Daniel Sackett (1788–1862) family bible records


Daniel Sackett to Abigail Smith May 13th, 1813


Daniel Sackett
Born Jany 18th 1788
Abigail Sackett
Born July 27th, 1794
Baldwin A Sackett
Born June 18th 1826
Mary Ann Sackett
Born June 12th 1815
James B Sackett
Born Jany 16th 1829
Hannah B Sackett
Born July 6th 1818
D.E. Sackett
Born Aug 5th 1831
Elizabeth K. Sackett
Born Jany 23, 1821
Wm N (?) Sackett
Born Sept 2 1835
Lucy M. Sackett
Born Oct. 14th 1823


Alanson[?] B Sackett
Died April 27th 1828
Mary Ann Sackett
Died June 7th 1818
Daniel Sackett
Died Nov 16th 1862

Abigail Sackett
Died April 10th 1856
Sermon delivered
From the 40th Chap.
of Isaiah 6 7-8 verse
Elizabeth K.
Died Oct 12th 1858

Daniel Sackett (1788–1862) Family Bible Records. Transcription by Helen Bourbonais in 1970s from bible printed in 1844 and (last known) privately held by Lucy Hubble Whitney (died 1989). Transcription supplied by Terri Carlson, November 2009.