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Register 1 (1847): 157

The Names of the Proprietors of New Haven, Ct., in the Year 1685.

(This article has been kindly furnished us by Charles William Bradley, Esq., the present Secretary of the State of Connecticut.)

[There follows a list of 252 names, including:]

John Sacket's heirs,
John Sacket, Junr.
  This List of names Compared with the List of 1685, and is a true Coppy, attested by uss.
Nathan Andrews, William Thomson, Jonathan Atwater, Select men of New Haven.
  This List of the Proprietors of the Lands in the Township of Newhaven, was Exhibited in the Generall Assembly on the Twentieth day of October, in the third year of her Majesties reigne, Annoq. Dom: 1704, at the Same time when a release of all the Lands in said Township to the said proprietors was read and approved and ordered to be signed in the name of the Gouernor and Company of her Majesties Colony of Connecticutt.
    Test. Eleazer Kimberley, Secry.
  The aboue written, with what is Contained in the two next aforegoing pages, relating thereunto, is a true Coppie of the Origenall, being therewith Examin'd and Compared, and here recorded, May 17th, 1707.
    Pr me Eleazer Kimberley, Secry.
  (The foregoing is recorded in the Connecticut "Colony Records of Deeds," Vol. III. fol.397–399.)
    State of Connecticut, ss.,
    Office of Secretary of State.

  I hereby certify, that the foregoing is a true copy of record in this Office.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Seal of said State, at Hartford, this sixth day of March, A.D. 1847, and in the 71st year of the Independence of the United States of America.
    Charles Wm. Bradley, Secretary of State.

Register 3 (1849): 294

Marriages and Deaths

Sackett, Mr. Jonathan, Milford, 9 May, æ 89, a soldier of the Revolution.

Jonathan Sackett not identified. Please write webmaster with any further information.

Register 6 (1852): 266

Marriages, Births and Deaths in Westfield

John Sacket, wife Abigail; chn. Mary, b. June 8, 1672; Samuel, b. Oct. 18, 1674; Elizabeth, b. Aug. 28, 1677, d. June 15, 1682. Abigail, his wife, d. Oct. 9, 1690. He married Sarah Steward, 1691. John Sacket, d. Ap. 8, 1719.

Register 6 (1852): 268

Marriages, Births and Deaths in Westfield

John Noble, m. Abigail Sacket, Sept. 13, 1682; chn. Abigail, b. June 30, 1683; John, b. Feb. 15, 1685; Stephen, b. Aug. 15, 1688; William, b. — –, —, d. June 31, [sic] 1703; David, b. Jan'y 25, 1695; Hannah, b. Nov. 2, 1697; Sarah, b. March 22, 1699; Mabel, b. Feb'y 28, 1705. Mrs. A. Noble d. July 3, 1683.

Register 6 (1852): 269

Marriages, Births and Deaths in Westfield

William Sackett, m. Hannah Cram, Nov. 27, 1689; chn. Joseph, b. July 25, 1690; Hannah, b. Aug. 15, 1692; Rebecca, b. Sept. 16, 1694; Jonathan, b. March 20, 1696. Mr. W Sacket d. March 28, 1700.

Register 6 (1852): 269

Marriages, Births and Deaths in Westfield

John Sackett, wife Deborah; chn. John, b. March 3, 1688; Abigail, b. Oct. 16, 1690; Daniel, b. Aug. 14, 1693; David, b. July 7, 1696; Benjamin, b. Oct. 30, 1698; Deborah, b. Nov. 16, 1701. Mrs. D. Sachett d. Nov. 20, 1701. Mr. S. m. again, had several children, d. Dec. 20, 1745.

Register 6 (1852): 269–70

Marriages, Births and Deaths in Westfield

Benjamin Moreley m. Mary Sacket Oct. 2, 1689; chn. Thomas, b. July 3, 1690, d. Aug. 31, 1719; Benjamin, b. May 27, 1692, d. Sept. 23, 1719; Jemima, b. Aug. 23, 1694; Bashuah, May 29, 1697; Azariah, b. Feb'y 16, 1701. Mr. Benjamin Moreley d. Sept. 17, 1719. Mrs. D. Moreley d. Nov. 14, 1729.

Register 12 (1858): 286

Marriages and Deaths

Sackett.—The Bar of this city has sustained a severe loss in the death of two of its most worthy and respected members, the brothers, C.D. and G.A. Sackett [Hon. Clarence Daniel Sackett and Granville A Sackett]. The elder brother, C.D.S., died yesterday afternoon, of congestion of the lungs. His brother died this morning of apoplexy, a consequence of the excitement and grief which the decease of his brother had induced. They were most estimable men; their relations through life had been singularly close; they lived together, worked together, and died together. The elder brother was married, and died in his 60th year; the younger was a bachelor, and died in his 54th year.—N.Y.Ev.Post, 9 March.

Register 16 (1862): 102

Book Notices.

Transactions of the Rhode Island Society for the encouragement of Domestic Industry, in the year 1860. Providence: 1861. 8vo. pp. 96.
  A meeting of the above named society was held in the city of Providence, R.I., Jan. 23, 1861; James D'Wolf Perry of Bristol, president. An interesting communication from Dr. Usher Parsons, on Flax Culture and Manufacture, was presented, and subsequently printed in the pamphlet before us. The necrological report, by the secretary, W.R. Staples, gives brief memoirs of eleven members of the society, who deceased in 1860, viz: John Jones Stimson, Adnah Sackett, William Burnit Bradford, Daniel Eldredge Carpenter, George A. Taylor, Anthony Budlong, Thomas M. Remington, Luke Green, Robert Rhodes, Samuel Billings, Elisha Dyer Vinten.

Register 18 (1864): 143

Springfield Records

Joseph Sackett s. of Lyman [sic] Sackett borne the 23 of ye 12 mon. 1655. [Lyman is corrected to Symon in Register 87 (1933): 302].

Register 35 (1881): 231

Marriages in West Springfield

The Intention of Marriage between Mr. Thomas Bagg of West Springfield & Eunice Sackett of Westfield was entered May the 10th & published the 11th 1788.

Register 43 (1889): 43 [see also Register 57 (1903): 269]

The Pomeroys of Northampton, Mass.

Jerusha [Pomeroy], [d. Lieut. Daniel Pomeroy & Rachel Moseley], b. March 7, 1746; m. a Sacket of Westfield, Mass. [Adnah Sackett].

