John Sackett

FatherGeorge Sackett (c 1565-1612)
MotherKatherine Tompson (say 1568-1624)
Birth1594, St Peter in Thanet, KentG,1
Baptism1594, St Peter in ThanetG,1
Marriage1620Mary ___2
Cottage at Buddles Farm, St Peter in Thanet, Kent
(Chris Sackett 2007)
John Sackett, son of George Sackett and Katherine Tompson, was born in St Peter in Thanet, KentG, on 8 September 15941 and baptized there on 12 September 1594.1 A death record has not been found. He may have died young, but assuming that he survived to adulthood it would appear likely that he was the man referred to in later records as John Sackett of Buddles. He would also have been a candidate for the elusive John Sackett who, according to family tradition, was the father of John Sackett of New Haven.
John Sackett of New Haven
The possibility has been considered that George and Katherine's son John may have been the John Sackett said by family tradition to have emigrated with Simon Sackett to the New World, and to have been the father of John Sackett of New Haven. As a contemporary and first cousin of Simon's, he is at least a candidate to be the alleged co-colonist. However, DNA testing of descendants of Simon Sackett the colonist and John Sackett of New Haven suggests that these men may not have been closely related. Although not capable of proving a negative, the tests appear to show that John of New Haven was not of the same line as Simon. In this case, Simon's cousin John would not have been the alleged migrant.
John Sackett of Buddles
On a basis of "right time, right place", this John Sackett, the son of George and Katherine, is probably the same as "John Sackett of Buddles" who would have married in about 1620 and who baptized daughters Anne (in 1622) and Martha (in 1625) at St Peter's Church. He had a number of other children baptized at St Peter's, including a son John Sackett whose will sheds much light on the members of this family.
     This sketch continues on the assumption that John the son of George and Katherine is the same as John of Buddles. John Sackett of Buddles married in about 1620, Mary ___.2 A death record for this John Sackett has not been found – at least not one that can be assigned with any confidence. The only unassigned record is that of the burial at St Peter's on 13 March 1676/77 of a John Sackett "of St Lawrence" (this burial is recorded also in the St Lawrence Church register). If this burial was of this John, he would have been 82 years of age.
John's Children
Of the children attributed to John Sackett of Buddles and Mary, all were baptized at St Peter's except Paul (baptized and buried in 1621 at St John's). Paul is attributed only tentatively to this marriage.
     In only two of the baptisms (of Anne in 1622 and Martha in 1625) is the father referred to as 'of Buddles'. In the next three records (John 1628, Sarah 1631 and Katherine 1633) he is referred to as merely 'John Sackett'. In the next two (Jone/Jane 1636 and Elizabeth 1638) the parents are referred to as 'John & Margary Sackett'. In the case of the last child Thomas (1642) the parents are 'John & Mary Sackett'. Despite the orderly sequence of these baptisms, all at St Peter's, there could be some doubt about their all being attributed to the same parents. However, evidence that these children were siblings is given by the 1678 will of John Sackett, which names brother Thomas and sisters Ann (Mocket), Martha (Rickards), Katherine (Mumery) and Joane (Overy). This accounts for six of the children, only Sarah and Elizabeth not being named in the will. Elizabeth is known to have died in childhood and it may be assumed that Sarah had also died before 1678.
Why "of Buddles"?3
The question arises as to why John "of Buddles" was so described in the baptism records of his daughters Anne and Martha, but not of his subsequent children. The obvious conclusion would be that there were two John Sacketts in the parish in the years 1622 and 1625 but that by 1628 (when the next child, John, was baptized) there was only one. It would seem likely that the other John Sackett would have been John Sackett, believed to have been the brother of Simon the colonist. If the two assumptions (1. that John of Buddles was the son of George and Katherine, and 2. that John the fisherman was Simon's brother) are correct, then John of Buddles and John the fisherman were first cousins4.

Children of John Sackett and Mary ___

 Notes & Citations

  1. Baptisms Register, St Peter in Thanet, Kent (Society of Genealogists), "8/12 September 1594 John son of George Sackett."
  2. Date of marriage based on birth of first child.
  3. Buddles Farm was, and is, on the Dane Court Road, next to Sackett's Hill Farm.
  4. It is noted, however, that in the baptism record of John of Buddles' third child John on 16 March 1627/28 the father is referred to without the suffix "of Buddles", despite the fact that John the fisherman is seen also to be in St Peter's, as evidenced by the making of his will just two weeks later on 1 April 1628.
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