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  • Kentish Gazette, Canterbury, Kent, 19 Jun 1770 & 23 Jun 1770
    "Notice is hereby given,
    That there is just landed at Margate in the isle of Thanet, a large assortment of the Best Memel Timber, and Deals of all Sorts—Which will be sold at the Lowest Prices, by the Importer,
    Stephen Hooper.
    In his Absence, apply to Mr. Paul Sackett, Boat-builder; or Mr. William Stone, Ropemaker, in Margate aforesaid."
    [FindMyPast, British Newspapers Collection. Digital image. Researched by Chris Sackett, Nov 2014.]
  • Kentish Gazette, Canterbury, Kent, 21 May 1771
    "Margate Machine.
    Henry Sackett,
    Late Coachman and Servant to Mr. William Brett.
    Having taken the Machine, Chaise, &c. of Mr. Benjamin Beale, and provided himself with complete Sets of fine fresh Horses, proposes to set off from Margate, on Monday the 27th Instant May, with a Machine and four able Horses, to the Red Lion Inn, in Canterbury, and returns to Margate the same Evening, immediately after the Coaches and Machines arrive from London, and so to continue every Day, during the Season, each Passenger to pay
    To and from Margate and Canterbury £0 4s. 0d.
    As Mr. Sackett is well known, for his particular Care and Attention, by most of the Gentry travelling in this part of the Country, he flatters himself that his former Behaviour will entitle him to their future Favours, as he is determined to execute every Order with the utmost Punctuality, which his Friends and the Public in general shall confer upon him.
    Neat Post Chaise, with Able Horses, to any part of England.
    Post Chaise from Margate to Canterbury 12s."
    [FindMyPast, British Newspapers Collection. Digital image. Researched by Chris Sackett, Nov 2014.]
  • Kentish Gazette, Canterbury, Kent, 3 Jan 1804, 13, 20, 27 Mar 1804, 30 Mar 1804, 25 Sep 1804, 21 Dec 1804, 20 Mar 1807, 23, 26 Jun 1807, 25, 29 Dec 1807, 21 Jun 1808, 23 Aug 1808, 22 Mar 1811
    "Globe Insurance Company … The Company effect Insurance on Lives and Survivorships … The rates of insurance against loss by fire on buildings, farming stock, shipping, and every other description of property, may be had gratis from the following Agents of the Company … Margate, John Sackett …."
    [FindMyPast, British Newspapers Collection. Digital image. Researched by Chris Sackett, Nov 2014.]
  • Kentish Gazette, 23, 27 Mar 1804
    "Frehold [sic] Estate,
    For Sale by Private Contract,
    All those valuable and extensive Livery Stables, &c. comprising stabling for forty horses, coach-houses for twelve carriages, granary, large yard, well of water and appurtenances; situate, lying and being in the ville of Ramsgate, in Thanet, in Kent; now in the possession of Mr. Sackett, as tenant at will.
    The above premises are in excellent repair, and have been for many years past used with the King's Head Inn.
    Also a small Cottage, with the appurtenances, nearly adjoining the above, and wherein the Ostler dwells.
    N.B. The Land-tax is redeemed.
    For particulars apply to Mess. Dyason and Son, Ramsgate.
    [FindMyPast, British Newspapers Collection. Digital image. Researched by Chris Sackett, Nov 2014.]
  • Kentish Gazette, 6 July 1804, 13 July 1804
    "Corn Hoy.
    To be Sold by Auction, by C. Long for Messrs. Rowes, on Tuesday the 17th day of July, 1804, at the Fountain Inn, Margate, about eleven o'clock in the forenoon, by order of the Assignees of Mr. Edward Curling, a Bankrupt.
    All that Hoy or Vessel called the Margate,
    of Margate, of the burthen of 100 tons or thereabouts, as she now lies in Margate Pier, with all her materials compleat, late in the possession of the said Edward Curling.
    The above Hoy is well found, is in good repair, and fit for immediate service.
