Brian Sackett presents one of his paintings to Arabella Sackett.
(Picture by Mary Volberding)
Mike Sackett with Broadstairs Mayor David Lawson and deputy mayor Mave Saunders.
(Picture by Mary Volberding)
Battle of Britain memorial at Spitfire & Hurricane Museum, Manston Airport.
At rear is a one-man Royal Observer Corp observation post.
(Picture by Mike Trickey)
Broadstairs Mayor David Lawson and deputy mayor Mave Saunders, with Chris Sackett and Tom Smith.
(Picture by Mike Trickey, Thanet reunion, 2008)
A less than penitent-looking victim for the stocks!
(Picture by Mary Volberding, Thanet reunion, 2008)
Dinner at the Portobello Restaurant, Thanet reunion, 2008.
L to r facing: Molly Sackett, Joanne Tuffs, Ralph & Elizabeth Sackett.
(Picture by Arabella Sackett)
East Northdown Farm House.
(Picture by Mary Volberding, 2008)
The group with Will Friend at Will's East Northdown Farm House.
(Picture by Arabella Sackett, 2008)
Assembling outside the Royal Harbour Hotel for the visit to Canterbury.
L to r: Debbie & Steve Barbee, Christopher Goss, George Sackett, Chris Sackett, Tom & Toni Smith, Martin & Angela Hampshire.
(Picture by Jean Carpenter)
Jean Carpenter & Elizabeth Sackett at work on records in St Peter's Parish Hall.
(Picture by Mike Trickey, Thanet reunion, 2008)
Jill Attwell outside her 1633 flintstone Orchard Cottage.
(Picture by Mary Volberding, 2008)
In the Ramsgate Council Chamber.
L to r: Christopher Goss, Mike Trickey, Toni Smith, Tom Smith, Chris Sackett, Mary Volberding, Mike Sackett, Mayor Kay Dark, Elizabeth Sackett, Ralph Sackett, Arabella Sackett, George Sackett, Debbie Barbee, Steve Barbee, Brian Sackett, Jean Carpenter.
Ramsgate Harbour from outside the hotel.
(Picture by Mike Trickey)
Sacketts are welcomed “home” by Ramsgate Mayor.
Left to right: Brian Sackett, George Sackett, Ralph Sackett, Chris Sackett, Councillor Kay Dark, Christopher Goss, Tom Smith, Mike Trickey, Mike Sackett, Jean Carpenter, Steve Barbee.
(Picture Chris Sackett)
The proprietors of the Red Lion and of Ranelagh Pleasure Gardens.
(Picture by Mary Volberding, 2008)
The rat catcher tempts Toni with a tasty potion.
(Picture by Mary Volberding, 2008)
Restaurants and the walkway into Ramsgate from the hotel.
(Picture by Mike Trickey)
(Left to right in order of heads) Christopher Goss, Steve Barbee, Angela Robertson, Elizabeth Sackett, Debbie Barbee, Toni Smith, Tom Smith, Martin Hampshire, Arabella Sackett, Ralph Sackett, Angela Hampshire, Brian Sackett, Will Friend, George Sackett, Susan Wood, Mike Sackett, Janet Tutt, Chris Sackett, Mary Volberding, Amanda Tutt, Mike Trickey, Jean Carpenter.
(Picture Angela Robertson)
Janet Tutt, George Sackett, and Angela Robertson serve tea in Will Friend's garden. Chris Sackett stands idly by.
(Picture by Mike Trickey)
St Peter's Church, Thanet, flying the White Ensign from the tower in its role as a naval signalling station.
(Picture by Mike Trickey)
Street in St Peter's, Thanet.
(Picture by Mike Trickey, 2008)
The village sign, St Peter in Thanet, Kent.
(Chris Sackett 2007)
Tom Smith & Ramsgate Mayor Kay Dark exchange gifts.
(Picture by Mary Volberding, 2008)
Kentish Saturday Observer, 6 September 2008.