Massachusetts Vital Records, 1911–1915

  • Sackett, Harold G, v605, p33, Marriage, Boston
    "9 Feb 1911, Harold G Sackett, 24, first m., of 39 Dunreath St, electrician, b. Westfield, s. George B Sackett & Emma S Sanford; to Addie E Buzzee, 27, 2nd m. div., of 284 Columbus Av, clerk, b. Westfield, d. George A Buzzee & Eliza Pomeroy; by Charles A Feyhl JP, 449 Shawmut Avenue."
  • Sackett, Ernest Dustin, v599, p752, Birth, Somerville
    "Ernest Dustin Sackett, b. Detroit, Mich, 2 Mar 1911, reg. Somerville, 20 Feb 1911 [sic], s. Meyer H Sackett & Minnie B Dustin, of 146 Philadelphia Ave West, Detroit, Mich, father attorney b. Providence, RI, mother b. Goffstown, NH."
  • Sackett, Sophia H, v1911/103, p413, Death, Westfield
    "Sophia H Sackett (Sophia Hanchett w. Henry Sackett), 78-5-23, b. Westfield, 16 Sep 1832, of Westfield, Mass, widow, housewife, d. 39 Main St, Westfield, 11 Mar 1911, bur. Pine Hill Cemetery, Westfield, 14 Mar 1911, father Samuel Hanchett b. Westfield, mother Elizabeth Preston b. Harper's Ferry, W Va, informant Mrs Fanny Sackett, 39 Main St, Westfield. Certificate 413 reg. 67."
  • Sackett, Ray Sumner, v599, p189, Birth, Springfield
    "Ray Sumner Sackett, b. Springfield, 4 Apr 1911, reg. Springfield, 3 May 1911, s. Harold Sackett & Jennie Roberts, of 149 State St, father machinist b. Springfield, mother b. Springfield."
  • Sackett, Austin, v1911/103, p453, Death, Westfield
    "Austin Sackett, 72y, b. Westfield, [date blank], of Westfield, tin smith, widowed, d. Noble Hospital, Westfield, 16 Apr 1911, bur. Pine Hill Cemetery, Westfield, 19 Apr 1911, father Austin Sackett b. Westfield, mother Charlotte Sackett b. Westfield, informant Records of Noble Hospital. Certificate 453 reg. 106."
  • Sackett, Roy S, v1911/93, p178, Death, Springfield
    "Roy S Sackett, 2m 13d, b. Springfield, 4 Apr 1911, of 149 State St, d. Mercy Hospital, Springfield, 17 June 1911, congenital thyroid goitre, bur. Oak Grove Cemetery, 18 June 1911, father Harold R Sackett b. Springfield, mother Jennie Roberts b. Springfield, informant Harold R Sackett, 149 State St. Certificate 178 reg. 812."
  • Sackett, Ernest E, v605, p121, Marriage, Boston
    "6 June 1911, Ernest E Sackett, 29, first m., of Lynn, electrician, b. Lynn, s. Franklin E Sackett & Sarah E Towling; to Barbara L Graham, 28, first m., of 30 Charles Street, artist, b. Nova Scotia, d. John [sic] Graham & Dorothy Gunn; by Clarence A Young MG, 21 Wabeno Street."
  • Sackett, Ernest E, v602, p591, Marriage, Lynn
    "Boston, 6 June 1911, Ernest E Sackett, 29, first m., of 28 Hudson St, electrician, b. Lynn, s. Franklin E Sackett & Sarah E Towling; to Barbara L Graham, 28, first m., of 30 Charles Street, Boston, artist, b. Nova Scotia, d. James [sic] Graham & Dorothy Gunn; by Clarence A Young, clergyman, Boston."
  • Sackett, Frank H, v1911/94, p283, Death, Springfield
    "Frank H Sackett, 56-2-5, b. Payne, Ill, 8 Sep 1855, of 831 Worthington St, Springfield, Mass, married, contractor, cement work, d. West Palm Beach, Florida, 13 Nov 1911, bur. Springfield Cem, 16 Nov 1911, father Elijah Sackett b. West Springfield, mother Olive A Dunham b. Brimfield, Mass, informant Frank H Sackett Jr, Springfield, Mass. Certificate 283 reg. 1433."
