Michigan deaths and burials

64 records


  • "Bassett, Uriah, d. Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, 26 Jan 1880, age 72, teacher, married, b. New York, abt 1808, father Henry Bassett, mother Dorothy Bassett." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1881

  • "Sackett, Howard, d. Pine Grove, Mich., 26 Sep 1881, age 10m 4d, cholera infantum, b. Pine Grove, Mich., father Fred Sackett, mother Ellen [sic] Sackett." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1889

  • "Carscadin, Mrs. A., d. Albion, Calhoun, Michigan, 1 Sep 1889, age 85, housewife, widowed, b. New York, abt 1804, father Jesse Sackett, mother Elizabeth Sackett." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "Cascadine, Mrs A, d. Marshall, Calhoun, Michigan, 1 Sep 1889, aged 85-6-27, widowed, old age, b. New York, 1804, father Jesse Sackett b. MI, mother Elizabeth Sackett b. MI." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1891

  • "14 May 1891, Almena A Sackett, widow, 92, d. Prairieville, old age, b. MA, housewife, father Gideon Wright b. MA, mother unk." [Michigan, Return of Deaths, image on Find a Grave]
  • "Sackett, Dwight, d. Battle Creek, Michigan, 7 Dec 1891, aged 68-1-5, married, mason, b. Massachusetts, father Asher Sackett, mother Nancy Sackett, both b. NY, cause typhoid fever." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1892

  • "Brown, Lucy M, d. Kimball, St Clair County, Michigan, 7 Dec 1892, married, age 69-10-21, cause La Grippe, b. NY, housekeeper, parents Daniel Sackett & Abigail Sackett of NY." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1893

  • "Sackett, John D, d. Ionia County, Michigan, 12 May 1893, age 70, merchant, married, b. NY, father Samuel Sackett, mother Polly Sackett." [Ancestry database]
  • 1898

  • "Fall, Ann Maria, d. 1101 Michigan Ave, Albion, Calhoun, Michigan, 27 Dec 1898, aged 85-11-14, widowed, b. Mendon N Y, housekeeper, father Henry Bassett b. CT, mother Dorothy Sackett b. CT, cause cardiac failure." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1899

  • "Sackett, Miles B, d. 2280 River Street, Delray, Wayne, Michigan, 14 Mar 1899, aged 60, hotel keeper, b. Michigan, m. 30y, 3 ch, all living, father Ira Sackett b. NY, mother Lucy Gilbert b. England, proposed bur Woodmere Cem, 17 Mar 1899, reporter M S Sackett, 2280 River St, cause gastro duodenal catarrh." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1900

  • "Sackett, Bryan, d. Manton, Wexford, Michigan, 30 Sep 1900, age 0, b. Michigan, father Frank Sackett, mother Frances Shipman." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1902

  • "Sackett, Benj Austin, d. 17 Mar 1902, at White Cortland, Wilcox, Newaygo County, MI, widowed, 5 ch, 4 living, farmer, b. Chili, NY, 26 Aug 1820, father Ezekiel Sackett b. Steventown, mother Ruth Hart b. New Lebanon NY, informant Anna Sackett of White Cland Mich, cause from an accident causing serious injury to head shoulder and back, duration 12 days, contributory blood poisoning, 5 days, bur. Prospect Hill Cem, 2 Mar 1902 [sic]. [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Harris, Edward, d. Handy, Livingston, Michigan, 4 Oct 1902, aged 80-6-24, married, b. New York, 8 Mar 1822, father David Harris b. Maine?, mother Abigail Sackett b. Vermont, cause of death gangrene." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1904

  • "Syers, Louisa, d. Holton, Muskegon County, MI, 17 Oct 1904, b. PA, 26 Dec 1822, age 82, widowed, m. at 19, 14 ch, 9 living, father Sackett b. PA, mother unknown, cause accident, fell on sidewalk and fractured left hip joint, bur. Oakwood, 20 Oct 1904." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1909

  • "Sackett, Richard, d. Manton, Cedar Creek, Wexford County, Michigan, 15 Dec 1909, aged 31-5-6, single, b. Indiana, 9 Jul 1878, day laborer, ? factory, father Henry Sackett b. NY, mother Mary Bosley b. MI, informant George Sackett, Manton, cause bronchial hemorrhage, bur. Maple Hill, 19 Dec 1909." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1911

