Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, NY

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  • 1:36, "HILLS OF PAWLING … Quaker Hill is the most famous, by far, of the hills in Pawling. This area was originally part of the Oblong and was the scene of some of the earliest settlement in Eastern Dutchess County, (other than Richard Sackett, the Dutchers, Oosterhouts and perhaps one or two others in Dover)."
  • 1:40, "DOVER
    The question of how Dover obtained its name has been addressed before, (e.g., Dutchess Co. Historical Society meeting 16 Sept. 1948), but never successfully. We cannot add anything except to acknowledge that it was so named by Feb. 1721 when Richard Sackett of Dover sold a parcel of land to Henry Vaughn of Lyme, Ct. It became a town on 20 Feb. 1807, erected from the Town of Pawling. The earliest written lease we have found for the Beekman Patent was for Dover, dated September 1732.
    The Dover area started its existence with recognition as the location of the signing of the "Treaty of Dover" which ended in 1731 the long dispute over the Oblong. Richard Sackett was probably the first settler of the Dover area, about 1711. He was noted for being an overseer of the affairs of the Palatine immigrants."
  • 1:58, "As early as 1728 Richard Sackett petitioned the Colonial Legislature for a warrant to survey the north line of Catherine Brett's Patent, in Dutchess County, in order to determine the true bounds of a tract of land of which he has been dispossessed, by Henry Beekman. [NY Land Papers x:80]."
    This year the Supervisor's records State "For Dover are chosen and from Pocghquayeck" [The first four]
    Arrye Rosa, Assessor
    Richard Sackett Jun., Collector
    Hendrick Neese, Surveyor of the road from Dover
    Arrye Cooll, Surveyor of road from Pocghquayeck
    Jan De Lange, Surveyor along the road from Pocghqueick {sic}"
  • 1:336, "18 May 1731. We Underwritten Justices of the peace of Dutchess County on the Eighteenth day of may In the fourth Year of our Majestys Reaign In the court House at Pocghkeepsink upon the Reasonable Request of Mr. Dirick De Duytser and Mr. Jacob Van Kampen & others of the Nessessety of Haveing a Surveyor of the Common Way or Road Leading from a place called Dover to Come Down to the Market or Common Landing at pochkeepsink To forecome all disputes and Debates which have formerly been We Doe order; that the Nighborhood of Wasayick called Dover Shall have the Privilige; of Chuseing a Surveyor for to repair the sd Road and to have the same power to command and appoint all the Inhabitants of the said Neighborhood; to work upon the said Road as all other surveyors have in all other places in our County of Dutchess and that they Shall after this first Election which is to be held at the house of Captn Richard Sackett...." [A History of Dover Township 10; original in Supervisor's records]."
  • 1:336, "15 May 1733. We therefore Whose names are under Written being the Commissioners by said Act appointed and Impowered to lay out publick high roads in the Neighborhood of Wassayck Called Dover … And wee also find that the Road that has been used to the house of Josia Cregier to be Inconvenient therefore Order that; That part of the Road which leads from the Road now Laid out to said house of Crego shall not be a Common high Road … and that the said Road that leads, from the afore said Road to Josia Gregos may be nul & void."
  • 1:392, "Philip Philipse, Beverly Robinson, Roger Morris, William Willet, Jonathan Brown, Mathias Marsh, John Thomas, Joseph Sackett and William Hooker Smith gave a deed of trust a month later, (25 May 1765) to William, Earl of Stirling, John Watts, Oliver DeLancy, Walter Rutherford and Henry Cruger, as arbitors to decide ownership of certain farms at the east end of the Philipse Patent, …"
  • 1:500, "Resolved that Capt Van Gaasbeek march his Company to the House & Neighborhood of Jams V Derbergh in Beekmans Precinct & they obey such orders as he shall receive from Nathaniel Sacket Esqr till the further order of this Committee." [ConC 55–6].
  • 1:526, "The Tories were respected by their neighbors for the mischief they could cause and on 19 Sept. 1776 the Provincial Convention appointed a committee "to devise ways and means for preventing the dangers which may arise from the disaffected in this State." [ConC xiii]. Six members of the Convention were elected to this committee: William Duer, Charles DeWitt, Leonard Gansevoort, John Jay, Zephaniah Platt and Nathaniel Sackett. The Committee usually met at Connor's Tavern in Fishkill and frequently dealt with residents of the Beekman Patent."
