England & Wales census 1921

xx records


  • Upper Topa, Murree Hills, Army, India
    E Sackett, 36y 4m, married, b. London, Sergeant, HQ Company 1/Bn Welch Regt

CHESHIRE, Birkenhead

  • Cargo steamer, position Bardsey Light, B 146 Dk 15 Miles, Birkenhead, Cheshire
    E C Sackett, crew, 25y, married, b. New York, marine engineer, Export Transportation Co, SS Carenco

CHESHIRE, Heaton Norris

  • 24 Egerton Road, Heaton Norris, Stockport, Cheshire
    7 rooms
    Frederick C Sackett, head, 50y 8m, married, b. Ramsgate, Kent, inspector of shops, Maypole Dairy Co, Maypole House Finsbury Sqr, EC
    Mary Sackett, wife, 45y 2m, married, b. Peckham, London
    Gladys M Sackett, daughter, 30y 1m, single, b. Herne Bay, Kent, drapers asst, Robert Lomas Ltd, Oldham St
    Charles H Sackett, son, 14y 10m, b. Bury St Edms, Suffolk
    Arthur H Sackett, son, 10y 5m, b. Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
    Lois M Priestman, servant, 39y 11m, single, b. Hulme, Lancs, domestic, in private service, 24 Egerton Rd

DEVON, Dartmouth

  • 5 Dartmew Terrace, Dartmouth, Devon
    4 rooms
    Arthur T Sackett, head, 31y 1m, married, b. Teignmouth, Devon, fitter & turner, Messrs Philip & Son Ltd, Engineers & Shipbuilders, Sandquay, Dartmouth
    Grace Sackett, wife, 35y 8m, married, b. Stoke Fleming, Devon, home duties

DEVON, Teignmouth

  • 33 Teign Street, Teignmouth, Devon
    Alfred Sackett, head, 79y 3m, widowed, b. Ramsgate, Kent, (retired) meter
  • 24 Bitton Avenue, Teignmouth, Devon
    Alfred Thomas Sackett, head, 54y 8m, married, b. Teignmouth, motor boatman, own account, Teignmouth
    Sarah Ann Sackett, wife, 54y 1m, married, b. Chudleigh, Devon, boarding house keeper, own account, 24 Bither Avenue Teignmouth
    [+ 4 visitors]
ESSEX, Dagenham
  • 1 Cecil Terrace, New Road, Dagenham, Essex
    Henry Sackett, head, 49y 8m, married, b. Dagenham, transport worker, Messrs Scrutton Ltd (Stevedores), Tilbury Docks
    Louisa Elizabeth Sackett, wife, 51y 9m, married, b. Windsor, Berkshire, home duties
    Leonard Mark Sackett, son, 22y 7m, single, b. Dagenham, barge builder, Messrs Samuel Williams & Sons, Govt Contractors, Dagenham Dock, Essex
    Ernest Henry Sackett, son, 21y 5m, married, b. Dagenham, rivetter, Messrs Fraser & Co, Govt Contractors, Dagenham Dock, Essex
    Sarah Lucy Wilson Sackett, wife, 21y 5m, married, b. Dagenham, home duties
    Robert Bernard Sackett, son, 16y 2m, single, b. Rainham, Essex, out of work
    Emily Ruth Sackett, daughter, 12y 7m, b. Rainham
    Alfred William Sackett, son, 10y 2m, b. Rainham
    David Theodore Sackett, son, 7y 8m, b. Dagenham
    Blenkhorn Evans, boarder, 40y 1m, single, b. Manchester, Salford, stores labourer, Messrs Union Cable Co Ltd, Cable Manufrs, Dagenham Dock, Essex

ESSEX, Ilford

  • 173 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, Essex
    7 rooms
    Martin Luther Sackett, head, 44y 9m, married, b. Langford, Gloucestershire, cashier, T Mason Pewtress & Co Ltd Export Merchants, 3/5 Rood Lane, Fenchurch St EC
    Elizabeth Anna Sackett, wife, 42y 10m, married, b. St George in the East, London, home duties
    Kathleen Grace Sackett, daughter, 18y 7m, single, b. Wanstead, Essex, shorthand typist, London County Trust Ltd, stock-brokers, 56 Moorgate Street, EC
    Percival Martin Sackett, son, 15y 11m, single, b. Ilford, Essex
    Doris Evelyn Sackett, daughter, 11y 5m, b. Ilford, Essex

ESSEX, Orsett

  • White House, Orsett, Essex
    Brenda Margaret Sackett, visitor, 8y 10m, father dead, b. Kings Lynn, Norfolk
    [In household of Elizabeth Powell]

