United States census 1850 Indiana

17 households

ADAMS, Blue Creek, Monroe
FLOYD, New Albany
LAWRENCE, Spice Valley
MARION, Warren Twp
PERRY, Tobin
PUTNAM, Cloverdale, Putnamville
WAYNE, Centreville, Clay Township

ADAMS, Blue Creek

  • Roll M432_135, p. 65A/65B
    Blue Creek, Adams, Indiana
    Sackett, Samuel, 50, m, farmer, b. OH
    Sackett, Julia A, 37, f, b. OH
    Sackett, Cyrus, 12, m, b. IN
    Sackett, Issabell, 11, f, b. IN
    Sackett, Sarah, 10, f, b. IN
    Sackett, William, 9, m, b. IN
    Sackett, Samuel, 7, m, b. IN
    Sackett, Elizabeth, 6, f, b. IN
    Sackett, Julia A, 4, f, b. IN
    Sackett, Hannah, m, 3, f, b. IN
    Sackett, Andrew, 1, m, b. IN
    [12594 Samuel Sackett]

ADAMS, Monroe

  • Roll M432_135, b. PAge 49
    Monroe, Adams, Indiana
    Sacket, Samuel, 33, m, farmer, b. OH
    Sacket, Zada A, 27, f, b. OH
    Sacket, John K, 6, m, b. IN
    Sacket, Menerva J, 5, f, b. IN
    Sacket, David W, 3, m, b. IN
    Sacket, Mary M. L, 1, f, b. IN
    [Samuel Sackett, son of 12590 Joseph Sackett]


  • Roll M432_141, p. 320
    Logan, Dearborn, Indiana
    Cloud, Baylis, 76, m, b. VA
    Cloud, Betty, 65, f, b. VA
    Torrence, J M., 42, m, merchant, b. PA
    Torrence, Louisa, 35, f, b. IN
    Torrence, Albert, 16, m, clerk, b. OH
    Snyder, William, 6, m, b. IN
    Sacket, Sybil, 12, f, b. IN
  • Roll M432_141, p. 321
    Logan, Dearborn, Indiana
    Sackett, Nancy, 57, f, b. NY?
    Sackett, Samuel, 17, laborer, b. IN
    Sackett, George W., 10, m, b. IN
    Sackett, John H., 6, m, b. IN
    [Sackett, Nancy, wife of Jesse]
  • Roll M432_141, p. 323
    Logan, Dearborn, Indiana
    Keohn, Michael, 53, m, farmer, b. Switzerland
    Keohn, Sybil, 37, f, b. NY
    Keohn, Catherine, 18, f, b. IN
    Keohn, Jacob, 16, m, b. IN
    Keohn, Susan W., 14, f, b. IN
    Garrison, Hannah E., 14, f, b. IN
    Keohn, Randolph, 10, m, b. IN
    Keohn, Mary, 7, f, b. IN
    Keohn, Nicholas, 2, m, b. IN
    Sacket, Marlow, 60, m, laborer, b. NY
  • Roll M432_141, p. 324A
    Logan, Dearborn, Indiana
    Elijah Sacket, 48, cooper, b. NY
    Charlotte A Sacket, 36, b. NY
    Wentworth Sacket, 10, b. IN
    Margaret C Sacket, 6, b. IN
    William H Sacket, 5, b. IN
    Mary J Sacket, 3, b. IN
    Sarah A Sacket, 1, b. IN

FLOYD, New Albany

  • Roll M432_145, p. 418
    New Albany, Floyd, Indiana
    Griffin, Lucy, 64, f, b. VA
    Sacett, Charles, 35, m, house carpenter, b. MA
    Sacett, Joice, 32, f, b. IN
    Sacett, Sarah Ann, 12, f, b. IN
    Sacett, Victoria, 10, f, b. IN
    Sacett, Hosia, m, 8, m, b. IN
    Sacett, George Ed, 7, m, b. IN
    Sacett, Mary Isabelle, 5, f, b. IN
    Sacett, Harriet, 1, f, b. IN
    Sacett, Sarah, 70, f, b. MA
    [1093 Charles Sackett]

LAWRENCE, Spice Valley

  • Roll M432_158, p. 363
    Spice Valley, Lawrence, Indiana
    Sackett, Thomas, 41, m, farmer, b. NC
    Sackett, Amelia, 37, f, b. NC
    Sackett, Betty, 20, f, b. NC
    Sackett, Eady, 17, f, b. NC
    Sackett, William, 15, m, farmer, b. NC
    Sackett, Sarah, 12, f, b. IN
    Sackett, Catherine, 9, f, b. IN
    Sackett, Susan, 6, f, b. IN

