Genealogical databases

There are two compiled Sackett genealogical databases on the website.

Chris Sackett

Genealogical sketches

Sketches in narrative format of 9,000 Sackett descendants, including ancestors of Sackett Family Association members, and all known English Sacketts. Compiled by Chris Sackett.

Thurmon King

Thurmon King's database

Records of 36,000 Sackett descendants, mainly American Sackett lines. Compiled by Thurmon King and Ted Smith.

Notable Sacketts

— the famous, the infamous, and some just interesting.

The Sacketts have been adventurers, ambassadors, colonists, generals, historians, sea captains, settlers, and spymasters. The family even boasts a town mayor, a bigamist, and a highway robber.

Thomas & Flo pic

Picture gallery

Thomas Edward & Florence Sackett
from the Jabez Sackett family gallery.

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Rev Benjamin Sackett

Sacketts in the church

An index to Sackett clergy

Pictured: Rev Benjamin Sackett (1834–1900), Independent Congregational minister of Shadwell, London

William Smith Sackett

Sacketts in the military

Sackett family descendants have served in the military in all ranks and in all the major British and American wars.

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