ESSEX, South Ockendon

  • The Manse, South Ockendon, Essex
    9 rooms
    George Whitefield Sackett, head, 48y 3m, married, b. Langford, Oxfordshire, Congregational Minister, Congregational Church, South Ockendon
    Elizabeth Finlay Sackett, wife, 49y 0m, married, b. St George in the East, London, home duties
    Benjamin Howard Sackett, son, 18y 2m, single, b. Morley, Yorkshire, shipping clerk, Scruttons Ltd, Stevedores & Master Porters, 16 Fenchurch Avenue, EC3
    Winifred Sackett, daughter, 16y 9m, single, b. Morley, shorthand-typist, Baptist Missionary Society, 19 Fennivals St, EC4
    Irene Sackett, daughter, 13y 11m, b. Todmorden, Yorkshire

ESSEX, Theydon Bois

  • Oak Grove, Theydon Bois, Essex
    Frank Gordon Sackett, head, 35y 7m, married, b. Woodford, Essex, actuary, Scottish Metroplitan Insce Co, 66/7 Cornwill, EC3
    Alice Sackett, wife, 38y 6m, married, b. Hanwell, Middlesex
    Geoffrey Gordon Sackett, son, 11y 5m, b. Woodford, Essex
    Helen Margaret Sackett, daughter, 9y 9m, b. Woodford


  • 93 Gelli Road, Ton Pentre, Rhondda, Glamorganshire
    John Ed Sackett, father, 56y 4m, married, b. Ramsgate, Kent, labourer Cory Bros & Co, Tynybedw Colliery, Pentre
    Agnes Sackett, mother, 54y 2m, married, b. Battersea, London
    John Fn Sackett, son, 18y 6m, single, b. Greenwich, Kent, colliers assistant, Bulfer, Ocean Coal Co Ltd
    Ellen Rh Sackett, daughter, 14y 3m, b. Greenwich, Kent
    Lily Sackett, granddaughter, 7y 4m, b. South Wales


  • Brimpsfield, Brimpsfield, Gloucestershire
    Albert Sackett, lodger, 20y 8m, single, b. Brimpsfield, Gloucestershire, agricultural labourer, Major Wait, gentleman farmer, Brimpsfield
    [In household of William Arkell, agricultural labourer]

HAMPSHIRE, Alverstoke

  • 24 Victoria Street, Gosport, Alverstoke, Hampshire
    William Neame Sackett, head, 51y 2m, married, b. Worth, Kent, general labourer, munitions, Admiralty, Royal Naval Armament Supply Depot, Gosport
    Alice Susan Sackett, wife, 52y 11m, married, b. Gosport, home duties
    William George Sackett, son, 19y 10m, single, b. Gosport, labourer, Admiralty, Royal Naval Armament Supply Depot, Gosport
    Margaret Rose Sackett, daughter, 18y 5m, single, b. Portland, Dorset, shop assistant, Loveridge & Sons, Drapers, Gosport
    George Smith, brother-in-law, 44y 9m, single, b. Gosport, Hampshire, storehouseman (munition), Admiralty, Royal Naval Armament Supply Depot, Gosport


  • Victoria Hotel, Crofton, Hampshire
    Alice Elizabeth Sackett, servant, 21y, single, b. Gosport, Hampshire, hotel chambermaid, J A Lush, Hotel Proprietor, Victoria Hotel, Lee on Solent

HAMPSHIRE, Portsmouth

  • 24 Bath Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire
    James Thomas Sackett, head, 57y 4m, married, b. Worth, Kent, steward, mercantile marine, White Star Steamship Company, SS Adriatic, Southampton, New York Service
    Amelia Jane Sackett, wife, 54y 3m, married, b. Portsmouth, home duties
    Ernest Edgar Willie, son-in-law, 27y 9m, married, b. Gosport, Hampshire, clerk, Government (AS Dept), Royal Naval Armament Depot Priddy's Hard, Gosport
    Ida Annie Willie, daughter, 24y 7m, married, b. Emsworth, Hampshire, home duties, At Home

KENT, Canterbury

  • 6 St Edmunds Road, Canterbury, Kent
    4 rooms
    Baron P Mackenzie, head, 42y, married, b. Birmingham, Warwickshire, tanner's labourer, T T Williamson & Sons, St Mildreds Tannery, Canterbury
    Daisy Sarah Mackenzie, wife, 40y 3m, married, b. Boughton, Kent, home duties
    Dulcie Helen Sackett, step-daughter, 14y 6m, b. Birchington, Kent
    Arthur Leslie Mackenzie, son, 4y 7m, b. Canterbury
    Percy Alec Mackenzie, son, 2y 8m, b. Canterbury
    William Lewis Mackenzie, son, 8m, b. Canterbury
    Arthur W Maytun, visitor, 63y 1m, married, b. Dargate, Kent, carpenter, Mr Martin Builder, Lenham

