Sackett places

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  • Sackett Street, Brighton, Queensland
    • 27.2915169S, 153.0524948E, elevation 55 feet


  • Sackett Bay, Cameron Lake, Ontario


  • Sackett Avenue, Candle Lake, Saskatchewan
    • 53.7702552N, 105.309052W, elevation 1,617 feet
  • Sackett Street, Candle Lake, Saskatchewan
    • 53.7858599N, 105.3195008W, elevation 1,617 feet


  • Sackett's Gap, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent
    • beach, 51.23294N, 0.124370E, elevation 0 feet
  • Sackett's Hill, St Peter in Thanet, Kent
    • Sackett's Hill lies within the parish of St Peter in Thanet, just off the Dane Court Road, about a twenty-minute walk from St Peter's Church along part of the thousand year-old path that connects the ancient churches of St Lawrence, St Peter, and St John—the same path trodden over the centuries by many generations of Sacketts.
    • Map, history, & picture gallery
    Sackett's Hill House
    The former Sackett's Hill House was destroyed by fire in 1942.


  • Sackett Road, Barking, London
    • 51.519943N, 0.1039358E, elevation 19 feet


  • There are "Saket" districts in New Delhi, India. The name would appear to have a distinct Indian derivation and is not related to the Sackett family.
    • 1. "Saket is an upmarket residential colony located in the South Delhi district, of Delhi, India. The name Saket in Sanskrit means a place that is close to the heavens and Saket was the ancient name of the city of Ayodhya."—see Wikipedia: Saket (Delhi).
    • 2. "Saket District Centre is a commercial centre located in Saket, New Delhi."—see Wikipedia: Saket District Centre.



  • Sackett Family Cemetery, Jackson County, Arkansas
    • elevation 236 feet
    • The Sackett Family Cemetery sits on one acre of land and consists of nine interments in total; three marked and six unmarked. (Find A Grave,


  • Sacketts Gulch, Sierra County, California
    • Valley, 394235N, 1205532W, 4,692 feet
  • Sackett Lane, Winters, California
    • 38.4988852N, 122.042307W, 161 feet
  • Sackett's Well, California
    • Louis L'Amour, author of a series of books about a fictional Sackett family, "got the name from a desert well somewhat west of Yuma, Arizona, although it is in California. The "well" (you have to dig several barrels of sand before reaching water) was discovered by a Lt. Delos B. Sackett who was with a government expedition and the water was desperately needed for their mules." (Letter, 28 June 1981, Louis L'Amour to Ruth Elzey Rawlings,
  • Sackett's Wells, Imperial County, California


  • Sackett Avenue, Salida, Colorado
    • 38.5394931N, 105.9960162W, elevation 7,055 feet
  • Sackett Reservoir, Delta County, Colorado
    • 390359N, 1075001W, elevation 10,456 feet
    • also Sackett Dam, Delta County, 390402N, 1075000W, 10,482 feet


  • Sackett Point, New Haven County, Connecticut
    • Cape, 412202N, 0725225W, elevation 13 feet
    • also Sackett Point Road, North Haven, Connecticut


  • Sackett Circle, Orlando, Florida
    • 28.5650138N, 81.5077142W, elevation 132 feet
  • Sackett Road, DeBary, Florida
    • 28.8844167N, 81.3281287W, elevation 41 feet



  • Sackett Drive, Brownsburg, Indiana
    • 39.8221611N, 86.3486047W, elevation 868 feet


  • Sackett, Letcher County, Kentucky
    • Populated place, 371209N, 0825307W, elevation 1,129 feet
    • also Sackett Loop over Rockhouse Creek, bridge carrying one-lane highway over waterway (,


  • Sacketts Pond, Round Bay, Anne Arundel County, Maryland
    • Lake, 390434N, 0763442W, elevation 7 feet


