Missouri deaths & burials

31 records


  • "Sackett, Filertus, b. 19 Apr 1828, d. 11 Nov 1895, aged 67, bur. Oak Hill Cemetery, Bates County, MO." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1900

  • "Sackett, Eugene, b. St Louis, Missouri, 3 Jul 1896, d. 2053 Morgan St, St Louis, 27 Feb 1900, 3-6-26, cause malaria, father b. IL, mother b. IL.' [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1915

  • "Sackett, Candace, d. 707 F.., Joplin, Jasper County, MO, 16 Nov 1915, married, b. IN, 26 Feb 1858, 57, housewife, father W T Gadd b. IN, mother Moath b. IN, informant J E Sackett, 707 F.., cause cerebral hemorrhage, bur. Forest Park, 17 Nov 1915." [Abstract from Missouri Digital Heritage Death Certificate]
  • 1919

  • "Sackett, William, d. St Johns Hosp, St Louis, MO, 25 Jul 1919, res. Carrollton, IL, b. Green County, IL, 25 Jul 1874, age 45, farmer, married, wife Mary Sackett, father Edward Sackett b. IL, mother unk, informant Frank P Kinghen? of Carrollton, cause cerebral embolism, bur. Carrollton, 21 Jul 1919." [Abstract from Missouri Digital Heritage Death Certificate]
  • 1920

  • "Sackett, Thomas, res. 1706 N Spring St, d. Robert Koch Hospital, Carondelet, St Louis County, MO, 31 Jan 1920, married, b. IL, 25 Dec 1859, 60-1-6, teamster, father Chas Sackett b. IL, mother Sarah Hamilton b. IL, informant Koch Hospital, cause pulmonary tuberculosis, bur. Calvary Cem, 3 Feb 1920." [Abstract from Missouri Digital Heritage Death Certificate]
  • 1922

  • "Sackett, Belle Ross, d. 3511 Genesee St, KC, Jackson County, MO, 3 Nov 1922, res. 3511 Genesee St, b. Bloomington, IL, 18 May 1869, age 53-5-15, husband Filertus Sackett, father Wm W Ross b. Glasgow, Scotland, mother Sarah Jane Cunningham b. OH, informant Filertus Sackett, 3511 Genesee, cause exhaustion from carcinoma of liver and of breast, bur. Butler, MO, 4 Nov 1922." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Sacket, Belle, b. 18 May 1869, d. 3 Nov 1922, bur. Oak Hill Cemetery, Bates County, MO, spouse Leet Sacket." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "Sackett, Ralph, d. City Hospital, St Louis, MO, res. 1235 S Broadway, 24 Dec 1922, married, b. MO, 8 Oct 1884, 38-2-16, fireman, father Andrew Sackett b. IN, mother Minain? Breman b. IN, informant Hospital Information, cause acute appendicitis, bur. New St Marcus Cem, 26 Dec 1922." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1923

  • "Sacket, Marjarie Aillein, d. 2300 College St, Kansas City, Jackson County, MO, res. 2300 College St, 9 Sep 1923, b. 8 Sep 1923, father Guy E Sacket b. Burden KS, mother Florence? Tyler b. Reddick IL, informant Guy E Sacket, 3512 Merrell, cause congenital heart disease, bur. Mt Washington, 10 Sep 1923." [Abstract from Missouri Digital Heritage Death Certificate]
  • "Sackett, Amanda, d. Lyda, Macon County, MO, 5 Dec 1923, widow, b. 17 Sep 1860, 63-2-18, house keeper, b. Macon Co, MO, father Sam H Hanks b. KY, mother Pauline Overstreet b. KY, informant Mrs Al Walker, cause uremia, bur. Ten Mile Cemetery, 9 Dec 1923." [Abstract from Missouri Digital Heritage Death Certificate]
  • 1927

  • "Sackett, Sopha, d. Jackson, Missouri, 30 May 1927, res. 4411 Park St, widow of Filer Sackett, age 85-9-6, b. Ky, 24 Aug 1841, parents unk, informant Harry M Sackett, 4411 Park, cause chronic nephritis, senility, bur. Butler, Mo, 1 Jun 1927." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1932

  • "Sackett, Wentworth, d. Shoal, Cameron, Clinton County, Missouri, 2 Jun 1932, married, b. 17 May 1840, age 92-0-15, retired painter, b. Ohio, father unk, mother unk, informant Herbert Sackett, Cameron, Mo, cause arteriosclerosis, bur. Packard Cemetery, 4 Jun 1932." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Sackett, Henrietta, d. Cameron, Clinton County, Missouri, 5 Nov 1932, widow of W W Sackett, age 87-3-3, b. Kokomo, Indiana, 2 Aug 1845, father Daniel C Stone b. Rochester NY, mother Lucinda Lane b. Cincinnatti OH, informant Gertrude Everett, Winston, MO, cause arteriosclerosis, bur. Evergreen Cemetery, 7 Nov 1932." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Sackett, America Ellen, d. Ozark, Barton County, MO, 9 Dec 1932, res. Liberal, MO, b. Ohio, 24 Sep 1848, 84-2-15, housewife, widow of Wm Sackett, father Wm H Kennedy b. OH, mother Rebecca Tavis b. OH, informant Robt Sweatt, Liberal, MO, cause double lobar pneumonia, bur. Barton City Cemetery, 10 Dec 1932." [Abstract from Missouri Digital Heritage Death Certificate]
  • 1935