  • 1:553, "At the Board meeting held 30 Dec. 1776 … "Mr Sacket delivered to the Come the Examn of Martin Cornell which he had taken respecting Jacus Striker & John Maloyd." David Clarke, a Corporal later testified that John Kane had asked who else was in the lower barracks [jail] and he told him James Striker. On 27 Feb. 1777 Striker again appeared before the Board and took oath and was discharged. [ConC 55, 160]."
  • 1:558, {Same item as 5:500}.
  • 1:592, "At the meeting of the Board held 10 Jan. 1777, Nathaniel Sackett reported on information he had received from Enoch Crosby to the effect that the Havilands of Quaker Hill intended to join the enemy. [ConC 93–4]."
  • 2:70, "On 10 Jan. 1777 at the meeting of the Committee for Conspiracies Nathaniel Sackett Esq. reported to the committee: "that during his late absence he had in further prosecution of the business Committed to his Charge sent Enoch Crosby to the several persons mentioned in his last examination delivered by Mr. Sackett by this committee that said Crosby obtain'd very useful intelligence from them which is contain'd in his affadavit now produced"...etc. Crosby reported that a company of men from the Pawling area "intends shortly to Join the Enemy." Among this company were Jonathan Akins and Elisha Akins ... (who) are deeply concerned in promoting the designs of the enemy and are the principle agents in inlisting men in their service and directing them on their way to the enemy." [ConC 93]."
  • 2:83–84, "Stephen Akin was on the Pawling tax list from 1773, at 1, to 1779, at 2, and was fairly active in the Revolution. Unlike many of his relatives he was a patriot and a member of the Committee of Safety of Pawling. He was first mentioned at the 10 Jan. 1777 meeting of the Committee on Conspiracies when Nathan'l Sackett Esq. noted that on the 9th of January he had taken the affadavit of Benjamin Shearman and Stephen Akin which affadavit "mentions intelligence which those deponents had received of a number of Tories having purchased fire arms of the Mabbits and others having return'd from Exeter and being seen on Quaker-hill and other places and of a plan forming for apprehending the members of the Convention by a party of the light horse." [ConC 94]."
  • 2:347, "Other and unplaced Baldwins. ___ Baldwin m. Hannah Sackett, sister to James of Frederickstown before 19 March 1789, Sackett's will date. [DCW A:276]."
  • 2:565, "THE BETTS FAMILY
    There were several members of this family in Beekman near the end of the 18th Century. The emigrant was Richard Betts who was b. 1613 in Herfordshire {sic}, England and was of Ipswich, MA by 1648. He was of Newtown, Queens Co. NY before 1665. He was high sheriff of Yorkshire on LI from 1678–81. He m. Joanna ___. He d. 18 Nov. 1713 age 100 in Newtown. [Information on this family from Annals of Newtown, 373ff, by Riker and records of John L. Scherer of Rexford, NY].]
    vi. {of vii} Elizabeth; m. Joseph Sackett."
  • 2:695, "A John Briggs was charged by Richard Sackett of the Amenia area on 26 Sept. 1744 with building on his land. Sackett claimed that John Briggs and other persons on the 23rd day of Sept. 1744 came onto 500 acres of woodland owned by Sackett that was lying and being on the east side of the Wassaic Creek. Briggs and the others were further charged with building a "cottage" on the land. [AD 1686]."
  • 2:726, "Letters of administration of the estate of Elias Briggs of Stanford were granted 23 May 1837 to Orville Sackett and John C. Collins. [LofA 2:346]."
  • 2:829, "David {s. Richard Samuel Bryant & Mabel ___}; had dau. Orpha. He poss. m. Anvenette L., dau. of Phineas Sackett. [OGDC 187]."
  • 3:652, "On 10 October 1761 Obediah {Cooper} bought a parcel of 6 3/4 acres adjoining land of Mathew DuBois and the Dutch Church for 100. [D 5:127]. By 22 July 1765 he had sold this latter piece to Nathaniel Sackett. [M 2:75]."
  • 3:665, "On 15 April, 1774 {Johannes Coopman Sr.} was in debtor's prison in the Dutchess County jail …. List and account of all the monies due and owing by John Copeman with the names of the persons to whom owing:
    … To Daniel Sacket 19 …"
    {His liabilities were in the hundreds of pounds: his assets "1 locke" and a "homemade coverlid"}.
  • 3:691–2, "At the Committee meeting of 6 Jan. 1777 Nathaniel Sackett; "produced to this Committee two affadavits, one of Martin Cornell, the other of Enoch Crosby, both of which relate to the business committed to his Care, and were taken by him on the 4th of Jan. 1777. It appears from these affidavits, that the plans concerted by the Tories, for joining the enemy had been much disconcerted by the late apprehension of several of their number..."
