Don Hertzler

45 Don Hertzler
Sackett Family Association membership
Don Hertzler
Tulsa, OklahomaG.
Member # 45 (founding)
Joined 28 September 2003
Mailing list subscriber: Yes
Don's wife Glenna Hertzler, cousin Joe Shorter, and aunt Evelyn Joy Sackett are Sackett Family Association members.
Member 2005–9, 2012–; President 2008–9.
Salt Lake City 2004; Boston 2006; Fort Wayne 2007; Vancouver WA 2010, Fort Wayne 2015.
Don is a retired university Chemistry Professor. He has taught classes on the chemistry of photography and enjoys collecting old pictures and photographing current family. Since retirement he has become a graduate Master Gardener and spends many hours "farming" his back-yard.
Sackett ancestry
Jonathan Sacket of Milford, Connecticut (say 1770–) and Lucinda Plumb
Gad/James Sacket (1804–1884) and Sally Jenette Parker
James A Sackett (1837–1922) and Mary Ann Shippen
Josiah Andrew "Joe" Sackett (1880–1972) and Naoma Dell Cramer
Viola Maxine Sackett (1915–2003) and Jay Hertzler
Sackett line3rd great-grandson of Jonathan Sacket of Milford, Connecticut
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