    For further particulars, enquire of Mr. Sackett, or of the Auctioneer, at Margate."
    [FindMyPast, British Newspapers Collection. Digital image. Researched by Chris Sackett, Nov 2014.]
  • Kentish Gazette, Canterbury, Kent, 3, 6 May 1808
    WHEREAS JOHN HENRY SACKETT left Mr. Harvey's, the Parsonage-House, Woodnesborough, near Sandwich, Kent, on the 22d of April, 1808; he is about 20 years of age, five feet nine inches high, dark complexion, with short dark hair; had on a new hat, corderoy jacket and breches, short boots and brown gaiters; it is supposed he is either drowned, or on board one of his Majesty's ships or cutters; he is much afflicted with fits, which renders him totally unfit for that service:—Any person giving an account where he may be found, and returned to his friends, shall receive the above Reward,—Address to Mr. Harvey as above; or Henry Sackett, No. 20, Kennington-Green, Surry [sic].
    [FindMyPast, British Newspapers Collection. Digital image. Researched by Chris Sackett, Nov 2014.]
  • Kentish Gazette, Canterbury, Kent, 28 Jun 1808
    On Monday the 1st of August next, at twelve o'clock, (by order of the Trustees of the will of the late PAUL SACKETT, deceased,)
    Three undivided Fourth Parts of and in
    All that well Established and Valuable
    Called the KING'S HEAD, situate in Harbour-street, Ramsgate, and fronting the Pier, late in the occupation of the said Paul Sackett, deceased, the proprietor, and now of his widow.
    Possession to be given on 1st December.
    The extremely cheerful situation of these Premises, their excellent view of the Shipping and contiguity to the Harbour, and also their having long been the principal Hotel in Ramsgate, render them capable by good management of being made a most profitable concern.
    A ground Plan of the Premises may be seen, and all necessary particulars had, after the 1st July, at
    Mr. BOYS's Office, Margate
    N.B. If any liberal offer be made for a treaty by Private Contract, it will be immediately communicated to the Trustees.
    [FindMyPast, British Newspapers Collection. Digital image. Researched by Chris Sackett, Nov 2014.]
  • Kentish Gazette, Canterbury, Kent, 5, 8, 12, 15, 19, 22, 26 Jul 1808
    By order of the Trustees for sale, under the will of the late Mr. Paul Sackett, of Ramsgate,
    At the KING'S HEAD INN, Ramsgate, on Monday the first day of August next, about twelve o'clock at noon, in seven lots,
    The several undivided Parts following of the undermentioned
    Lot 1. Three undivided Fourth Parts of the OLD KING'S HEAD INN, on the south side of Harbour-street, Ramsgate, next the harbour, and now in the occupation of Mrs. Hannah Sackett, widow.
    Lot 2. One Fourth Part of Three undivided Fourth Parts of a MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, situate in Harbour-street, Ramsgate, and now in the occupation of Mr. Edward Friend.
    Lot 3. One undivided Eighth Part of GEORGE HILL FARM, containing about one hundred acres, in the parish of St. Peter the Apostle, in the Isle of Thanet, now in the occupation of Mr. John Benson, under a lease for twenty-one years, which will expire at Michaelmas, 1809, at the yearly rent of 85£.
    Lot 4. One undivided Eighth Part of NORTHWOOD FARM, containg about eighty-two acres, in the parish of St. Lawrence, in the Isle of Thanet, now in the occupation of Mr. Jeremiah Sackett, under a Lease for twenty-one years, which expires at Michaelmas, 1809, at the yearly rent of 82£.
    Lot 5. One undivided Fourth Part of a Messuage and Boat-builder's Shop, in Paradise-street, near Neptune-Square, Margate, in the several occupations of Mrs. Elizabeth McAdams, widow, and of Messrs. Thomas Hurst and John Solly.
    Lot 6. One undivided Fourth Part of THREE MESSUAGES and a KITCHEN, in Cold-Harbour, Margate, in the several occupations of Messrs. George Doughty, George Robason, Thomas Stroud, and Robert Palmer.
