New York State census 1855

13 households

CAYUGA, Moravia


  • Harmony, Chautauqua, New York Frame house, value $50 Joel Sackett, 53, head of household, b. MA, res. Harmony 26y Louisa Sackett, 52, wife, b. CT, res. Harmony 26y Sylvia Sackett, 14, daughter, b. Chautauqua, res. Harmony 14y

CHENANGO, Sherburne

  • Sherburne, Chenango County, 13 Jun 1855
    Frame house, value $200
    Zekill Sacket, 67?, b. Runsler? \[prob. Rensselaer\], res Sherburne 24y, shoe m
    Ruth Sacket, 66, wife, b. Runsler?, res Sherburne 24y
    Alp..? G Sacket, 7, gdau, b. Chenango
    Edwin J Sacket, 5, gson, b. Chenango


  • Copake, Columbia, New York, 4 Jun 1855
    Frame house, value $800
    Henry Sacket, 34, b. [blank], res. Copake 4 y, mechanic, land owner
    Suffia Sacket, 36, wife, b. CT, res. Copake 4 y
    Henry F Sacket, 5, child, b. MA, res. Copake 4 y
    Charles Sacket, 3, child, b. Columbia, res. Copake 3 y
    Rhoda Tailor, 68, mother, b. MA, wid, res. Copake 2 y


  • Hamden, Delaware, New York
    Ezekiel Tiffany, 44, b. Delaware, married, 44y in Hamden, farmer
    Nancy Tiffany, 39, wife, b. Delaware, married, 18y in Hamden
    Mary Ester Tiffany, 16, child, b. Delaware, 16y in Hamden
    Theron A Tiffany, 14, child, b. Delaware, 14y in Hamden
    Martha Tiffany, 11, child, b. Delaware, 11y in Hamden
    Homer M Tiffany, 8, child, b. Delaware, 8y in Hamden
    Harriet Tiffany, 5, child, b. Delaware, 5y in Hamden
    Mary Polly Tiffany, 82, mother, b. Mass, wid, 50y in Hamden

HERKIMER, Little Falls

  • Little Falls, Herkimer, New York, 16 Jun 1855
    Roswell Sackett, 30, b. Jefferson County, 1y in Little Falls, laborer
    Irene [Jane] Sackett, 31, wife, b. Saratoga County, 1y in Little Falls
    Charles M Sackett, 1, child, b. Herkimer County, 1y in Little Falls
    Martha Keller, 78, mother, b. VT, 1y in Little Falls
    Lovina Hungerford, 35, b. Herkimer County, 35y in Little Falls


KINGS, Brooklyn

  • Brooklyn, Ward 10, Kings County, New York, 22 Jun 1855
    Mr Sackett, 24, boarder, b. Kings, married, res. Brooklyn 24y, bookkeeper
    Matilda Sackett, 22, boarder, b. Penn[?], res. 12y
    Ada Sackett, 2, boarder, b. Kings
    Margaretta Sackett, 20, boarder, b. [Bilance?], res. 4y
    [in household of Hickey family]

LEWIS, Lewis

  • Lewis, Lewis, New York
    Family no 218
    H N Sackett, 36, b. Lewis Co, res. Lewis 8y, farmer, landowner
    Harriet Sackett, 39, wife, b. Oneida Co, res. Lewis 8y
    Earl N Sackett, 9, son, b. Oneida Co, res. Lewis 8y
    Emma Sackett, 2, dau, b. Lewis
    Loisa Sackett, 11, adopted, b. Jefferson, res. Lewis 3y
    Michael Nics, 33, boarder, b. Germany, res. Lewis 3y farmer, landowner
  • Lewis, Lewis, New York
    Family no 220
    James H Sackett, 28, b. Lewis Co, res. Lewis 3y, farmer, landowner
    Sarah A Sackett, 22, wife, b. Herkimer Co, res. Lewis 3y
    Josephine Sackett, 5, dau, b. Herkimer Co, res. Lewis 3y
    Harriet Sackett, 2, dau, b. Lewis
  • Lewis, Lewis, New York
    Family no 221
    Marvin Sackett, 53, b. MA, laborer, res. Lewis 7y
    Polly Sackett, 51, wife, b. MA, res. Lewis 7y


  • Ward 9, New York City, 25 Jun 1855
    Nicholas Manderville, 30, b. Germany, teamster, res. NYC 20 y
    Elizabeth Manderville, 20, wife, b. England, res. NYC 18 y
    Elizabeth Manderville, 10, child, b. NY
    Margaret Manderville, 4, child, b. NY
    Nicholas Manderville Jr, 2, child, b. NY
  • Ward 20, New York City, 22 Jun 1855
    Mary Sackett, 44, b. England, widow, res. NYC 18 y
    Henry Sackett, 17, son, b. NY, painter
    Caroline Sackett, 12, dau, b. NY
    Eliza Sackett, 9, dau, b. NY
    Emma Sackett, 5, dau, b. NY

OSWEGO, Mexico

  • Mexico, Oswego County, New York, 28 Jun 1855
    Frame house $800
    Sackett, John D, 33, b. Lewis County, pedlar
    Sackett, Sylvia A, 33, wife, b. Jefferson County, milliner
    Sackett, Clarissa M, 8, child, b. MA
    Sackett, Sarah, 64, mother, b. CT, wid
    Family lived in Mexico town 2 years

1855 New York State Census, digital image, Ancestry.