MARION, Warren Twp

  • Roll M432_159, p. 367
    Warren Twp, Marion, Indiana
    Kuhn, Elizabeth, 46, f, b. MD
    Kuhn, Martha E, 22, f, b. MD
    Kuhn, Alfred , 20, m, farmer, b. MD
    Kuhn, Charles, 18, m, farmer, b. MD
    Kuhn, Margaret, 16, f, b. MD
    Kuhn, George, 15, m, farmer, b. MD
    Kuhn, Edward, 12, m, b. MD
    Kuhn, Milton , 10, m, b. MD
    Kuhn, Mary , 9, f, b. MD
    Kuhn, Sarah A., 7, f, b. MD
  • Roll M432_159, p. 367
    Warren Twp, Marion, Indiana
    Kuhn, Sollomon, 49, m, farmer, b. MD
    Kuhn, Julia A, 37, f, b. IN
    Kuhn, Mary E, 12, f, b. IN
    Kuhn, William, 10, m, b. IN
    Kuhn, Osker T., 6, m, b. IN
    Kuhn, Luther C., 3, m, b. IN
    [12792 Julia A (Sackett) Kuhn]

PERRY, Tobin

  • Roll M432_165, p. 407
    Tobin, Perry, Indiana
    Sacket, Erastus, 32, f, Miller, b. PA
    Sacket, Isabel, 22, f, b. IN
    Sacket, Samuel, 1, m, b. IN

PUTNAM, Cloverdale

  • Roll M432_167, p. 543
    Cloverdale, Putnam, Indiana
    Sackett, Nathan; 55, m, carpenter, b. NY
    Sackett, Martha; 43, f, b. NY
    Sackett, John B.; 22, m, carpenter, b. IN
    Sackett, Elizabeth; 15, f, b. IN
    Sackett, Norvell; 19, m, carpenter, b. IN
    Sackett, David A.; 17, m, labor, b. IN
    Sackett, Alonzo; 15, m, farmer, b. IN
    Sackett, Sarah G.; 12, f, b. IN
    Sackett, William T.; 10, m, b. IN
    Sackett, Nathan A.; 7, m, b. IN
    [1203 Nathan Sackett]

PUTNAM, Putnamville

  • Roll M432_167, p. 529
    Putnamville, Putnam, Indiana
    Sackett, Letus, 57, m, Millwright, b. VA [VT]
    Sackett, Ruth, 37, f, b. KY
    Sackett, Wilson, 27, m, farmer, b. KY
    Sackett, Deborah, 25, f, b. IN
    Sackett, Philotus, 22, m, b. IN
    Sackett, Seth W, 20, m, b. IN
    Sackett, Mary, 18, f, b. IN
    Sackett, H. Leah, 16, f, b. IN
    Sackett, Nancy, 6, f, b. IN
    Sackett, Elizabeth, 4, f, b. IN
    Sackett, Ruth A., 2, f, b. IN
    [1463 Letus Sackett]

WAYNE, Centreville

  • Roll M432_180, p. 177
    Centreville, Wayne, Indiana
    108/108 [enumerated 27 Aug]
    Sacket, David, f, 70, m, constable, b. CT
    Sacket, Martha, 66, f, b. PA
    Sacket, Emily, 25, f, b. IN
    Sacket, Oren, 15, m, b. IN
    Kuhn, Mary, 12, f, b. IN
    [1535 David Sackett]
  • Roll M432_180, p. 179
    Centreville, Wayne, Indiana
    Conner, Calvin, 25, m, carpenter, b. IN
    Conner, Ellen, 21, b. IN
    [12800 Ellen (Sackett) Conner]
  • Roll M432_180, p. 170
    Centreville, Wayne, Indiana
    Jack, Matthew W., 42, m, merchant-tailor, b. DE
    Jack, Elizabeth A., 36, f, b. IN
    Jack, Edwin R, 18, m, printer, b. IN
    Jack, AlMira, 16, f, b. IN
    Jack, Helen, m, 14, f, b. IN
    Jack, Martha E., 12, f, b. IN
    Jack, Ann E., 10, f, b. IN
    Jack, John, m, 8, m, b. IN
    Jack, Henry W, 6, m, b. IN
    Jack, Matthew W., 2, m, b. IN
    [12793 Elizabeth Anna Sackett]

WAYNE, Clay Township

  • Roll M432_180, p. 122
    Clay Township, Wayne, Indiana
    Mederis, William J., 28, m, sadler, b. NC
    Mederis, Martha M.,25, f, b. IN
    Mederis, Cornelia M.,4, f, b. IN
    Mederis, Alice, 2, f, b. IN
    Mederis, Albert, 8/12, m, b. IN
    [12798 Martha (Sackett) Medearis]

"1850 United States Federal Census." Database. Ancestry.com. http://www.ancestry.com. (Researched by Thurmon King).