rotherhithe
    Annie Sackett, dau, 6, b. Rotherhithe
    Frances Sackett, dau, 4, b. Rotherhithe

LONDON, Camberwell

  • RG13, piece 498, folio 128, p. 47
    7 Lordship Lane, Camberwell, London
    James G Marsh, head, married, 52, sea bathing establishment, employer, b. Kent, St Stephens
    Emma Marsh, wife, 53, b. Kent, Ramsgate
    Arthur J Marsh, son, single, 26, grocer's assistant, worker, b. Kent, Ramsgate
    Edith M Marsh, dau, single, 23, clerk, sub post office, b. Kent, Broadstairs
    Kate F Marsh, dau, single, 22, telegraphist GPO civil service, worker, b. Kent, Broadstairs
    Oliver W Marsh, son, single, 19, carpenter, worker, b. Kent, Broadstairs
    Hector C Marsh, son, single, 18, clerk mercantile, b. Kent, Broadstairs
    Nora A M Marsh, dau, 17, telegraph learner GPO civil service, worker, b. Kent, Broadstairs
    Donald A S Marsh, son, 15, scholar, b. Kent, Broadstairs
  • RG13, piece 506, folio 38, p. 11
    149 Brayard Rd, Peckham, Camberwell, London
    John Miller, head, married, 39, grocer & shopkeeper, own account, b. London, St George East
    Elizabeth S Miller, wife, 40, b. Kent, Hythe
    John B Miller, son, 14, b. London, Peckham
    Augustus L Miller, son, 10, b. London, Peckham
    Thomas E S Miller, son, 6, b. London, Peckham
  • 510/150
    64 Leo St (St Jude), Camberwell, London
    Thomas McGORRVEN, head, married, 40, steam motor driver, worker, b. Hackney
    Laura McGORRVEN, wife, 33, b. Newfoundland
    Mary A McGORRVEN, dau, 10, b. Somerton, Somerset
    Anne E McGORRVEN, dau, 7, b. Peckham
    Thomas A McGORRVEN, son, 2, b. Peckham
    [unnamed] McGORRVEN, son, under 1 month, b. Peckham
    Eliza Sackett, boarder, widow, 62, nurse monthly sick, worker, b. Isleworth, Middlesex
  • 519/101
    41 Cowan Street, Camberwell, London
    (4 rooms)
    Henry C Roper, head, married, 67, bookbinder sprinkler, worker, b. Islington
    Emma R Roper, wife, 58, b. Bermondsey
    Samuel Sackett, stepson, single, 27, incandescent gas fitter, b. Bermondsey, London
    Charlotte J Simmons, g-dau, 11, b. Camberwell
    [Emma (Roberts) (Sackett) Roper wid. 13445 Samuel Henry Sackett]
  • 520/73v
    85 Neate Street (St Mark's), Camberwell, London
    (5+ rooms)
    Charles W Sackett, head, married, 31, confectioner baker, own account, b. Camberwell
    May R Sackett, wife, 25, b. Walworth, London
    May R Sackett, dau, 4, b. Peckham, London
    Ada E Sackett, dau, 2, b. Walworth

LONDON, Clapham

  • 460/158v
    Royal Masonic Institute for Girls [for the daughters of deceased or necessitous Freemasons], Clapham Junction, London
    Dorothy Sackett, pupil, 12, b. Woodford, Essex

LONDON, Deptford

  • 534/22
    74 Foxberry Road, St Pauls, Deptford, London
    (2 rooms)
    Frances Sackett, head, widow, 55, dressmaker, own account, b. Sittingbourne, Kent
    Elizabeth Sackett, dau, single, 24, dressmaker, own account, b. Whitstable, Kent
    John Wright, boarder, 2, b. Camberwell, London

