Genealogical sketches

Chris Sackett

Sketches in narrative format of 9,000 Sackett descendants, including ancestors of Sackett Family Association members, and most known English Sacketts.

  • Name index Sacketts with variant spellings, Saket, Sacket, Sackette, etc., are indexed under both the variant name and the standard name Sackett.

  • Search — Name search form supports both Basic and Regular Expressions.

  • Place index Place names below are linked to lists of people having an event there. Detailed down to county level.

  • Descendants' gallery — Individuals having pictures in the database, linked to the individual's page.

  • Notable Sacketts — A selection of notable Sackett descendants, famous, infamous, and some just interesting.

  • Charts — Descendant charts of the major Sackett lines; timeline charts of early Sacketts and Notables; relationship charts of intermarrying Sacketts.

  • Register of Members

  • Members' gallery — Members having pictures in the database, linked to the member's page.

  • Sutton Tree index Sutton Tree index
    Ancestors of Mary Emma "Marie" Sutton
    and related lines

A four-generation Pop-up Pedigree chart is provided on each person page, and this may also be used for navigating.

Text Exhibits and Image Exhibits are links to pages containing pictures or additional information.

The Reference appearing on person pages comprises: Weygant's reference number (if any) from The Sacketts of America, generation number and letter, and tree number. American generation numbers start at generation 1 for Simon Sackett the colonist. English generation letters start with E in the early 1500s. American generation numbers and English generation letters are related as follows: E, F, G, H, 1I, 2J, 3K, 4L, 5M, 6N, 7O, 8P, 9Q, 10R, 11S, 12T.