Register 50 (1896): 71–2

Notes & Queries

In volume II of the manuscripts of the Rhode Island Historical Society are several papers relating to Captain Thomas Cheney's company, raised in Massachusetts for the expedition against Canada. The paper, numbered 364, is entitled: "A State of the Pay of the Non-Commission Officers & Private Men of Capt. Thomas Cheney's Company in the Regiment of Foot of wch the Honble Brigr Genl Dwight is Colonel, rais'd in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay for His Majesty's Service for an Expedition against Canada in 1746, & dismissed from said service 31 Octor 1747," which precedes a list of the names of the soldiers, the number of days' service and each man's full pay. The names were as follows:— [listed are 100 names including:] Benoni Sacket, [and] Benjn Sacket.

Benjamin Sacket not identified. Please write webmaster with any further information.

Register 54 (1900): 84

Records of the Church in Bolton, Conn.
[Records of Marriages]

1793, June 20, Eldad Skinner & Polly Sacket

Polly Sacket not identified. Please write webmaster with any further information.

Register 55 (1901): 300

New York Settlers from New England

Richard Betts, who was in Ipswich, Mass., in 1648, is said to have come from Hemel-Hempstead, Herts, Eng. He removed to Newtown, L.I., in 1656, and died there 18 Nov., 1713, aged 100. By wife Joanna he had: Richard, Thomas, Joanna who married John Scudder, Mary who married Joseph Swasey, Martha who married Philip Ketchum, Elizabeth wife of Joseph Sackett, and Sarah, wife of Edward Hunt.

Register 56 (1902): 286

Samuel Blakesley and his Descendants

Joel [Blakesley] (2d), [s. Abraham Blakesley & Elizabeth Cooper], b. [New Haven] June 30, 1739; m. May 3, 1762, Martha Sacket of New Haven. [This was Elisabeth Sackett]

Register 57 (1903): 121

Book Notices.

The Tucker Genealogy, A Record of Gilbert Ruggles and Evelina Christina (Snyder) Tucker, their Ancestors and Descendants. By Tyler Seymour Morris. Chicago. 1903. [The name Sackett appears in a list of families having details of several generations in the book].

Register 57 (1903): 269 [see also Register 43 (1889): 43]

Descendants of Eltweed Pomeroy

Jerusha [Pomeroy], [d. Lieut. Daniel Pomeroy & Rachel Moseley], b. Mar. 7, 1746–7; m. — Sacket of Westfield. [Adnah Sackett].

Register 59 (1905): 223

Book Notices

Sackett.—C.H.Weygant, Newburgh, N.Y., has compiled, and will soon publish, a History of the Sackett family in America.

Register 60 (1906): 70

Bristol Branch of the Finney Family

Mercy [Finney], [d. John Finney & Ann Toogood], b. [Swansea, Mass.] Jan. 1, 1729–30; m. Dec. 21, 1752, Reuben Sacket of East Greenwich, now Warren, Conn.

Register 62 (1908): 104

Book Notices

The Sacketts of America, their Ancestors and Descendants, 1630–1907. By Charles H. Weygant, Newburgh, N.Y. 1907. 4to. pp. 553. Subscription price $5.00. Address the author.
  This exceedingly comprehensive genealogy gives the record of more than thirteen thousand descendants of Simon Sackett who settled in Cambridge, Mass., and of his brother John of New Haven, Conn. The arduous task of gathering this material was begun more than thirty-five years ago, and has been gleaned from many family papers and ancient documents and manuscripts, as well as public records and printed books, making this the most valuable work that has ever been published on this family, and one which is absolutely indispensable to anyone interested in their history. The female lines receive full attention. An excellent index and good binding give a suitable finish to this useful volume.

Register 63 (1909): 340

Descendants of James Rising

Alvin [Rising], [s. Samuel Rising & Sarah King], b. 24 July 1809; m. 29 Apr. 1838, Lucinda E. Sackett of Southwick, Mass.

Register 65 (1911): 222

First Ownership of Ohio Lands

[Proprietor] Sacket, Ananias R. [Residence] New York (Fishkill) [Agency] (W.) Sargent [Shares] 1.

Register 66 (1912): 202

Thompson Families of Connecticut

Amos [Thompson], [s. Samuel Thompson & Rebecca Bishop], b. 3 Mar. 1702; m. 7 Sept. 1726, Sarah Alling, dau. of Samuel and Sarah (Sackett), b. 25 Apr. 1702; removed to Stanford, N.Y., and lines of descent from him are given in American Ancestry (vol. 2, pp. 51, 126). Children, recorded at New Haven: Alling, b. 2 June 1727; Rebecca, b. 28 Apr. 1729; Amos, b. 7 Aug. 1731.

Register 66 (1912): 204

Thompson Families of Connecticut

Lieut. Abraham [Thompson], [s. William Thompson & Martha — ], b. June 1711; m. 9 Nov. 1732, Mary Alling, daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Sackett), b. 6 Feb. 1707, d. 8 Feb. 1788 (gravestone record); d. 2 Sept. 1774 (gravestone record). He had, probably with other issue, children: 1. Abraham, bapt. 13 June 1738; d. 12 Dec. 1739 (gravestone record). 2. Abraham, b. 28 Aug. 1740; m. (1) 13 June 1758, Rachel Warner; m. (2) 8 Nov. 1770, Hannah Brown; left issue. 3. Isaac, b. 19 Aug. 1743; m. (1) 14 Nov. 1765, Elizabeth Thompson (no. 15, i), b. 5 July 1742, d. 8 Jan. 1788; m. (2) Sarah Thompson; left female issue; d. 13 Sept. 1824. 4. Jacob, b. 7 Oct. 1745; m. 30 Aug. 1772, Esther Mansfield, b. 2 Nov. 1746, d. 25 July 1828 (Columbian Register); left issue. 5. Mary, b. 3 May 1748; m. 26 Apr. 1770, Nathaniel Fitch. 6. (perhaps) Martha, bapt. 5 Nov. 1733.

Register 66 (1912): 310

Notes on New Haven Families

In 1705, Widow Sackett and her son John were appointed guardians to John, son of John Ferns, deceased (New Haven County Court Records, vol. 2, p. 202).

This John Sackett not identified. Please write webmaster with any further information.