LONDON, Fulham

  • 54/113v
    20 Werley Avenue (St Peter's), Fulham, London
    John Sackett, head, married, 35, cab driver, worker, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    Jessie Sackett, wife, 35, b. Kensington, London
    Henry Sackett, son, 11, b. Fulham
    Jessie Sackett, dau, 9, b. Fulham
    Hilda Sackett, dau, 3, b. Fulham
    Walter Sackett, son, 3 months, b. Fulham
    Sarah Greenwood, visitor, married, 45, b. Brighton, Sussex
    William Greenwood, visitor, married, 45, horsekeeper, worker, b. Brighton
    Annie Greenwood, visitor, single, 18, charwoman, worker, b. Fulham
    Charles Greenwood, visitor, 15, coal porter, worker, b. Fulham
    John Greenwood, visitor, 13, b. Fulham
    Mary Greenwood, visitor, 10, b. Fulham
    Sidney Greenwood, visitor, 5, b. Fulham
    Rosina Greenwood, visitor, 3, b. Fulham
    George W Greenwood, visitor, 5 months, b. Fulham
  • 55/7
    39 Hannell Road (St Peter's), Fulham, London
    (3 rooms)
    George Sackett, head, married, 26, horse keeper (groom), worker, b. West Brompton, London
    Kate Sackett, wife, 25, b. Chelsea, London
    Kate Sackett, dau, 5, b. Fulham
    Alfred Sackett, son, 1, b. Fulham
    Flory COOK, sister, 12, b. Fulham
  • 55/8
    27 Hannell Road, Fulham, London
    (3 rooms)
    Henry Sackett, head, married, 29, horse keeper (groom), worker, b. Fulham
    Mary Sackett, wife, 25, b. Fulham
    Lily Sackett, dau, 4, b. Fulham
    Richard Sackett, son, 2, b. Fulham
    Edward Sackett, son, 2 months, b. Fulham
  • 55/128
    1 St Peter's Terrace (St Peter's), Fulham, London
    William Sackett, head, widower, 60, cab driver (groom), worker, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    Mary A Sackett, dau-in-law, 33, b. Westminster, London
    George Sackett, son, married, 30, cab driver (groom), worker, b. Brighton, Sussex
    George Strong, visitor, married, 45, cabdriver, worker, b. Chelsea, London
    Nellie Strong, visitor, 13, b. Fulham
    Lina Strong, visitor, female, 7, b. Fulham
    Percy Strong, 6, b. Fulham
  • RG13, piece 57, folio 66, p 7
    41 Bayonne Rd, Fulham, London
    Curl, John, head, 29, coal porter, b. Fulham
    Curl, Mary E, wife, 25, b. Fulham
    Curl, John, son, 7, b. Fulham
    Curl, William, son, 1, b. Fulham
  • 67/7v
    1 Guion Road (St Dionis), Fulham, London
    Catherine CRANER, head, widow, 62, b. Brackley, Northamptonshire
    Thomas CRANER, son, single, 26, grocer's assistant, b. Brackley
    Annie Sackett, dau, married, 37, b. Brackley
    [house shared with second family -]
    William J TILBY, head, married, 35, pawn brokers' manager, worker, b. Woodgreen, Middlesex
    Lizzie TILBY, wife, 29, b. Brackley
    John W TILBY, son, 1y 8m, b. Fulham

LONDON, Greenwich

  • 537/32v
    74 Royal Hill, Greenwich, London
    Charles Sackett, head, married, 30, fruiterer green, own account, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    Clara G Sackett, wife, 32, at home, b. Ramsgate
    John Cobbett, boarder, married, 28, gas stoker, worker, b. Ash, Kent
    Louisa Cobbett, boarder, married, 29, b. Ramsgate, Kent
  • RG13, Piece 562, Folio 53, p. 50
    11 Woodland Terr, Charlton, Greenwich, London
    John Brill, head, married, 58, messenger (principal), worker, b. Mdx, Ruislip
    Mary A Brill, wife, wife, 61, b. Hants, Portsmouth
    Harry Brill, son, single, 22, clerk commercial, worker, b. Woolwich Dockyard
    Edith Brill, dau, single, 19, milliner's? assistant, b. Woolwich Dockyard
    Charles H Brill, son, 16, cabinet maker's apprentice, b. Woolwich Dockyard
    John Sackitt, son-in-law, 24, credit? dealer?, own acct, working at home, b. Croydon
    Emily A Sackitt, dau, 24, milliner, b. Kent, Plumstead
    Edith G Sackitt, gdau, 6 mos, b. London, Mile End
    Fred Reynolds, boarder, single, 30, clerk commercial, b. nr Maidstone, Kent