KENT, Deal

  • 78 Blenheim Road, Deal, Kent
    Dorris Sackett, servant, 16y 2m, single, b. Worth, Kent, nurse housemaid, in private service
    [In household of Anna Hosford]

KENT, Dover

  • 46 Dour Street, Dover, Kent
    George E Sackett, head, 51y 3m, married, b. Dover, Kent, boot maker, Wilson Last Lane, Dover
    Anne E Sackett, wife, 70y 3m, married, b. Denton, Kent, no occupation, at home

KENT, Margate

  • 6 Princes Crescent, St John the Baptist, Margate, Kent
    Thomas Sackett, head, 72y 11m, married, b. Ramsgate, Kent, gas fitter, SE & CR at Faversham, now out of work
    Harriett Maria Sackett, wife, 73y 1m, married, b. Ramsgate, home duties
    Alma E Sackett, granddaughter, 20y 10m, single, b. Minster in Thanet, Kent, waitress, private personal service
  • 86 Dane Road, Margate St John the Baptist, Kent
    7 rooms
    Annie E Sackett, head, 53y 4m, single, b. Bermondsey, London, lodging house keeper, own account
    Marian G Sackett, niece, 20y 5m, single, b. Margate, Kent, in private service, at home
    [+ 2 male boarders]
  • 7 Beatrice Road, St John the Baptist, Margate, Kent
    George Edward Sackett, head, 49y 2m, married, b. Ospringe, Kent, carman, E A Perkins Contractor, College Rd, Margate
    Rose Sackett, wife, 48y 10m, married, b. Canterbury, Kent, home duties
    John T E Sackett, son, 23y 6m, single, b. Margate, Royal Air Force, now out of work
    George W Sackett, son, 21y, single, b. Margate, boiler fireman, SEC Railway, Margate Station
    Rosa D M Sackett, daughter, 16y 2m, single, b. Ramsgate, Kent, at home
    William J Sackett, son, 14y, b. Ramsgate
    Thomas S Sackett, son, 12y 7m, b. Margate
    Frederick Sackett, son, 10y 1m, b. Margate
    Arthur D W Sackett, son, 4y 6m, b. Margate
  • 95 Canterbury Road, Margate, Margate St John the Baptist, Kent
    6 rooms
    Walter John Sackett, head, 37y, married, b. Dalston, London, manager employment exchange, Ministry of Labour, Turner St, Ramsgate
    Charlotte Victoria Sackett, wife, 35y, married, b. Stepney, London, household duties
    Eric Walter Sackett, son, 8y 6m, b. Dalston, London

KENT, Ramsgate

  • 9 St Vincent Place, Ramsgate, Kent
    Emma Sackett, head, 46y 5m, widow, b. Margate, Kent, dress maker, own account, at home
    Albert G Sackett, son, 24y 9m, single, b. Margate, carman, Haskings Contractor, Queen Street, Ramsgate
    Herbert L Sackett, son, 21y 3m, single, b. Margate, carman, Haskings Contractor, Queen Street, Ramsgate
    Elsie F Sackett, daughter, 19y 2m, single, b. Margate, domestic servant, Mrs Bassant private service, 30 Margate Rd, Ramsgate
    Lily W Sackett, daughter, 16y 5m, single, b. Margate, household duties, at home
    Leslie J Sackett, son, 14y 2m, father dead, b. Margate, errand boy, Perry Greengrocer, 77 King St, Ramsgate
    Kathleen J Sackett, daughter, 11y 3m, father dead, b. Ramsgate
    Doris E Sackett, daughter, 9y, father dead, b. Margate
    Frederick H Sackett, son, 6y 2m, father dead, b. Ramsgate
  • 44 Grove Road, Ramsgate, Kent
    7 rooms
    Arthur Digerson Sackett, head, 56y 2m, married, b. Ramsgate, monumental and general stonemason, employer, Church Hill, Ramsgate
    Florence Sackett, wife, 47y 6m, married, b. Ramsgate, home duties
    Florence Mary Bird Sackett, daughter, 18y 10m, single, b. Broadstairs, Kent, home duties
  • 2 Florence Cottages, Coronation Road, Ramsgate, Kent
    2 rooms
    Caroline Edith Sackett, head, 58y 11m, widowed, b. Canterbury, Kent, nursing, out of work
  • 16 Upper Dumpton Park Road, Ramsgate, Kent
    4 rooms
    George Sackett, head, 27y 9m, married, b. Ramsgate, Kent, unable to work, undergoing medical treatment
    Laura Sackett, wife, 28y 7m, married, b. King's Cross, London, home duties
    Joan Sackett, daughter, 6y 1m, b. Broadstairs, Kent
    Douglas Sackett, son, 1y 2m, b. Ramsgate, Kent
    [+ visitors George & Ivy Preston & son Frank]