  • "Reynolds, Jennie June, d. Liberty, Wexford, Michigan, 24 Aug 1911, aged 28-2-7, married, housewife, b. Indiana, 16 Jun 1883, father Henry Sackett, mother Mary Bosley, informant Estavan D Reynolds, Manton, Mich, cause pernicious vomiting, contributory pregnancy, bur. View Point, 27 Aug 1911." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1913

  • "Sackett, Jane, d. Traverse City State Hospital, Traverse City, Grand Traverse, Michigan, 18 Dec 1913, aged 79, single, b. New York, date unknown, age 79, cause apoplexy, father Richard Sackett b. NY, mother Elsie Eighmay b. NY." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1915

  • "Burrell, Helen D, d. 5 Nov 1915, at Nankin, Wayne, Michigan, age 79, father Fred Day." [Ancestry database]
  • 1916

  • "Sackett, Charles, d. Cedar Creek, Wexford County, MI, 23 Jan 1916, b. New York, 11 Jan 1838, age 78-0-11, farmer, father unk, mother unk, informant Bert Epley, cause pneumonia, bur. View Point Cemetery, 25 Jan 1916." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1917

  • "Sackett, Edward A, d. Day, Montcalm, Michigan, 24 Apr 1917, aged 60, b. Ohio, 28 Jul 1856, age 60-8-27, farmer, father Hiram A Sackett, mother Eliza A Treat, informant William M Sackett, Stanton, cause pulmonary ?ulasis, bur. McBride, 26 Apr 1917." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Sackett, Ezekiel, d. 28 Jun 1917, at 451, 14th Ave, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, married, b. New York, 10 Oct 1835, age 81-8-19, father .ort? Sackett b. NY, mother Eliza McGor.? b. NY, cause: carcinoma of bladder, bur. Belle Branch, 7 Jul 1917." [Death certificate, image, Find A Grave]
  • "Atkins, Lizzie, d. Kimball, St Clair County, Michigan, 5 Jul 1917, divorced, 68-7-8, b. Ohio, 27 Nov 1848, father Parker M Brown b. NH, mother Lucy May Sackett b. PA, cause injury from fall, bur. Mallory Cemetery, 7 Jul 1917." [Abstract from cert. in possession of Terri Carlson]
  • 1918

  • "Caulkins, Hannah M, d. Palmyra, Lenawee, Michigan, 4 Mar 1918, aged 70-3-1, b. Michigan, 2 Dec 1847, housewife, husband John Caulkins, father Ira Sackett b. NY, mother Lucy Gilbert b. England, informant John Caulkins, cause catarrhal jaundice, bur Rass?? Center Cem, 6 Mar 1918." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1921

  • "Sackett, Henry, d. Manton, Wexford, Michigan, 3 Nov 1921, aged 86-10-29, widowed, b. New York, 4 Dec 1834, farmer, wife Mary, father unk, mother unk, informant Charles Sackett, Manton, cause diabetic gangrene, bur. Fairview Cemetery, Manton, 5 Nov 1921." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1923

  • "Sackett, James K, d. 19 Feb 1923, at Mich Soldiers Home, Grand Rapids, Kent County, MI, married, age 82-2-3, b. MI, 16 Dec 1840, farmer, father Chancey Sackett b. NY, mother Susan Kenedy b. NY, informant Ed Cole, Soldiers Home, cause Epithelioma involving left side of face, bur. Soldiers Home Cem, 21 Feb 1923." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1926

  • "Sackett, Lucinda B, d. Ionia Co Home, Berlin, Ionia County, MI, 20 Dec 1926, widowed, housewife, b. NY, 20 Oct 1838, age 88-2-0, father William Arthur b. NY, mother Mary Bostwick b. NY, informant Chas Gates, Ionia, cause fall, fracture surg. neck, bur. Saranac, 23 Dec 1926." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1927

  • "Dally, Maurice Edward, d. 5 Mar 1927, at Herman Kiefer Hospital, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, res. 210 Palmer E, res. Detroit 5y, single, b. Brazil, Indiana, 10 Aug 1907, age 19-6-23, enamler, father Edward Dally b. Ind, mother Leah Brill b. Ind, informant Mrs Leah Dally, 210 Palmer E, cause tuberculosis, removal/burial Brazil, Ind, 6 Mar 1927."
  • 1929