LONDON, Hackney

  • 216/75 4 Montague Road, Dalston, Hackney, London
    (4 rooms)
    Horace A Sackett, head, married, 29, side board maker, working employer, b. Shoreditch, London
    Louisa Sackett, wife, 25, b. Hackney, London
    Dora A Sackett, dau, 3, b. Hackney
    Hilda Sackett, dau, 1, b. Hackney
    [Horace Arthur R Sackett s. Walter John Samuel & Rebecca Janet (Hawkins) Sackett]
  • 216/75
    6 Montague Road, Dalston, Hackney, London
    Walter John S Sackett, head, married, 51, traveller boot & shoe trade, worker, b. Shoreditch, London
    Rebecca J Sackett, wife, 51, b. Bethnal Green, London
    Emily G Sackett, dau, 27, b. Shoreditch
    Florence A Sackett, dau, single, 26, b. Shoreditch
    Walter J Sackett, son, 16, office boy, b. Hackney
  • 219/30
    19 Blurton Road, Hackney, London
    (2 rooms)
    Harriett E Sackett, lodger, widow, 24, shirt finisher, worker, b. London
  • 228/83
    24 Englefield Road, Hackney, London
    (4 rooms)
    Alfred Sackett, head, married, 44, stone mason, worker, b. Shoreditch, London
    Minnie Sackett, wife, 42, b. Shoreditch
    Catherine Sackett, dau, single, 18, artificial florist, worker, b. Shoreditch
  • 232/73v
    234 Victoria Park Road, Hackney, London
    (4 rooms)
    Edward Knott, head, married, [data missing]
    Emily J Knott, wife, 31, b. Cambridge Heath, London
    Emily L Knott, dau, 8, b. Islington, London
    Isabel U Knott, dau, 2, b. South Hackney, London
    Rowland Algernon Sackett, boarder, single, 28, boot maker, employer, b. Shoreditch, London

LONDON, Hampstead

  • RG13, piece 124, folio 6, p. 4
    27 Adamson Rd, Hampstead, London
    Henry E Vickers, boarder, married, 32, newspaper manager, employer, b. Yorkshire, Leeds
    Lily F Vickers, boarder, married, 24, b. Middlesex, Highgate
    [in the household of Edward Sodcole, 65, saddle & harness maker]

LONDON, Holborn

  • RG13, Piece 257, Folio 90, p. 17 St Mark's Hospital, St Matthew City Road, Holborn, London Vincent Sackett, patient, married, 54, barman, b. Surrey, Horsleydown

LONDON, Islington

  • 158/181
    5 Francis Terrace, Islington, London
    Private (2 rooms)
    Alfred J Sackett, head, married, 35, selling agent, own account, b. Rye, Sussex
    Lydia Sackett, wife, 32, b. Hull, Yorkshire
    Alma Sackett, dau, 2, b. Hull
  • 170/111
    St Mary Islington Workhouse, Cornwallis Road, Upper Holloway N, Islington, London
    [total 845 inmates]
    Emma Sackett, inmate, single, 69, retired domestic servant, b. Deptford, Kent

LONDON, Kensington

  • 33/32
    Kensington Infirmary, Martres Road, Kensington, Middlesex [London]
    Mary Sackett, inmate, widow, 72, b. London, Middlesex, deaf
  • Piece 34, Folio 81, p. 51
    54 Yeomans Row, Holy Trinity Brompton, Kensington, London
    Miles, Vincent W, head, 43, cheesemonger, worker, b. Kent, Margate
    Miles, Ellen, wife, 44, dressmaker, worker, at home, b. Kent, I of Thanet
    Miles, Charles V, son, 17, worker, b. Margate
    Miles, Katherine I?, dau, 14, mother's help, at home, b. Margate
    Miles, Frederick A, son, 13, errand boy, b. London, South Kensington
    Miles, Florence F, dau, 12, b. London, South Kensington
    Miles, Grace G, dau, 10, b. London, South Kensington
    Miles, Ellenor F, dau, 8, b. London, South Kensington
    Miles, Albert J, son, 7, b. London, South Kensington
    Miles, Vera A, dau, 5, b. London, South Kensington