Register 66 (1912): 327

The Hotchkiss Family

Ruth [Hotchkiss], [d. John Hotchkiss & Elizabeth Peck], b. abt. 1688; d. 24 Mar. 1773; m. (1) 12 Mar. 1718, Jonathan Sackett, b. 6 June 1655, d. 4 Feb. 1727; m. (2) 11 Dec. 1728, Benjamin Dorman, b. 15 Oct. 1673, d. 1748.

Register 69 (1915): 61

The Clinton Family of Connecticut

Eunitia [Clinton], [d. Jesse Eton Clinton & Patience Todd], b. [Wallingford,] 25 June 1788; d. 21 Nov. 1824; m. Eli Sackett, who d. 15 Mar. 1836.

Register 69 (1915): 258

Descendants of Robert Huckins

Alice R. [Huckins], [d. Andrew Huckins & Maria J. Chamberlain], b. [Alton,] 30 Jan. 1862; living (1910); m. 4 July 1883 George A. Sackett, s. of Noble and Ruby (Jacobs), of Barnstead, farmer, b. at Barnstead 23 Sept. 1861, living (1910). Three children.

Register 71 (1917): 6

Morris Families of Western Connecticut

Hannah [Morris], [d. John Morris & Hannah Bishop], b. [New Haven,] 10 Aug. 1671; m. (1) Sergt. Joseph Smith, b. 14 June 1669, d. in 1713; m. (2) 26 Feb. 1717/18 Lieut. Joseph Sackett, b. 3 Mar. 1659/60, d. in 1729.

Register 75 (1921): 91

The Pierponts of North Haven, Conn.

Bethia [Pierpont], [d. Samuel & Elizabeth (Frost) Pierpont], b. about 1768; d. at New Haven 19 June 1806; m. Samuel Sackett.

Register 75 (1921): 96

The Pierponts of North Haven, Conn.

Philemon Pierpont, [s. Benjamin Pierpont & Sarah Blakeslee], of North Haven, born about 1780, died 23 Feb. 1865. He married first, 22 Jan. 1801, Mehitabel Sackett, born 3 Aug 1782, died 16 May 1834, daughter of Eli and Sarah, by whom he had previously had one child; and secondly, 28 May 1835, Bede (Blakeslee) Brockett, born in 1780, died 28 Mar. 1842, daughter of Joel and Elizabeth (Sackett) Blakeslee and widow of Thomas Brockett.
Children by first wife:
i. Merritt, b. 8 Oct. 1799; m. 15 June 1823 his second cousin, Bede Pierpont, b. 10 Dec. 1800, d. 21 Feb. 1851. He removed to Oxford, N.Y. Children: 1. Daniel Lorenzo, b. 14 Aug. 1824; d.s.p. 2. Bede Eliza, b. 10 Sept. 1826; m. ___ McAlpin of Oxford, N.Y. 3. Harriet Ann, b. 18 Sept. 1828; d. 18 Apr. 1855.
ii. A child, b. 1 May 1802, d. 25 July 1802.
iii. Jared, b. 13 Jan. 1809; d. 13 Aug. 1872; m. 25 Mar. 1833 Loiza Todd, who d. 13 Dec. 1892, aged 88. Children: 1. Sarah Mehitabel, b. 9 Mar. 1835. 2. Betsey Loiza, b. 1 Mar. 1840; d. 21 June 1852.
iv. Betsey, b. 1 Mar. 1813; m. 28 Aug. 1834 George Todd.
v. Jason, b. 11 Sept. 1819; m. 23 Feb. 1845 Martha A. Crowell. Children: 1. Reuel, b. 1 Dec. 1845. 2. Esther Maria, b. 31 Oct. 1849. 3. Ellen Adelia, b. 4 Dec. 1851. 4. Sarah Eliza, b. 26 July 1854; d. 20 Mar. 1855.

Register 76 (1922): 60

Genealogical Research in England

The Will of William Jenkin of Minster in Thanet (co. Kent), yeoman, dated 12 February 1639 (1639/40). To the poor who shall report at my house at my burial 20s., besides such victuals as are thought fit. To the poor of Minster 20s. To Elizabeth Orton of St. Peter's, Thanet, 10s. To my wife Mary household stuff and tenements at Minster for life, if she educate as is fitting my daughter Mary or allow her £15 yearly until eighteen years of age; remainder to my son Thomas in tail male. To my eldest daughter, Hannah, wife of John Franklin, £10. To my second daughter, Margarett Jenkin, lands in St. Peter's and £100 at the age of twenty. To my youngest daughter, Mary Jenkin, £500 at the age of eighteen. My daughters are to have £100 only, if they marry without their mother's consent. To my son Thomas the remaining lands. Overseers: my brother Mr. John Sackett, minister, and my brother Thomas Jenkin, yeoman. Witnesses: John Sackett, John Picard, scrivenor, John Francklyn. Proved 22 February 1639 (1639/40) by Thomas Jenkin, the executor. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, original will, uncalendered.)
  Sentence was given in March 1639/40 in favor of the executor against the widow and daughters. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, Act Books, vol. 33, fo. 244.)

Register 76 (1922): 60–1

Genealogical Research in England

The Will of Mary Jenkins of Birchington, Isle of Thanet, widow, dated 14 October 1656. To my daughters, Hannah, wife of John Franklin, Margaret, wife of John Pamphlet, and Mary, wife of Richard Hart. To every one of my grandchildren. My brother William Sackett. My daughter Mary Harty. To my grandchildren Mary Franklin, William Jenkins, Mary Harter, and Mary and Elizabeth Pamphlet a silver bowl, silver cups, and gold rings. Executor: my son Thomas Jenkins. Two trunks, the writings only excepted.
  Codicil, dated 14 October 1656. To my grandchild Mary Harty at fifteen years, and to William Harty at twenty-one years. To my other two grandchildren, Richard and Valentine Harty, at twenty-one years. The bequest to my daughter Pamphlet is cancelled, and the gold ring there given is to be given to my grandchild Elizabeth and my grandchild Ann Pamphlet. My daughter Margaret. Witness: John Sackett. Proved 20 September 1661. (Consistory of Canterbury, vol. 53, fo. 128.)