  • "Sackett, Richard J, d. Odessa, Ionia County, MI, 10 Jun 1929, b. NY, 13 Jul 1862, 66-10-27, farmer, married, wife Ella May Sackett, father Jefferson Sackett b. unk, mother unk, informant Richard Sackett, Lake Odessa, MI, cause chronic mitral stenosis, bur. Fuller Cemetery, 12 Jun 1929." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1930

  • "Sackette, George Henry, res. 2164 McCracken Ave, d. Muskegon, Muskegon, Michigan, 21 Jun 1930, aged 64, married, b. Valpariso, Ind, 12 Dec 1865, 64-6-9, chemist, emp. Brunswick Balke, wife Mina Boyd, father Henry Sackette b. NY State, mother Mary Sackette b. Niles MI, informant Mrs Mina Sackette, 2164 McCracken Ave." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Miller, May, d. Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, 21 Oct 1930, aged 55-6-24, housewife, res 744 N Rademacher Ave, b. Adrian, Michigan, 27 Mar 1875, husband John W Miller, father Miles B Sackett b. Sturgis, MI, mother Louise Harp b. Aylmer, Canada, informant Mr J W Miller, 744 N Rademacher Ave, bur Woodmere Cemetery, 24 Oct 1930, cause carcinoma of uterus." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Sackett, Anna Mary, d. 18 Nov 1930, at White Cloud, Newaygo County, MI, b. MI 9 Nov 1861, single, age 69-0-9, school teacher, father Benjamin A Sackett b. NY, mother Mary Noland b. Ireland, informant Miss Eva Sackett of White Cloud, cause paraplegia, bur. White Cloud, 20 Nov 1930." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1931

  • "Sackett, Chas Orra, d. Hudson, Lenawee, Michigan, 28 Oct 1931, aged 15, single, b. Addison, Michigan, 17 Apr 1916, father James Sackett b. North Adams MI, mother Zoa Wolf, informant Mrs Zoa Sackett, Adrian, MI, cause suicide by hanging." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1934

  • "Newman, Frank, d. 29 Sep 1934, at Nankin, Wayne County, MI, aged 74, married, b. MI, 31 May 1860, father Henry, mother Dianthy Sackett." [Michigan death certificates, FamilySearch transcription]
  • 1935

  • "Sackett, Eva May, d. 6 Oct 1935, at Kalamazoo State Hospital, Michigan, b. New York, 6-1857, age 78y 4m, single, res. Bangor, Van Buren Co, MI, cause pulmonary tuberculosis, father Benjamin Sackett b. NY, mother Mary Nolan b. NY, bur. White Cloud, MI, 8 Oct 1935." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1936

  • "Sackett, Orange, d. 343 Eastern Ave SE, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, 31 May 1936, aged 57-6-1, driver, married, b. Warren, Conn, 30 Nov 1878, cause bronchial pneumonia, nature of infection not revealed by xray nor laboratory, maybe fungal infection, wife Lulu V Sackett, father Homer Sackett b. CT, mother Charrie Strong b. CT, informant Mrs Lulu V Sackett, bur. Oak Hill Cemetery, 2 Jun 1936." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1937

  • "Sackett, Charles, d. Traverse City, Grand Traverse, Michigan, 14 Oct 1937, res. Manton, Wexford Co, Mich, aged 67-1-12, single, b. Indiana, 2 Sep 1870, farmer, father Henry Sackett b. NY, mother Mary Ellen Bosley b. MI, informant Hospital Records, bur. Manton, Mich, 17 Oct 1937, cause lobar pneumonia." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Burrell, Royal O, d. 10 Nov 1937, at Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, age 67, married, b. Richland, MI, 15 Aug 1870, father Auroa Burrell, mother Helen Day." [Michigan death certificates, FamilySearch transcription]
  • 1940

  • "Burrell, Chauncey D, d. 12 May 1940, at Pontiac, Oakland County, Michigan, age 39, married, b. Kalamazoo, MI, 6 Oct 1900, father Royal Burrell, mother Emily Abbey." [Michigan death certificates, FamilySearch transcription]
  • "Epley, Elsie Ann, d. Manton, Wexford, Michigan, 1 Dec 1940, aged 65-1-13, married, husband H Bert Epley, b. Chesterton, Ind, 18 Oct 1875, housewife, father Henry Sackett b. unk, mother Mary Badsley b. unk, informant H Bert Epley, Manton, cause apoplexy, bur Manton Cemetery, 3 Dec 1940." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1941

