Ohio marriages

54 records


  • "23 Nov 1808, Butler County, Ohio, Thomas Sackett to Catherine Chambers, by William Smith JP." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1816

  • "2 May 1816, Portage, Ohio, Clark Sackett and Synthia Preston." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1821

  • "3 Jan 1821, Portage County, Ohio, Leander Sackett & Rebecca Conant." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1822

  • "31 Dec 1822, Franklin County, William Sackett & Rachel Lisle, by James Hoge." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript, from Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly]
  • 1824

  • "24 Jun 1824, Franklin County, Elijah Sackett & Martha McCormick, by B Bull, JP." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript, from Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly]
  • 1825

  • "13 Apr 1825, Ashtabula County, Ohio, Casander Sacket & Henrietta M Beach." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1828

  • "9 Feb 1828, Portage County, Ohio, William Beach & Elizabeth Sackett." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "12 Feb 1828, Portage County, Ohio, William Beach & Elizabeth Sackett." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "20 Sep 1828, Portage County, Ohio, Salmon D Lackett [sic] & Marian E Wright." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "21 Sep 1828, Portage County, Ohio, Salmon D Sackett & Mary Ann Wright." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1832

  • "1 Apr 1832, Warren County, Ohio, Thomas Sacket, of Sangamon County, IL, to Elizabeth Dickerson, of Warren County, OH, by Rev John Clark. Certified by Rev John Clark 20 Apr 1832." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1835

  • "Fredk Day & Mary A Sacket. Marriage was solemnized in Sheffield, [Lorain County], August 18, 1835 between Frederick Day & Mary A. Sackett by me Schuyler Putnam, JP." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1844

  • "10 Apr 1844, at Huron, Ohio, Harvey Sachett & Mary Vanvrankin." [Abstract from FamilySearch transcript]
  • 1846

  • "Duly married by me in Ruggles Sept 11, 1846 Mr Harvey Sackett and Miss Mary Vanvrankin. F P Hall, Min of the Gospel." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1847

  • "8 Nov 1847, Summit, Ohio, Clark Sackett and Jane M. Pierce." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1848

  • "License 1 Sep 1848, Summit County, Ohio, George Sackett, and Hellen Williams, of Tallmadge." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "License 28 Oct 1848, Summit County, Ohio, Hiram A Sackett, 21, and Eliza A Treat, 18, of Tallmadge." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "29 Oct 1848, Summit, Ohio, Hiram A. Sackett and Eliza A. Treat. By Carlos Smith." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1849

  • "4 Dec 1849, at Portage County, Ohio, Simeon D Ford and Malinda T Sackett, both of Portage County, by Franklin Maguire?, Minister of the Gospel." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1852

  • "25 Oct 1852, Summit, Ohio, John Putman; and Martha A Sackett, of Portage Township, by license granted to E C Sackett, 10 Oct 1852." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1854

  • "9 Feb 1854, Summit County, Ohio, George Sackett and Frances Virginia Grant, of Tallmadge, by license issued 6 Feb 1854."
  • "14 Mar 1854, Medina County, Ohio, Charles Schlabach and Miss Caroline Sackett, by Saml Mower, Minister." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1856

  • "22 Jan 1856, Summit County, Ohio, Oliver P Sackett & Elsy M Turner of Copley. Both 1st m. By Joseph King, Minister of the Gospel." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1857

  • "18 Mar 1857, Summit County, Ohio, Wm C Sackett and Hattie S Galbraith." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1858

  • "3 Mar 1858, Delaware County, Ohio, Lucius D Smith and Nancy Jane Sackett, by John W Thompson." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1859

  • "6 Oct 1859, Greene County, Ohio, Joseph Morgan and Annes Sackett." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1865

  • "10 Apr 1865, at Jefferson, Ashtabula, Ohio, Mark Sackett and Jennie Remington. By Thos Olin..., Minister of the Gospel." [Abstract from Findmypast image]
  • "5 Jul 1865, Ashtabula, Ohio, Adelbert D. Sackett and Julia Griffin." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1873

  • "1 May 1873, Summit County, Ohio, O P Sackett & Mary E Stearnes." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1880

  • "17 Mar 1880, Clinton, Ohio, Adelbert D. Sacket and Eunice A. Northrup." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1883

  • "26 Dec 1883, at Huron County, Ohio, Elmer S Sackett and S Anna Rathbun." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1884

  • "15 Mar 1884, at New Lyme, Ashtabula County, Ohio, Charles S Sackett & Clara E Knowles. By H M Ford, clergyman. By license of 6 Mar 1884." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1885