    More information follows: "Nathaniel Sackett Esq. reported to this Com: that during his late absence he had in further prosecution of the business Committed to his Charge sent Enoch Crosby to the several persons mentioned in his last examination delivered by Mr. Sackett by this Committee that the said Crosby obtained very useful intelligence from them which is contained in his affidavit now produced to this Com: by the said Sackett and taken by him on the 8th day of Jan: inst. and in order to make the proper use of the said Intelligence he had communicated the Contents of the said Affidavit under oaths of Secrecy to Martin Cornell, Cap't Clarke and David Gassbeek's men as that they may have the best opportunity of apprehending the Company who Crosby in his said affidavit says intends shortly to join the enemy. And that he had further directed them after apprehending the said Company to take Doctor Prosser and his brothers, Roger Cutler, Daniel Chace, Such of the Havilands at the Oblong and Quaker-hill as were fit for Service, Jonathan Akins & Elisha Akins all of whom he had good reason to believe as well from the affidavit aforsaid as from the affirmation of Martin Cornwell lately him delivered by this Com:".
    Martin Cornell delivered Charles Vincent and John Buys to the Committee meeting of 13 Jan. 1777 and reported that they were seen near Sackriders in the Mountains. They were traveling through about 11 o'clock at night.
    On 10 Jan. 1777 Nathaniel Sackett sent the following to Peter Van Gaasbeek: "Dear Sir, I had almost forgot to give you directions to Give our friend an opertunity of making his Escape. Upon our plan you will Take him prisoner with this partie you are now wateing for his Name is Enoch Crosbey alias John Brown. I could wish that he may escape before you bring him Two miles on your way to Committee you will be pleased to advise with Messr Cornwill and Capt Clark on this subject and form such plan of conduct as your wisdom may direct but by no means neglect this friend of ours, I am Sir your Humbl Servt Nathl Sackett, Fishkill
    Jan. 10th 1777." [ConC 420]."
  • 3:787, "The Crego Family
    The Cregos were probably the earliest settlers of the village of Verbank in present day Union Vale. Stephen Crego was most likely the emigrant and from Cornwall, England. He probably had brothers Richard, who m. Sarah Stillwell, and John, reportedly New York's first rope maker. John Crego died 7 March 1692/3 and the inventory of his estate is at WN-YHS I:274. We have not found a genealogy on this family, but have used published sources and information provided by Elnor Farquhar of Richmond, VA.
    At a Court of Admiralty held Thursday 11 Oct. 1683 Isaac Melyn complained against Stephen Crego for 22 pounds 5 ounces of plate, "their share on board the sloop Pemaquid, of which said Crego was master, in a late voyage to the Spanish wreck lying near the Bahama Islands." Crego responded that "they never came on board for a passage to New York and never were a part of his company, and denies that he is the detainer of said plate." Judgement of the Court was that the defendant (Crego) pay to the plaintiffs four pounds of plate and costs of Court. [NYW I:87]. Stephen Crego m. Margery ___ and had at least one son, Josias before he died. His widow m. 2nd. Richard Sackett who was one of the first settlers of Dover in the Beekman Patent, obtaining a patent for 7,500 acres on 1 Nov. 1704. His step-son Josias Crego was also one of the patentees. Margery was born 1659 and was still alive in 1751 when she gave testimony about a parcel of land in New York City.
    i. Josias, b. ca. 1675; m. Annatje Elsworth."
  • 3:787–8, "Josias Crego, (Stephen) was prob. born ca. 1675 and m. by licence dated 4 March 1704, Annatje, dau. of John and Aeltje (Roos) Elsworth. He was of Poughkeepsie by 1707 [D: A:328; also noted in Henry Beekman ledger B:42, ELP box 129] but was taxed in Brooklyn in 1713 and listed next to Aert Aertse and Capt. David Aertse. He was first taxed in the Middle Ward in DC in 1717 and remained on the lists until June 1747 in Crum Elbow. He was a fence viewer in Crum Elbow in 1738 and was mentioned on a road description in 1742. [AD 1872]. Richard Sackett sold him one equal third part of the fourth part of lot number 5 in the Nine Partners Patent. The sale date was 30 Jan. 1741/2 and the consideration was 140. This amounted to about 3620 acres.
    As noted above Josias was a partner with Richard Sackett in the Patent near Wassaic in 1704. He was mentioned in a description of 29 Oct. 1733 which noted the boundaries between the Nine Partners Patent and the Beekman Patent. His house was on the line, 7 miles from the south-west corner of the Nine Partners Patent. [D 2:266]. He was a cooper.