LONDON, Lambeth

  • 410/73
    108, Lower Kennington Lane, Lambeth, London
    (3 rooms)
    Samuel J Sackett, head, married, 67, umbrella maker, own account, b. Bermondsey, London
    Harriet Sackett, wife, 51, dress maker, own account, b. Spexhall, Suffolk
  • 412/20
    38 Opal Street, Kennington, Lambeth, London
    Charles Sackett, head, married, 52, packing casemaker, worker Bootherey Eng Co, b. [not stated]
    Esther Sackett, wife, 53, b. Cambridge
  • 412/89
    329 Kennington Road, Lambeth, London
    (3 rooms)
    Alfred Sackett, head, married, 32, paper hanger, own account, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    Marion Sackett, wife, 32, dressmaker, own account, b. Cardiff, S. Wales
    Alfred Sackett, son, 12, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    Sydney Sackett, son, 10, b. Ramsgate
    Ida Sackett, dau, 8, b. Ramsgate
    Hilda Sackett, niece, 10, b. Ramsgate
  • 414/118v
    9 Wandsworth Road, Lambeth, London
    Richard Sackett, boarder, single, 36, sign writer, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    [In household of Charles Peak, 48, letter maker (wood), own account, and Elizabeth Peak, 46]
  • 428/15v
    159 Lyham Road, Clapham (All Saints), Lambeth, London
    Eliza Sackett, serv., single, 24, servant domestic, worker, b. Yarmouth, Norfolk
    [In household of Frederick W STARES, 28, master baker, & Gertrude STARES, 28]
    [Not found in GRO Births. Not Sackett. Probably Lockett or Lackett.
  • RG13, piece 434, folio 82, p. 5
    151 Stockwell Park Rd, Lambeth, London
    Wilkes, Sarah A, head, widow, 33, b. Kennington, London
    Wilkes, Gwendoline G, daughter, 13, b. Brixton
    Wilkes, Charles W, son, 12, b. Brixton
    Wilkes, Dorothy I, daughter, 10, b. Brixton
    Wilkes, Ethel D, daughter, 8, b. Brixton
    Wilkes, Reginald Jack, son, 4, b. Brixton
    Wilkes, Thomas H, son, 2, b. Brixton
    Reynolds, Frederick W, boarder, 21, private secretary, b. Cork, Ireland
  • 437/16
    35A Durban Road, Lambeth, London
    Francis Sackett, head, married, 37, railway clerk, worker, b. Broadstairs, Kent
    L Sackett, wife, 37, b. West Norwood, Surrey
    A Sackett, dau, 14, b. Upper Norwood, Surrey
    W Sackett, son, 9, b. Maidstone, Kent
    [Francis Thomas Sackett s. William Francis & Elizabeth Ann (Foord) Sackett]

LONDON, Lewisham

  • 551/85v
    66 Laleham Road, Lewisham, London
    (4 rooms)
    Edith Sackett, boarder, single, 20, laundress, worker, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    [In household of Eliza LANKFORD, married, 48, laundress, worker, b. Northwood, Kent]
  • RG13, piece 555, folio 41, p. 23
    71 Braxfield Rd, Lewisham, London
    (4 rooms)
    Joseph Jackson, head, married, 23, milk carrier, worker, b. Kent, Deptford
    Adelaide Jackson, wife, 26, b. Kent, Whitstable


  • 267/133v
    Christ's Hospital School (Boarding), Newgate Street, London City Allhallows, Barking, London EC
    [total 583 boys]
    Frank Gordon Sackett, 15, scholar, b. Woodford, Essex

LONDON, Newington

  • RG13, piece 372, folio 59, p. 39
    134 Falmouth Rd, Newington, London
    Fredrick J Ryland, head, married, 29, glue merchant, b. Birmingham
    Alice M Ryland, wife, 28, b. Lambeth
    Mary M Ryland, dau, 8, b. Newington
    Lillian M Ryland, dau, 5, b. Newington
    Daffyd Lewis, visitor, single, 41, professional vocalist, own acc, b. Radnor

LONDON, Plumstead

  • RG13, piece 571, folio 159, p. 10
    54 Cantwell Rd, Plumstead, London
    Francis B Smith, head, married, 49, ironmonger, worker, b. Margate, Kent
    Julia Smith, wife, 48, b. Margate
    Louisa M Smith, dau, single, 23, governess, worker, b. Hitchin, Herts
    Francis P Smith, son, single, 19, fitter & turner, worker, b. Hitchin

LONDON, St George in the East

  • 314/106v
    74 Prusom Street, St George in the East, London
    Charles KING, head, married, 34, [poor-?] house keeper, own account, b. Bermondsey, London
    Elizabeth KING, wife, 33, at home, b. Bermondsey
    Elizabeth Sackett, mother-in-law, married, 51, b. Bermondsey