    Lot 7. One undivided Fourth Part, and one Fourth Part of another undivided Fourth Part of the northern-most Half Part of a MESSUAGE in Church-field, Margate, in the occupation of Messrs. Amadis and Edward Surflen, poulterers.
    The several Shares in the Estates in Margate, are subject to the Life Interest therein of a Widow Lady of the age of 60 years, or thereabouts.
    Possession of the Old King's-Head may be had on the first day of December.
    For particulars apply to Mr. DANIEL, Solicitor, Ramsgate; or to Mr. BOYS, Solicitor, Margate, who has a plan of the estates.
    All persons having any demands on the estate of the late Mr. PAUL SACKETT, or on Mrs SACKETT his widow, are requested to send their accounts forthwith to Mr. Daniel or Mr. Boys."
    [FindMyPast, British Newspapers Collection. Digital image. Researched by Chris Sackett, Nov 2014.]
  • Kentish Gazette, Canterbury, Kent, 15 Jul 1808
    "Assembly-rooms, Ramsgate,
    … H. Goodyer most respectfully informs the Nobility and Gentry, that he has succeeded Mrs. Sackett in the Assembly Rooms at this place, to which he will pay the most sedulous attention, and humbly entreats their patronage and support.
    Ramsgate, 13th July, 1808."
    [FindMyPast, British Newspapers Collection. Digital image. Researched by Chris Sackett, Nov 2014.]
  • Kentish Gazette, Canterbury, Kent, 15 Jan 1811
    To be Sold by Private Contract.
    … Freehold Messuage or Tenement,
    with the Outhouses, Buildings, Yard, Land, Hereditaments and Premises, with the sppurtenances; situate lying and being in the parish of St. Lawrence, in the Isle of Thanet, and near unto the church there, now in the tenure or occupation of —— [sic,] Sackett, as tenant from year to year. …
    [FindMyPast, British Newspapers Collection. Digital image. Researched by Chris Sackett, Nov 2014.]
  • Kentish Gazette, Canterbury, Kent, 19 Feb 1811
    "All Persons having any demands, or owing any monies, on Morgages [sic], Bonds, Notes, or otherwise, to Mr. John Wood, late of Sandwich, deceased, are requested to send in their accounts, and pay the same to Mr. Sackett Wood, of Hart's Town, near Margate, within six months from the date hereof."
    "To be Sold by Auction
    By Mr. Robt. Famaris,
    The Household Furniture of the late Mr. John Wood, on Wednesday the 27th inst.
    The goods may be viewed on the day preceding the sale.
    Also to be sold by Private Contract, the Freehold Dwelling House, in good repair, with stable and gardens, situate in the parish of St. Mary's, Sandwich.
    The Land-Tax redeemed.
    For further particulars inquire as above.
    The house and premises to be seen on application to the housekeepers.
    [FindMyPast, British Newspapers Collection. Digital image. Researched by Chris Sackett, Nov 2014.]
  • Kentish Gazette, Canterbury, Kent, 9 Aug 1811
    "Birth.—On Wednesday morning, the lady of R. Burton, esq. of Sackett's Hill House, of a son."
    [FindMyPast, British Newspapers Collection. Digital image. Researched by Chris Sackett, Nov 2014.]
  • Keble's Gazette, 27 January 1876
    Pursuant to act of Parliament made and passed in the 22nd and 23rd years of the reign of her present Majesty cap. 35 intituled "An Act to further amend the Law of Property and to relieve Trustees" NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all persons having any CLAIM upon the ESTATE of EDWIN ROBERT SACKETT late of Margate in the county of Kent cigar importer deceased (who died on the 1st day of September 1875 and whose Will was proved on the 20th day of September aforesaid by JULIA ANN STEVENS the Executrix named therein in the Principal Registry of her Majesty's Court of Probate) are hereby required to send in particulars of their Claims to the undersigned Solicitor on or before the 22nd day of February 1876 and Notice is also given that after that day the said Executrix will proceed to distribute the Assets amongst those entitled thereto having regard only to the Claims of which the said Executrix shall then have notice and she will not be liable for the Assets or any part thereof so distributed to any person of whose Claim she shall not then have had notice.
