Change Log

December 2009

November 2009

Thanks to Terri Carlson for the Daniel Sackett bible records. If other members have bible records in their families I would be very pleased to post these on the website. Such records are a valuable resource, often containing data not recorded elsewhere.

I have added transcriptions of another 87 records from the NEHGS MA vital records images, making a total so far of 354 records. Years completed for Sacket/Sackett records are: 1844–47, 1850, 1852–55, 1857–66, 1871–81.

October 2009

The number of MA vital records transcribed from the New England Historic Genealogical Society's database for Sacket/Sackett is now 267 (up from 175) out of a total of 648. Images of all these records are now available on their website and I plan to add as many as I can month by month to complete this research item.

September 2009

I have long been intrigued by the record in Weygant of Nathaniel Sackett's exploits as a spy during the American Revolutionary War, and have set about bringing together some additional material available on the Internet at the Library of Congress and on the University of Virginia website. I am aware that there is more material to be had on this subject and others may wish to join in the hunt.

The History of Southwestern New York includes detailed sketches of the artist, Clara Elizabeth Sackett, and of the schoolmaster, Herbert Lee Sackett.

Thurmon has updated his database and there are now records of 26,840 people on the website from a database of 33,728 (the difference being individuals born after about 1920 who for privacy reasons are not published).

Contribute your research to the website

After much experimentation I have settled on various methods for recording and publishing research data on the website. If you have done a piece of research, whether on the Internet or elsewhere, I would be more than pleased to add it to the website. The research could be of a book, of a cemetery, vital records, newspaper transcriptions, or whatever. I think the only requirement would be that the research should include all Sackett references contained within the stated topic. This is needed so that we would know the topic is fully completed and there should be no need to re-visit the item. The various categories and research published so far may be seen at As well as providing transcriptions of the research data, it will be helpful, although not essential, to include a note identifying the Sacketts referred to.

August 2009

July 2009

Thanks to Arabella Sackett for the family photographs.

The Jeffery Sackett biographical sketch is by way of follow-up to the sighting of his gravestone by Jean Carpenter and Debbie Barbee during the reunion in Thanet last September. The wheels of genealogical sketch-writing turn slowly! Hand-written transcripts of the two Chancery Court cases that Jeffery was involved in were supplied to me by Marion Sackett just over five years ago. -- So, I'm a very slow typist. Sackett v. Haite is rather long but worth a read. One comes to the perhaps unsurprising conclusion that human nature was the same in 1680 as it is now.

Unusually, there were no new members this month.

June 2009

Thurmon King and I have been working on incorporating his database into The Sackett Family Association website. There are still some technical rough edges to be dealt with but progress so far may be seen with this update. His database also continues to be available at

My thanks to Jean Carpenter and Sheila Phythian for the family photographs.

May 2009

The new pages of DNA tables and charts are an attempt to describe the results of the Sackett DNA project so far. I am conscious that this whole subject is complex and it may be that better ways of explaining the results will be figured out. The charting method is a recent addition to the website program I use and I sense that the programmers are feeling their way a bit on how best to present the data. It's best to regard this results presentation as a first attempt. I'm sure there will be improvements which will help make better sense of it. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Jimmy Marr, who died recently, was a second cousin of mine, and in every way a splendid chap.

My adding him to the Notables pages serves as a reminder that I will be only too pleased to receive suggestions of other Sackett descendants whose stories could be told in these pages.

April 2009

I have been considering for a while adding a blog to the website and have finally taken the plunge. I hope maintaining it won't become too burdensome such that I regret ever starting it! Anyway, for starters, there's a piece about the splendid set of photos of Sackett's Hill House supplied by Nick Smyth, and a mention of the Committee elections.

March 2009

My thanks to Jean Carpenter, Kathy James, Alice Sackett, Eva Adams, and Jane Weller, who have sent in pictures. Ancestors' pictures may be viewed at and members' pictures at I've also recorded the will provided by Mike Fisher of his ancestor Samuel Sackett (1851–1891).

The India Office records raise more questions than they answer—although if anyone can figure out some answers, Peter Sackett would be pleased to know. Thanks also to Wendy Sacket for finding some passenger list data relating to Lyman B Sackett.

I have updated the record for Richard Sackett Esq (1717–1789) whose mansion house at East Northdown we saw during the reunion in Thanet last year. This was prompted by the following very odd marriage announcement in the London Morning Star of Friday, July 31, 1789, discovered by a member of the Isle of Thanet List. The Miss Cramp in question was Richard's granddaughter, Sarah, to whom he left most of his considerable fortune.

"Yesterday, at St. Peter's Margate, Mr. TOMLIN, jun. of North Down, to Miss CRAMP, with a fortune of, at least, 60,000. Taking their ages together, two-and thirty will be the amount."

I've added this unusual item to the Sackett Snippets at bottom right of the Home page. These snippets appear at random each time the web page is loaded, so to see more of them just hit the refresh button repeatedly while viewing the Home page.

February 2009

January 2009

The map, on the "Distribution and migration of the Sackett family" page, has a clickable place index, and clickable names for heads of household at each place, linked to genealogical reports for those people.

Some households have not been identified. Any help here would be appreciated.