History of Solano and Napa counties, California

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    John Elwood Sackett.
    The well-known president of the Citizens Bank of Winters is John Elwood Sackett, a native of Ohio, born in Mount Vernon, Knox county, in 1853. He is the son of Rev. John B. and Amanda (Bardeen) Sackett, both of whom were born in New York. The father was a Baptist clergyman and for many years was secretary of the Ohio Baptist state convention. His ministry extended principally throughout Ohio, where he became well known as an evangelist. His demise occurred suddenly as he was entering a church at Clyde, Ohio, to conduct the evening service, December 24, 1871. His wife died in Madison, Ohio, ten years later. Of their six children three are living, and of these John E. is the youngest. He attended the schools of his birthplace and later took one year's work in Granville University, thus laying the foundation for a successful life. When nineteen years of age he left Ohio in company with his brother and came to California, going first to Yolo county, and soon afterward to San Francisco. J.E. Sackett had had some experience in his brother's store prior to their coming to California and with this start he went to work in a well-known commission house, remaining for eleven years. After resigning his position he came to Solano county and began ranching with his brother. At the present time Mr. Sackett owns four hundred acres of land about five miles west of Winters in Solano and Yolo counties, of which one hundred acres are in all kinds of fruit trees. Mr. Sackett is an indefatigable worker, for in addition to the time and attention required by his banking business, he superintends all the packing of his fruits as well as the ranch itself.
    In 1879 Mr. Sackett was married to Miss Ella May Loud. To this union there were born seven children, six daughters and one son, the last, John Elwood, Jr. Helen A., after graduating from high school, spent two years in the University of California at Berkeley; Mabel Y., educated in Winters and a graduate of Stockton Business College, is engaged in teaching; Bardeen A. is a graduate of the high school; Grace M. is training for a nurse; Eulalia is attending high school; Marna G. is the youngest of the family. In 1906 Mr. Sackett underwent a severe trial in the loss of his wife. She was a noble woman, a zealous mother and a loving wife, whose memory is revered by those who continue on without her tender, guiding hand. Mr. Sackett was made a Mason in Buckeye Lodge No. 195, F. & A.M., and is past master and the present secretary of his lodge, and he is also a member of the Eastern Star. Politically he is a Republican. He is actively identified with the interests of the Winters Dried Fruit Company, being secretary since its organization. By his sterling qualities of mind and heart he has endeared himself to all and stamped upon the commmunity in which he lives the impress of a virulent life of notable achievement.

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    Louis Arthur Sackett
    In Louis Arthur Sackett, California has a native son who has made good by showing to the world that he possesses the indomitable energy and keen wisdom that are essential to success. His experiences have been many and varied, but he has always been able to turn to good advantage the different situations in life in which he has found himself from time to time.
    Mr. Sackett was born near Winters, Yolo county, October 2, 1870, son of Buel L. and Frances (Williams) Sackett. Mr. Williams came to California in 1851 and is a citizen of Alameda. When he was four years old Mr. Sackett was taken by his parents to Oakland. Another four years and the family was re-established in Yolo county, whence it moved in 1887 to Solano county. As a young man Mr. Sackett spent about ten years in the mines and there he learned well those hopes and aspirations that burn within the miner's breast as day after day he is lured on to find precious metal. A portion of his time has been spent in San Francisco. Ten years ago he came back to Solano county with a valuable experience and a supply of hard earned money. Two years later he bought the ranch he now occupies. This is very fertile soil, embracing some one hundred and sixteen acres. Over one-half of this holding is in orchard, the major portion in deciduous fruits. Seven acres is set aside for for the cultivation of oranges and lemons. Mr. Sackett has the noteworthy distinction of having the largest orange grove in the county. The thrifty appearance of his ranch bespeaks volumes for the care and attention he has so energetically bestowed on it. In fact the whole of his time is devoted to fruit raising, at which he is very successful. His oranges are of superior quality and command the highest price in the San Francisco market. From thirty lemon trees he received $300 in 1912. He has lately installed a pumping plant of sufficient capacity to irrigate his entire orchard.
    In 1891 Mr. Sackett married Miss Clara Graham, a native of Dayton, Cal., who has borne him a son and a daughter, named respectively, Sanford B. and Dorothy. Mrs. Sackett's parents, Charles H. and Mary (Newton) Graham, live in Solano county. Mr. Sackett is a member of Buckley Lodge No. 195, F. and A.M., of Winters, Cal. Known as an ardent advocate of good roads he takes every opportunity to champion the cause of this public necessity. He has won and retains the good will and esteem of the people of his district and all who know him are ever ready to attest to his breadth of mind, goodness of heart and kindliness of disposition.

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