Memorial Inscriptions, Kent, England

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Birchington (All Saints)
Dover (Cowgate Cemetery)
Margate (St John the Baptist)
Ramsgate (St George)
Ramsgate (Baptist New Burial Ground)
St Lawrence the Martyr, Thanet
St Nicholas at Wade
St Peter the Apostle, Thanet
Worth, Thanet

Birchington Church, Thanet, Kent

Source: Transcript, Society of Genealogists, London (researched by Marion Sackett).

  • In affectionate memory of Florence Annie, the dearly beloved wife of Vincent A. SACKETT
    [Buried 1 Sep 1910]
  • In loving memory of my dear husband Stephen Edward SACKETT passed away 23 May 1917 age 33
  • In loving memory of my dear husband Louis Henry SACKETT who died 12 Dec 1911 after 2½ years of suffering patiently borne aged 26 years "Rest in peace"
    Also of Edmund Herbert SACKETT brother of the above, killed in action in France 8 Oct 1918 age 22 years 8 months
    Also Louisa SACKETT mother of the above, died 22 May 1926 age 73 years. "Her end was peace"
    Lilian Martha SACKETT, died 9 Dec 1943 aged 63 years
  • In loving memory of my dear husband George William SACKETT who passed away on Palm Sunday 31 Mar 1912 aged 30 yr 6 mth. "At rest"
  • In loving memory of Florence Mildred SACKETT died .. Mar .... in her 65th year
    Also of Frederick G.T. SACKETT who died 9 Jun 1947 aged 69 yrs
    [Florence d. c1943]
  • In loving memory of George SACKETT who died 27 Aug 1902 age 56 [50]
    Also of Alice dau of the above who died 16 Oct 1909 aged 34
    Also Edmund William ELMER husband of the above, died 15 May 1921 aged 56 years.
    "Thy will be done"

Dover, Kent (Cowgate Cemetery)

Source: Mrs Nichol's Index (researched by Marion Sackett).

  • Sacred to the memory of John Kemp SACKETT. Youngest son of Mr Richard SACKETT pilot, aged 11 years & 9 months. He was a dutiful & affectionate child, & beloved by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. Prepare thyself to meet thy God. Also Jane wife of the above named (Richard) SACKETT, who after a long affliction departed this life 25 Jan 1851. She was an ... wife ... tender mother & was ... by her friends. (aged 66).
    [Sandstone headstone badly worn at bottom. John Kemp Sackett d. 1837]

Margate (St John the Baptist), Kent

Source: Thanet Obituary (researched by Marion Sackett).

  • Richard SACKETT, yeoman of Northdown, 10 Nov 1730 aged 62; Martha ux. 17 Dec 1747 aged 67; Susanna, their daughter, 3 Jan 1740 aged 25.
  • Peter SACKETT, gent., aged 75; Ann ux. aged 75; 4 children, ob. infants; John, their son, aged 67. Stone tomb.
  • Stephen SACKETT, 14 Apr 1745 aged 82. Headstone.
  • John SACKETT, Marr. [? mariner], 17 Nov 1753 aged 57; Elizabeth ux. 9 Mar 1797 aged 92; Elizabeth, their daughter, 7 Sep 1797 aged 65. Headstone.
  • Thomas Wheatley SACKETT, 28 Oct 1804 aged 34; Stephen SACKETT, 26 Jul 1820 aged 42. Headstone.
  • Paul SACKETT, 24 May 1781 aged 44; Margaret ux., 20 Apr 1774  aged 36, two of their children, ob. infants; Ann, dau. of Paul & Alice, 14 Jun 1802  aged 25. Head & body stone.
  • Paul SACKETT of Ramsgate, 28 Nov 1805  aged 39. Bloxham's headstone.
  • John SACKETT, 29 Jun 1727 aged 73; Mary ux., 2 Jun 1722 aged 67. Headstone.
  • John SACKETT, 23 Feb 1800 aged 77; Mary ux., 28 Jul 1774 aged 44. Headstone.
  • William SACKETT, 24 Mar 1805 aged 89; Elizabeth ux., 24 May 1784 aged 62; William their son, 24 Oct 1782 aged 32; Susanna their daughter, 10 Apr 1783 aged 20; Martha -ditto- ob. infant. Headstone.
  • Stephen SACKETT, 3 Jan 1786 aged 86. Stone tomb, iron rails.
  • John SACKETT, 21 Sep 1798 aged 84; Mary ux., 22 Jun 1762 aged 47; John their son, 27 Nov 1745 aged 9; Elizabeth their daughter, 4 Apr 1753 aged 15; Ann -ditto- 3 Jun 1758 aged 17; Mary -ditto- 27 Jun 1758 aged 17; Elizabeth his 2nd ux., 17 Feb 1796 aged 85; Hannah SACKETT dau of Henry & Hannah, 18 Nov 1799, 11y 10m. Stone tomb, iron railings.
  • John SACKETT of Garlinge, 7 Jan 1813 aged 55; Mary ux., 5 Feb 1827 aged 70. Headstone.
  • Ambrose SACKETT, 25 Aug 1813 aged 70; Henry SACKETT, 5 Feb 1815 aged 70. Stone tomb.
  • John SACKETT, father of Ann Swinford, 28 Mar 1834 aged 77; John Sackett SWINFORD son of Jno & Ann, 25 Dec 1814 age 8m. Swinford's headstone, New Burial Ground.
  • Source: Image, Find A Grave

