Change Log

December 2007

Various additions/revisions to ancestors' pages with data supplied by Patti Hobbs, Susan Wood, Judy Foster, and Barbara Bell, for which many thanks.

November 2007

The redesigned website incorporates some data previously published on the separate Sackett One-Name Study website and that site will be closed down shortly, once I've checked for other items to move across. The transferred material includes Marion Sackett's "A Saga of Sacketts" and quite a lot of Sackett data from Published Sources.

A new feature is a section for "Notable Sacketts". This is obviously my own selection at the moment but other members may wish to nominate their candidates for inclusion. There is some new material in this section in the form of the detailed petitions and correspondence concerning the convicted robber Thomas Baker Sackett who was the subject of a recent enquiry from Sheila Phythian.

Other new items are pages for the 2007 Reunion (Glenna's report) and plans for the 2008 Reunion. Do please announce your intentions to attend and these will be included on that web page. I am sure it is helpful to know who else is planning to go.

Another significant change is that I have moved nearly all of the material that was in the password-protected area to the public area. This includes the Register of Members, the Newsletter Archive, and various Research Databases. There is a technical reason for this change in that it allows for the inclusion of all sorts of links between the pages which is not possible with separate public and private areas. The only items to be left with password protection are the Committee Records which it is clearly not appropriate to make available for public consumption. The username and password have not been changed. Members may wish to check that there isn't any information on their Member's Page that they would rather not have displayed publicly. Please let me know of any such problems and I will promptly remove any offending data.

I hope you find the new website useful. I think it should be found easy to navigate but if not, please ask. As always, I will be pleased to hear of suggestions of items for inclusion. I would be particularly pleased to publish any Sackett Snippets (see bottom of left-hand column on the Home Page). These are generated randomly each time the website is accessed and it would be neat to add more random snippets.

October 2007

September 2007

One of the new features on the website is a Picture Gallery, accessed from the Register of Members. The pictures can be used as links to the relevant page.