Change Log

December 2012

The page for Weygant's The Family Record has transcriptions of Sackett entries in issues 1 (Jan 1897), 5 (May 1897), and 9/10 (Sep & Oct 1897). These are the only issues of the magazine of which copies are to hand. Other members having complete sets may like to check to see if there is more Sackett data in other issues.

Thank you to Betty-Jeanne Grant and Helen Jeffries for pictures and documentation on their ancestors. Charles "Chuck" Sackett has sent a picture of Nelson G Sackett, and Terri Carlson has provided additional data on the transcriptions of Pittsfield Families (specifically entries 3:225 Capt William Francis, and 4:98–99 Oren Goodrich).

The documentation sent by Betty-Jeanne Grant appears on Patricia Gwendoline White's page (see links to images in Notes and Citations). Other members may wish to send images of documents relating to their Sackett ancestral lines. As a general rule documents for publication should be items not otherwise easily available on research websites. Please send to Chris Sackett, not to the Mailing List as the list cannot handle attachments.

November 2012

This month's update includes transcriptions of records compiled by Rollin H Cooke and deposited at the Berkshire Athenaeum in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The records were researched during the recent visit to Westfield for the Sackett family reunion. The transcriptions include records of descendants of some female lines not previously noted in Sackett records.

31 October 2012

The addition of a Website tour is in response to a request at the reunion from Anne Murray for a talk on the website. Time did not allow this, but it is hoped that the new feature will be helpful in explaining the website's scope.

The Transactions page is introduced to provide a chronological listing of the activities of the Association, including records of Committee and Association meetings, reports of reunions, and an archive of the newsletters which were published each quarter from 2003 to 2009. After the newsletter ceased publication and was no longer a current activity, the files were archived in the Members' Only area of the website. That separate password-controlled area is no longer seen as necessary and is discontinued. The Newsletters and Committee records are now available under Transactions on the public pages.

18 October 2012

I would be pleased to add more pictures to the Westfield 2012 reunion gallery if others who attended have photographs in their cameras that would fill gaps in the record.

We spoke at the Reunion about the Newspaper research project. Peg Eddy has made a start on some extracts. There is plenty to do if others would like to contribute. The new page for recent additions will, it is hoped, make it easier for readers to keep abreast of items being added to the archive, and may also provide a spur to progress with the project. The page will show items added in recent months on a rolling basis.

The Samuel Arthur Sackett memoir was contributed to the mailing list in 2000 by Denzil Klippel. I came across it again in Thurmon King's database when compiling new member Byra Sackett's ancestry. This vivid memoir, as recorded by Samuel's daughter Julia in 1930, now appears in the History & Memoirs section of the website.

Also in History & Memoirs is Jean Carpenter's fascinating account of the surprise in store for her when she set about researching her great-grandfathers who had served in the Civil War. A great read!

September 2012

August 2012

July 2012

June 2012

Many thanks to Association member Anne Murray who has supplied biographical sketches of her grandmother Florence Russell and great-grandmother Flora Sackett. Other members may be inspired to follow Anne's lead and add their contribution to the Sackett story by remembering one of their ancestors.

Thanks, too, to new member Darrin Lettinga who has provided a set of family photographs, published here as the Ashal Tyler Sackett gallery.

Glenn Sackett's DNA test results place him and his earliest known ancestor Warren J Sackett (c1794–1851) in the same line as Simon Sackett the colonist (the Thanet, Kent, line). The search is on to identify Warren's parents.

Thurmon King's database has grown to contain records of 37,154 people (29,823 online) and has an ever-growing amount of data on individuals, as well as more photographs supplied by members.

Pages from Vincent Eli John Sackett's bible were kindly supplied by new member Billie Dale Wakefield.

May 2012

April 2012

The search forms may take a few moments to load the first time they are used. Once loaded, the search is fast, and it allows various search parameters, such as the ability to search for people based on the names of spouses or parents. There is a choice of search methods: Basic and Regular Expressions—see the Help item ["?"] on the form for an explanation.

March 2012

Thanks to Len Sackett who has provided a further batch of family photographs going back to his great-grandfather Arden H Sackett.

Thurmon's database continues to grow, both in the amount of detail on individuals and in the numbers of people. There are records of nearly 37,000 people in the database and, after omitting living persons, nearly 30,000 are online.

February 2012

Many thanks to Association members Joan Leary of Havering, Essex, and Leonard A Sackett of Berkley, Michigan, for contributing to the Sackett history. Joan has researched West Ham (Essex, England) Cemetery records. Len has provided family photographs going back to his great-grandfather Arden H Sackett.

Added to the website is a historic documents gallery, so far containing London apprenticeship and freeman papers. Contributions to the gallery will be welcome.

January 2012

The website is back online after the recent hacking, and appears to be working normally.

Thurmon's database continues to grow. He has added 471 individuals since the last update in November, and has added more data to the records of people already published. Records of 29,555 people are now online.