  • Sackett Brook, Berkshire County, Massachusetts
    • Stream, 422520N, 0731410W, elevation 961 feet
  • Sackett Brook Park, Pittsfield East, Berkshire County, Massachusetts
    • 422533N, 0731216W, elevation 1,030 feet
  • Upper Sackett Reservoir, Berkshire County, Massachusetts
    • 422502N, 0730953W, elevation 1,526 feet
  • Lower Sackett Reservoir, Berkshire County, Massachusetts
    • 422519N, 0730959W, elevation 1,293 feet
  • Sacket Brook, Hampshire County, Massachusetts
    • Stream, 421157N, 0724603W, elevation 259 feet
  • Sackett Hill, Berkshire County, Massachusetts
    • Summit, variant name of Warner Hill, 422502N, 0730906W, elevation 2,057 feet, 2 miles SW of Hinsdale
  • Sackett Place, Springfield, Massachusetts
    • 42.1111600N, 72.5862055W, elevation 113 feet
  • Sackett Reservoir, Hampden County, Massachusetts
    • 420542N, 0724810W, elevation 423 feet
  • Sackett Road, Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts
    • 42.1061200N, 72.7989429W, elevation 336 feet


  • Sackett Cemetery, Monroe County, Michigan
    • variant name of King Cemetery, 415628N, 0833036W, elevation 630 feet
    • The King/Sackett Cemetery is located in Section 20 of Raisinville Township, Ribbon Farm No. 489, South Custer Road (M-50), east of Dixon Road, Monroe. Owner: Township. (Michigan USGenWeb Archives,
  • Sackett Hall, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan
    Sackett's Hall
    H Louise (Doe) Sackett, second wife of Edward Sackett, gave Sackett Hall to the Tappan Presbyterian Association.
    • See Edward Sacket (1806–1866), son of Augustus Sacket of Sackets Harbor.
    • Chicago Daily Tribune, 28 March 1892:
      "Mrs. H.L.D. Sackett. Ann Arbor, Mich., March 27.—[Special.]—Mrs. H. Louise D. Sackett died in this city this evening of paralysis. She gave Sackett Hall and the site on which McMillan Hall stands to the Tappan Presbyterian Association, and recently gave a $4,000 organ to the Presbyterian Church. She gave during her life fully $50,000 in benefactions."
  • Sackett Road, Bronson Township, Branch County, Michegan
    • 41.8834342N, 85.2349636W, elevation 891 feet


  • Sackett Playground, Ramsey County, Minnesota
    • Park, 445825N, 0930150W, elevation 912 feet


  • Sackett Drive, Florissant, Missouri
    • 38.8008493N, 90.2980343W, elevation 545 feet
  • Sackett Lane, Waynesville, Missouri
    • 37.8131647N, 92.2083173W, elevation 861 feet
  • Sackett Road, Raymondville, Missouri
    • 37.4245932N, 91.8045556W, elevation 3,130 feet
  • Sackett Street, Licking, Missouri
    • 37.4892024N, 91.8607037W, elevation 1,313 feet


  • Sackett Street, Las Vegas, Nevada
    • 36.1856030N, 115.1425686W, elevation 1,967 feet


  • Sackett Road, Lee, New Hampshire
    • 43.1440207N, 70.9861930W, elevation 216 feet


  • Sackett Street, Bergen-Lafayette, Jersey City, New Jersey
    • 40.7162614N, 74.0788851W, elevation 63 feet


  • Sackett Mine, Sandoval County, New Mexico
    • 355059N, 1070217W, elevation 6,903 feet