    Dated this 17th day of January 1876.
    THOMAS NOTON 12 Great Swan Alley Moorgate Street London E.C. Solicitor for the said Executrix."
    [Suzannah Foad, Nov 2011]
  • Isle of Thanet Gazette, 22 January 1916, p. 6
    Bygone Thanet by Chas James Feret:
    "Sir Richard Burton, father of the noted African Traveller Sir Richard Francis Burton lived for many years at Sackett's Hill House at St Peter's. Here he died 2nd September 1855 aged 81. Lady Burton survived him ten years dying at Sackett's Hill House 26th October 1865, aged 83."
    [see correction 11 March 1916]
    [Suzannah Foad, Jan 2006]
  • Isle of Thanet Gazette, 11 March 1916, p. 6 "Colonel Burton-Brown R.A. writes me from the Hurst, Hastings, Sussex, regarding his grandfather's connection with Thanet:– "My Attention has been directed to your issue of 22nd January, Bygone Thanet. While in many particulars I think Mr C J Feret is correct there are certain errors. One in particular refers to my Grandfather Sir Richard Burton, who had nothing whatever to do with Sir Richard Francis Burton, a Captain in the Indian Army, coming into existence, and, as far as I know, never even saw him.
    There is no association between the families.
    My Grandfather, son of Sir John Burton, was a Yorkshire man settled in Thanet, as he was Equerry to King William IV., by whom he was styled 'The First Gentleman of Thanet'. When the King came over from Hanover from time to time and landed at Broadstairs or Ramsgate, my Grandfather met His Majesty and put him up at Sackett's Hill House. I may add that his Grandfather was one of Marlborough's Generals in Flanders and for those interested in pedigrees, I add his has traced in unbroken succession to Henry VII of England through his daughter, Margaret, making him in part Scotch but wholly British".
    [Suzannah Foad, Jan 2006]
  • Isle of Thanet Gazette, 24 November 1917
    "Margate Grocer's Failure
    The statement of affairs in the bankruptcy of John Stephen Sackett, of Albert House, Charlotte Square, Margate, Grocer, shows liabilities amounting to 1,535 and a deficiency of 1,318. The Official Receiver (Mr J O Morris) states in his observations:– "The debtor (aged forty-one) states that he commenced business on his own account as a grocer, in a small way, at No's 45 and 47 Buckingham Road, Margate, fifteen years ago, with a free capital of 70, that subsequently (four years later) he purchased a similar business at 16 St John's Road, Margate, for 200 of which sum he states 100 was borrowed but repaid within a few years. In 1912 he also opened another shop at 9 Cranbourne Place Margate. The debtor alleges that the before mentioned business was carried on successfully until the commencement of the war in August 1914, since which date, the receipts have fallen off very considerably. In addition, several of his employees joined HM Forces, with the result that three years ago he disposed of the stock etc at 45 and 47 Buckingham Road and about a year ago, for the same reason, he also sold the business at Cranbourne Place Margate.
    The debtor also states that owing to scarcity of labour—in addition to trade at Margate being practically at a standstill—he closed the shop at 16 St John's Road, about a month prior to the Receiving Order, and removed the whole of the stock there from a warehouse at Albert House Charlotte square, at which premises he appears to have also carried on a wholesale grocer's business, The debtor admits that he became aware, about two years ago, of his involved financial position, but states that he continued to trade, hoping for an early termination of hostilities. He attributes his insolvency solely to the effects of the war (loss of trade scarcity of labour and inability to obtain goods). He has been much pressed by creditors during the last twelve months."
