Wendy Sacket

10 Wendy Sacket
(China 2002)
Sackett Family Association membership
Wendy Sacket
Irvine, Orange County, CaliforniaG.
Member # 10 (founding)
Joined 28 September 2003
Groups.io mailing list subscribed: 23 Jan 2020
Wendy's sisters Lauri Diel and Stefanie Sacket-Mowers are Sackett Family Association members.
Member 2003–7.
Salt Lake City 2003, 2004; Boston 2006.
Although she's sure that her interest in reading has earlier roots, Wendy traces her keen interest in American history back to the fifth grade, when she had to write a report on a colony (she chose Connecticut, in honor of Skene Sackett). Her interest in family history was prompted by her sixth grade teacher's request for each student to create a timeline of his or her life along with a brief family tree. Wendy remembers hauling out the Weygant volume of The Sacketts of America and carefully reading the handwritten notes written in the margins by her grandfather Eugene Sacket and her great aunt May Belle Sacket Humphrey. It was then that she caught a brief glimpse of what efforts would be necessary to bring that volume up to date. What a privilege it is to participate in the activities of The Sackett Family Association to preserve and share Sackett family history with current and future generations!
A third-generation Californian, Wendy earned her bachelor's degree in history from UCLA and her master's degree in American history from the College of William and Mary in Virginia before entering the workplace in 1987 as a book editor. After honing her editorial eye working for a reference book publisher for ten years in Pasadena, California, she moved back home to Irvine to accept a position editing student guides and other instructional materials at a local community college in 1997. The books Wendy now edits are companion guides for college courses that are licensed and broadcast throughout the United States. While she loves the opportunity to learn something new every day, Wendy is especially gratified that her access to the college's computer network gives her the opportunity to indulge in her favorite hobby—genealogical research!
TSFA Newsletter April 2005.
Sackett line3rd great-granddaughter of Skene Douglas Sackett
Sackett ancestry
Skene Douglas Sackett (1765–1852), m. Hannah Saxton
Chauncey Sackett (1798–1863), m. Sarah "Sally" Gladding
Frederick Gleason Sacket (1847–), m. Ida A Hess
Eugene Frederick Sacket (1888–1974), m. Jean Adair Brown
Gordon Frederick Sacket (1928–1992), m. Sandra Corynne Kuntz
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