    On Wednesday, the 25th of October 1742 the Dutchess Grand Jury heard testimony against Peter Simpson of Beekman, carpenter. Simpson was indicted by the Grand Jury, Frans DeLong, foreman, because; "(he made) with force and arms & a violent assault in and upon the body of Josias Crego, one of His Majesties Justices." The attack had taken place 20 Oct. 1742. [AD 2388].
    Josias Crego was taxed in the Middle Ward from Jan. 1729/30 through Feb. 1734/35 at 10 and then at 2 in 1737/38.
    Josias filed a petition 4 April 1744 that "for several years he has maintained Marya Dean (infant lunatic daughter of John Dean and Mary his wife, late of New York City, dec'd, of which Mary was sister-in-law of Crego). The petitioner prayed to be appointed guardian." Mary Dean was dau. of Richard Sackett and half-sister of Josias Crego. We have no death records for Josias Crego but it is assumed that he died after 1747. His widow was still alive in 1760.
    i. Stephen; m. Margaret Dutcher.
    ii. John.
    iii. ?Joanna."
  • 3:793, "Richard Crego (Stephen, Josias, Stephen) … was granted an iron brand in Crum Elbow on 23 July 1742; R C and he was given an ear mark on 14 Nov. 1749; a slit in the end of each ear. This ear mark was originally granted to Richard Sackett Jr. and Sackett requested it be given to Richard Crego. [CEPR 8, 10]."
  • 3:797, "David {Crego, prob. s. David & Susan (Pudney) Crego}, b. 19 Jan. 1813; m. (1) Sarah Briggs. She was prob. dau. of Elias and Catherine Briggs. Sarah Briggs, formerly of Stanford, DC, died 22 March 1850, age 34 at Claverack. [TD]. David Crego m. 1853 as his 2nd, Ann N. Sacket. She was b. 1826 and d. 1902. He d. 15 Aug. 1890 and they were bd. with David Sr."
  • 3:870, "Daniel Curtis was in Stanford in 1810 as 2-0-1-0-0 and 1-0-0-1-0 and next to Samuel Sackett Jr. and Levinus Anson. Another Daniel Curtis was in this town in 1810 as 1-0-0-1-0 and 0-1-0-1-0 and next to James Rider and Sam Sackett."
  • 4:57, "On 14 April 1763 Jonathan Davis of Amenia sold to Ezekiel Sackett and Abraham Webster 122 acres of land in the Oblong, lot 49 for 400. [D 4:230]."
  • 4:61, "Phebe Davis m. Benjamin Sackett 11 Nov. 1773 at Amenia. [RECORD 1902:91]."
  • 4:122, "James DeLancey was the son of Stephen and Ann (Van Cortlandt) DeLancey and was born 1702. James was Chief Justice and Lieut. Governor of New York and married Ann, the eldest dau. of Caleb Heathcote. He died 30 July 1760. James DeLancey and Ann had eight children.
    ii. Stephen J.; m. Hannah Sackett."
    {See Additions and Corrections, 7:940}
  • 4:122, "Stephen DeLancey, (James, Stephen), was the proprietor of what is now the town of North Salem in Westchester County. This land came to his father as part of his share in the Manor of Cortlandt. Stephen built a large double dwelling which he subsequently gave to the town for an academy. He m. Hannah, dau. of Rev. Joseph Sackett, of Crom Pond. He died without issue 6 May 1795.{Footnote} We have not found any 1790 census listing.
    {Footnote:} Bolton, i486."
  • 4:515, "On 16 Dec. 1742 he {James Duncan} sold land in Northeast Precinct to Josias Ross of Rhinebeck. The land had belonged to Richard Sackett and Duncan called himself of Rombout at the time. [D 2:16]."
  • 4:530, "Mary Duncan was at the Gage & Titus store in Dover ca. 1810 and Joseph Barnes was on her account, as was her dau. unnamed. [DCSB W:78, 94, 140, 172]. She was mentioned in several legal actions brought by Benjamin Sackett against Margaret Livingston ca. 1800."
  • 5:171, "James Finch was an early settler on the now Smith Sackett home on the north side of Stanford, three and a half miles south of Pine Plains (DC)."
  • 5:179, "Mercy Finney of Kent, CT. m. Reuben Sackett 21 Dec. 1752. [Sacket notes]."