KENT, St Lawrence

  • 4 Forge Cottages, St. Lawrence, St Lawrence Intra, Kent
    Walter Sackett, head, 34y, married, b. Ramsgate, St Luke's, fisherman, out of work
    Ada Sackett, wife, 20y 5m, married, b. St Paul's, home duties
    Hettie Sackett, step-daughter, 2y 10m, both parents alive, b. St Lawrence
  • 49 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Intra, Kent
    David Franklin Stevens, head, 57y 8m, married, b. Ramsgate, Kent, shipwright, Croyton Thompson & Co, Richborough Works, Richborough
    Julia Anne Stevens, wife, 60y, married, b. Kent, home duties
    Allan Edward Sackett, son-in-law, 26y 4m, married, b. Margate, Kent, outfitters assistant, Mr Allen, Outfitter, 41 High Street, Ramsgate
    Gertrude Maud Sackett, daughter, 31y 6m, married, home duties
    Margaret Stevens, daughter, 29y 10m, single, b. Ramsgate, home duties
  • 7 Judith Villas, Clements Road, St Lawrence Intra, Kent
    Mary A Buckley, head, 53y 11m, married, b. Canterbury, Kent, household duties
    Olive M Pierse, daughter, 30y 5m, married, b. Ramsgate, Kent, assisting household duties
    Charles F R Pierse, grandson, 8y 1m, both parents alive, b. Ramsgate
    Doris J Pierse, granddaughter, 3y 8m, both parents alive, b. Ramsgate
    Rose J Pierse, granddaughter, 1y 6m, both parents alive, b. Ramsgate
    Charles W H Buckley, son of head, 10y 5m, both parents alive, b. Ramsgate
    Amy Sackett, daughter of head, 18y 2m, single, b. Ramsgate, packer & sorter, steam laundry, Ashwords Messrs Steam Laundry, Margate, Kent
    Sidney Smith, son-in-law to head, 36y, married, b. Sth Benfleet, Essex, seaman, out of work
    Elizabeth Smith, daughter, 24y 10m, married, b. Ramsgate, calander hand, steam laundry, Ashwords Messrs Steam Laundry, Margate, Kent
    Ellen V E Sackett, granddaughter, father dead, 8y 6m, b. Ramsgate
  • 13 Kingsley Villa, St Luke's Road, St Lawrence Intra, Kent
    8 rooms
    Charles W Sackett, head, 51y 0m, married, b. Ramsgate, Kent, general grocer, own account, 43 Belmont Street, Ramsgate, Kent
    Clara G Sackett, wife, 52y 8m, married, b. Ramsgate, house duties
  • 11 Queen Bertha Road, St Lawrence Intra, Kent
    5 rooms
    Cordelia Agnes Sackett, head, 56y 5m, widowed, b. South Lambeth, Surrey, none
  • 8 Salisbury Avenue, St Lawrence Intra, Kent
    5 rooms
    Gilbert Sackett, head, 46y 9m, married, b. Broadstairs, Kent, gas inspector, R Corporation Gas Dept, Ramsgate, Gas Works
    Mabel Agnes Sackett, wife, 42y 4m, married, b. Broadstairs, home duties
    Doris May Sackett, daughter, 17y 9m, single, b. Ramsgate, Kent, dressmaker, Madam Flora Dressmaker, 18 York Street, Broadstairs
    Ivy Grace Sackett, daughter, 16y 6m, single, b. Ramsgate, shop assistant, Woolworths Bazaar, High Street, Ramsgate
    Frank Wilfred Sackett, son, 12y 9m, b. Ramsgate
    Olive Frances Sackett, daughter, 8y 10m, b. Ramsgate
    Stanley William Sackett, son, 6y 8m, b. Ramsgate
    John Dawson Sackett, son, 6y 8m, b. Ramsgate
    Harold Gilbert Sackett, son, 2y 11m, b. Ramsgate

KENT, Sandgate

  • 1 Chichester Villas, Sandgate, Sandgate, Kent
    Alfred Barrett Sackett, head, 58y 11m, married, b. Barham, Kent, Wesleyan minister, Sandgate
    Lydia Anne Sackett, wife, 61y 8m, married, b. Liverpool, Lancashire, home duties

