Ontario, Canada, deaths

32 records


  • York, Ontario, Mary Hill, d. 1881, widow, bronchitis, death registered 4 Nov 1881.
  • County of Ontario, division of Beaverton. Norman Allan Sackett, d. 12 Aug 1888, six weeks, son of Abram Sackett, tanner, Beaverton, consumption, informant Abram Sackett, father of the child.
  • County of Ontario, division of Beaverton. Ellen Sackett, d. 24 Aug 1888, age 37, wife of Abram Sackett, tanner, Beaverton, b. Devonshire, England, cause consumption 3 years, informant husband of deceased Abram Sackett, Church of England.
  • County of Frontenac, Division of Kingston. Nettie Sackett, d. 25 Apr 1889, 2 yrs, b. Canada, scarlet fever, informant Chas Sackett, of Sharpton, Methodist.
  • 1890s

  • York, Ontario. Haw, Lucy Ann, d. 12 Aug 1896, age 50, housewife, b. NY, cause cancer of the stomach, religion Methodist, father Augustus Russell Sackett, mother Mary Haw.
  • 1900s

  • Grey County, Division of Egremont. Sackett, Mary, d. 20 Jan 1903, 84 yrs, married, farmer's wife, b. England, cause heart disease, Church of England.
  • County of Victoria, Division of Lindsay. Sackett (died before receiving name), female, d. 25 Jul 1906, 3 days, convulsions, of William St, b. Lindsay, father John James Sackett, Methodist.
  • Grey County, Division of Egremont, Ontario. "Jewel, Caroline, d. 20 Jul 1908, age 70, widow, b. Darlington Tp, found dead, Presbyterian."
  • County of Victoria, Division of Lindsay. Sackett, Beatrice Jane, d. Town of Lindsay, 5 Dec 1909, heart failure, b. Tp of Fenelon Aug 1880, 29 yrs, housewife, married, father Josiah Wilson b. England, mother Louisa Rebecca Moynes b. Canada.
  • 1910s

  • County of York, Division of Toronto. Sackett, Hazel Marie, d. at 18 Lutteral Av, 20 Jul 1911, whooping cough, convulsions, b. Toronto, 22 Apr 1911, 2m 29d, father George Henry Sackett b. Beaverton, mother Charlotte May Luke b. Toronto, certified by G Sackett, 18 Lutterell Av.
  • Grey County, Division of Egremont. Sackett, Jane Eva, Canadian, d. at Concession 18, Lot 25, 30 Jul 1912, age 62, b. Darlington, 18 Jan [year not stated], housewife, widowed, father William Earnest b. York State, mother Maria Haw b. England, certified by George Sackett of Dromore, 31 Jul 1912, primary cause paralysis, immediate cause neuritis.
  • County of York, Division of Toronto. Sackett, baby, d. 55 Pickering St, 1 Sep 1912, stillborn, b. Toronto, father Geo Sackett b. Canada, mother Charlotte May Luke b. Toronto, certified by G Sackett of 55 Pickering St.
  • Kenora County. Thomas J H, male, d. 28 Sep 1912, b. 2 Mar 1857, 55 years, d. at Royal Jubilee Hospital, laborer, married, parents Benjamin Thomas & Philadelphia Thomas. Cause: fracture of base of skull.
  • County of York, Division of Toronto. Sackett, baby, male, d. Grace Hospital, 7 Aug 1915, stillborn, father John Sackett, mother Anne Maud Sharpe.
  • County of Grey, Division of Normanby. Sackett, (male), d. Glenedin, 5 Jan 1916, stillborn, father Robert Sackett, mother Ethel McCullock, informant Robert Sackett of Mt Forest.
  • County of Victoria, Division of Fenelon. Sackett, Henry Clay, 72y 4m 14d, d. Twp Fenelon, 2 Jan 1917, b. Vermont, USA, farmer, married, father Augustus Russell Sackett, mother Mary Haw, cause jaundice, informant George Sackett of Fenelon Falls.
  • County of Victoria, Division of Fenelon. Sackett, Charles Oswald, 44y 5m 20d, d. Twp of Fenelon, 17 Aug 1918, farmer, single, father Henry Sackett, mother Bathsheba Sackett, cause jaundice, immediate cause heart failure, informant George Sackett of Fenelon Falls.
  • Town of Matheson, Timiskaming County, Ontario. George Henry Sackett, 34y 2m 26d, farmer, married, d. 11 May 1919, at residence, Matheson, cause pulmonary tuberculosis, bur. Toronto, father Abraham Allan Sackett, mother Ellen Hancock, informant Charlotte May Sackett, Matheson.
  • 1920s

