Sackett Family Association reunions

The Sackett Family Association aims to hold a reunion every two years.

Convenors Terri Carlson, Liesa Robarge, and Mary Volberding are discussing plans for a reunion to be held in Salt Lake City in 2018.

Current plans are to hold the following reunion two years later in England.

The 2015 reunion was held at the Hilton Fort Wayne, Grand Wayne Convention Center, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 17‐20 September, 2015.

Fort Wayne group pic

2015 Fort Wayne, Indiana

Convenor: Liesa Robarge
Chairman: Ted Smith (President)

Group pic

2012 Westfield, Massachusetts

Convenors: Debbie Barbee & Sharon Powalka
Chairman: Debbie Barbee (President)

Group pic

2010 Portland, Oregon

Convenor: Kathy James
Chairman: Don Hertzler (Past President)

Group pic

2008 Thanet, Kent, England

Convenor: Arabella Sackett
Chairman: Tom Smith (Vice President)

Group pic

2007 Fort Wayne, Indiana

Convenor & Chairman: Mary Lou Sackett-Penn (Vice President)

Group pic

2006 Cambridge, Massachusetts

Convenor: Liesa Robarge
Chairman: Thurmon King (President)

Group pic

2004 Salt Lake City, Utah

Convenor & Chairman: Liesa Robarge (Vice President)

Group pic

2003 Salt Lake City, Utah

Convenor: Liesa Robarge
Chairman: Nancy Siders (President)