KENT, Worth

  • Mill Lane, Worth, Kent
    4 rooms
    Frank Pilcher Sackett, head, 39y 9m, married, b. Worth, farm labourer, G M Goodson, farmer, Felderland, Eastry
    Rosa Harriett Sackett, wife, 49y 9m, married, b. Worth, home duties
    Dora Sackett, daughter, 14y 7m, b. Felderland, nr Eastry
    Reginald Frank Sackett, son, 11y 5m, b. Woodnesborough, Kent

LANCASHIRE, Manchester

  • 45 Dorset Avenue, Moss Side, South Manchester, Lancashire
    4 rooms
    Thomas E Sackett, head, 42y 8m, married, b. Walkington, Yorkshire, clerk, wholesale fruit & vegetable, Austin Coe Wholesale, Smithfield Mkt Manchester
    Florence E Sackett, wife, 44y 4m, married, b. St Peter Port, Guernsey, home duties
    Elizabeth A Le Page, mother-in-law, 71y 2m, widowed, b. St Peter Port, on visit
    Edgar Cyril Sackett, son, 19y 2m, single, b. St Peter Port, junior clerk, Manchester Education Committee, Floyd St, Deansgate, Manchester
    Roland Burt Sackett, son, 15y 1m, single, b. St Peter Port

LONDON, Bermondsey

  • 40 Janeway Street, Bermondsey, London
    A Sackett, Mrs, head, 51y, widowed, b. Bermondsey
    George Sackett, son, 21y, single, b. Bermondsey, general labourer
    John Sackett, son, 17y, b. Bermondsey
    Tom Sackett, son, 15y, b. Bermondsey, porter, G Pynes Tea W[are]h[ous]e, Tower Bridge
    Mary Sackett, daughter, 15y, b. Bermondsey, out of work
    William Kelly, nephew, 26y, single, b. Bermondsey, London, casual labourer

LONDON, Bethnal Green

  • 88 Brady Street, Bethnal Green, London
    Agnes Sackett, servant, 22y 3m, single, b. Greenwich, London, in private service
    [In household of Benjamin Levy, provision dealer]

LONDON, Bloomsbury

  • Alma Court Hotel, Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London
    Hilda Winifred Sackett, chambermaid, 29y, single, b. Ramsgate, Kent, Alma Court Hotel, Russell Square

LONDON, Camberwell

  • 134 Brayard Road, Camberwell, London
    Charles William Sackett, head, 51y 7m, married, b. Camberwell, gas collector, South Metropolitan Gas Co, Old Kent Rd
    Rose Rosetta Sackett, wife, 47y 9m, married, b. Walworth, London, at home
    May Rose Sackett, daughter, 24y 8m, single, b. Peckham, London, gentlemans hosiery, Private, 9 Kumberley Rd, Nunhead
    Ada Elizabeth Sackett, daughter, 22y 3m, single, b. Walworth, London, furrier, Blankett & Gee, 23 Wardour St, London, W
    Frank Charles William Sackett, son, 5y 4m, both parents alive, b. Peckham, London
  • 379 Albany Road, Camberwell, London
    4 rooms
    William James Sackett, head, 49y 3m, married, b. Camberwell, gas works, slot meter collector, South Metropolitan Gas Co, 709 Old Kent Rd
    Caroline Sackett, wife, 47y 4m, married, b. Camberwell, laundry starcher, Blue House Laundry, Walworth Rd
    Phyllis Edith Sackett, daughter, 14y 8m, b. Camberwell, at home, house work
    Dorothy Emma Sackett, daughter, 11y 11m, b. Camberwell

LONDON, Charlton

  • 37 Maryon Road, Charlton, London
    John Brill, head, 78y 11m, married, b. Ruislip, Middlesex, police sergeant retired
    Mary Ann Brill, wife, 71y 6m, married, b. Portsmouth, Hampshire, home duties
    John Sackett, son-in-law, 44y 9m, married, b. Croydon, Surrey, chemical engineer, The Premier Briquette Co Ltd, 80 Coleman St, London, EC
    Emily Alice Sackett, daughter, 45y 2m, married, b. Plumstead, Kent, home duties
    Edith Grace Sackett, granddaughter, 20y 9m, single, b. Mile End, London, stenographer, Ordnance Factories, Woolwich Arsenal
    Edna Mavis Cynthia Sackett, granddaughter, 19y 7m, single, b. Charlton, stenographer, Siemens Brothers Ltd, Woolwich, SE 18
    Dorothy Emily Sackett, granddaughter, 17y 7m, single, b. Charlton, home duties