Register 76 (1922): 66

Genealogical Research in England

From the Registers of the Parish of St. Peter in Thanet, co. Kent, 1615–1628
1618 Thomas son of William Jenkins 30 August
1620 Anna daughter of William Jenkin 3 December
1616 William Jenkin and Mary Sackolt (sic, ?Sackett) 24 February (1616/17)
1625 Mary daughter of William Jenkin 5 March (1625/26)

Register 76 (1922): 67–9

Genealogical Research in England

From Canterbury Marriage Licences
1616 William Jenken of St John's in Thanet, yeoman, and Mary Sackett of St Peter's in Thanet, virgin, at St. Peter's, 11 February (1616/17). (1:234)
1638 Thomas Jenken of Minster in Thanet, yeoman, bachelor, about 21, son of William Jenken of the same parish, yeoman, who consents, as is testified by John Sacket, rector of Great Mongeham, and Elizabeth Curling of St. John's in Thanet, virgin, about 15, daughter of Anthony Curling of the same parish, yeoman, who also consents, at St John's in Thanet, 13 November. (2:549.)
1639 John Francklyn of Petham, yeoman, bachelor, about 22, son of Henry Francklin of the same parish, yeoman, who consents, and Anna Jenkin of Minster in Thanet, virgin, about 18, daughter of William Jenkin of the same parish, yeoman, who also consents, at Minster in Thanet, 18 May. (2:369.)
1669 William Jenkin of Minster in Thanet, yeoman, bachelor, 21 and upwards, whose parents are dead, and Elizabeth Jenkin of St. Mildred, Canterbury, maiden, 22, daughter of Henry Jenkin, deceased, her mother, Mary Jenkin, consenting. "Noe lawfull lett ... to hinder the said marriage saving she, the said Eliz., is his late fathers wifes or his mother in lawes sister," at St. Mildred aforesaid, Thomas Jenkin of Canterbury, woollendraper, being bondsman, 6 December. (3:257.)

Register 76 (1922): 74–5

Genealogical Research in England

William Jenkin, [s. Thomas & Margaret (___)Jenkin], of Minster in Thanet, co. Kent, yeoman, the testator of 1639/40, baptized at Coldred, co. Kent, 2 June 1594, was buried at Minster 17 Feb. 1639/40. He married at St. Peter's in Thanet, co. Kent, 24 Feb. 1616/17 (by licence issued 11 Feb. 1616/17, being then of St. John's in Thanet (Margate), co. Kent), Mary Sackett of St. Peter's in Thanet, perhaps the Mary Jenkin, widow, who was bur. at Minster 28 ___ 1659. Her will, dated 11 Oct. 1656, when she was of Birchington in Thanet, was proved 20 Sept. 1661. She was sister of Rev. John Sackett, rector of Great Mongeham, co. Kent, and of William Sackett, and was probably daughter of John Sackett of St Peter's in Thanet, yeoman.
  William Jenkin was a citizen of Canterbury in 1614 and later removed to Minster. In 1630 he was summoned to appear before the King's commissioners to compound for not having received kinghthood at the King's coronation, although he had £40 in land or rent.[1]
i. Thomas, of Minster in Thanet, yeoman, bapt. at St. Peter's in Thanet 30 Aug. 1618; d. in Oct. 1666; m. (1) at St. John's in Thanet, by licence issued 13 Nov. 1638, Elizabeth Curling of St. John's, aged about 15, dau. of Anthony of St John's, yeoman; m. (2) at Folkestone, co. Kent, 14 Mar. 1653/4, Margaret Jenkin, who d. on 1703, dau. of Henry of Canterbury, of the Folkestone family, the testator of 1664, and his wife, Mary (Whittingham).[2] Children by first wife:[3] 1. Elizabeth, m. ___ Cullen. 2. Mary, bapt. at Minster 11 July 1641. 3. William, bapt. at Minster 11 May 1643; bur. there 17 May 1643. 4. Thomas, bapt. at Minster 9 Jan. 1644/5; bur. there in 1659. 5. William, b. 12 Dec. and bapt. 25 Dec. 1646; perhaps the child who was bur. at Minster in 1646. 6. William, of Minster, yeoman,[4] bapt. at Minster 27 Jan. 1648/9; m. at St. Mildred, Canterbury, by licence issued 6 Dec. 1669, Elizabeth Jenkin of St Mildred, Canterbury, aged 22, dau. of Henry, deceased, the testator of 1664, and his wife Mary (Whittingham), and sister of William's stepmother, Margaret Jenkin, widow of his father.[5] 7. Daniel, bapt. at Minster 20 Aug. 1651; d. unm. Children by second wife, bapt. at Minster:[6] 8. Rev. Henry, rector of Rentonholm and vicar of Silney, co. Norfolk, bapt. 4 Aug. 1655; m. Susannah Hatfield of Lynn, co. Norfolk; three sons, of whom two were clergymen.[7] 9. Rev. Robert, D.D., master of St. John's College, Cambridge, bapt. 31 Jan. 1656/7; d. 7 Apr. 1727; bur. at Lynn, co. Norfolk.[8] 10. John, of Canterbury, bapt. 20 Feb. 1658/9; appointed a judge in Ireland by KIng William III. 11. Margaret, bapt. 1 Jan. 1660/1; m. Rev. John Johnson, vicar of Appledore and Margate, co. Kent.
ii. Anna (Hannah), bapt. at St. Peter's in Thanet 3 Dec. 1620; living 14 Oct. 1656; m. at Minster in Thanet, 20 May 1639,[9], John Franklin (or Francklyn) of Petham, co. Kent, yeoman, aged about 22, living 14 Oct. 1656, s. of Henry of Petham, yeoman. Child: 1. Mary, living 14 Oct. 1656.
iii. Margaret, under twenty on 12 Feb. 1639/40; living 14 Oct. 1656; m. before that date John Pamphlet, living at that date. Children, living 14 Oct. 1656: 1. Mary. 2. Elizabeth. 3. Ann.
iv. Mary, bur. at St. Peter's in Thanet 5 Mar. 1625/6.
v. Mary, under eighteen on 12 Feb. 1639/40; living 14 Oct. 1656; m. before that date Richard Hart (or Harty), living at that date. Children, living 14 Oct. 1656: 1. Mary, under fifteen on 14 Oct. 1656. 2. William. 3. Richard. 4. Valentine.