  • "15 Nov 1885, at Lenox, Ashtabula, Ohio, G De Forest Gibbs, of New Lyme, O; and Miss Ida E Sackett. By C A Richardson, Pastor Cong. Ch. Lenox. By license of 13 Nov 1885." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1888

  • "18 Jun 1888, at Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Mark Sacket and Mamie Rogers. By S L Daisie. License 16 Jun 1888." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1892

  • "29 Jun 1892, Summit County, Ohio, Augustus F Smith and Mary P Sackett. By D M Lewis, Pastor. License applied for by George Sackett, 27 Jun 1892." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1893

  • "14 Feb 1893, Summit, Ohio, Frank H. Sackett and Margaret M. McNely. By S O Gammell, Pastor." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1899

  • "2 Jul 1899, Ashtabula County, Ohio, Orian C Calaway, 21, father Canni Calaway, mother Lestina Strong, & Bertha V Morgan, 21, father Adelbert ...et, mother Julia Griffin." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1900

  • "30 Jun 1924, Summit County, Ohio, Stanley S Rothrock, 27 on 17 Oct 1924, of Tallmadge, Ohio, b. Brimfield, Ohio, confection manufacturer, father Amos A Rothrock, mother Ada Sweigart, 1st m.; and Rosalind E Sackett, 24 on 5 Apr 1924, of Tallmadge, b. Weeping Water, Neb, school teacher, father Frank N Sackett, mother Margaret McNely, 1st m. By W Henry Morton, Minister Tallmadge Cong Ch." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1903

  • "14 May 1903, Summit County, Ohio, Lovette L Rowland, 50 on 16 Jun 1903, of Elyria, Ohio, b. Lakeville, NY, travelling salesman, father Myron Rowland, mother Mellissa Livingston, 1 previous m.; and Harriet Marcia Heath, 49 on 21 Jan 1903, of Cuyahoga Falls, Summit County, b. Geneseo, NY, music teacher, father Martin L Heath, mother Cynthia M Sackett, no previous m. By Rev W J Wilson, Pastor, ME Church, Cuyahoga Falls." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1905

  • "26 Sep 1905, Summit County, Ohio, William T Thomas, 34 on 5 Feb 1906, of Tallmadge, Ohio, b. Tallmadge, machinist, father Philip Thomas, mother Sarah Williams, m. 2; and Stella E Sackett, 41 on 25 May 1905, b. Tallmadge, music teacher, father Hiram A Sackett, mother Eliza A Treat, m. 1. By Rev John Upton, Minister of the Gospel." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1913

  • "9 Apr 1913, at Ashtabula County, Ohio, Lyle A Sackett, 18, father Charles S Sackett, mother Clara E Knowles; and Rebecca Hunter, 18, father Frank Hunter, mother Julie E Wakeland." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1915

  • "25 Aug 1915, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Herbert I Sackett, 44, merchant, of Buffalo, NY, b. Geneseo, NY, father Edwin Sackett, mother Susan Pierce, 1st m.; to Mrs Vera J Willard, 34, of 2212 Bellfield Ave, Euclid Hghts, OH, b. Ware, MA, father Isaac Jeisier, mother Gertrude Bivioux, 2nd m. By Rev Edward Young." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "30 Sep 1915, at Summit County, Ohio, William A Sackett, age 49 on 27 Mar 1915, of 624 S Main St, Akron, OH, b. Akron, physician, 1st m., father William C Sackett, mother Harriet Galbraith; to Della A Stotler, age 52 on 18 Dec 1914, of 982 N Exchange St, Akron, b. Harrisburg, PA, 2nd m., a widow, father David R Shaffer, mother Harriet Cornelius. By John J McAlpine, Minister of the Gospel." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1918

  • "13 Mar 1918, at Miami County, Ohio, Lindsay Blakeman, 26 on 27 Feb 1918, of Dayton, Ohio, b. Anderson County, KY, cabinet maker, 2nd m., father J H Blakeman, mother Elizabeth Elder; to Clara Morgan, 20 on 29 Jul 1917, of Tippecanoe, OH, b. Piqua, OH, occ. none special, 1st m., father J H Morgan, mother Elizabeth Garwood. By Rev L C Radley, Pastor ME Church." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • "7 Aug 1918, Summit, Ohio, Raymond Cletus Klapp, 21 on 11 Jul 1918, of Sidney, Ohio, b. Elwood, Indiana, machinist, father Albert L Klapp, mother Flora B Dellinger, 1st m., and Hazel Blanche Sackett, 25 on 13 Apr 1918, of Tallmadge, Ohio, b. Tallmadge, music teacher, father Charles C Sackett, mother Cora Blanche Alling, 1st m. By Ward T Sutherland, Minister of the Gospel." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1919

