Denne & Verrier v. Combes

Proceedings in the Chancery Court, London, 1680

E134/32Chas2/East9 Interrogatories & Depositions


Complainants: David Denne and William Verrier

Defendant: Bartholomew Combes

Subject: Payment of tithes on wheat and beans crop in 1678. Jeffery Sackett (1617–1695) of Sandwich was a witness for the defendant.

Bundle had on the front a short document in Latin—probably a writ or commission.

folio 1

Interrogatories to be administred to the Witnesses to bee produced on the p'te and behalf of Bartholomew Combes Deft to the Bill of Complaynt of David Denne and William Verrier Complts

[Q1—do you know Complts/Deft
 Q2—concerns payment of tithes on wheat grown in 1678
 Q3—concerns alleged threats against witnesses on behalf of Complts at previous examination
 Q4—concerns payment of tithes on beans grown in 1678
 Q5—concerns how long the Complts have farmed in the Tithery of Eastry]

6. Item are you intituled unto any great or small Tythes due from the Deft & what & in what Capacity under what Title & how many yeares have you soe beene intitled to the same & hath the Deft dureing all that time beene faire & Friendly in paymt Setting out of the said Tythes and how many yeares hath the Deft occupied these lands within the said Tythery of Eastry the Tyth whereof is now in question & hath hee allways paid his Tyth due for the Same justly & honestly or have you ever heard him complayned of for any indirect dealeing in or uppon the same before the [sd?] pts were intituled to the said Tythery declare what you know beleive or have heard concerning the same

[Q7—concerns the reputation of Thomas Noales, former witness in this cause
 Q8—concerns names endorsing a "writeing indented"
 Q9—concerns what agreement was made by Deft with Complts for his tithe due to them in 1677
 Q10—what else do you know to the advantage of the Deft]

folio 2

Deposicons of witnesses taken at the house of Andrew [Odume?] knowne by the name of the sighne of the three Kings in the Towne and porte of Sandwich in the county of Kent the Fift day of April in the two and Thirtieth yeare of the Reigne of or soveraigne Lord Charles the second now King of England & Anno Dom 1680 before Richard Hawker Valantine Norwood gent & Henry Gerard Clarke Comers by vertue of a comisson to them and John Eason gen three or two of them directed from oute of his Maties Hoble Courte of Exchequer at Westminster to examine witnesses in a Cause there depending Between David Denn & Willm Verrier gen Plts & Bartholomew Combes Deft on the p'e of the said Deft as followeth

[There then follow the depositions of many witnesses including Jeffery Sackett. This folio is endorsed in Latin, with the date 28 April 1680.]

folio 3

Jeffery Sackett of Sandwich gen' aged sixty three years or thereabouts sworne & examined deposeth as followeth

To the Sixt Interr this Depont saith that hee hath beene Farmer of Sume p't of the Tithes of the Lands belonging to the Parsonage of Wednesborow & hath soe beene for aboute Twenty yeares past and saith that the Deft hath for Severall yeares within the said Tyme occupied aome Lands within the said Tithery soe [held?] by this Depont And saith that the Deft hath during all such tyme fairely and freindly paid his tithes to this Depont

Jeffery Sackett

folio 4

Interrogatories For the Crosse examinacon of witnesses produced on the part and behalfe of Bartholomew Combes gent Defendt at the suite of David Denne and William Verrier Complaints

1. In Primis doe you know (what you have sworne as witnesse for the Defendt Combes) by the Defendts informac'on and as the Defendt hath told you or how Came you to know the same and when did you first gett the Knowledge thereof

2. Item at the Executing the first Com'ission by the Complaints did not the Defendt Combes persuade Thomas Nokes a witness for the Complaints or his wife not to appeare and give his Evidence Declare what you know or have heard therein

Denne & Verrier v. Combes (1680), proceedings in the Chancery Court, London (National Archives, researched by Marion Sackett).