LONDON, St James's

  • 97/73
    Avenue Hotel, 25 Shaftesbury Avenue, St James's, London
    William Sackett, serv, single, 32, head barman, worker, b. Margate

LONDON, St Marylebone

  • RG13, piece 117, folio 50, p. 30
    25 Frederick Street, St Marylebone, London
    William Turrell, head, married, 56, house painter & decorator, b. London, Ealing
    Emily Turrell, wife, 54, b. London, Bermondsey
    Margaret Perry, [relationship blank], widow, 49, laundress, b. London, Paddington
    S Sackett, [relationship blank], widow, 54, needlework shirt, worker, b. Margate, Kent
    F Turner, boarder, single, female, 22, housemaid domestic, worker, b. Hackney, London

LONDON, St Pancras

  • 132/8 & 8v
    31 Chester Terrace, St Pancras, London
    Robert Perkins, head, married, 58, retired builder, b. City, London
    Eliza Sarah Perkins, wife, 57, b. City
    Herbert Mottram Perkins, son, single, 22, builder, employer, b. Marylebone, London
    Martha Sackett, visitor, married, 58, living on own means, b. Orsett, Essex
    Emily Pullen, serv, single, 27, housemaid domestic, b. Abingdon, Berkshire
    Kate Cooper, serv, single, 30, cook domestic, b. Dartford, Kent
  • RG13, piece 156, folio 6, p. 4
    17 Grove Terrace, St Pancras, London
    Ellen Eve, head, widow, 59, living on own means, b. Orsett, Essex
    Fredk Ashford Eve, son, single, 22, p...? clerk, b. St Pancras
    George Ashford Eve, son, single, 20, clerk, b. St Pancras
    Fanny Matchitt, sister, widow, 47, living on own means, b. Orsett
    Grace Edith Heatherley, sister, married, 45, b. Orsett
    Sarah Jones, servant, widow, 71, cook domestic, b. Monckton, Wilts

LONDON, Shoreditch

  • RG13, piece 268, folio 172, p. 60
    86 Tabernacle St, Shoreditch, London
    George Dale, head, 50, tailor, working at home, b. Essex, Colchester
    Amelia Dale, wife, 46, b. London, City
    Alice Dacchett [sic], stepdau, 21, tailoress, b. London, Hackney
    Constance Dale, dau, 14, b. London, Shoreditch
    Lillian Dale, dau, 12, b. London, Shoreditch
    Gertrude Dale, dau, 10, b. London, Shoreditch
    Dorothy Dale, dau, 8, b. London, Shoreditch
  • RG13, piece 280, folio 101, p. 55
    21 Holmes St, St Leonard's, Shoreditch, London
    John R Sackett, head, married, 78, boot manufacturer, employer working at home, b. London, Mile End
    Roland S Sackett, son, married, 40, boot manufacturer, employer working at home, b. London, Shoreditch
    Rebecca Sackett, dau-in-law, 32, b. London, Stepney
    Algernon P Sackett, grandson, 3mo, b. London, Shoreditch

LONDON, Southwark

  • RG13; Piece: 365; Folio: 70; Page: 2
    7 Crosslet Street, Southwark, London
    Charles Simmons, head, married, 35, egg salesman, worker, b. Walworth
    Emma Simmons, wife, 34, b. Walworth
    Charles Simmons, son, 17, errand boy, b. Camberwell
    Henry Simmons, son, 16, errand boy, b. Camberwell
    William Simmons, son, 14, van guard, b. Camberwell
    Maud Simmons, dau, 9, b. Camberwell
    Albert Simmons, son, 7, b. Camberwell
    George Simmons, son, 5, b. Battersea
    Ernest Simmons, son, 7/12, b. Camberwell
  • 370/101
    The Orphans' Home, Astral Street, (St George the Martyr), Southwark, London
    [198 girls]
    May Beatrice Sackett, 14, scholar, b. Regents Park, London
  • 370/114
    School for the Indigent Blind, London Road, Southwark, London
    Lilian Sackett, 20, pupil, b. Faversham, Kent, blind

LONDON, Woolwich

  • 565/114
    17 & 19 Hare Street, Woolwich, London
    John Sackett, head, married, 47, ironmonger, employer, b. Woolwich
    Alice M Sackett, wife, 39, at home, b. Sheerness, Kent
    John E Sackett, son, 11, b. Woolwich
    Victor S Sackett, son, 6, b. Woolwich