  • Old Sackett Road, Rock Hill, New York
    • 41.6096300N, 74.6018472W, elevation 1,558 feet
  • Sackets Harbor, Black River Bay, Jefferson County, New York
    Sacket mansion
    Augustus Sacket's mansion, built 1802, is now the Visitor Center.
    • Populated place, 435646N, 0760709W, elevation 282 feet
    • Sackets Harbor is the best known of Sackett places. It was founded in 1801 by New York lawyer and businessman Augustus Sacket (1769–1827). Because of its sheltered position in Black River Bay, on the south-east shore of Lake Ontario, it was of major strategic importance during the War of 1812 as headquarters of the Northern Army and Fleet.
    • Notable Sacketts—Augustus Sacket
    • The village is a New York State Heritage Area with exceptional historic attractions. Augustus Sacket's mansion is now the Visitor Center.
    • Website, Village of Sackets Harbor Visitors' Guide
    • Sackets Harbor on Wikipedia
  • Sackett Avenue, Bronx, New York City
    • 40.8448118N, 73.8519357W, elevation 45 feet
  • Sackett Circle, Larchmont, New York
    • 40.9475970N, 73.7686304W, elevation 154 feet
    • connects to Sackett Drive
  • Sackett's Corners, Westerlo, New York
    • 42.38328N, 73.36552W
    • later Preston's Corners, now Van Leuvan's Corners after Isaac Van Leuvan. New York State Historical Marker. 5 miles south of Snyder's Corners, Westerlo.
  • Sackett Creek, Nichols, Tioga County, New York
    • Stream, 420139N, 0762259W, elevation 771 feet
    • also Sackett Creek Road
  • Sackett Foot Bridge, Tompkins County, New York
    Sacket Bridge
    Sackett Bridge, Cornell Botanic Gardens, Ithaca, New York
    • 422706N, 0762823W, elevation 781 feet
  • Sacketts Harbor, Chenango County, New York
    • Locale, 422103N, 0754421W, elevation 928 feet
  • Sacketts Harbor, Conesus Lake, Livingston County, New York
    • Populated place, 424747N, 0774315W, elevation 843 feet
    • Facility comprising boat livery, cottages, country store, and gas station, established by Leonard Marvin Sackett in the early 1920s
  • Sackett Farms Airstrip, Genesee County, New York
    • Airport, 430431N, 0780257W, elevation 650 feet
  • Sackett Lake, Thompson, Sullivan County, New York
  • Sackett's Orchard, Cherry Street, Manhattan, New York
    • Beer garden and bowling green owned by Capt Richard Sackett (late 1670s–1746) in about 1700. Cherry Street was also then known as Sackett Street.
  • Sackett Road, Avon, New York
    • 42.9012667N, 77.7592338W, elevation 609 feet
  • Sackett Road, Bergen, New York
    • 43.1109060N, 77.9633820W, elevation 593 feet
  • Sackett Road, Wayne, New York
    • 42.4873098N, 77.1348888W, elevation 739 feet
  • Sackett Square, Chester, New York
    • 41.3519642N, 74.2192136W, elevation 533 feet
  • Sackett Street, Brooklyn, New York
    • 40.6818676N, 73.9946188W, elevation 22 feet
    • Named after Samuel Sackett (1765–1822), who worked in poor relief, and whose house was the site for the first regular hospital in Brooklyn.
  • Sackett Street Boulevard, Brooklyn, New York
    • About 2 miles east of Sackett Street
    • Built between 1870 and 1874, Eastern Parkway was the world's first parkway to be built explicitly for personal and recreational traffic while restricting commercial traffic. The road was originally known as Sackett Street Boulevard, then Jamaica Parkway, and then East Parkway, East Side Parkway (1872). —Crown Heights News,
  • Sackett Street, Hicksville, Oyster Bay, New York
    • 40.7707823N, 73.5310521W, elevation 140 feet
  • Sackett Street, Seneca Falls, New York
    • Named after Judge Gary V Sackett (1790–1865), who built a substantial stone house at 115 W Bayard Street, Seneca Falls, in about 1833. Sackett Street runs at a right angle to Bayard Street.


  • North Sackett Street, Lakeside, Marblehead, Ohio
    • 41.533656N, 82.7879143W, elevation 590 feet
  • Sackett Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio
    • 41.4633997N, 81.7112121W, elevation 692 feet
  • Sackett Avenue, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
    • 41.1312946N, 81.5075276W, elevation 1,022 feet
  • Sackett Cemetery, Ottawa County, Ohio
    • 413149N, 0824714W, elevation 604 feet
  • Sackett Drive, Monroe, Ohio
    • 39.4311155N, 84.3621171W, elevation 778 feet
  • Sackett Hills Drive, Akron, Ohio
    • 41.1338144N, 81.5244547W, elevation 990 feet
  • Sackett School, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
    • 412746N, 0814226W, elevation 689 feet
  • Sacket Run, Washington County, Ohio
    • Stream, 393250N, 0811322W, elevation 646 feet
  • Sackett Field, Portage County, Ohio
    • Airport, 410448N, 0811902W, elevation 1,115 feet
  • Sackett Elementary School, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Sackett Street, Maumee, Ohio
    • 41.5699650N, 83.6517750W, elevation 630 feet