  • 5:279, "This land is further set forth at DC deeds 1:81 that states that Webber was a purchaser of land in the Great Nine Partners Patent at the time of the first division in 1699. On 3 May 1714 Webber had deeded two parcels in the Nine Partners to his two daughters and their husbands, Fontyn and Minthorne, and on 5 May 1714 Jacques Fontyn and Anneke sold their half to Minthorne. Minthorne, in turn sold it to Richard Sackett on 14 March 1716 for 100."
  • 5:298, "Isaac Fontyn was in the 1800 census in the Town of Sempronius at 0-0-1-0-1 and 0-0-0-0-1 between Caleb Westcott and Nathaniel Sacket."
  • 5:489–90, "A letter from dated Orange County NY January the 26th 1744/5 addressed to "Cozen Livingston" concerns James Gamble, his son John and presumed brother Hugh:
    Sir       Inclosed I send you four writs against James Gambell and his son John Gamble who we are informed are at a place calles Oswego in Dutchess County. James Gamble has a brother lives there, …. This James & John Gamble about this time two years ago went to New York and took up goods of Doctor Henderson & several other merchants privately under a pretence to goe about a pedling and they happened under some difficulty in New York and Mr. Chambers lent them ten pounds and when they came home here went to Mr. Joseph Sackett and took twenty odd pounds up in his shop and they then run of[f] and has keept away this two years at Carolina[.] … Your esteemed cousin & humble servant, J.W. Mathews" "
  • 5:558, "James Germond married Phebe, dau. of Samuel Sacket who wrote his will 21 April 1821 at town of Stanford, DC and left her $500. [DCW E:205]."
  • 5:625, "Thaddeus Gilbert served in 5th (Beekman) Company of Militia. We believe that he was the son of Samuel and Sarah (Sackett) Gilbert. Samuel was the son of Samuel and Hannah Dorman."
  • 5:626, "Samuel Gilbert, (Samuel, Samuel, Matthew), was born 27 Nov. 1724 in New Haven and married 2 July 1750 in New Haven Sarah Sackett who was b. 1732, possibly dau. of Joseph Sackett by an unknown wife. [FANH 1587]. Samuel Gilbert came to Dutchess and was in the 1790 census in Amenia at 2-0-1 between Timothy Gilbert and Samuel Mosier. Thaddeus Gilbert was in the same town.
    Sarah Gilbert, relict of Samuel, died 22 Feb. 1818, age 86 years and was buried in Burying Ground at Coleman's Station, a few miles north of Amenia, DC. [NEBG 148]. Samuel Gilbert died 27 Nov. 1797 age 74 and was buried in the Winchell Mountain Burying Ground near Millerton, DC. [NEBG 174].
    i. Samuel, b. 14 Jan. 1750/1 at New Haven; m. Esther, dau. of Benjamin and Mabel (Sperry) Beadley.
    ii. Sarah, b. 26 Jan. 1753; m. 1st Obed Blakeslee, 2nd 10 June 1784 Rosel Cook.
    iii. Thaddeus, b. 4 April 1755; m. Patience Whipple.
    iv. Sybil, bp. 17 July 1757; prob. m. John Dorman 7 March 1782 at New Haven. [IGI].
    v. Timothy, b. 28 Feb. 1760; m. Hannah ___. He was listed in Amenia in 1790 at 1-2-3 between John Everts and Samuel Gilbert, his presumed father. Timothy Gilbert was two away from Thaddeus Gilbert in Amenia in 1800 and was listed at 1-2-0-2-0 and 4-1-1-1-0 between Thomas Adams and Jonathan Card. He enlisted from Amenia, DC in the War. He applied for his pension 19 June 1841 when living in DC, and died before 3 April 1851 when his widow applied from DC. [Rev.Pens. R4014]. Timothy Gilbert died 14 April 1846, age 86 and his wife Hannah (?Stevenson) died 23 Aug. 1857, age 92. They and ten of their children were buried in the Burying Ground at Coleman's Station, a few miles north of Amenia, DC. Sarah Gilbert, wife of Samuel was also buried in this ground. [NEBG 148]. (See Rufus Gilbert below; Timothy may have been a relative).
    vi. ?Levi, bp. 23 Feb. 1772."
  • 5:626–7, "Thaddeus Gilbert, (Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, Thomas{*}), was born 4 April 1755 and bp. 6 April 1755 at New Haven, CT. He married Patience Whipple 25 July 1775 at either Sharon, CT or Amenia, DC.[Footnote] He served as a Private in Capt. Job Mead's Company of Militia in Col. James Vanderburgh's Regiment from 4 through 25 Sept. 1778 at Fort Clinton.
