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Anne Kimber
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Sackett ancestry
John Sackett of New Haven (1620s–1684) and Agnes Tinkham
Lieutenant Joseph Sackett (1660–1729) and Sarah Dennison
Joseph Sackett (1712–) and ___ ___
Reuben Sackett (bef1755–) and ___ ___
Reuben Sackett Jr (c1777–) and Elizabeth ___
William Sackett (c1815–) and Elizabeth Talbot
Mary Louisa Sackett (1848–1941) and Fountain Hamilton Barnes
Edwin Emmet Barnes (1867–1945) and Frances Theresa Soules
(Mary) Alice Barnes (1895–1990) and John Evans Kimber
John Evans "Jack" Kimber Jr (1925–2013) and Marion Esther Burnham
Sackett line8th great-granddaughter of John Sackett of New Haven
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