    [Suzannah Foad, Sep 2010]
  • Dover Express, Kent, 8 March 1918
    "Funeral of Miss J. Sackett
    The funeral took place on Tuesday at St. James' Cemetery, of Miss Jessie Maud Sackett, who died at 15, Military Hill on March 1st, at the age of 49 years. The Rev. T.B. Watkins officiated. The mourners present were Mr. Sackett brother and Mrs. Dunn. There were no flowers by request. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. B.J. Andrews of Langfield Rd." [Find My Past, Chris Sackett, Oct 2014]
  • Isle of Thanet Gazette, 21 September 1918
    We regret to announce the death of Mr. B. Sackett, a well-known Thanet farmer, which took place on September 7th at his residence, East Northdown, at the age of seventy-four years. The deceased had been in indifferent health for some time, but the end came quite unexpectedly.
    He was one of the oldest and best known farmers in East Kent, having been engaged in agriculture for over fifty years. The deceased was much respected and esteemed by every one who knew him, and he will be greatly missed, not only in his own neighbourhood, but amongst those with whom he associated at Canterbury market and elsewhere.
    The funeral took place on Thursday, September 12th, at Margate Cemetery, the first part of the service being held in St. Mary's Church, Northdown. The Vicar of Margate (the Rev. Thomas Harrison) officiated both at the church and at the graveside. There were many mourners, amongst them being Mr. Arthur Sackett (son), Mrs. Quested, Mrs. Willett, and Miss Sackett (daughters), Lieutenant Eric G. Quested and Mr. H. Quested (grandsons), and Mr. E.L.P. Quested (son-in-law).
    The floral tributes were many and beautiful, amongst them were the following:—From "His sorrowing wife," "Ada and Arthur," "Rosie and Ernest," "Florrie, Vera, and Reggie." "Nellie and Herbert," Miss Friend and family, Northdown, the firm of H.G. and R. Foord. Major and Mrs. Powell-Cotton, "Mary and Frank," "Lily and Val," Miss Quested, the Misses Foord, Mrs. Underhill, Mr. Charles Petley, Staple, Canterbury, Alderman Pilcher, J.P., Mr. Sherwood Mockett, The Orchard, St. Peter's, Thanet, Mr. and Mrs. E. Philpott, Manston, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and family, Mr. and Mrs. Linnington, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Bowen, Ashford, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Knell and family, Mrs. E. Ingleton, Officers and men, Royal Marines, Foreness Point Battery, Kingsgate, Employees at East Northdown. Mr Heath (bailiff), Employees, Woodchurch Farm, and "Lizzie." "
    [Suzannah Foad, Jan 2011]
  • Isle of Thanet Gazette, 25 February 1922
    "Sackett.—On Feb 18th 1922 at 5 Hawley Street, Frederick John Lenham Sackett, passed away after long suffering patiently borne, aged 82. Now at rest."
    [Suzannah Foad, Jul 2011]
  • Isle of Thanet Gazette, 24 April 1926
    Arthur Sackett pic "Disappearance of a Thanet Farmer
    Presumed Death
    In the Probate Court on Monday, before the president, Mr Middleton moved to presume the death of Arthur Henry Sackett, which had taken place on or since April of last year. Counsel said Sackett was a retired farmer, of 29 Rancorn-road, Margate, and was fifty-seven years of age and unmarried. He left his house, in Rancorn-road last April, at eight in the evening, and had never been seen since. He formerly worked with his father at Northdown Farm, near Margate. His father died in 1918, and testator benefited under his will to the extent of 20,000. On leaving the farm he went to live with his sister Mrs. Rosie Quested, at 29, Approach-road, Margate, until 1920, when he took a farm at Chilton, near Ramsgate, which he gave up in 1921. Towards the end of the year or early in 1922, he went to lodge at 29, Rancorn-road, Margate, and in 1923 he bought the house and continued to live there. He was peculiar in his habits there. He drew large sums from the Bank up to the time he disappeared, and from that time the account had not been operated.