    He was in Amenia in 1790 at 1-1-4 between Zadock Buck and Roswell Hopkins, and in 1800 at 1-0-0-0-1 and 0-1-1-0-0 with one slave. He was between Jonathan Card Jr. and Andries Rowe. He owed John Garnsey of Amenia two notes which Garnsey mentioned in his will which was written 19 March 1783. [WN-YHS XIII:115–6]. Thaddeus Gilbert died 12 April 1836, age 77 (sic) and was buried in St. Peter's Presbyterian Church Cemetery at Spencertown, Austerlitz, Columbia Co., NY. His ?2nd wife Martha died 11 June 1821. [RWVCC 1:109].
    Child: (not positive)
    i. ?Thaddeus Jr. Thaddeus Gilbert Jr. was in Amenia Town, DC in 1800 at 0-0-1-0-0 and 2-0-1-0-0 between William Bentley and Noah Hodgkin. Thaddeus, no Jr., was in Amenia in 1810 at 0-1-1-1-0 and 0-2-0-0-0-1 between John Denny and Andrew Rowe.
    {Footnote:} They were married by Justice Roswell Hopkins in the Amenia, DC area. [RECORD 1908:127]. Jacobus, in Families of Ancient New Haven, 650 claims this man married at Pomfret Hannah Whitmore but later, at page 2045, states he did not. We believe that it was another Thaddeus, the son born 20 Dec. 1750 at Pomfret of John and Esther (Tucker) Gilbert who married her. See History and Genealogies of the Families of Chesterfield, MA, p. 166."
    {*Discrepancy: Thaddeus's father's record has Matthew, not Thomas, as first generation}.
  • 5:646, "Richard Gillett was on a list "of Mrs. Livingston's tenants residing within the claim of Benjamin Sackett." All the tenants were in Dover and Sackett was evidently suing the Livingston interests. (Documents not dated but probably about 1790)."
  • 5:825, "{Ebenezer Gregory's} land in Dover was in the area claimed by Benjamin Sackett in his suit against the Livingston interests."
  • 5:912, "Additions and Corrections, Page 241. Chloe Atherton married Richard Sackett 15 April 1771 at Amenia, DC. [RECORD 1902:90]."
  • 6:2, "Captain George Lane … married 3 December 1767 Abigail Hadden before Rev. Sackett, place not stated."
  • 6:49, "JOHN HAYNES (sic) was tried at a Court Martial held at Fort Montgomery 13 May 1777. "John Haynes for Getting Drunk and absenting himself from Roll Call Pleads, Guilty. The Court Do Sentence him to Receive Thirty Nine Lashes on his Bare Back." [GCP#500]. John Haines appeared before the ConC several times: On 19 Dec. 1776 he appeared before the Committee and was examined, no details reported in the minutes. On 23 Dec. 1776 he was examined by the Committee and the minutes reveal: "Resolved that a Letter be written to Thaddeus Burr Esqr of Fairfield in the State of Connecticut enclosing copy of the Examination of John Haines concealing his name—and requesting him to concert and execute such Plan for apprehending and Securing the Persons therein mentioned." On the 21st Dec. the Committee minutes show "Ordered that Wm Duer Esqr pay John Haines Six Dollars for Secret Services performed for this Committee." He was paid 3/0/1 5 on 14 May 1777 for same, 7/0/1 5 on 22 May 1777 for same, 14 on 24 June 1777, 13/0/4 on 6 Oct. 1777, 2 on 29 April 1778. He evidently provided important information to the Committee; on 30 Dec. 1777 the Committee resolved "that Mr. Sacket taking with him Capt. Van Gaasbeeks Company to forthwith endeavour to apprehend the Persons mentioned in John Hain's last examination." The Committee meeting of 3 Jan. 1777 includes: "A Letter was received from Nathaniel Sackett Esqr the 3rd of January 1777, enclosing an affadavit of John Haynes, taken before him on the 2nd inst., both of which contain important intelligence." …"
  • 6:111–113, "John Halstead … married … Mary Hasbrook. … Children:
    iv. {of vii} Mary, b. March 1766; m. Samuel Sackett. She died 1 Sept. 1796 and was buried in the family plot."
  • 6:162, "Anna Hammond, now Anna Sackett, was a witness for the will of Joseph Sackett, of Stanford, Dutchess Co., NY, in court of Common Pleas, 13 April 1818."
  • 6:249, "Philander R. Hartwell, James Eldred and Augustus M. Sackett of Lumberton, Sullivan Co., NY made bond for the administration of the estate of James Hartwell on 25 May 1826. [SulCW unrec. adm:box 1]."
