Change Log

December 2008

The "Distribution and migration" page covers only the early years so far—to the end of the 1600s. I will add at least the 1700s during the coming month. The Google maps are interactive in the usual way, provided you stay on line.

November 2008

The 1841 England Census records are transcribed from images on Because of the high incidence of indexing errors on Ancestry, there are certainly more Sackett records to be found. Marion Sackett found some of these at the Public Record Office some years ago when the records were not indexed at all, and these are incorporated in the new web page.

Do please let me know of any other Sackett records you may come across in this Census.

The indexing errors are mainly the result of mis-reading the handwriting of the period which often makes it difficult to distinguish the capital letters "L" and "S", and sometimes also "P" and "J". The name indexing on Ancestry sometimes lists as "Sackett" or "Sacket" other names such as "Lockett", "Sockett", "Packet", "Jacket", and perhaps others. Conversely, some Sackett households are found under Lackett and Packett. The web page includes all entries listed on Ancestry under "Sackett" and "Sacket" and errors are noted in the index and in the household listing where it is known that these are not Sacketts. The index records on Ancestry have also been annotated to help other researchers.

October 2008

See also the link on the Reunion 2008 page to Andrew & Molly (Sackett) Pasquale's reunion blog.

Many thanks to all for supplying reunion pictures. Trying to select a reasonable number for the website was no easy matter. If you have some other favorite pictures that you would like to see on the site, please let me know.

The extracts from Families of Ancient New Haven contain details of some female descendant lines not previously recorded in our files.

September 2008

Any members wishing to have a picture of themselves posted on their member's page, or having pictures of ancestors they would like posted, please send direct to me, not to the Discussion List which does not allow attachments.

August 2008

Thurmon and Tom had alerted me to problems with accessing some Newsletters on the website. I have re-uploaded these and they are now working. Do please let me know of any broken links or other website errors. I test all new stuff as it is posted, but may not notice something that subsequently goes wrong.

July 2008

The NY Evening Post and Northampton VRs include some items of data not previously researched. They also include some Sacketts that I have not readily identified. Any help with these identifications would be appreciated.

June 2008

May 2008

The passenger lists pose an interesting challenge in identifying the people named as most are listed with initials only or, even more cryptically, just as Mr or Mrs. Please feel free to bombard the List with any identifications!

Any members wishing, or even reluctant but willing, to have their picture on their member's page, please send to me, not to the List.

April 2008

February/March 2008

The New England Historic Genealogical Society have published the abstracts of Westfield VRs made by Harold T. Dougherty who donated them to NEHGS in 1937. In extracting the Sacket(t) entries and comparing them with the extracts made from a LDS microfilm in 2002 by Association member Ted Mudge and with other sources, a significant number of discrepancies have been found. In most cases these would appear to be the result of transcription errors by the NEHGS volunteers who transcribed the Dougherty abstracts. Some caution is therefore needed in using these records. I am compiling a list of apparent errors for NEHGS. The Dougherty records do however contain a number of records not previously found.

January 2008