William P "Bill" Sackett

Sackett Family Association membership
William P "Bill" Sackett
New HampshireG.
Member # 388
Joined 2 October 2012
Mailing list subscriber: Yes
Bill's father Charles Nelson Sackett Sr, brothers Terry, Charles, and Tim, and cousin Robert S Sackett are Sackett Family Association members.
Sackett ancestry
John Sackett of New Haven (1620s–1684) and Agnes Tinkham
Lieutenant Joseph Sackett (1660–1729) and Sarah Dennison
Joseph Sackett (1712–) and ___ ___
Samuel Sackett (1747–1816) and Thankful Wood
Joel Sackett (say1774–1836) and Betsey Husted
Hiram Sackett (1812–after1900) and Millicent Smith
George Sackett (1850–) and Catherine Burmaster
Howard Prentice Sackett (1878–) and Pearl Gilpin
Nelson George Sackett (c1910–) and Marie T Jackson
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