  • Sackett, Helen (Adams), v604, p391, Marriage, Millbury
    "Westboro, 9 Dec 1911, William Everett Fowler, 44, first m., of Westboro, lawyer, b. Grafton, s. Edward Fowler & Ellen Hogan; to Helen (Adams) Sackett, 28, second – D, of Millbury, nurse, of Orange, NJ, d. Frank Lester [Adams] & Genevieve F Loveland; by Thomas C Richard, Westboro, Clergyman."
  • Sackett, Helen Adams, v604, p470, Marriage, Westborough
    "Westboro, Mass, 9 Dec 1911, William Everett Fowler, 44, 1st m., of Westboro, lawyer, b. Grafton, Mass, s. Edward Fowler & Ellen Hogan; to Helen (Adams) Sackett, 28, divorced, 2d m., of Millbury, Mass, nurse, of Orange, NJ, d. Frank Lester [Adams] & Genevieve Frances Loveland; by Thomas C Richards, Pastor, Evangelical Ch, Westboro, Mass."
  • Sackett, Frederic Noble, v607, p109, Birth, Holyoke
    "Frederic Noble Sackett, b. Holyoke, 13 Jan 1912, s. Harry R Sackett & Edith Parsons Hayes, of 207 Walnut St, father physician b. Springfield, Mass, mother b. Michigan."
  • Sackett, Gertrude I, v611, p23, Marriage, Greenfield
    "Hartford, Conn, 3 Sep 1912, John B Ware, 24, first m., of Roxbury, Mass, clerk, b. New York, NY, s. Henry E Ware & Frances Kerns; to Gertrude I Sackett, 22, first m., of Greenfield, Mass, pianist, b. Springfield, Mass, d. John R Sackett & Julia Clapp; by Henry M Thompson, Minister of the Gospel, Hartford, Ct."
  • Sackett, Frederick, v606, p469, Birth, Oak Bluffs
    "Frederick Sackett, b. Oak Bluffs, 23 Sep 1912, reg. 26 Sep 1912, s. Louis Sackett & A Marion Gade, of Oak Bluffs, father foreman b. Poughkeepsie, NY, mother b. Hartford, Conn."
  • Sackett, James C, v611, p224, Marriage, Springfield
    "Bridgeport, Ct, 17 Dec 1912, James C Sackett, 56, first m., of Springfield, superintendent, b. Springfield, s. Justin Sackett & Sophia ___, to Marion Wade, 43, first m., of Springfield, "at home", b. Pelham, d. Cyrus Wade & Ascestia ___; by F A Dillingham, Clergyman, Bridgeport, Ct."
  • Sackett, Richard Bisbee, v615, p187, Birth, Springfield
    "Richard Bisbee Sackett, b. Springfield, 14 Feb 1913, reg. 15 Feb, s. Jacob R Sackett & Mabel M Munsell, of 83 Walnut St, father inspector b. W Springfield, mother b. Amherst."
  • Sackett, Janet Smith, v615, p264, Birth, Westfield
    "Janet Smith Sackett, b. Westfield, 24 May 1913, d. Herbert Sackett, 24, & Jenetta Dean, 23, of Westfield, father bookkeeper b. Westfield, mother b. Westfield."
  • Sackett, Harold C, v1913/93, p305, Death, Easton
    "Harold C Sackett, 6-10-21, b. Mass, 12 July 1906, of Easton, d. Easton, Mass, 2 June 1913, rupture of liver caused accidently by being struck by cart, bur. Easton Cemetery, 5 June 1913, father John A Sackett b. Mass, mother Nettie S Macomber b. Mass, informant John A Sackett, S Easton. Certificate 305 reg. 30."
  • Sackett, Raymond D, v1913/95, p61, Death, Springfield
    "Raymond D Sackett, 30-1-20, b. Westfield, Mass, 9 Oct 1883, of 43 Sargeant St, Springfield, Mass, single, mechanic, d. Hampden Hospital, Springfield, 29 Nov 1913, general septic peritonitis, bur. Pine Hill Cemetery, 2 Dec 1913, father Lewis H Sackett b. Westfield, mother Jennie Wilson b. Westfield, informant Mrs Jennie Sackett, 43 Sargeant St. Certificate 61 reg. 1566."