  • "Sackett, Ella M, d. Pennock Hospital, Hastings, Barry County, MI, 10 Aug 1941, res. Hope Township, Barry County, b. MI, 2 Apr 1873, 68-4-8, widow of Richard Sackett, father Samuel Johns b. PA, mother Adaline Winchell b. MI, informant Mrs Frank Sackett, RFD Hastings, cause struck ... a runaway motorcycle accident, resulting in two broken legs and a broken left arm, bur. Fuller Cemetery, Carlton Twp, 13 Aug 1941." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Walter, Hattie E (Sackett), d. 27 Nov 1941, b. Marcellus, MI, 7 Jan 1877, d. Kalamazoo, MI, 27 Nov 1941, age 64, housewife, widowed, of 1904 Humphrey St, Kalamazoo, bur. Riverside Cemetery, Kalamazoo, 1 Dec 1941, father Joe B Sackett b. Lancaster, England [sic], mother Lena B Covel b. Pennsylvania, spouse John Walter." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "Newman, Ernest, d. 29 Nov 1941, at Waterford, Oakland County, MI, aged 79, widowed, b. Detroit, MI, 14 Mar 1862, father Henry Newman, mother Diantha Sackett." [Michigan death certificates, FamilySearch transcription]
  • 1942

  • "Sackett, Emma K Curtis, d. 23 Sep 1942, b. Michigan, Sep 1872, d. Bronson, Branch County, Michigan, 23 Sep 1942, age 70, father Levi Curtis, mother Diantha Batterson." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1943

  • "Sackett, Milton B, d. Franklin, Lenawee, Michigan, 17 Jan 1943, age 59-5-12, b. Fulton Co, Ohio, 5 Aug 1883, father Milford Sackett, mother Angeline Youngs, informant Mrs Ilah M Sackett, Clinton, MI, cause myocardial insufficiency." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Sackett, Stanley Sherman, d. Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 29 Apr 1943, age 68, salesman, divorced, of 721 S. Rose, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan, bur. Gobles, Michigan, 2 May 1943, b. Van Buren County, Michigan, 11 Apr 1875, father Frederick Sackett b. Michigan, mother Susan Earl b. Michigan, spouse Marvel." [Abstract from FamilySearch transcript]
  • 1947

  • "Morris, Kenneth Alton, d. 12 Nov 1947, at Lansing, Ingham, Michigan, age 43, b. 20 Jun 1904, married, son of Asa J Morris and Jennie Kimball." [Michigan death certificates, FamilySearch transcription]
  • 1948

  • "Haire, Leo Mary, d. Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, 3 Jan 1948, aged 77, b. Aylmer Ontario, 25 Feb 1870, father Miles B Sackett, mother Louisa Harp." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1949

  • "Burrell, Robert, d. 13 Mar 1949, at Allen Park, Wayne, Michigan, age 50, b. 1 Jan 1899, married, father Royal Orange Burrell, mother Emily Abbey." [Michigan death certificates, FamilySearch transcription]
  • 1950

  • "Sackett, Daniel Henry, d. Eloise, Wayne, Michigan, 9 Oct 1950, aged 70, b. Dexter, Michigan, 12 Aug 1880, father Daniel Sackett, mother Ann Hanna." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1951

  • "Sackett, Laurence Melvin, d. Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, Michigan, 7 Apr 1951, aged 57, divorced, b. Michigan, 5 Oct 1893, father George Hayes, mother Myrta Sackett." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1952

  • "Sackett, Lewis Thadius, d. 24 Dec 1952, at Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan, age 86, b. 31 Aug 1866, widowed." [Michigan death certificates, FamilySearch transcription]
  • 1968

  • "Sackett, Mrs A D, d. 2 Feb 1968, Mittendorf FH, Champaign, IL."
    Newspaper (title not recorded) obituary, 3 Feb 1968, "Bay View Summer Resident Dies. Mrs. A.D. Sackett, of 1401 University-ave., Champaign, Ill, and Bay View, died yesterday in the Burnham Hospital, at Champaign after a lingering illness. The services will be held Sunday, at 3:30 p.m. at the Mittendorf Funeral Home there. She is survived by her husband and two daughters, Elva, at home and Mrs. Darius (Virginia) Poebus, of Urbana, Ill. Mrs. Sackett has been a summer resident at Bay View for 40 years." [Greenwood Cemetery website]
  • 1970