LONDON, East Ham

  • 54 Parkhurst Road, East Ham, Essex, London
    Alfred Sackett, head, 47y 8m, married, b. Stratford, London, messenger, Disposals & Liquidation Commission, Tothill Street, Westminster
    Louisa Sackett, wife, 42y 10m, married, b. Peckham, London, home duties
    Charles Sackett, son, 11y 5m, b. Manor Park, London
    Rita Sackett, daughter, 8y 6m, b. Manor Park, London

LONDON, Fulham

  • 50 Langford Road, Fulham, London
    Ellen Sackett, wife, 20y 0m, married, b. London, home duties
    Alfred Sackett, son, 1y 9m, both parents alive, b. London
  • 87 St Olaf's Road, Munster Road, Fulham, London
    George Sackett, Mr, head, 52y 6m, married, b. Fulham, taxi driver, Mr Barker, Male Rd, Hammersmith
    Mary Sackett, Mrs, wife, 53y 4m, married, b. Fulham, home duties
    George Sackett, son, 20y 6m, single, b. Fulham, motor driver, Mr Edwards, Fulham High St
    Annie Sackett, daughter, 17y 10m, single, b. Fulham, bazaar assistant, Marks & Spencers, North End Rd, Fulham
  • 8 Lilyville Road, Fulham, London, Middlesex
    Arthur Digerson Sackett, boarder, 21y 8m, single, b. Ramsgate, Kent, patent maker, Ealing Park Foundry Company, Junction Rd, South Ealing
    [In household of Lewis Ralph, solicitor's clerk]

LONDON, Hackney

  • 4 Montague Road, Hackney, London, Middlesex
    8 rooms
    Horace Arthur Sackett, head, 49y 8m, married, b. Shoreditch, Middlesex, cabinet maker, Employer, Redford St, Kingsland
    Louisa Sackett, wife, 45y 9m, married, b. Hackney, house keeping
    Dora Sackett, daughter, 23y 10m, single, b. Hackney, stenographer, Erik Fernshaw, paper makers agent, 171 Queen Victoria Street
    Hilda Sackett, daughter, 22y 1m, single, b. Hackney, book keeper, unemployed
    Ethel W Sackett, daughter, 19y 11m, single, b. Hackney, stenographer, Wm Owen & Co Insurance Assessors, 7 Queen Victoria Street

LONDON, Lambeth

  • 119 Bedford Road, Clapham, Lambeth, London
    Harry Howard Sackett, head, 54y 7m, married, b. Ramsgate, Kent, builders clerk, Muntrer & Low Builders & Decorators, 25 Dover Street, Piccadilly W, out of work
    Ann Maria Sackett, wife, 47y 10m, married, b. Oundle, Northamptonshire, home duties

LONDON, Leyton

  • 56 Holloway Road, Leytonstone, Leyton, London
    Richard Sackett, head, 60y 6m, married, b. West Ham, Essex, road labourer, Leyton Council, Town Hall Leyton
    Alma Sackett, wife, 53y 11m, married, b. Chadwell Heath, Essex, home duties
    Alma Sackett, daughter, 24y 7m, single, b. West Ham, Essex
    Charles Sackett, son, 18y 11m, single, b. Leytonstone, milk roundsman, William Brown Milkman, 112 Stewart Rd, Leyton
    William Sackett, son, 17y 7m, single, b. Leytonstone, iron and wire worker, Thomas Bellamy Wire Worker, 75 Holloway Rd, Leytonstone
    Albert Sackett, son, 15y 2m, single, b. Leytonstone, iron and wire worker, Thomas Bellamy Wire Worker, 75 Holloway Rd, Leytonstone
    Edward Sackett, son, 9y 2m, b. Leytonstone
    William Goat, boarder, 63y 9m, single, b. Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire, general labourer, George Abbott Contractor, Mornington Rd, Leytonstone

LONDON, Paddington

  • 139 Sutherland Avenue, Paddington, London
    1 room
    Clare Sackett, head, 57y 3m, widowed, b. Liverpool, Lancashire, none
  • 264 Elgin Avenue, Maida Vale, Paddington, London
    Dorothy Grace Sackett, boarder, 31y 9m, single, b. Woodford, Essex, secretary, Wells Club, 24 Old Bond St
    [In boarding house]

LONDON, Plumstead

  • 46 Genesta Road, Plumstead, London, Kent
    6 rooms
    John Sackett, head, 32y 8m, married, b. Woolwich, London, ironmonger, Exor of J Sackett Ironmonger, 17 & 19 Hare St, Woolwich
    Ethel Sackett, wife, 33y 1m, married, b. Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, home duties
    Olive Sackett, daughter, 7y 8m, b. Plumstead, London

