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    • Frank Hutchins Sackett (1861–1928), hardware merchant of Weeping Water, Nebraska, and later a farmer of Tallmadge, Ohio, son of Hiram Aikins Sackett and Eliza Anna Treat.
    • Rosalind Edith Sackett (1900–2002), of Summit County, Ohio, daughter of Frank Hutchins Sackett and Margaret Lois McNely. Includes obituaries. Also appears in Sackett snippets, Sackett centenarians
    • William Henry Sackett (1866–1943), school janitor, of Nassau County, New York, son of Oscar Sackett and Eliza Miles Burns.
    • Julia Rena Sackett (1903–1995), of Nassau County, New York, and Hallstead, Pennsylvania, daughter of William Henry Sackett and Rena Olivia DeLoach.
    • Prof Robert Lemuel Sackett (1867–1946), dean of engineering at Pennsylvania State College, specialist in sanitation engineering and highway development, who had also taught applied mathematics and astronomy.
    • Harold Frank Sackett (1919–1992), of Lenawee County, Michigan, son of Milton Betts Sackett and Ilah Mae Wismer.
    • New record. Ronald Sackett (1925–2021), of Maidstone, Kent, son of Frank William Sackett and Lydia Ellen Hawkes.
    • New record. John W "Jack" Sackett, PhD (1928–2021), of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Korean War veteran and school principal, son of Casper Verle Sackett and Lydia Emma Westerhoff. Includes obituary.

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    • Albert Henry Sackett (1846–1927), produce merchant and farmer, of Murray, New York. Record includes obituaries of Albert and his wife Ida.
    • Leonard Marvin Sackett (1872–1954), son of Albert Henry Sackett, established a holiday resort comprising boating facilities and cottages on Conesus Lake, near Geneseo, New York. The area became known as Sackett's Harbor—not to be confused with the better-known village of Sackets Harbor at Lake Ontario. Record includes detailed obituaries.
    • Gertrude Electa Sackett (1880–1959), of Bergen, New York, daughter of Albert Henry Sackett, was assistant postmaster of Bergen, her husband Will Davy being the postmaster.
    • Leland Dunn Sackett (1894–1965), mechanic and carpenter, of Geneseo, New York, son of Leonard Marvin Sackett, retired to Florida where he and his wife ran a craft shop.
    • New record. John V Sackett (1907–1982), schoolteacher, of Geneseo and Syracuse, New York, and Sarasota, Florida, son of Leonard Marvin Sackett.
    • Wilbur Fish Sackett (1857–1918), railroad worker, of Nebraska. Record includes obituaries of Wilbur and his wife Carrie.
    • Florence M "Flossie" Sackett (1894–1928), schoolteacher, of Nebraska and California, daughter of Wilbur Fish Sackett, died aged 34 a year after her husband Harry had died at the age of 36. Includes obituary.
    • Charles Oliver Sackett (1859–1939), farmer of Grand River and Hamilton, Missouri. Includes obituary.
    • Loy Earl Sackett (1886–1944), lawyer of Grand River and St Louis, Missouri, son of Charles Oliver Sackett.
    • Stanley Sherman Sackett (1875–1943), sometime owner of the Gobleville Bank, Michigan, suffered an abrupt change in fortune when his bank failed. He was able to ensure that no depositor lost out, but the business failure was soon followed by the failure of his marriage, his ex-wife, Lena, resorting to factory and cleaning work to maintain herself and their two daughters. Stanley remarried, but that marriage, too, ended in divorce. Many newspaper clippings.
    • Nellie Elaine Sackett (1908–c1983), of Detroit, Michigan, was a daughter of Stanley Sherman Sackett (1875–1943) and his first wife, Lena.
    • Stanley Sherman Sackett Jr (1918–1994), son of Stanley Sherman Sackett (1875–1943) and his second wife, Marvel, removed from Michigan to California.
    • Laverne C "Vern" Sackett (1903–1929) of Craig, Nebraska, was killed when his car crashed into a ditch.
    • New record. Henry Moseley Sackett III (1942–2020), lawyer of Richmond, Virginia, was an accomplished athlete before embarking on a long and distinguished career in the law, taking a leading role in State legal affairs.
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