  • "Rigles, Madelyn (Sackett), b. 11 Jul 1911, d. 16 Nov 1970, age 59, bur. Maple Lawn Cemetery, Boyne City."
    Newspaper (title not recorded) obituary, 18 Nov 1970, "Boyne City Woman Dies. Services for Mrs. Vern (Madelyn) Rigles, 50, of Boyne City, will be 1:30 p.m. Friday at the Stackus Funeral Home. Rev. Duane Ferris will officiate and interment will be in the Maple Lawn Cemetery. Mrs. Rigles died Monday at the University Hospital, Ann Arbor. She was born Madelyn Sackett July 11, 1911 at New Rochell, N.Y. She married Mr. Rigles December 28, 1944 at Las Vegas, Nevada. They moved to Boyne City in 1954. Prior to that they lived in many cities throughout the United States. Besides her husband, she is survived by two sons, Raymond, of Minneapolis, Minn. and Thomas, a student at the University of Michigan; a brother, Peter Sackett, of Sommerset, N.J. and two sisters, Mrs. Elda Tucci, of Fords, N.J. and Mrs. Theresa Ross, of Los Angeles, Calif." [Greenwood Cemetery website]
  • 1971

  • "Waldron, Pearley A, d. Charlotte, Eaton County, MI, 15 May 1971, b. 19 May 1892, res. Roxand, Eaton County." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "Sackett, Arthur D, d. 10 Jun 1971, bur. Illinois, Mittendorf FH, Chicago."
    Newspaper (title not recorded) obituary, 10 Jun 1971, "Bay View Man Dies. Arthur D. Sackett, Bay View resident since 1923 and a resident of Champaign, Ill. died this morning. Services will be held Saturday at 1:30 p.m. from the Mittendorf Funeral Home in Chicago. Interment will be in Illinois. Mr. Sackett had been a furniture dealer in Champaign, Illinois since 1916. His wife preceded him in death in 1968. Survivors include two daughters, Elva Sackett and Mrs. Virginia Phebus, both of Urbana, Ill. The family suggests that memorials may be sent to the First United Methodist Church of Champaign or the Chapaign-Urbana Kiwanis Foundation, in which he was very active." [Greenwood Cemetery website]
  • 1972

  • "Sackett, Clyde W, d. Walker, Kent, Michigan, 20 Feb 1972, of Walker, Kent, Michigan, b. 30 Jul 1893." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1978

  • "Sackett, Lena F, d. Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, 23 Jun 1978, of Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, b. 7 Dec 1884." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1980

  • "Sackett, Lester W "Red", b. 11 May 1914, d. 19 Jan 1980, age 65, bur. Silver Lake, Wolverine."
    Newspaper (title not recorded) obituary, 21 Jan 1980, "Red Sackett, 65. Funeral services for Lester W. (Red) Sackett, 65, of Wolverine, will be held 1 p.m. Tuesday at the Schneider Funeral Home in Indian River. Rev James Hempstead of the Emmanuel Episcopal Church will officiate and burial will be in Silver Lake Cemetery. Mr. Sackett died Jan. 19 at Little Traverse Division of Northern Michigan Hospitals, after a long illness. He was born May 11, 1914 in Detroit. In 1868 he married the former Esther Sackett and the couple moved to Wolverine in 1972. Mr. Sackett was in quality control for Ford Motor Co., retiring in 1972. He is survived by his wife; one son, Lester L. Sackett of Boston, Mass.; two daughters, Mrs. Larry (Virginia) Roberts of Dundee and Dr. Mary Lou Sackett of Tecumseh; seven grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; one brother, Shurley Sackett of Milan; one sister, Mrs. Leo (Aliera) Long of Milan. Friends may call at the Schneider Funeral Home." [Greenwood Cemetery website]
  • 1987