  • Sackett, Noble D, v1914/103, p432, Death, Westfield
    "Noble D Sackett, 72, b. Chicopee Falls, Mass, 19 Mar [year blank], of Westfield, married, janitor, [industry] whipmaker, d. 42 Washington St, Westfield, 15 Feb 1914, arteriosclerosis, bur. Pine Hill Cemetery, Westfield, 18 Feb 1914, father Abner Sackett b. Westfield, mother Electa Dewey b. Westfield, informant Mrs Noble D Sackett, 42 Washington St. Certificate 432 reg. 51."
  • Sackett, Mary J (Marshall), v1914/81, p375, Death, Pittsfield
    "Mary J Sackett (Mary J Marshall wife of Frederick Sackett), 49-8-12, b. Brainard, NY, 2 Sep 1864, of West Lebanon, NY, married, d. House of Mercy, Pittsfield, 14 May 1914, shock following operation for strangulated umbilical hernia, bur. West Lebanon, NY, 15 May 1914, father George W Marshall b. New Lebanon NY, mother Loretta Welden b. Malden NY, informant Mrs William Meyer, Pittsfield. Certificate 375 reg. 267."
  • Sackett, David Noble, v627, p106, Marriage, Quincy
    "Quincy, 15 June 1914, David Noble Sackett, 73, second m. wid., of Pittsfield, NH, retired, b. Pittsfield, NH, s. Noble Sackett & Roxbe S Jacobs; to Carrie Jane (Smith) Foss, 54, second m. wid., of Quincy, "at home", b. Bow, NH, d. Alfred C [Smith] & Sarah Dowler; by Benjamin A Wilmott, Clergyman, Quincy."
  • Sackett, Cornelius A, v1914/104, p204, Death, Westfield
    "Cornelius A Sackett, 72-2-2, b. Westfield, 8 Oct 1842, of Westfield, widowed, emp hotel, d. Noble Hospital, Westfield, 10 Dec 1914, cerebral hemorrhage, bur. Pine Hill Cem, Westfield, 12 Dec 1914, father Moses Sackett b. Westfield, mother Maria Doane b. unknown, informant Austin Sackett, Chelsea, Mass. Certificate 204 reg. 311."
  • Sackett, Herbert Stanley, v629, p205, Birth, Springfield
    "Herbert Stanley Sackett, b. Springfield, 20 Apr 1915, s. Herbert R Sackett & Bertha N Hood, of 97 Florence St, father salesman b. Northampton, mother b. Ardeville?, Q."
  • Sackett, Alice R (Boyce), v1915/87, p192, Death, Westfield
    "Alice R Sackett (Alice R Boyce widow of De Witt C Sackett), 64-2-27, b. 14 Jun 1851, of Westfield, widow, housewife, d. 77 So Maple St, Westfield, 11 Sep 1915, cerebral haemorrhage, bur. Pine Hill Cemetery, Westfield, 13 Sep 1915, father Lewis F Boyce b. Baltimore Md, mother Lavinia Cannon b. Suffield Ct, informant Mrs E B Cady, Westfield. Certificate 192 reg. 217."
  • Sackett, Harry H, v632, p163, Marriage, Palmer
    "Palmer, 3 Nov 1915, Harry H Sackett, 34, first m., of Palmer, shoe cutter, b. Hillsboro, Vt, s. Gilbert A Sackett & Sarah J Butterfield; to Ethel M Hopkins, 19, first m., of Richmond, NH, waitress, b. Richmond, NH, d. William Hopkins & Ella Perry; by Arthur E Fitch JP, Palmer."
  • Sackett, Dennison N, v1915/77, p486, Death, Springfield
    "Dennison N Sackett, 73-11-29, b. Westfield, 2 Jan 1842, of 52 Andrew Street, Springfield, married, carpenter, d. 52 Andrew St, Springfield, 31 Dec 1915, carcinoma of liver & stomach, bur. Oak Grove Cemetery, 2 Jan 1916, father Noah Sackett b. Westfield, mother Olive Nelson b. Westfield, informant Mrs Louise E Sackett, 52 Andrew Street. Certificate 486 reg. 1726."

Massachusetts Vital Records, 1911&1915. New England Historic Genealogical Society. (Researched and transcribed from online images by Chris Sackett).

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