  • "26 Nov 1919, Lucas County, OH, James L Fleming, 43 on 9 Jul 1919, of Detroit, Mich, b. Syracuse, NY, postal employee, father Thomas Fleming, mother Margaret Hennesy, 1st m.; to Leo Sackett Rice, 47 on 25 Feb 1919, of Detroit, b. Canada, father Miles Sackett, mother Louisa Harp, divorced as Mrs Chas Rice, 2nd m." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1920

  • "14 Jul 1920, at Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Charles O Grissom, 33, of ?ern Hall City, b. Boliver TX, sales manager, 2nd m., div. 28 Jun 1920 CP Ct, father J L, mother Laura Cooper; to Laura B Sackett, 28, of 3336 W 123rd St, b. Odell, IL, 2nd m., married name Goodman, div. 18 Jun Cook Co Ill, father Willis B Sackett, mother Emma Vahldisck. Married by Rev F E Gravener." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • "17 Jul 1920, at Miami County, OH, Haskell Blakeman, age 21 on 25 Aug 1919, of Indianapolis, IN, b. Cora, KY, occ. grocer, father Wood Blakeman, mother Elizabeth Bowen; to Marian Morgan, 21 on 23? Apr 1920, of Tippecanoe, OH, b. Piqua, OH, oc. none special, father James Morgan, mother Elizabeth Garwood. By Rev H V McCleary, Minister M E Church." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1925

  • "24 May 1925, at Lucas County, Ohio, Earl J Barber, aged 39 on 19 Dec 1924, of 110 Oregon Road, b. Clyde, O, painter, widower, 2nd m., father D H Barber, mother Elsa Tillotson; to Lucille M Gibbs, aged 28 on 26 Aug 1924, of 1125 Waverly Ave, Lucas County, b. Ohio, divorced, 2nd m., married name Mrs Manuel Fairchilds, father Deforest Gibbs, mother Ida Sackett. By Rev Mrs W J Henry." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • "25 Nov 1925, at Miami County, OH, Cletus M Otwell, aged 31 on 31 Dec 1924, of Dayton, OH, b. Greenville, OH, estimator Lbr Co, 1st m., father Emlen W Otwell, mother Lucinda Hartzell; to Grace E Morgan, aged 24 on 10 Jul 1925, of Tippecanoe City, b. Shelby County, OH, stenographer, 1st m., father James H Morgan, mother Elizabeth Garwood. By Phil Porter, Rector, Christ Episcopal Church, Dayton, OH." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1928

  • "26 Jun 1928, at Medina, Ohio, Myron Mace Sackett, 28 on 30 Oct 1927, of Conneaut, Ohio, b. Leechburg, PA, occ. Minister, prev. m. once, father Edward Sackett, mother Bertha Steinheiser; to Frances Mae Sheerlein, 22 on 2 Feb 1928, of York Township, Medina Co, O, school teacher, single, father George J Sheerlein, mother Ella Brandow. By Rev Daisy Martin, Four Square Gospel Church, Minister." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • "23 Jul 1928, Lucas County, Ohio, Ralph G Windell, 31 on 13 Aug 1928, res. Pontiac, Michigan, b. Ohio, testing eng., father Jno M Windell, mother Martha Wilson; to Mabel G Sackett, 25 on 26 Nov 1927, res. Pontiac, MI, b. Pennsylvania, occ. none, father Samuel Sackett, mother Sarah Hudson. Both 1st m." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1929

  • "1 Jun 1929, at Hamilton, Ohio, Clyde W Sackett, 32 on 9 Sep 1928, of 2909 Colerain Ave, Cleveland, OH, salesman, father Mark Sackett, mother Estelle Hanlon; to Katherine Kunze, 28 on 12 Feb 1929, of S 29 Union St, b. Germany, clerk, father Herman Kunze, mother Marie Nager. License 29 May 1929. By P Ross Perrish, Minister of the Gospel." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1931

  • "27 Jan 1931, Lucas, Ohio, Patrick J Haire, 45 on 1 Sep 1930, of Det, Mich, b. Ireland, mail carr[ier], 1st m., father John Haire, mother Ellen Judge; and Mary Fleming, 45 on 25 Feb 1930, of Detroit, Mich, b. Canada, widow of James Fleming, father Miles Sackett, mother Louise Harp." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1936

  • "13 Sep 1936, at Ashland, Ohio, Harold R Sackett, 25 on 7 Jul 1936, of Ashland, OH, b. Ashland County, embalmer, 1st m., father Cloyd Sackett, mother Lena Russell; to Evelyn Fast, 25 on 23 Feb 1936, of Nova, Ashland County, b. Ashland County, clerk, 1st m., father Carl Fast, mother Bessie Crittenden. By J H Armstrong, Minister." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]

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