LONDON, Tottenham

  • 40 Lansdowne Road, Tottenham, London
    11 rooms
    Walter Sackett, head, 56y 3m, married, b. Barham, Kent, Wesleyan Minister, Wesleyan Church, High Rd, Tottenham
    Emma Leyland Sackett, wife, 57y 5m, married, b. Liverpool, Lancashire, home duties
    Arthur Gordon Sackett, son, 19y 2m, single, b. York, Yorkshire

LONDON, Wandsworth

  • 33 Pendle Road, Streatham, Wandsworth Borough, London
    John W Sackett, head, 46y 4m, married, b. Gloucestershire, book keeper, Scruttons Limited Master Parters & Streadows
    Ada Sackett, wife, 45y 11m, married, b. St George in the East, London, home duties
    Martha Miles, mother-in-law, 84y 7m, widowed, b. Harleston, Norfolk, no occupation
  • 76 Felsham Road, Wandsworth Borough, London, Surrey
    Alfred Francis Sackett, head, 32y 7m, married, b. Ramsgate, Kent, kitchen clerk, Carlton Club, Pall Mall, W
    Edith Emily Sackett, wife, 30y 10m, married, b. Chesham, Buckinghamshire
    Claud Leonard Alfred Sackett, son, 10y 6m, b. Putney, London
    Edith Francis Sackett, daughter, 12y 1m, b. Long Acre, London

LONDON, Wanstead

  • 74 Hermon Hill, Wanstead, London
    Annie C Sackett, niece [but sole occupant], 49y 8m, single, b. Haggerston, London, teacher (retired), LCC School, Bergs Road, Homerton

LONDON, West Ham

  • 3 Pond Road, West Ham, Essex, London
    John Sackett, head, 42y 6m, married, b. West Ham, fitters labourer, Corporation of West Ham Electricity Supply, 84 Romford Rd, West Ham E 15
    Elizabeth Sackett, wife, 27y 3m, married, b. Milton, Kent, domestic housework, at home
    Ann Sackett, daughter, 6y 2m, b. West Ham
    Albert Sackett, son, 2y 10m, b. West Ham
    Richard Sackett, son, 10m, b. West Ham
    Robert Whitworth, father-in-law, 76y 11m, widower, b. City of London, old age pensioner

LONDON, Woodford

  • 65 Derby Road, Woodford, Essex, London
    Harry Sackett, head, 55y 10m, married, staff manager, Scruttons Ltd, Stevedores, 16 Fenchuch Avenue
    Annie Sackett, wife, 56y 11m, married, b. Epping, Essex, married
    Frank Archibald Sackett, nephew, 22y 3m, single, b. Epping, Essex, clerk tally at dock London, Scruttons Ltd, Stevedores, 16 Fenchuch Avenue

LONDON, Woolwich

  • 17 19 Hare Street, Woolwich, London, Kent
    Alice Sackett, head, 58y 6m, widowed, b. Sheerness, Kent, home duties
    Victor Sackett, son, 27y 2m, single, b. Plumstead, London, electrical draughtsman, J Sackett Ironmonger Etc, Spray St, Plumstead


  • 45 Dorset Road, Ealing, Middlesex
    Charlotte Sackett, servant, 16y 3m, single, b. Greenwich, London, domestic, in private service
    [In household of Cecil James, textile merchant]


  • Elmer, Pinner Road, Harrow, Middlesex
    7 rooms
    Harry Sackett, head, 41y 8m, married, b. Haggerston, London, boot & shoe dealer, employer, 127 Hoxton St, London, NE
    Charlotte Sackett, wife, 45y 2m, married, b. Haggerston, home duties
    Harry Hewitt Sackett, son, 14y 10m, b. St Leonard's, London
    Stanley George Sackett, son, 13y 5m, b. St Leonard's
    Leslie William Sackett, son, 7y 11m, b. St Leonard's


  • 23 Sartoris Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire
    5 rooms
    Samuel Sackett, head, 48y 1m, married, b. Bermondsey, London, gas fitter, Rushden & Higham Ferrers Gas Company, Northamptonshire, Shirley Rd
    Charlotte Frances Sackett, wife, 47y 6m, married, b. Walworth, London, home duties
    Ronald Warburton Sackett, son, 12y 10m, b. Bow, London