    The President: It comes to this, that on the evening he left his lodgings, he went for walk on the cliffs, and has never been seen since.
    Mr. Middleton: That is so. He has been advertised for in all the local Press.
    His Lordship gave leave to presume his death as having taken place on or since April 22nd of last year."
    [Suzannah Foad, Sep 2010; Sue Tazey (picture) Oct 2012]
  • Isle of Thanet Gazette, 5 June 1926
    "Sackett—On May 22nd 1926, Louisa Sackett, of 3 Perfects Cottages, Birchington, Aged 73. Her end was peace."
    [widow of George Sackett]
    [Suzannah Foad, Sep 2010]
  • Isle of Thanet Gazette, 25 December 1926
    "Silver Wedding
    SACKETT–CASTLE, on December 26th 1901 at All Saints Birchington, by the Rev Francis B Mallon, Florence Mildred Castle to Frederick George Thomas Sackett, both of Birchington."
    [Suzannah Foad, Sep 2010]
  • Isle of Thanet Gazette, October 1930
    "Baker–Sackett, on October 16th 1930 at St John's Church Margate, by the Rev W H Clay, Stewart Cuthbert youngest son of Mr and Mrs H Baker of Landsdowne Road, Canterbury to Frances Ellen Jane, only daughter of the late Sergeant F E Sackett and Mrs Sackett."
    [Suzannah Foad, Oct 2010]
  • Isle of Thanet Gazette, March 29th 1940
    Sackett–Dixon—on March 23rd 1940 at St Nicholas Church, Ash, Ernest Edwin, only son of Mr and Mrs E Sackett to Ivy Mary Dixon, grandaughter of Mr and Mrs J West."
    [Suzannah Foad, Sep 2010]
  • Isle of Thanet Gazette, 19 April 1946
    Sackett, on April 14th 1946 at 50 Tivoli Road Margate, to Lilian nee Euden, wife of William Sackett, of a son."
    [Suzannah Foad, Nov 2011]
  • The East Kent Times and Mail, Ramsgate, 15 Jun 1946, p 1
    The Wedding of Edward Sackett and Miss Pat Alexander will take place at St. Luke's Church, Ramsgate, on June 22nd, at 2.30.
    [Transcribed from Newspapers.com image by Chris Sackett]
  • Isle of Thanet Gazette, 13th June 1947
    "Death—SACKETT, on June 9th 1947 at 82 Park Lane, Birchington, Frederick passed peacefully away in his sleep aged 69 years and 10 months. Late of 19 Prospect Road, Birchington."
    [Suzannah Foad, May 2011]
  • Isle of Thanet Gazette, 20th June 1947
    "The sister and brother of the late Frederick Sackett wish to thank relatives, friends and neighbours for condolences and beautiful Flowers, with special thanks to Mrs Castle, Mrs Jones, Mr Tom Parker and Mrs Rousell for their kindness to Mr Sackett during his lifetime."
    [Suzannah Foad, May 2011]
  • The East Kent Times and Mail, Ramsgate, Kent, 4 Oct 1957, p 7
    When Miss Mary Elizabeth Galletly was married at St. Augustine's Abbey Church, Ramsgate on Saturday, her headdress–a half-hat of imitation flowers–was that worn by her sister-in-law, Suk Fan, at her wedding at Hong Kong in March, this year.
    The bride is the daughter of Mrs. L. M. and the late Mr. G. Galletly, of 13 Grummock-avenue, Ramsgate. She was married to Mr. Malcolm Frank Sackett, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Sackett. of 76 Prospect-road, Minster.
    The full-length dress of lace over net worn by the bride was designed by her and drawn from instructions by a friend, Miss Jose Wotton. It had a four-tiered skirt with scalloped edges and train. The bride carried a bouquet of pink carnations with trailing lilies of the valley and pink freesias.