  • "Sackett, Katherine, d. 18 Mar 1987, at Dearborn, Wayne, Michigan, res. Dearborn, b. 12 Feb 1901." [Ancestry database]
  • "Sackett, George L, b. 9 Jun 1914, d. 12 Aug 1987, bur. Andrich Cemetery, Jerome, MI."
    Newspaper (title not recorded) obituary, 17 Aug 1987, "George L Sackett, 73. George L Sackett, 73, of Wilson Township, died Aug. 12, 1987, at his Deer Lake area home. Funeral will be 11 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 18, at the Paullin Funeral Home, East Jordan. The Rev. Michael T. Conklin will officiate and burial will be in the Andrich Cemetery, Jerome, Mich. Mr. Sackett was born June 9, 1914, in Somerset Township, Hillsdale County, the son of Myron Lee and Lucy May Havens Sackett. He grew up in the Addison area and graduated from Addison High School. He resided in the Tipton, Tecumseh area most of his adult life. Mr. Sackett was president and owner of the G&J Woodworking Co. in Tecumseh for 27 years. During those years, Mr. Sackett was a frequent visitor to the Deer Lake area where he was an avid hunter and fisherman. In 1974, he moved to the Deer Lake area to make his permanent home. He is survived by: one son, Harold Sackett and one daughter, Mrs. Lee (Deanna) Williams, both of St. Petersburg, Fla.; seven grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Leona Marsh of Addison. The family suggests memorials to the Boyne City United Methodist Church or Michigan Heart Fund. Envelopes for that purpose are available at the Paullin Funeral Home where friends may call after 6 p.m. today." [Greenwood Cemetery website]
  • 1989

  • "Sackett, James T, d. Warren, Macomb, Michigan, 16 Feb 1989, of Warren, Macomb, Michigan, b. 28 May 1929." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "Sackett, Clyde W, d. 8 Dec 1989, b. 9 Sep 1896, of Dearborn Heights, Wayne, Michigan, at Dearborn Heights." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1992

  • "Sackett, Harold F, d. Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan, 4 Mar 1992, of Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan, b. 4 Dec 1919." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1993

  • "Sackett, Flora Lillian, b. 16 Nov 1920, d. Hastings, Barry County, MI, 10 Feb 1993, res. Hastings." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1994

  • "Sackett, Marvin L, b. 3 Jun 1918, d. 10 Mar 1994."
    Newspaper (title not recorded) obituary, undated, "Marvin L. Sackett, 75. Marvin L. Sackett, 75, of Indian River, died March 10, 1994, at Cumberland Medical Center in Crossville, Tenn. Funeral will be 11 a.m. Tuesday, March 15, at the Transfiguration Episcopal Church in Indian River. The Rev. Michael Herman of the Transfiguration Episcopal Church will officiate. Burial will take place in the spring. Mr. Sackett was born June 3, 1918, in Plymouth, the son of Jay and Mary (Truesdell) Sackett. He grew up and attended public school in Plymouth, graduating from Plymouth High School in 1938. On Oct. 3, 1942, he married Norma Jean Roe in Plymouth where the couple made their home. Mr. Sackett was a self-employed electrician. He was part owner of Plymouth Electric Co. until 1969. At that time the couple moved to Indian River where Mr. Sackett owned and operated the Indian River Hardware until 1979, when he sold the business to his son, David. Mr. Sackett was serving as Cheboygan County Commissioner, a position he had held since 1983. Survivors include his wife, Norma Jean; two sons, David Sackett and his wife Carolyn, of Indian River, and Steven Sackett and his wife, Linda, of Indian River; one daughter, Mary Brade and her husband, Larry, of Indian River; eight grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Margaret Melow of Fenton; one sister-in-law, Mrs Polly Sackett of Plymouth; and several nieces and nephews. Mr. Sackett was preceded in death by his brother, Arden Sackett, and his sister, Elnora Sackett. The family suggests memorial contributions be made to the Inland Lakes Track and Field Project or to the Transfiguration Episcopal Church. Envelopes for memorial contributions are available at the Lintz Funeral Home in Indian River where visitation will be held 3-5 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. Monday, March 14." [Greenwood Cemetery website]
  • 2008

  • "U.S., Obituary Collection, 1930-Current," database, Ancestry.com, Daily Telegram, Adrian, Michigan, 14 Dec 2008, "Sackett, Herbert W, d. Cliinton, Lenawee, MI, 11 Dec 2008, res. Clinton, MI, b. Clinton, 21 Mar 1923, m. 2 Jan 1943, father Milton B Sackett, mother Ilah M Sackett, wife, Dorothy Escott, children: Herbert Sackett, Debra Tilton, Donna Faust, siblings: Harold, Juanita Parker, Geraldine, Mary, Milton Sackett."

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