  • 1198/32
    2 Hunt Street, Chiswick (St Mary Magdalen), Middlesex
    (3 rooms)
    Frank Sackett, head, married, 31, labourer at soap works, worker, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    Lily Sackett, wife, 29, b. Salop, Shropshire
    Frank Sackett, son, 6, b. Chiswick
    Ellen Sackett, dau, 2, b. Chiswick
    [Frank William Sylvester Sackett s. John Ashby & Elizabeth (___) Sackett]


  • 1185/137
    Police Station, Montague Road, Heston (Holy Trinity), Middlesex
    Ernest Sackett, prisoner in cell, single, 23, fishmonger, worker, b. Ramsgate, Kent


  • 1240/96
    30 Cecile Park, Hornsey (Christchurch, Crouch End), Middlesex
    (5+ rooms)
    James SYMS, head, married, 68, solicitors' managing clerk, b. Aylesbury, Bucks
    Sarah A SYMS, wife, 67, b. Marylebone, Middlesex
    Mary H SYMS, dau, single, 39, b. Pentonville, Middlesex
    Eric H MADDOX, grandson, 2, b. Highgate, Middlesex
    Louisa M Sackett, serv, single, 39, domestic, b. Islington, Middlesex
    Sophia BARNETT, sick nurse, married, 55, sick nurse, b. Clerkenwell, Middlesex


  • 1432/113v
    R A Barracks, Weedon Beck, Northamptonshire
    Edward Sackett, soldier, single, 18, gunner KFAS, b. Hackney, London


  • 3185/73
    11 Burridge Road, Hyson Green, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
    (5+ rooms)
    Edward G Sackett, head, married, 51, chartered accountant, employer, b. Barking, Essex
    Alice Sackett, wife, 46, b. Scotland
    Edward S G Sackett, son, single, 22, clerk (accountants'), b. Horsforth, Yorkshire
    Nora A Sackett, dau, single, 20, b. Horsforth
    Harry L Sackett, son, 16, mechanical engineers apprentice, worker, b. Nottingham
    Mable Sackett, dau, 13, b. Nottingham
    Eileen Sackett, dau, 6, b. Nottingham
    Edith G Sackett, dau, 4, b. Nottingham
    Hannah SIMPSON, serv, single, 45, serv (domestic), b. Cotswold, Yorkshire

SUFFOLK, Sudbury

SURREY, Croydon

  • 648/158
    2 High Street, South Norwood, Croydon, Surrey
    John Sackett, boarder, single, 25, grocer's assistant, worker, b. Faversham, Kent
    [In household of John T Roberts, 35, manager of grocers' stores, employer, & Louisa M Roberts, 32]

SURREY, Frimley

  • RG13, piece 609, folio 15, p. 21
    2 The Oaks, Frimley, Surrey
    William H Nevill, head, 54, political agent, b. Colchester, Essex
    Mary S Nevill, wife, 50, b. Ramsgate, Kent

SURREY, Redhill

  • 628/113v
    Royal Asylum of St Anne's Society [Home for Children], Redhill, Surrey
    Gladys Sackett, pupil, 14, b. Woodford, Essex

SURREY, Richmond

  • 674/134v
    16 Grosvenor Road, Richmond, Surrey
    Harry Sackett, lodger, single, 34, builders manager, worker, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    [In household of Arthur Haggar, 53, ironmongers stock keeper, worker, & Eleanor Haggar, 52]

SURREY, Warlingham

  • 633/46
    The Elms, Croydon Road, Warlingham, Surrey
    Edward Sackett, head, married, 52, living on own means, b. Margate, Kent
    Jane Sackett, wife, 53, b. Guildford, Surrey
    Alfred Sackett, son, single, 20, apprentice, b. Croydon, Surrey