  • County of York, Division of Toronto. Sackett, George Edward, d. at 6 Afton Ave, 28 Feb 1921, cause bronchitis [..] of heart, widower, 78 yrs, b. Canton, Ohio, father Augustine Sackett, [mother blank], informant Wm Sackett, 6 Afton Ave, son, bur. [place blank] 2 Mar 1921.
  • County of Wellington, Division of Mt Forest. Sackett, Earl, d. 15 Mar 1922, difficult labour, head injury, 2d, b. Mt Forest, 13 Mar 1922, father Thos S Sackett b. Normanby, mother Isabel Wilson b. Normanby, informant Thos S Sackett of Mt Forest, father, bur. Mt Forest Cemetery, 16 Mar 1922.
  • Township of East York, York County, Abraham Sackett, d. at 180 Coleman Ave, 9 Apr 1925, cause pneumonia, contributory senility, married, age 85, b. Ontario, living 6 months at 180 Coleman Ave, all life in Ontario, father George Sackett [b. blank], mother M A Hall b. England, informant Mrs Walton, 180 Coleman Ave, daughter, bur. Norway Cemetery 11 Apr 1925.
  • County of Victoria, Division of Fenelon, Bathsheba Sackett, widow, d. 11 Nov 1925, aged 84y 4m 8d, cause carcinoma of stomach ("to my knowledge"), b. Mariposa, 3 Jul 1841, living 6 yrs at place of death, all life in Ontario, father Joseph Perrin b. England, mother Susan Haw b. England, informant George Sackett of Fenelon Falls, son, bur. Fenelon Falls 13 Nov 1925.
  • County of York, Division of Toronto. Sackett, Mary Jane, d. at 53 Oakwood Avenue, 20 Dec 1928, 57 yrs, cause pulmonary tuberculosis, many years, b. Canada, wife, informant R G Davies of 138 Mavety Street, daughter, bur. Park Lawn 24 Dec 1928.
  • County of York, Division of Toronto. Sackett, Marjory, d. at Hospital for Sick Children, 11 Jul 1929, 4 yrs, extensive burns, shock, while playing with matches another child threw a lighted match which ignited her clothing, father Lawrence Sackett b. Ontario, mother Geraldine Kimbell b. USA, informant Lawrence Sackett, of 280 Evelyn Avenue, father, bur. Park Lawn, 13 Jul 1929.
  • 1930s

  • Sackett, Martha, of Lindsay, d. at Ontario Hospital, Whitby, Ontario, 4 Jun 1930, cause senile changes?, widowed, b. England, 25 Aug 1844, age 85y 9m 10d, informant Mrs Wesley Reeves of 81 Melbourne St West, Lindsay, stepdaughter, bur. Groveside Ceemetery, 7 Jun 1930.
  • Sackett, John Victor, d. at 63 Bowmore Rd, Toronto, York County, 9 Sep 1930, cause lobar pneumonia, b. Ontario, 19 Dec 1927, 2y 8m, father John Henry Sackett b. England, mother Rosaleen Small b. Wales, informant J H Sackett, 63 Bowmore Rd, father, bur. St Johns Cemetery, 11 Sep 1930.
  • Alger, Garnet George, d. 15 Aug 1931, b. 15 Aug 1931, at 72, St Paul Street, Lindsay, Victoria County, stillborn, father Wm Garnett Alger b. Cambray, mother Ivy Florence Sackett b. England, informant Wm Garnett Alger, bur. Eden Cem, 16 Aug 1931.
  • Clark, Charles Henry, d. at Park Street, Newmarket, York County, 18 Feb 1933, heart failure, res. Newmarket, widowed, b. US, 10 Jul [year blank], age 90, father James Clark b. US, mother Mary Sackett b. US, informant Mrs George Morris, of Newmarket, daughter, bur. Newmarket, 21 Feb 1933.
  • Haw, Mary E, of 19 Elm Grove Ave, Toronto, Ont, d. at 19 Elm Grove Ave, 4 Aug 1933, arteriosclerosis, married, b. Darlington, Ont, 11 Dec 1853, age 79, retired housewife, father Augustus Sackett b. USA, mother Mary Haw b. England, informant Thomas Haw, 19 Elm Grove Ave, husband, bur. Park Lawn Cem, 7 Aug 1933.
  • Sackett, Harry, d. Queen Alexandra Sanatorium, London, Middlesex, Ontario, 11 Nov 1935, pulmonary tuberculosis, of 42 Cromwell? Ave, Toronto, b. England, 7 Apr 1884, age 51, salesman, father Edward Sackett b. England, mother Alice Horsbury b. Scotland, informant Queen Alexandra San, bur. Woodland Cem.
  • 1940s

  • Sackett, George Edward, d. Fenelon, Victoria County, 7 Oct 1945, age 81-11-8, married, b. Ontario, 29 Oct 1863, retired farmer, wife Heneretta Black, father Henry C Sackett b. USA, mother Bathsheba Perrin b. Canada, informant Mrs G E Sackett wife, cause senile decay, bur. Fenelon Falls Cemetery, 9 Oct 1945.
  • Sackett, Edna Bessie, d. Toronto Hospital, York, York County, Ontario, 25 Feb 1948, age 49-3-3, of 565 Brock Avenue, York County, single, office clerk, Canada Bread Co, b. Grey County, Ontario, 22 Nov 1898, cause pulmonary tuberculosis, father William Sackett b. Grey Co, mother Mary McLean (decd) b. Grey Co, bur Park Lawn Cemetery, York, 27 Feb 1948.

"Ontario, Canada, deaths, 1869–1948," digital images, Ancestry.com. (Researched by Chris Sackett).