1. Hasted's History of Kent, second edition,vol. 10, p. 234.
2. Cf. marriage licence of Henry Jenken of Canterbury, issued 10 May 1623, supra, p. 67.
3. In Berry, op. cit., p. 485, Elizabeth, William, and Daniel are given as children of Thomas Jenkin by his second wife; but the records show that William and Daniel were children by the first wife, and Elizabeth was probably a child by the first wife. Cf. entries in the parish registers and transcripts of Minster in Thanet, supra, p. 64, and thw marriage licence of William Jenkin, issued 6 Dec. 1669, supra, p. 68.
4. Berry, op. cit., p. 485, calls him Rev. William Jenkin, of Lynn (co. Norfolk).
5. Cf. the marriage licence, supra, p. 68. For descendants of William and Elizabeth Jenkin see Berry, op. cit., p. 485.
6. All information about the children of Thomas Jenkin by his second wife, except the records of baptism, has been taken from Berry, op. cit., p. 485.
7. For descendants of Rev. Henry and Susannah (Hatfield) Jenkin see Berry, op. cit., p. 485.
8. Cf. also Hasted's History of Kent, second edition, vol. 10, p. 234.
9. 20 May 1640, according to the Consistory transcript of the parish registers of Minster in Thanet; but the licence was issued 18 May 1639, and the marriage was probably solemnized in the same year.

Register 78 (1924): 434–6

Memoirs [of deceased members of The New England Historic Genealogical Society]

Stuyvesant Fish, A.M., of New York City, a Pilgrim Tercentenary member since 1920, was born in New York City 24 June 1851, the son of Hon. Hamilton and Julia (Kean) Fish, and died there, suddenly, 10 April 1923.
  His immigrant ancestor, Jonathan Fish, baptized in England 16 February 1615/16, was at Lynn, Mass., in 1637, soon afterwards went to Sandwich in the Plymouth Colony, moved thence, through Rhode Island, to Oyster Bay, Long Island, and as early as 1659 settled at Newtown, Long Island, then under the Dutch Government, where he died about 1663. His wife's name was Mary. His third son, Nathan Fish, born on Cape Cod 18 December 1650, married Judith ___, and died at Newtown, where he spent his life as a farmer, 1 August 1734. Jonathan Fish of Newtown, eldest son of Nathan and Judith [___], who was born at Newtown 11 October 1680 and died there in November 1723, married Mary ___, and in 1714 gave his homestead as a site for the Presyterian church in Newtown. His only surviving son, Capt. Samuel Fish, who was born at Newtown 24 November 1704 and died there 27 August 1767, married first Agnes Berrien; their eldest son, Jonathan Fish, who was born at Newtown 11 May 1728 and died 26 December 1779, married Elizabeth Sackett; and Col. Nicholas Fish, only son of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Sackett), who was born in New York City 28 August 1758 and died there 20 June 1833, served as an officer in the Revolution from June 1776 to the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, and was appointed by President Washington in 1794 as supervisor of the revenue, one of the highest posts in the Treasury Department. He became president of the New York Society of the Cincinnati in 1797. He married Elizabeth Stuyvesant, a great-great-granddaughter of the famous Dutch Governor of New Netherlands; and their eldest son was the well-known statesman, Hon. Hamilton Fish, who was born in New York City 3 August 1808 and died at "Glenclyffe," near Garrison, N.Y., 7 September 1893. A graduate of Columbia (A.B., 1827, A.M., 1830) and a lawyer of distinction, Hon. Hamilton Fish was a member of the United States House of Representatives (as a Whig) in the Twenty-eighth Congress (1843–1845), Lieutenant Governor of New York, 1847–1848, Governor, 1849–1850, United States Senator, 1851–1857, joining the newly-formed Republican Party before the expiration of his senatorial term, and Secretary of State under President Grant, 1869–1877. He held also other offices of importance, and was a trustee of Columbia College, 1840–1849 and 1851–1893, president of the New York Historical Society, 1867–1869, and president general of the Society of the Cincinnati, 1854–1893. He received the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from Columbia in 1850, from Union College in 1869, and from Harvard in 1871. He married in New York City, 15 December 1836, Julia Kean, born at Ursino, near Elizabeth, N.J., 19 December 1816, died in New York City 30 June 1887, daughter of Peter and Sarah Sabina (Morris) Kean of Ursino. Their eldest son, Nicholas Fish (1846–1902), diplomatist and banker, A.B. (Columbia, 1867), LL.B. (Harvard, 1869), A.M. (Columbia, 1871), was attached to the United States Legation at Berlin as assistant secretary and secretary, 1871–1877, and was United States chargé d'affaires in Switzerland, 1877–1881, and United States minister in Belgium, 1882–1886; his son, Hamilton Fish, a soldier in the war with Spain, was killed in action in Cuba, 26 June 1898, while serving as second sergeant of Troop K, First Volunteer Cavalry (the so-called "Rough Riders"). Their second son, Hon. Hamilton Fish, A.B. (Columbia, 1869), A.M. (ib., 1872), LL.B. (ib., 1873), born at Albany, N.Y., 17 April 1849, was private secretary to his father while the latter was Secretary of State, a member of the New York Assembly for eleven years, serving as speaker of the House in 1895 and 1896, and Assistant Treasurer of the United States at New York City, 1903–1908, was elected as a Republican Representative from New York in the Sixty-first Congress (1909–1911), and is a member also of the House of Representatives of the present (the Sixty-eighth) Congress (1923–1925).
  Stuyvesant Fish, third son of Hon. Hamilton Fish, was a pupil at Mr. Haccius's school at Laney, near Geneva, Switzerland, in 1858, and his education was continued under tutors in 1859 while his parents were travelling in Europe. In 1859 he attended Mr. Elie Charlier's school in New York City, where he remained until 1861, when he entered Mr. Marlborough Churchill's school at Sing Sing, N.Y. In 1867 he was admitted to Columbia University, and received there the degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1871 and that of Master of Arts in 1874.
  Embarking on a business career, Mr. Fish in a few years gained an inportant place as a railway official and financier. In the fall of 1871 he entered the railway service as a clerk in the New York offices of the Illinois Central Railroad Company; in the following year he was appointed secretary to the president of the road; but in November 1872 he became a clerk in the banking firm of Morton, Bliss & Company of New York and later in the affiliated house of Morton, Rose & Company of London, and then from January 1875 to March 1877 he was managing clerk for Morton, Bliss & Company, with power of attorney. In 1876 he became a member of the New York Stock Exchange, retaining this membership until 1879, and he was also elected a director of the Illinois Central Railroad Company and appointed treasurer and agent for the purchasing committee of the New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern Railroad Company. In the fall of 1877 he was made secretary of the Chicago, St. Louis & New Orleans Railroad Company, and in March 1882 was elected its vice president. In 1883 he was elected second vice president of the Illinois Central system, in 1884 was its first vice president, and in 1887 was advanced to the presidency of the company, which he held until November 1906. He was president of the Association of Railway Executives from April 1904 to April 1906, chairman of the Seventh Session of the International Railway Congress at Washington, D.C., in May 1905, and a member of the Monetary Commission established by the Indianapolis Monetary Conference of 1897. He was trustee of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, 1883–1906, and the New York Life Insurance & Trust Company, and a director of the National Park Bank and a number of other financial corporations.
  In the year preceding his death Mr. Fish was a determined opponent of the method of enforcing the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States prescribed by the so-called "Volstead Act," and attacked vigorously the activities of the Anti-Saloon Leaugue.
  He was a member of many clubs and societies, among which may be mentioned the Union, St. Anthony, Metropolitan, Racquet and Tennis, Church, Sleepy Hollow, and Down Town Clubs, the Automobile Club of America, the St. Nicholas Society, the New York Historical Society, of which he was recording secretary, and the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, of which he was a life member and vice president. In common with many other Pilgrim Tercentenary members of the New England Historic Genealogical Society he accepted an invitation to place on the walls of the stair hall of the Society's building a tablet in memory of an American forbear, and this tablet, commemorating Jonathan Fish, his immigrant ancestor, was erected in 1921.
  Mr. Fish married in New York City, 1 June 1876, Marian Graves Anthon, who was born on Staten Island, N.Y., 8 June 1853 and died 25 May 1915, daughter of William Henry Anthon, an eminent lawyer of New York City, and his wife Sarah Atwood (Meert) Anthon. Mrs. Fish was for many years a leader in New York and Newport society. Their first child, Livingston Fish, died in infancy; but their other children, who survive them, are Marian Anthon Fish, wife of Albert Zabriskie Gray, A.B. (Harvard, 1903), Stuyvesant Fish, Jr., A.B. (Yale, 1905), who married Isabell Mildred Dick and has succeeded his father in his Pilgrim Tercentenary membership in the New England Historic Genealogical Society, and Sidney Webster Fish, A.B. (Harvard, 1910, as of 1908), LL.B. (columbia, 1911), who married Olga Wiborg. Mr. Fish's city residence was at No. 25 East 78th Street, New York, and his country seat was at "Glenclyffe," near Garrison on the Hudson.
  Funeral services for Mr. Fish were held at Trinity Church in New York City on 12 April 1923, and he was buried in St. Philip's Churchyard, Garrison, where his wife, his parents, and many of his kindred are interred.