  • Here lieth interred the body of Stephen Sackett
    who died the 3rd of January 1786, aged 86 years.
    Also Elizabeth wife of Francis Cobb Junr
    who died the 6th of February 1787, aged 20 years.
    Also Elizabeth wife of Francis Cobb Senr
    who died the 18th of September 1790, aged 66 years.
    Also the said Francis Cobb Senr
    who died the 12th of May 1802 in his 75th year.
    Also in memory of the two daughters of Francis Cobb Senr
    who lie interred in Heacham Church, Norfolk,
    Elizabeth widow of Nicolas Styleman Esq
    born 12th of December 1751, died 27th of January 1831;
    Martha, born 11th of October 1753, died 17th of March 1819.

Monkton, Kent

  • Kent, England, Tyler Index to Parish Registers, digital image,, "Sacred to the memory/ of/ Emma/ daughter of/ Sackett and Mary Adams/ of this parish/ who died 3rd June 1855/ aged 24 years/ also/ Mary the beloved wife of/ Sackett Adams who died/ July 17th 1882 aged 78 years/ also of Sackett Adams/ husband of the above who died/ June 16th 1884 aged 72 years."

Ramsgate (St George), Kent

Source: Canterbury Cathedral Archives (researched by Marion Sackett).

  • William Williams Sackett
    September 17 1868
    Mary Ann Sackett
    December 20 1880
    Sarah Hope
    cousin of the above
    February 18 1880
  • Sacred to the memory of
    Hester the beloved wife of
    Richard Butler
    who departed this life September 9 1864
    aged 54 years
    also the above named
    Richard Butler
    who departed this life February 2 1870
    aged 60 years
    also of
    Mary Ann Sackett
    eldest daughter of the above
    who died August 28 1875
    aged 44 years
    [Mary Ann (Butler) (Redman) Sackett w. Jeremiah Sackett]
  • Sacred to the memory of
    Thomas Sackett
    who departed this life
    July the 16th 1867
    aged 65 years
    also of
    Maria Sackett
    wife of the above
    who died January 26 1887
    in her 85th year
    interred in Ramsgate cemetery
  • [Beneath the lower window]
    In memory of Samuel Sackette, died July 27, 1855 aged 62

Ramsgate, Baptist New Burial Ground

Source: Thanet Obituary (researched by Marion Sackett).

  • Stephen son of Thomas & Mary SACKETT d. 18 Sep 1830 age 18. Supposed drowned.
  • Ann Eliz'th ux. Edward SACKETT d. 28 May 1837 age 23.

St Lawrence the Martyr, Thanet, Kent

Source: Index compiled by Miss M Bolton, 35 Newington Road, St Lawrence, CT12 6EQ (researched by Marion Sackett).

  • Dinah SACKETT, 1889, wid. of Jeremiah
    Katherine SMITH, 1907, her dau., bn. 1852
    George SMITH, 1915, Katherine's son
    In loving memory of/ Dinah/ widow of Jeremiah SACKETT/ who died January 30th 1886/ aged 82 years/ Though lost to sight/ to memory dear./ Also of Katherine Smith/ daughter of the above/ died Sept 24th 1907/ aged 55 years./ Also to the memory of/ the youngest son of/ Katherine Smith/ Corporal George Smith/ Australian Imperial Forces/ Killed in action in the Dardanelles/ August 7th 1915,/ aged 28/ A son and brother of rare love and/ goodness a very grievous loss.
  • Benjamin SACKETT, 1854
    George SACKETT, [date eroded]
    Jeremiah SACKETT, 1860
    Emily HOLLOWAY, 1916
  • Edward SACKETT, 1876
    Sarah SACKETT, 1880, his wife
    Edward SACKETT, 1908
    (Stone made by Sacketts of Broad Street)

St Nicholas at Wade, Kent

Source: Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica (researched by Marion Sackett).

