Guernsey deaths, civil register

5 records

  • 36/514, "8 February 1925 12.30 p.m. Jabez Sackett, aged 84, s. Benjamin Sackett [mother's name not given], d. at Magnolia House, Les Amballes, St Peter Port. Occupation: schoolmaster."
  • 223/18, "15 January 1942, 7.10 a.m., Alfred James Sackett, 76, father Jabez Sackett, mother Sarah Ann Young, d. at Grange Road, male nurse, of Balure, Grange Road, St Peter Port, b. England."
  • 509/6, "7 January 1951 2.30 a.m. Lillie Sackett, w. of Thomas Arthur Gosselin, aged 76, d. of Jabez Sackett & Sarah Anne Young, b. Lincolnshire, England."
  • 82/444, "28 September 1965, William Smith Sackett, 85, father Jabez Alfred Sackett, mother Susan Annie Young, d. at St Peter Port Hospital, gardener (retired), of 10 Mount Row, St Peter Port, b. Beverley, Yorkshire."
  • 135/505, "23 November 1966, Laura Sackett, widow of Thomas John Keyho, 84, father Jabez Sackett, mother Sarah Annie Young, d. at Rue Maze, St Martin's, usual abode Longue Rue House, Les Caches, St Martin's, b. Beverley, Yorks."

Register of deaths, civil register, Guernsey Greffe & Priaulx Library (Researched & transcribed by Chris Sackett).