  Cf. memoir of Stuyvesant Fish, with portrait, in The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, vol. 54, pp. 329–331 (October 1923).

Register 81 (1927): 128

Early Probate Records of New Haven

Mansfield, Gillian, deceased Dec. 8, 1669. Will made Jan. 12, 1669. Bequeaths to sons Joseph and Moses, to Mary, wife of Joseph, to Mercy, wife of Moses, to Joseph's children, to Abigail, Mercy, and Hannah, daughters of Moses, and to Agnes, wife of John Sackett. Witnesses: James Bishop and Agnes Sackett. Testatrix signs her name "Gillian Field." Inventory, taken by Wm. Bradley and David Atwater, £129: 03: 02.

Register 81 (1927): 132

Early Probate Records of New Haven

Sackett, John, Sr. Inventory, taken Oct. 6, 1684, by John Winston and John Alling, Jr., £382: 10: 02.

Register 81 (1927): 418

Inscriptions at Canton, Conn.

John D. Healy, born Apr. 7, 1823, died Dec. 3, 1896.
Cordelia L. Sackett, his wife, born May 31, 1829, died July 27, 1898.

Register 85 (1931): 412

inscriptions at Glastonbury, Conn.

Henry Sackett died Sept. 20, 1865, Æ. 46.

This Henry Sackett not identified. Please write webmaster with any further information.

Register 87 (1933): 302


Vol. 18, page 143, line 51. For Lyman Sackett read Symon Sackett.

Register 90 (1936): 104

Marriages in Boston by Rev. William Jenks, D.D.
From the manuscript records of the Green Street Congregational Church

Apr. 21 [1836] Mr. Charles Sackett & Miss Mary E. Davis, both of Boston.

This Charles Sackett not identified. Please write webmaster with any further information.

Register 90 (1936): 158–9

William Hannum and Some of His Descendants

Abigail [Hannum], [d. William Hannum & Honor Capen], b. in 1640 and bapt. at Windsor, Conn., 22 Nov. 1640; d. probably at Westfield, 10 Oct. 1690; m. 23 Nov. 1659 John Sackett of Northampton and Westfield, b. probably at Newtowne (now Cambridge), in 1632, d. probably at Westfield, in 1719, son of Simon Sacket.

Register 105 (1951): 58

Harris of Cumberland County, N.J.

Samuel, Joseph, and Nathaniel Moore were among the subscribers to the church in Greenwich in South Jersey in 1730. DeForrest suggests that these are probably of the Newtown and Southampton family, and that they may be the children of those names of Joseph (Samuel, John) and Elizabeth (Sackett) Moore. This is hardly possible, for though the son Joseph of this marriage was born in 1708, the son Samuel was born in 1724, and the son Nathaniel in 1728, too young to appear on these lists.

Register 105 (1951): 106

Stephen Hopkins and His Descendants

Anthony Paddock Hopkins (Elijah, Sylvanus, Judah, Stephen, Giles, Stephen), born in Warren, Conn., in 1764, died there 22 April 1813. He married Jemima Weed, born in 1768, died 18 April 1865, aged 97 years.
  An administrator was appointed 10 May 1813, and Jemima Hopkins was made guardian of the children. The inventory showed his estate to be valued at $2672.25.
  Children, born in Warren:
i. Sally, b. 30 Nov. 1798; d. in Edinburgh, Ohio, 3 Dec. 1851; m. in Warren, 1 Jan. 1822, Benjamin Carter, b. there 5 March 1797, d. in Edinburgh 21 Nov. 1868, the son of Benjamin and Lydia (Sackett) Carter. He m. (2) 11 May 1854 Mrs. Clarinda Talcott, the daughter of Jonathan and Clarinda (Elliott) Warner and the widow of Rev. Hart Talcott of Warren. He was a farmer and a highly respected deacon from the time of the organization of the church in Edinburgh until his death. Children (surname Carter), b. in Edinburgh: 1. William Hopkins, b. 7 July 1823. 2. Worthington, b. 20 May 1826; d. 18 Feb. 1845.