  • 6:388, "David Sutherland Jr. of Charlotte Precinct, G.[reat] Nine Partners, posted a notice in the local paper 11 May 1782 that "On Friday night the 19th of April, Isaac Wells, John Sacket and Benjamin Hays, having, on a frivolous Pretense, at Bedford, in Westchester Co. [did] beat, abuse, and whip the subscriber in an unmerciful manner (and forced him to sign a promissory note). Also Lieut. Rufus Herrick Jr. [was] obliged to sign the obligation as security for the payment of it. Lieut. Herrick they whipt, and obliged him to sign it…"
    {Footnote:} The New York Packet and the American Advertiser, 16 May 1782."
  • 6:457, "Burdick {Hill}, b. 13 April 1788, died 6 Aug. 1855 in Little Marsh, Chatham Township, Tioga Co., PA. He married Chloe, b. 5 Aug. 1793 in Dover, dau. of Reuben and Chloe (Sackett) Wilcox. She died 9 Nov. 1849 in Little Marsh."
  • 6:458, "On 1 April 1774 Justus and Jonathan Sackett of Warren sold for 12, 9 acres "more or less" to Ebenezer Hills (KLR 6/314)."
  • 6:854, "John {s. James & Abigail (Canfield) Humphrey}, b. 7 Sept. 1800; m. Clarissa Sackett."
  • 6:855, "John Humphrey, (James, John, William, Thomas), was born 7 Sept. 1800 at Stanford, DC and married Clarissa, born 3 Aug. 1804, dau. of Samuel and Anna (Hammond) Sackett. John Humphrey died 5 March 1856 age 55 years and 6 months and his wife Clarissa Sackett died 17 Oct. 1879 age 75 years and 2 months and they were buried in the Community Ground, Town of Stanford, DC. [OGDC 345]. He was in Stanford Town, DC in 1850 and was a farmer with his farm valued at $10,000. His wife Clarissa was age 45 and the following children were in the household.
    Children: [Footnote: Marriages from Virginia Augerson, 1995 correspondence.]
    i. William D., age 21; m. Laura Alling.
    ii. Mary Ann, age 19; m. Harvey Wright.
    iii. Letitia, age 16; m. Enoch Tompkins.
    iv. Abigail, age 14; m. William H. Tompkins.
    v. Catherine, age 13.
    vi. Samuel Sackett, age 5; m. Mary A., dau. Eliakim and Tammy (Germond) Barton. He died 1885.
    vii. Tamma; m. John W. Butts. She is not in census roll."
  • 6:881, "Martin Cornwell, a local Patriot spy from Beekman, reported to Nathaniel Sackett that Jeremiah Hunt and several other men had returned from Exeter, NH where they had been sent because of suspected Loyalism. The ConC Board meeting of 10 Jan. 1777 heard the report. [ConC 94]."
  • 6:904, "William Hunt made his mark as witness 30 Jan. 1741/2 to a deed from Richard Sackett to Josiah Crego. The land was in Nine Partners. [CEPR 43–4]. No further record."
  • 7:3, "Ezekiel Hunter, a Private in the 5th NY Regiment died and administration on his estate was granted 26 Sept. 1791 to Augustus Sacket of NYC, Esq. The administration was revoked 10 April 1792 upon petition of Peter Hunter, brother of the dec'd with consent of Sacket. Peter Hunter was a boatman of Poughkeepsie. {Footnote:} Genealogical Data From New York Administration Bonds 1753–1799, Scott 72."
  • 7:56, "Elizabeth Husted married Joel Sackett 22 Jan. 1795 at Bangall Baptist. [BBCh]."
  • 7:526, "William Ketcham married Mary, dau. of John Sackett of Cornwall, Orange Co., NY who wrote his will 22 September 1810. [OCW D:425]."
  • 7:590, "Peter Kline of Amenia wrote his will 30 Aug. 1795. He mentioned wife Frances has a piece of land that son John bought of Ezekiel Sackett."
  • 7:605–6, "The ConC meeting held at Fishkill 20 Jan. 1777 records that General Morris delivered a letter to the committee from William Duer and Nathaniel Sackett Esq. to the effect that several Tories had been sent to the guard house, among them Moses Knapp."
  • 7:607, "Phineas Knapp of Stanford, DC wrote his will 6 Jan. 1813 and it was proved 15 Oct. 1816. He mentions his wife Mercy; sons Abraham R., Philip and David and daus.: Mercy Sutherland, Rachel Adsit, Molly Thompson, Elizabeth Hunting, Samantha Sackett, Anor Case, Fanny Briggs and Charlotte Green. … [DCW E:217]."
