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Sharon, Connecticut, & Amenia, New York, Burying Grounds

  • Burying Ground at the "Steel Works", "This is a small enclosure on the hillside above the "Steel Works," on the old road, half way between South Amenia and Wassaic. Here was buried in 1746, Mr. Richard Sackett, the earliest settler of Amenia. The stone that marked the spot has long since disappeared. The whole place is shamefully neglected."
  • The Square Burying Ground West Side, "Sackett, Joel, died Jan. 10, 1773, æ. 22"
  • Winchell Mountain Burying Ground, "Gilbert, Samuel, died Nov. 27, 1797, æ. 74"
    [husband of Sarah Sackett]
  • The Sharon Burying Ground, "Sackett, Mrs. Marcy, widow of the late Reuben, of Warren, died Jan. 23, 1805, æ. 75"
  • Burying Ground at Coleman's Station, "Gilbert, Sarah, widow of Samuel, died Feb. 22, 1818, æ. 86"
  • The Amenia Island Cemetery, "Sackett, Mary Louise, born April 6, 1862, died June 9, 1863. (Guernsey Sackett monument.)"
  • The Amenia Island Cemetery, "Sackett, John T., born Nov. 27, 1808, died Feb. 3, 1882"
  • The Amenia Island Cemetery, "Sackett, Guernsey, born July 7, 1833, died May 6, 1892"
  • The Amenia Island Cemetery, "Harrison, Gertrude, daughter of Arthur Jewett and Fannie (Sackett) Harrison, born Nov. 21, 1899, died Jan. 25, 1900"
  • The Amenia Island Cemetery, "Sackett, Gertrude R. Bertine, wife of Guernsey Sackett, born March 24, 1836, died May 11, 1900"
  • The Amenia Island Cemetery, "Sackett, Maria L. Guernsey, wife of John T. Sackett, born March 18, 1814, died April 8, 1903"

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