Register 105 (1951): 109

Stephen Hopkins and His Descendants

Luman Clark [Hopkins], [s. Luman Hopkins & Anna Clark], b. [in Cornwall, Conn.] 8 May 1820; m. (1) in Nelson, [Ohio,] 6 Nov. 1844, Janette L. Sackett, b. in Ellsworth, Ohio, 22 Aug. 1825, the daughter of Moses Sackett; m. (2) in Rootstown, Ohio, 25 April 1848, Eliza Stilson, b. in Palmyra, Ohio, 16 June 1828, the daughter of Philo and Hannah (Hoyt) Stilson.
  Children by second wife:
[6 children].

Register 107 (1953): 208

Roger Barton of Westchester County, N.Y.

Rachel [Barton], [d. Dr. Leonard Barton & Rachel Gale], b. 16 Aug. 1797; m. 12 Oct. 1815 Stephen Sackett, b. in 1794, d. in 1871.

Register 107 (1953): 301

Roger Barton of Westchester County, N.Y.

Anthony Hoffman [Barton], [s. George William Barton & Elizabeth Hoffman], b. 4 July 1836; d. 20 Oct. 1913; m. (1) Emily M. Sackett; m. (2) Isaphene Wilkinson.

Register 108 (1954): 46

Richard Falle-Falley and Some of His Descendants

Walter [Bush, s. Zachariah & Mary (Falle) Bush], b. [Westfield] 5 July 1775; d. in Turin twp., Lewis Co., 2 March 1841, "aged 66" ("History of Lewis Co. N.Y.", Hough, 1860, p.211); m. in Westfield Lydia Sackett ("Westfield Marriages, 1670–1850", p. 11), bapt. 20 Aug 1775, d. in Lewis County, 22 Aug. 1843, "aged 69" ("History of Lewis Co., N.Y.", Hough, 1883, p. 516), dau. Daniel and Mehetable (Dewey) Sackett, Jr. ("Church of Christ, Westfield, Baptisms, 1697–1836", p. 259).

Register 111 (1957): 160–1


Sacket–Stanton.—The identity of Abigail, wife of Capt. Joshua Stanton (1740–1811), of Connecticut and Vermont, has long been desired. Recently, and with the assistance of others, especially the initial search made by Donald Lines Jacobus, M.A., we have been able to solve the problem.
  A manuscript of over 100 pages has been compiled, giving all proof and much detail, which my client, Roland Mather Hooker, Esq., of Miami Beach, Fla., a descendant and a member of this Society, plans eventually to publish in a small private edition. In the interim, a copy of the manuscript has been presented to our Society, where it may be consulted by those interested.
  The proof rests on an account of his grandmother, the said Abigail, given by the Rev. Chauncey Graham Lee, which another descendant of Abigail's, Mrs. Thomas Porter Gunning, of Princeton, Ill., most graciously lent us and permitted us to photostat. In this lengthy tale Mr. Lee writes that his grandmother was born a Sacket. (This branch of the family dropped the final "t" although some later descendants resumed it. The 1891 Stanton genealogy, and the 1907 Sackett genealogy are not reliable.) He also mentioned a relative, a Dr. Sacket, who claimed Abigail as an aunt.
  It was necessary to find out if Mr. lee's recollections and traditions were correct, which necessitated considerable work in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont, mainly in original sources, such as the invaluable deeds. He was entirely truthful, therefore we could accept his statement as to his grandmother's maiden name.
  Then came the problem, who was Abigail Sacket? We were able to eliminate all but two possible Abigails. However, Abigail,5 born and baptised in Westfield, Mass., 27 April and 5 May 1745, daughter of Samuel4 and Ruth (Trumble) Sacket, was proved to marry in Canaan, Conn., 30 Nov. 1764, John Richards, so we could discard her. This left the right Abigail,5 born in Sheffield, Mass., Sept. 17 (torn, probably 1741), eldest daughter of Benjamin4 and Thankful (King) Sacket, who was indeed the wife of our Capt. Joshua Stanton. The Dr. (John) Sacket, named by Mr. Lee, proved to be her great-nephew, son of Buel Sacket, who was a son of Abigail's brother, Benjamin5 Sacket. And the Oliver Sacket who witnessed deeds of Capt. Stanton's in Salisbury, Conn., in 1790, was a nephew, son of her brother, Zebulon5 Sacket.
  The complete manuscript consists of these chapters:
"Grandma" as written by Abigail's grandson.
Samuel Sacket, not Grandma's father.
Benjamin Sacket, Grandma's father.
Grandma—Abigail (Sacket) Stanton and her children, viz:
    Elizabeth (Stanton) Camp, wife of Luke Camp, Jr.
    Joshua Stanton Jr., who m. Eunice (Porter) Bird, widow of John Bird;
      she m. (3), Col. Albert Pawling.
    Abigail (Stanton) Lee, wife of the Rev. Chauncey Lee, from who Mrs.
      Gunning descends.
    Sally (Stanton) Peaslee, wife of Lt. Zacheus Peaslee, from who Mr.
      Hooker descends.
Addenda, consisting of:
    Dr. John Sacket, Grandma's great-nephew.
    Capt. Elijah Stanton, Grandma's father-in-law.
    Nathaniel Jewell, Sr., and Jr., Grandma's neighbors.
    Principal Authorities consulted and Suggestions for Further research.
  But for Mr. Hooker's patience and generosity, this material would not have been gathered and made available to the public, nor would the question of Abigail's identity have been solved. (The account gives full credit to those who assisted in the research and gives references for all the statements made therein. W.L.H.)
    Lexington, Mass.    Winifred Lovering Holman, S.B., F.A.S.G.

Register 112 (1958): 145

Memoirs [on the deceased members of the New England Historic Genealogical Society]

Mrs. Frank Alonzo Dudley (Etta Brown), of Niagara Falls, N.Y., who was elected an annual member of the Society 30 June 1942, died 1 Aug. 1957.
  She was born in Niagara Falls 27 Dec. 1866, a daughter of Wesley Payn Brown, born in Peru, Mass., 15 Oct. 1838, died in Niagara Falls 5 May 1927, whose wife married 7 May 1863, in Pittsfield, Mass., Harriet Ann Sackett, was born in Cheshire, Mass., 16 Sept. 1841, died in Niagara Falls 22 May 1927, a daughter of Charles A. Sackett and Harriet Cynthia Lucas.
  She was graduated in 1884 from Miss Nardin's Academy in Niagara Falls.
  She married in Niagara Falls, 17 Dec. 1890, Frank Alonzo Dudley, born in Wilson, N.Y., 30 Jan. 1864, a son of John Alexander Dudley, born in Guilford, Conn., 4 May 1829, died 21 Nov. 1912 in Whitewater, Wis., married in Wilson, 20 Dec. 1854, Henrietta Maria Wright, born in Lockport, N.Y., 20 Dec. 1832, died 16 Jan. 1887 in Whitewater, daughter of Ithural Wright. There were no children.
  Mrs. Dudley's Brown line of descent follows: [not transcribed].

