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Sackett, Benjamin Edwin (1911–2002), FBI special agent who cracked a German spy ring in New York in the lead-up to the Second World War. (Further data is being researched and will be added later).

October 2015

Sackett, Herbert Leyland (1893–1924), brilliant young surgeon who died from the same infection and on the same day as his father Reverend Walter Sackett who Herbert was treating.

September 2015

Sackett, Lyman Belcher (c1840–bef1894), American Civil War soldier who deserted to India, via Australia, was the progenitor of several generations of Sacketts born in India.

The parentage of Lyman Beecher Sackett, found in Indian records, was until now a mystery. His marriage record has been found, and this identifies his father, also Lyman Sackett. The connection is confirmed in court records of the will of the senior Lyman, who died in New York at the age of 22. The senior Lyman's mother was Clarissa Belcher, and it seems that "Belcher" became "Beecher" in Indian records.

This discovery means that the Sackett line of a number of Association members (listed above), who are descended from Lyman Beecher Sackett, is extended back a further ten generations.

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Sackett, Samuel Arthur (1841–1932), a Mormon, fathered 24 children by polygamous marriages to sisters Mary and Laura Peterson. He left a fascinating account of life in the Old West.

June 2015

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Sackett, Henry (1851–1928) emigrated in 1870 from Essex, England, to Texas, USA, and became a member of the Texas House of Representatives.

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Sackett, Ivy Florence Annie (1907–2015) emigrated as an orphan at age 14 from England to Canada. She died aged 108 and is the oldest recorded Sackett.

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Sackett, James M "Jim" (1928–2015) was a veteran of the Korean War and a founding member of the Sackett Family Association.

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