Change Log

December 2011

Additional information on places bearing the Sackett name would be welcome. In particular, it would be interesting to know who the places were named after.

The timeline charts are an attempt to show the lifespans of some early and notable Sacketts in the context of historical events.

October/November 2011

Sackett Family Association historian Thurmon King continues to add ever more content to his database. This now contains records for 36,345 people. After removing for privacy reasons those still living or born after about 1920, records for 29,147 people are now online with this update. If you have not checked recently, you may find more information on the Sacketts in your line. If you find gaps, and you have more information, do please let Thurmon know. This is a collaborative venture!

The Association website has been accepted for preservation by the British Library UK Web Archive. The entire site will be archived by the Library at approximately six-monthly intervals, with the archived copies being publicly available. It will be interesting in years to come to see how the site contents change over time. It is also a significant step in ensuring the preservation of our laboriously gathered Sackett data.

September 2011

August 2011

Thurmon King has transcribed Andrew P Sackett's book Ancestors and Descendants of Frederick Plummer Sackett. By coincidence, one of this month's new members, Peggy Lockwood, is a descendant of Frederick Plummer. We welcome her and all new members.

Karen Gerke has contributed more extracts from Minnesota newspapers. Any member willing to help with the newspaper project, do please get in touch. There are thousands more to be researched and transcribed!

July 2011

Willis Jensen responded to the plea for family memoirs with detailed life stories of and by his grandmother and great-grandparents. They make fascinating reading. Thank you to Willis, Leonard John Sackett, and Susan Graetz for supplying pictures.

Members whose Sackett ancestries have not yet been recorded are encouraged to get in touch. Research help to trace your line is at hand if needed. As well as recording Sackett ancestries, redesigned members' pages have links to research items provided by the member.

Thurmon continues to add to his database. It now contains 36,000+ individuals. Details of more than 29,000 of these are online.

Robert M Keir, who died earlier this month at the age of 106, appears on the Sackett snippets page as the oldest Sackett descendant.

June 2011

Because of a strict 100-year rule the 1911 UK census has only just been published. The records on are not yet fully indexed, so transcriptions made so far are only of households where the head was a Sackett. Further transcriptions will be added when indexed records are made available. This was the first UK census where the forms were completed by the householder rather than by an enumerator. The householders' signatures, reproduced on the page of transcriptions and on their biographical sketches, provide something of a personal link to our ancestors of a hundred years ago.

May 2011

Newspaper abstracts added this month are mostly of marriage and death announcements appearing in the New York Times (98 items), Los Angeles Times (25), and Chicago Daily Tribune (31).

The page of Sackett snippets is by way of a challenge—if you have Sackett records that beat those listed, or have come across other unusual items, please let us know. Write the List or me.

Thanks to members Alice Sackett, Raymond Roberts, and Marc Howard for supplying photographs, and to Mary Lou Petrie for the Nancy Reagan tree.

April 2011

The Civil War veterans' schedules of 1890 fill many gaps left by the destruction by fire of the 1890 Federal census papers. And the registrations for the Civil War draft include most of the young Sackett men of the period, with details of age, residence, and occupation (including Chester Sackett, a loafer!).

Many thanks to Barbara Bell for the pictures in the Rosetta Sackett gallery. Bill Sackett also sent in an interesting item in the form of a telegram to his father Samuel Nelson Sackett from Senator Robert F Kennedy (see Nehemiah Jobe Sackett gallery). Historic photographs are of course always welcome, but so too are other documents of historical significance.

The number of records in the newspaper transcriptions project has topped 1,000. New genealogical information is to be found in birth, marriage, and death transcriptions from the Hartford Courant and the Washington Evening Post.

March 2011

The Frederic Sackett gallery includes pictures from the German Federal Archive of Ambassador Sackett's time in Berlin in the early 1930s.

New members—a bumper crop of 12 this month, making 19 in the last two months—are very welcome. It has been interesting to see cousins making new acquaintances on the mailing list. Members are reminded that their ancestors' pages on the website show the names of other descendants who are in the Association.

February 2011

Thurmon King has added some 1,200 people to his database since the last update, making a total of 35,700. For privacy reasons not all of these are published but the total of those that are published on the website is 29,354, up from 28,167 last time.

Thanks to Bill Sackett for the pictures of six generations in his line. Other members: do please look out any historic photographs in your line and make your contribution to the Sackett story.

Welcome to all new members, and a special welcome and congratulations to Richard Hearn, our 300th member.

January 2011

The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, just published online by NEHGS, has much information about Captain Richard Sackett and his stepson Josias Crego (who Weygant had wrongly concluded to have been Captain Richard's son). The book also has more on Nathaniel Sackett, George Washington's spymaster.