    She was attended by two friends, Miss Patricia Philpott, chief bridesmaid, and Miss Gillian Holloway. They wore ballerina-length dresses in white cotton, printed with lilac imitation broderie Anglaise. The dresses were princess style with scooped necklines and lilac velvet bows at the back with long streamers to the hem. The attendants carried posies of pale lilac carnations. pale pink roses, freesias and lilies of the valley.
    The bride was given away by her brother Sqdn.-Ldr. G. E. G. Galletly, and Mr. Kenneth John Sackett, brother of the bridegroom, was best man. Father Odilo Frelinx officiated at the service and Father Gregory Bish was organist.
    [Transcribed from Newspapers.com image by Chris Sackett]
  • Thanet Times, 28th July 1959
    "Sackett, on 17th July 1959 at Ramsgate General Hospital, John Thomas Edward (Jack), beloved husband of Clara, passed peacefully away after a long illness. Good night beloved."
    [Suzannah Foad, Mar 2011]
  • The East Kent Times and Mail, Ramsgate, Kent, England, 4 Oct 1978, p 16
    Sackett — On 29th September 1978, at home, George, beloved husband of Amy (nee Martin), father of Douglas, Gordon, Joan and Joyce, peacefully aged 85 years. Sadly missed.
    [Transcribed from Newspapers.com image by Chris Sackett]
  • East Kent Gazette, 23 January 2009.
    "Obituary. ROSA DOROTHY WELLARD (ne SACKETT) passed away 14 January, 2009 aged 75 after a courageous battle with cancer. A wonderful mother, sister, nanny, aunt and friend who will be greatly missed and always remembered. Funeral to take place at Thanet Crematorium on Friday 30 January at 10.40 a.m. Family flowers only, donations if desired to Pilgrims Hospice."
    [CRS, Jun 2013]
  • East Kent Gazette, 1–7 June 2012
    "Obituary. WILFRED "WILF" GEORGE SACKETT Passed away on May 20th Loving husband to Fay for 68 years. Much loved by Jo, Nick and Harry Funeral service at St. George's Church Ramsgate at 2.30pm on Friday 8 June Family flowers only, but donations , if desired, to St. George's Church Restoration Fund."
    [CRS, Jun 2013]
  • East Kent Gazette, 4–10 September 2012
    "Obituary. JOAN MARY LAMB Ne SACKETT Passed away peacefully at The Pilgrims Hospice Thanet on 29th August, 2012 Sadly missed by husband Gordon and all family and friends. The service will take place at Thanet Crematorium on Wednesday 19th September at 2pm. Family flowers only but donations, if wished for The Pilgrims Hospice Thanet c/o H.R. Palmer, Funeral Directors, Ramsgate."
    [CRS, Jun 2013]
  • Kentish Gazette, Canterbury, 27 September 2012, p48.
    "Sackett (nee Andrews) Barbara Marjorie. Passed away peacefully after a short illness on 20 September 2012. A loving mum, nan, grandma, sister and friend, who was the life and soul of the family and will be so very sadly missed. Funeral to take place at St Nicholas Church, Thanington, on Monday 1 October at 3.15 p.m. Flowers welcome, as are donations to the NSPCC."
    [Tracy Care, Guild of One-Name Studies Newswatch Project, Oct 2012]
  • East Kent Gazette, 1–7 February 2013
    "Obituary. Sackett, Gordon. It is with deep sadness we announce that our dearest husband, father, grandad and great-grandad Gordon passed away at Westbrook House on Saturday 19th January 2013, aged 86 years, after many years enduring Alzheimer's. He will be sorely missed by his wife Jean, children Marilyn, Robert and Paul, son-in-law Rodger and daughters-in-law Debbie and Sue, grandchildren Graham, Zoe, Laura, Kerry and Richard and great-grandchildren Isaac and Grayson. Rest in peace our darling Gordon. The service will take place at Thanet Crematorium on Friday 8th February at 1.20pm. All friends welcome. Family flowers only but donations, if wished, for Alzheimer's Society. c/o H. R. Palmer, Funeral Directors, Ramsgate."
    [CRS, Jun 2013]

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