  • Sackett Hall, Oregon State University
    • Named after Beatrice Marguerite (Walton) Sackett (1897–1947), Vice-President of the Oregon State Board of Higher Education
    • Also Southwest Sackett Place, adjacent to Sackett Hall


  • Sackett, Elk County, Pennsylvania
    • Populated place, 413153N, 0785413W, elevation 1,900 feet
    • Mentioned in the newspaper Indiana Progress (Indiana, Pennsylvania), 19 Aug 1891:
      "Pennsylvania Pickings.
      Postal changes for the week. … New postoffices have been established as follows: … At Sackett, Elk county, with Wm. R. Leake as postmaster."
  • Sackett Building, State College, Centre County, Pennsylvania
    • 404741N, 0775147W, elevation 1,152 feet
  • Sackett Hollow, McKean County, Pennsylvania
    • Valley, 414120N, 0782313W, elevation 1,601 feet
  • Sackett Lane, Whitehall, Pennsylvania
    • 40.6438729N, 75.4899253W, elevation 350 feet
  • Sackett Road, Highland Township, Elk County, Pennsylvania
    • 41.5399290N, 78.8867407W, elevation 1,828 feet
  • Sackett, Highland Township, Elk County, Pennsylvania
    • populated place, elevation 1,900 feet
  • Sackett Road, Towanda, Sheshequin Township, Pennsylvania
    • 41.8530945N, 76.4372839W, elevation 1,365 feet
  • Sackett Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    • 40.0356790N, 75.0541646W, elevation 83 feet


  • Sackett Street School, Providence, Rhode Island
    • 414738N, 0712509W, elevation 46 feet
    • also Sackett Street


  • Sackett Street, Houston, Texas
    • 29.7384343N, 95.4249725W, elevation 52 feet


  • Sackett Drive, Park City, Utah
    • 40.7611693N, 111.5618482W, elevation 6,452 feet
  • Sackett Hollow, Iron, Utah
    • Valley, 380520N, 1123344W, elevation 6,906 feet


  • Sacketts Brook, Windham, Vermont
    • Stream, 425750N, 0723051W, elevation 220 feet
    • Stone Arch Bridge, 425831N, 0723119W, elevation 371 feet


  • Sackett Glen Lane, Chelan, Washington State
    • 47.7702854N, 120.0765216W, elevation 828 feet


  • Sackett Road, Princeton, West Virginia
    • 37.3415792N, 81.1083564W, elevation 2,469 feet


  • Sackett Drive, Medford, Wisconsin
    • 45.2199483N, 90.4454040W, elevation 1,482 feet
  • Sackett's Marsh, near Berlin, Wisconsin
    • Mentioned in the newspaper Indiana Progress (Indiana, Pennsylvania), 1 May 1879:
      "Items of Interest.
      Sackett's marsh, near Berlin, Wis., covers 760 acres, and has been known to yield a crop of cranberries in one year of 35,000 bushels."
  • Sackett Lake, Taylor, Wisconsin
    • Lake, 451252N, 0902648W, elevation 1,470 feet
    • Recreation Area, 451304N, 0902642W, elevation 1,483 feet
  • Sackett Road, Mellen, Morse County, Wisconsin
    • 46.2802170N, 90.6428364W, elevation 1,501 feet


  • Sackett Avenue, Osage, Wyoming
    • 43.9810010N, 104.4280668W, elevation 4,352 feet
  • Sackett Canyon, Johnson County, Wyoming
    • Valley, 435104N, 1065216W, elevation 5,669 feet
  • East Fork Sackett Creek, Sheridan County, Wyoming
    • Stream, 443851N, 1065812W, elevation 4,409 feet
  • Sackett Creek, Sheridan, Wyoming
    • Stream, 444100N, 1065913W, elevation 4,042 feet

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