  • 34 Tavistock Drive, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
    Edward G Sackett, head, 72y 1m, married, b. Barking, Essex, chartered accountant, Employer, 1 Middle Pavement, Nottingham
    Alice Sackett, wife, 67y 2m, married, b. Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland, home duties
    Edith G Sackett, daughter, 25y 2m, single, b. Nottingham, home duties


  • Merton College, St Clement, Oxfordshire
    Alfred Barrett Sackett, 26y 2m, single, b. Strood, Kent, student, Merton College Oxford
  • 57 Banbury Road, St Giles, Oxford, Oxfordshire
    10 rooms
    George Stephen Salter, head, 62y 5m, married, b. Oxford, Oxfordshire, boat builder, employer, Folly Bridge, Oxford
    Alice Eleanor Salter, wife, 48y 9m, married, b. Oxford, home duties
    Dorothy Eleanor Salter, daughter, 23y 3m, single, b. Oxford, education student, Goldsmith College, London University
    Edith Frances Salter, daughter, 18y 3m, single, b. Oxford
    Dorothy May Sackett, visitor, 22y, single, b. Colchester, Essex, science student, Bedford College, London University
    [+ 3 other visitors/students & a female servant]

SURREY, Croydon

  • 83 Grant Road, Croydon, Surrey
    Alfred Sackett, head, 39y 8m, married, b. Croydon, Surrey, plumbers fitter, G Goldsmith & Son Ltd, Ironmongers etc, 96 & 98 Whitehouse Rd, Croydon
    Fanny Sackett, wife, 35y 2m, married, b. Tonbridge, Kent
    Donald Sackett, son, 13y 4m, b. Croydon
    Alan Sackett, son, 8y 11m, b. Croydon
  • 1 Rockmount Road, Croydon, Surrey
    William Sackett, head, 29y 7m, married, b. Maidstone, Kent, booking clerk, South Eastern Railway, Crystal Palace Station
    Amy Sackett, wife, 24y 6m, married, b. Ilford, London
    Maurice Sackett, son, 7m, b. Norwood, London

SURREY, Wimbledon

  • 5 Tabor Grove, Wimbledon, Surrey
    Arthur Gordon Sackett, boarder, 19y 2m, single, b. York, Yorkshire, in full-time education
    [In household of Rosetta Curnick, printers reader]

SUSSEX, Chichester

  • Chichester Barracks
    Alfred Sackett, 21y 1m, married, b. Ford, Sussex, Private, Army Infantry

SUSSEX, Hastings

  • 1 St Helen's Park Road, Hastings, Sussex
    8 rooms
    Florence Willett, head, 44y 6m, widowed, b. Ramsgate, Kent, home duties
    Vera Willett, daughter, 20y 5m, single, b. Margate, home duties
    Reggie Willett, visitor/son, 18y, single, b. Margate, Kent, salesman, outfitting department, Peter Robinson, Oxford St, London
    Arthur Sackett, brother, 52y, single, b. Ramsgate, Kent, farmer retired


  • 67 Ellen Street, Hove, Sussex
    Alfred Sackett, head, 43y, married, b. Hove, general dealer, own account, no fixed place
    Rose Sackett, wife, 35y, married, b. Southampton, Hampshire, household duties
    George Sackett, son, 14y 2m, b. Brighton, Sussex, errand boy (milk round), Southern Counties Dairy Co, Church Road, Hove
    Edith Sackett, daughter, 13y, b. Hove
  • 10 Clarendon Road, Hove, Sussex
    William Frederick Sackett, head, 56y 3m, married, b. St Lawrence (Ramsgate), Kent, cleaner and odd man motor and carriage builders, J Brigden & Co, 187 Western Road, Brighton
    Alice Sackett, wife, 55y 3m, married, b. Brighton, Sussex, household duties
  • 36 Landseer Road, Hove, Sussex
    Annie Sackett, head, 51y 2m, widowed, b. Brackley, Northamptonshire, domestic, private service, 15 Westbourne Villas
    Dorothy Sackett, daughter, 17y, single, b. Hove, Sussex, domestic, private service, 51 Fonthill Rd


  • 267 Alliance Avenue, Hull, Yorkshire
    5 rooms
    George Young Sackett, head, 46y 1m, married, b. Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, railway engine driver, Hull & Barnsley Railway Co, Springhead, Hull
    Catherine Rebecca Sackett, wife, 46y 11m, married, b. Garthorpe, Lincolnshire, housewife
    Kittybelle Sackett, daughter, 19y 11m, single, b. Hull, typist, National Radiator Co, Hull, Radiator Maker, National Avenue, Hull
    Sarah Anne Sackett, daughter, 17y 4m, single, b. Hull, showroom assistant, Thomas Varey, Hull, General Drapers, Prospect St, Hull