  • Here lyeth buried the/ body of John Sacket su' time of/ the P'ishe of S. Nicholas at Wade, hou/ died the xxii daye of Juine A' Ve D'ni/ 1588, whose soule we hope God/ take he to hys marcie
    [Brass plate on floor near west door]
  • Here lyeth buried the body of Jhone Knouler/ late wife of John Sacket & Richard Emtage/ by the foresaid Richard Emtage she had issue/ two sonnes and two daughters the which said/ Jone deceased the 6 of January A'no D'ni 1603
    [Brass plate on floor near south door]

St Peter the Apostle, Thanet, Kent

Source: Thanet Obituary (researched by Marion Sackett).

  • Here lieth interred the body of John Sacket late of/ this parish, who yielded his spirit unto his/ Saviour's hands in the 59th Year of his Age upon/ the 24th day of February 1623
    Brass plate, flat stone, church north aisle.
    [This MI also recorded in The History & Antiquities of the Isle of Thanet by John Lewis, 1736]
  • John SACKETT, 24 Dec 1756 aged 67; Margaret ux., 1 Feb 1758 aged 79; Mary their only daughter, 23 Jun 1739 aged 19.
    Stone tomb.
  • Thomas SACKETT, 31 Aug 1775 aged 67; Mary ux., 9 Sep 1775 aged 67.
  • Henry SACKETT, 1 Oct 1790 aged 80; Elizabeth ux., 11 Jan 1786 aged 77; Mary their daughter, 9 Apr 1759 aged 11; Benjamin their son lies in Birchn. yd. ob. infant.
    Head & bodystone.
  • Richard SACKETT Esq. of Northdown, 23 Aug 1789 aged 73; Hannah ux., 4 Jul 1773 aged 53; Susanna their daughter, 2 Apr 1773 aged 25; Sutton the only son, 19 Oct 1776 aged 30.
    Stone tomb, iron railed.
    ["Sutton" should be Tritton: an apparent transcription error]
    [The St Peters Church Guidebook records: "Near the garden of remembrance there is the family vault of the SACKETTs & TOMLINs. The shield shows SACKETT (three bendlets) impaling TRITTON (on a bend, a helmet in dexter point, the bever close) for Richard SACKETT (1717-1789), who married Hannah TRITTON (died 1773)."]
  • John SACKETT, 11 Mar 1827 aged 83; Katherine ux., 9 Oct 1831 aged 78; [crossed out: Hannah  13 Jul 1816 aged 55]; Henry SACKETT, 20 Jan 1818 aged 81.
    Head & body stone.
    [Hannah, whose name was crossed out on this stone, was the wife of Jeremiah Sackett, John's brother. See next.]
  • John Newing; Keziah; Mary Martha; John; Elizabeth ob. infants; Hannah SACKETT (22); All children of Jeremiah & Hannah; Jeremiah SACKETT, 17 Jul 1838 aged 89; Hannah ux., 13 Jul 1816 aged 55.
    Head & bodystone.
  • Henry SACKETT, son of John & Kath., obt. West Indies, 19 Jun 1806 aged 18; Edward their son, 21 Oct 1818 aged 27; 2 children, ob. infants.
    Head & body stone.

St Peter the Apostle, Thanet, Kent

Source: Canterbury Cathedral Archives (researched by Pat Tritton).