  • 7:662, "Floyd T. Knox of Hector, Tompkins Co., NY wrote his will 30 September 1827; proved 10 October 1827. He named ch. Mariah and Harriet; sister Mariah Sacket. [TomCW B:26]."
  • 7:669, "Hendrick Coon was noted in a list of Mrs. Livingston's tenants who were living on land claimed to be owned by Benjmain Sackett in Dover, ca. 1796–1800."
  • 7:740–1, "On 9 Dec. 1813 Elijah Lake and Abigail, his wife, of the town of Stanford, DC, sold 105 acres and 3 acres and 30 perches of land to Joel Sackett for $1,750. The land was in lot 20 of the Nine Partners and was described as: "Begins at NW corner of piece being sold and NE corner of farm late Stephen Adsit, dec'd. This line was at the north line of lot 20, thence along Caleb Husted, Gilbert Thorne, David Griffen, thence S along Henry German, and back to beginning. Elijah Lake claimed title by inheritance. [D 43:280]."
  • 7:768, "Arthur Lamb, of NYC, a soldier in the NY Regiment, died, and administration on his estate was granted 23 Oct. 1791 to James B. Clarke. Clarke, George Knox and Augustus Sacket were on the bond. [Gen Data from NY Ad Bonds, Scott,79]."
  • 7:847, "{Benjamin Lapham} evidently died before 1810 and his widow Margaret wrote her will 12 Dec. 1810 proved 13 Feb. 1812. She was living in town of Clinton and named sons Parzy and Solon and daus. Judah Palmer, Orpah, wife of Reuben Stanton, and Mary Pugsley. She then named son Parzy's daus., Judah's daus., and Orpah's daus. She named John Gifford and Jehial Sackett executors and Sarah Dean, Sarah Gifford and Jared Rundell witnessed the will."
  • 7:892, "Unplaced Lawrence. ___ Lawrence married Catherine, dau. of William Sackett of Newtown, Queens Co., NY who wrote his will 7 June 1798 [OCW B:101]."
  • 7:895, "Daniel Lawrence of Newtown, Queens Co., NY wrote his will 4 December 1805; proved 16 November 1807. He named wife Eve; sons: Abraham, Nathaniel and Daniel; daus.: Mary, Catherine and Anna; sons-in-law: Elbert Luyster, John Rapelje and Thomas Bloodgood; nephew John Sackett; grandsons: Daniel S. Rapelje and Daniel Luyster. [OCW C:30]."
  • 7:900, "John S. Lawrence, New York City attorney, is named in will of William Sackett of Newtown, Queens Co., NY written 7 June 1798. Mary Lawrence is also named. [OCW D:227]."
  • 7:901, "Joseph Lawrence of Lawrenceville, Tioga Co., NY wrote his will 10 March 1819; proved 11 September 1819. He named bros.: Samuel L. and John S.; bro.-in-law William Sackett. Richard M. Lawrence was a witness. [TioCW IV:46]."
  • 7:908, "William Lawrence of Newtown, Queens Co., NY wrote his will 9 January 1794; proved 12 February 1794. He named wife Mary; sons: Richard, John, Isaac and William; daus. Deanche Lent, Catharine Luyster and Jane; bro. Thomas; nephew John Sackett; bro.-in-law Jacob Palmer. [OCW A:200 & 204]."
  • 7:940, "Additions and Corrections, Vol. IV, page 122, Stephen DeLancey married Hannah Sackett of Sharon, CT 9 Sept. 1767, he living Westchester Co., NY. "On 19 March 1774 he drove her from the house and threatened her life if she returned. He joined the enemies of the U.S. three years ago – he committed adultery." She petitioned for divorce 3 Feb. 1779 and it was granted in Litchfield Co., CT Feb. 1779. [CT Divorces, p. 93]."

Abbreviations used in the book.

[AD] Ancient Documents, nearly all court records.
[BBCh] Bangall Baptist Church, marriage records of. Published in the [RECORD] 1906.
[CEPR] Records of Crum Elbow Precinct, Dutchess County, NY, edited by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Collections of the DCHS 1940.
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[DCHS] Dutchess County Historical Society, Box 88, Poughkeepsie, NY. 12602.
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[DCW] Dutchess County Wills on file in the Surrogate Court, Poughkeepsie, NY.
[DCW Box _] refers to probate boxes in basement of Courthouse.
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[IGI] International Genealogical Index available at Research libraries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and online.
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[M xx:xx] Mortgages filed in Dutchess County, NY>
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[TomCW] {not listed: presumably Tompkins County Wills}
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