Charles A. Sackett and Harriet Ann Sackett not identified. Please write webmaster with any further information.

Register 113 (1959): 215–6

The Ancestry of John Jones

His [Elnathan Field's] will was dated 12 July 1735, probated 7 Feb. 1754 (WNYHS, 4-476 f.), and names his wife Elizabeth; son Benjamin; eldest son Robert, already provided for; daughters Susanna Sackett, Phebe Coe, and Mary Coe; the sons are named executors ... .
Children [of Elnathan Field] by his first wife [name unknown]:
i. Elizabeth, b. 24 June 1696; d. before 1735, not in father's will; nor in the will of her uncle Robert, when three other sisters are named; Pierce says she m. John Sackett.
Children [of Elnathan Field] by second wife [Elizabeth Bullock]:
v. Susanna, m. (1), before 31 Dec. 1728, John Sackett (Joseph, Simon, Simon), who d. on that date; m. after 1735, John Leverich. Pierce claims that John Sackett was widower of her sister Elizabeth.

Register 115 (1961): 44

Shaker Death Records

[1838] Feb. 8 Deborah Sacket [aged] 75

Deborah Sacket not identified. Please write webmaster with any further information.

Register 115 (1961): 112

Father Nash's Record of Baptisms

[Parents] Samuel & Sally Sacket [Child] Grace Abigail [Date of Birth] June 1, 1816 [Date of Baptism] (no date) [but in list headed 1817].

Grace Abigail Sacket not identified. Please write webmaster with any further information.

Register 115 (1961): 113

Father Nash's Record of Baptisms

[Parents] James Angel Fox [Child] [blank] [Date of Birth] Mar. 19, 1794 [Date of Baptism] Mar. 5 [1817]. Witnesses: Samuel Sacket; John Dailey; Eleazer Williams; Sarah Otis.

Register 115 (1961): 113

Father Nash's Record of Baptisms

[Parents] James Angel Fox [Child] [blank] [Date of Birth] Mar. 19, 1794 [Date of Baptism] Mar. 5 [1817]. Witnesses: Samuel Sacket; John Dailey; Eleazer Williams; Sarah Otis.

Register 115 (1961): 113

Father Nash's Record of Baptisms

[Parents] Alma Taylor [Child] [blank] [Date of Birth] July 1, 1789 [Date of Baptism] Mar. 6 [1817]. Witnesses: Samuel Sacket; James A. Fox; Sarah Otis.

Register 115 (1961): 114

Father Nash's Record of Baptisms

[Parents] Ephraim Palmiter [Child] [blank] [Date of Birth] May 2, 1784 [Date of Baptism] Feb. 6 [1818]. Witnesses: Samuel Sacket; Oliver Swan; Anna Swan.

Samuel Sacket not identified. Please write webmaster with any further information.

Register 115 (1961): 117

Father Nash's Record of Baptisms

[Parents] Samuel & Sally Sacket [Child] John Barckley [Date of Birth] Dec. 18, 1820 [Date of Baptism] Sep. 5 [1821].

John Barckley Sacket not identified. Please write webmaster with any further information.

Register 118 (1964): 212

The Rev. Richard Bourne of Sandwich, Mass.

John [Ruggles, s. Hon. Timothy Ruggles & Bathsheba Bourne], b. in 1742; m. Hannah Sackett.

Register 120 (1966): 123

The Diary of Elizabeth (Porter) Phelps

January 2, 1791. Sun. Mr. Hop. pr. Eclesi 8 and 15. The life which God giveth thee under the sun—a new years sermon. Monday Mr. Phelps Porter and I round by Northampton (upon business) up to Hatfield, made a visit at Mr. Lymans. Tuesday Mr. Phelps went as deligate with Mr. Hop. to South Hadley to counsel. Just at eve. Mr. Sacket and wife from Westfield (she was Olive Dean) came here. Wednesday morning left. Thursday Mr. Phelps got home. Fryday Landlady Smith here from the Mills.

Register 122 (1968): 320


Sackett.— Parents of Jesse Sackett, died before 1802, husband of Phebe Westcott, who married secondly, D. Abbott of Sherburne, N.Y.

This Jesse Sacket is still not identified. Please write webmaster with any further information.

Register 123 (1969): 261

Judge Pynchon's Marriage Record: 1685–1711

Sept. 13th: 1682 John Noble & Abigall Sackcut Joined in Mariage

Register 123 (1969): 262

Judge Pynchon's Marriage Record: 1685–1711

Jan.15.90: John Sackcut widdower & Sarah Stuart wid: Joined in Marria—

Register 136 (1982): 330

Ancestry of The Princess of Wales

215. Lowell (Jackson) Thomas, 1892–1981, travel author, radio & television commentator; Harry George Thomas & Harriet May Wagner; David Randall Thomas & Pheriba Anne Jackson; Charles W. Thomas & Mercy Sackett; Cyrus Sackett & Nancy Stapleton; Reuben Sackett & Mercy Finney; Jonathan Sackett & Anne Filer; Samuel Filer & Abigail —; Zerubbabel Filer & Experience Strong.

Register 137 (1983): 10

The 1798 Census in Vermont

In the Whitelaw papers is a list of all lands belonging to Samuel Franklin, a wealthy New York Quaker merchant who owned property in many Vermont towns. In Lemington he held 9,256 acres, having bought the "original rights" of forty-five people, including a number of his fellow New Yorkers (Daniel Bowne, the Seamanses, etc.). In Berlin Franklin owned 4,000 acres, the "original rights" of forty people, many of whose names also suggest the state of New York: Cornelius Van Wyck and four other Van Wycks, Hendrick Brevoort, Nathaniel Sackett, and others."

Nathaniel Sackett not identified. Please write webmaster with any further information.

The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. NEHGS, Boston. (Researched by Chris Sackett).