  • Sacred to the memory of/ Margaret/ the wife of David Joseph Sackett/ of Northwood/ who departed this life/ January 16, 1871 aged 54 years/ her end was peace/ also of Hannah Eliza / 2nd wife of the above/ who departed this life/ November 2, 1885/ aged 57 years
  • In affectionate remembrance/ of/ Francis Sackett/ who died at Broadstairs/ January 14, 1878/ aged 70/ also Hannah/ wife of the above/ who died February 19, 1882/ aged 77 years
  • Sacred to the memory of/ Jane/ the dear wife of/ Edward Sackett/ of St Peter's/ who died October 24, 1881/ aged 51 years/ Sacred to the memory of/ Edward Brewer Sackett/ who died April 5, 1886/ aged 77 years
  • In affectionate remembrance/ of/ Thomas Sackett/ born September the 28th, 1804/ died June the 20th, 1870/ also Harriet/ wife of the above died/ May 18, 1878, aged 76 years
  • Here lieth the body of/ John Sackett/ who died the 24th of/ December 1756, aged 67 years/ Also Mary his daughter by/ Margaret his wife whose only/ child she was. She died the 23rd of/ June 1739 aged 19 years 5 months./ This tomb is erected by his sorrowing widow/ And also of the above said/ Margaret Sackett/ who died the 7th[?] of February 1758/ aged 79[?] years
  • [Altar tomb with iron rails on the top slab]
    To the memory of/ Matilda Friend the great great granddaughter of/ Richard Sackett Esq./ who died the 17th October 1826 aged 4 months/ Also of Elizabeth Belsey Tomlin the great great granddaughter of/ Richard Sackett Esq./ who died the 9th January 1832 aged 9 months/ Also in memory of/ Sarah the wife of Robert Tomlin Esq./ of Northdown and granddaughter of the late/ Richard Sackett Esq. of the same place/ who died on the 7th day of July 1846/ in the 76th year of her age/ Also of the above named/ Robert Tomlin, Esq./ who died October the 11th 1850 aged 81 years
    [On the south side of above altar tomb]
    In memory of/ Hannah, wife of Richard Sackett Esq. of Northdown/ she lived much esteemed and died greatly lamented/ on the 4th day of July 1773/ aged 63 years/ Also of Susannah their daughter/ mother of Mrs Robert Tomlin/ who died the 2nd April, 1773, aged 25 years/ Also of Tritton Sackett, their only son, who/ died the 19th October, 1776, aged 30 years/ Also of Richard Sackett, Esq. of East Northdown in/ the parish of St. John Thanet, who died on the/ 23rd August, 1789 aged 73 years
    [There is a discrepancy in the age (63) of Hannah. Both her burial record and the Thanet Obituary MI transcription have age 53].
  • In memory of/ Elizabeth Sackett wife of Henry Sackett/ and daughter of John and Catherine Sackett of Northwood/ who died June 20, 1861/ aged 84 years/ Also of Henry Sackett/ husband of the above/ Elizabeth Sackett/ who departed this life November 3 1862/ aged 88 years
    [On the back]
    Sacred to the memory/ of/ Benjamin Watton Sackett/ son of Richard and Rebecca Sackett/ who died April 4, 1787 aged 11 years/ also Thomas, son of the above/ who died September 13, 1790/ aged 10 years/ also Elizabeth, daughter of the above/ who died June 23, 1800/ aged 26 years/ also/ the above named Rebecca Sackett/ who died July 2, 1803 aged 61 years/ also/ the above named Richard Sackett/ who died March 27, 1831/ aged 86 years/ also three children who died in infancy
  • Sacred to the memory of/ Henry/ son of John and Katherine Sackett/ of Northwood, who died in the/ West Indies the 19th June 1806/ aged 18 years/ also Edward, son the above who/ departed this life October the 21st 1818/ aged 27 years/ Likewise two of their children who/ died in infancy/ Also of the above named/ John Sackett/ who departed this life/ March 11 1827/ aged 83 years/ also of Katherine Sackett/ wife of the above/ who died October 9 1831/ aged 78 years/ also of Vincent Andrew Sackett/ who died June 5, 1883, aged 90 years
  • Sacred to the memory/ of/ the family of/ Jeremiah and Hannah Sackett/ of Northwood in this parish/ viz. John-Newing, Keziah, Jeremiah, Mary,/ Martha, John and Elizabeth who all died in/ their youth. Also of Hannah their/ daughter aged 22 years/ interred near this place/ Likewise of/ Mrs Hannah Sackett wife of the above named/ Jeremiah Sackett. She died July 13, 1816/ aged 55 years/ Also the above named/ Jeremiah Sackett/ who died July 17, 1838 aged 89 years
  • Here resteth in hope of a joyful/ resurection the body of Elizabeth wife of/ Henry Sackett/ of this parish, who died the 11th January/ 1786, aged 77 years/ and also Mary Sackett their daughter/ died the 9th April 1759 aged 11 years/ and also Benjamin Sackett their son who/ died in infancy/ and lies buried in Birchington Church Yard/ also the above named Henry Sackett who/ died the 1st October 1790/ aged 80 years
  • In memory of Thomas Sackett who died/ the 31st August 1775 aged 67 years/ and also of Mary his wife who/ died the 9th September 1775 aged 67 years

Worth, Kent

Source: Mrs Nichol's Index (researched by Marion Sackett).

  • MI in churchyard, mentioned in KFHS Journal vol. iv/12 Sep 1986 p431 "Susanna & John, children of John & Maria SACKETT"
    [no date quoted, but probably refers to babies who died 1863 & 1873 respectively]