SUSSEX, Brighton


  • 937/46
    Hove, Sussex
    46 Shirley Street, Hove (All Saints), Sussex
    (5+ rooms) [one of a short row of shops]
    J Sackett, head, married, 54, greengrocer, own account, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    Alfd Sackett, son, 23, greengrocer, worker at home, b. Hove
    Alice Sackett, dau, single, 25, at home, b. Hove
    George Sackett, son, 17, greengrocer, worker at home, b. Hove
    Fredk Sackett, son, 13, b. Hove
    Ellen Sackett, dau, 9, b. Hove
    Edith Sackett, dau, 5, b. Hove
  • 937; Folio: 125; Page: 18
    77 Shirley Street, Hove (St Barnabus), Sussex
    James Noble, head, married, 26, van man at laundry, b. Sussex, Brighton
    Caroline Noble, wife, 30, b. Kent, Ramsgate
    James Noble, son, 1, b. Sussex, Hove
    Elizabeth Garrett, m-in-law, wid, 60, laundress, b. Kent, Ramsgate
  • 937/138v
    114 Sackville Road, Hove (St Barnabus), Sussex
    (5+ rooms)
    Thomas Sackett, head, married, 32, coachman domestic, worker, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    Annie Sackett, wife, 31, b. Northamptonshire
    John M Evans, boarder, single, 28, district auditor's clerk, b. Bala, Merionethshire
    Albert Holland, boarder, single, 19, district auditor's clerk, b. Reading, Berkshire
  • 938/37
    6 Clarendon Road, Hove (St Barnabus), Sussex
    (5+ rooms)
    William Sackett, head, married, 35, cab driver, worker, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    Alice Sackett, wife, 35, b. Brighton, Sussex
  • 938/111v
    29 Goldstone Villas, Hove (All Saints), Sussex
    (5+ rooms)
    Mary Sackett, head, married, 59, living on own means, b. London, Middlesex
    Helen Sackett, dau, single, 25, living on own means, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    John R Straud, boarder, 26, commission agent, Prudential Assurance Co, b. Brighton, Sussex
    Emily A Straud, boarder, 25, b. Brighton

YORKSHIRE, Kingston upon Hull

  • 4474/206
    11 Pulman Street, Sculcoates, Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire
    G Sackett, head, married, 25, fireman loco engine, b. Waltham, Gt Grimsby, Linc
    K Sackett, wife, 26, b. Garthorpe


  • RG13, piece 4192, folio 160, p. 38
    64 Prospect Terrace, Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire
    Henry S Sandford, head, married, 39, Wesleyan Minister, b. Yorks, Swinton
    Sarah A Sandford, wife, 33, b. Kent, Barham
    William L Sandford, son, 2, b. Lancs, Farnworth
    Marjorie L Sandford, dau, 4mo, b. Yorks, Leeds
    Elizabeth Lowndes, servant, single, 32, general servant domestic, b. Ireland
  • 4249/7
    57 Spencer Place, Potter Newton, Leeds, Yorkshire West Riding
    Alfred B Sackett, head, married, 38, Wesleyan minister, b. Derringstone, Kent
    Lydia A Sackett, wife, 41, b. Liverpool, Lancashire
    Alfred B Sackett, son, 6, b. Strood, Kent
    Dorothy M Sackett, dau, 1, b. Colchester, Essex
    Alice Lowe, serv, single, 20, general servant (domestic), b. Little Oakley


  • 4253/191
    15 Gladstone Terrace, Morley, Yorkshire West Riding
    Frank C Sackett, visitor, single, 24, Wesleyan Methodist student, b. Manchester, Lancashire
    [In household of Pell Hepworth, 43, woollen cloth manufacturer, employer & Annie Hepworth, 31]

YORKSHIRE, Sculcoates

    RG13, piece 4469, folio 12, p. 16
    42 Washington Street, Newland St John, Sculcoates, Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire
    Arthur E Frankish, head, married, 30, flour merchants clerk, worker, b. Yorks, Hull
    Lavinia Frankish, wife, 32, b. Kent, Woodchurch
    Ethel M Frankish, dau, 9, b. Yorks, Hull
    Muriel A Frankish, dau, 6, b. Yorks, Hull


  • 4442/50v
    114 Bishopthorpe Road, York (St Clements, Castlegate), Boro of York, Yorkshire
    Walter Sackett, head, married, 36, Wesleyan Methodist minister, b. Barham, Kent
    Emma Leyland Sackett, wife, 37, b. Liverpool, Lancashire
    Herbert Leyland Sackett, son, 7, b. Little Sutton, Cheshire
    Sarah Manfer HAVARD, serv, widow, 61, servant domestic, b. Liverpool

1901 (31 March) Census for England & Wales, National Archives Online & Public Record Office, Kew. (Researched by Chris Sackett & Marion Sackett).
1901 England census. Digital images from National Archives microfilm. Ancestry.com. (Researched by Chris Sackett).