  • "Sackett, Anna, d. Springfield RR3, Campbell, Hume County, MO, 18 Feb 1935, res. Springfield RR, b. PA, 4 Oct 1853, housewife, father unk, mother unk, widow of Elmer/Elioch? Sackett, informant Mrs F__ Ward, Springfield, cause chronic nephritis, bur. __, 19 Feb 1935." [Abstract from Missouri Digital Heritage Death Certificate]
  • 1937

  • "Johnson, Mandy Margaret, d. Virginia, Pemiscot County, MO, 22 Mar 1937, b. Perkinstown, WI, 15 Jan 1898, age 39-1-15, married, housewife, husband S R Johnson, father Wm Sackett b. PA, mother D K b. MO, informant S R Johnson, Steele, MO, cause infections, gastro intestinal trouble, may have been a cancer, bur. Coleman Cem, 23 Mar 1937, undertaker "Friends"." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1939

  • "Sackett, Charles O, d. Hamilton, Caldwell County, MO, 4 May 1939, 79-10-28, b. Ohio, 6 Jun 1859, retired farmer, widower of Caroline A Sackett, father Oliver P Sackett b. OH, mother Elsie Turner b. OH, informant Arthur G Sackett, Hamilton, cause cirrhosis of liver, bur. Cameron, 7 May 1939." [Abstract from Missouri Digital Heritage Death Certificate]
  • 1940

  • "Sackett, Elmer, d. Christian, Missouri, 30 Jul 1940, divorced, b. 30 Nov 1874, age 65-8-0, retired laborer, father Christopher Sackett b. MI, mother Ella Walls b. ND, informant Forrest Sackett, Nix, MO, bur. 31 Jul 1940, Payne Cemetery." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1941

  • "Sackett, Andy, d. Poplar Bluff, Butler County, MO, 7 Jan 1941, res. Poplar Bluff, 50 yrs, widowed, b. Indiana, 27 Aug 1849, 91-4-11, retired farmer, parents unknown, informant Lillie Franklin, Poplar Bluffs, bur. Lone Hill, 9 Jan 1941, cause of death "Reported to me and sent him med 1/7/41, and did not see him at all (20 miles out in country). I am sure he had Influenza with Broncho Pneumonia." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1944

  • "Sackett, Loy Earl, d. enroute to City Hospital, St Louis, MO, 15 Jun 1944, res. 540 Mapleview, University City, St Louis County, MO, married, b. Cameron, MO, 25 Nov 1890, 53-6-20, attorney, Travelers Ins Co, wife Cecil Butler Sackett, 48, father Charles O Sackett b. OH, mother Carrie Green b. WI, informant Arthur Sackett, Hamilton, MO, cause coronary occlusion, bur. Lexington, 19 Jun 1944." [Abstract from Missouri Digital Heritage Death Certificate]
  • 1947

  • "Sackett, Katie, d. 8501 Jane Ave, Carsonville, St Louis County, 30 Nov 1947, res. 8501 Jane Ave, widow (of late Thomas Sackett), b. French Village Ills [sic] 28 May 1860, 87-6-2, housework, father Boyer [sic] b. unknown, mother's name unknown b. unknown, informant George L Sackett, 5130 San Francisco Ave, cause myocarditis & nephritis, bur. Calvary Cemetery, 3 Dec 1947." [Abstract from Missouri Digital Heritage Death Certificate]
  • 1948

  • "Sackett, Harry M, d. Research Hospital, Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, 7 Feb 1948, length of stay 1 day, in this community 32y, res. 2703 East 46 St, Kansas City, age 69, b. Missouri, 28 Jan 1879, photographer, self-employed, married, wife Nancy Dyer Sackett, age 64, father Filer Sackett, mother Caroline Orear, informant Harry Dyer Sackett, 2703 E 46 St, cause heart failure, bur. Mt Moriah." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Sackett, George, d. St Louis City Hospital, St Louis, MO, 27 Feb 1948, res. 5130 San Francisco Ave, St Louis, b. St Louis, 31 Jul 1898, 49-6-27, maintenance man, United Drug Co, married, wife Sophie Sackett, age 41, father Thomas Sackett, mother Katie Royer, informant Sophie Sackett, 5130 San Francisco Ave, cause Laennec's cirrhosis, bur. Calvary Cemetery, 1 Mar 1948." [Abstract from Missouri Digital Heritage Death Certificate]
  • "Sackett, Nancy Dyer, d. St Luke's Hospital, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, 24 Dec 1948, length of stay 1 day, in this community 40y, res. 2703 E 46 St, Kansas City, age 64-11-16, b. Lone Jack, Jackson County, Mo, 8 Jan 1884, widow of Harry M Sackett, father Harry Blue Dyer, mother Ella T Carpenter, informant Harry D Sackett, 2703 E 46 St, cause leukemia, bur. Mt Moriah Cem." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1949

  • "Sackett, Lillie May, d. City Hospital, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, 9 Nov 1949, age 71-8-8, res. 615 S Douglas, Springfield, widow, housewife, b. Dwajack, Mich, 1 Feb 1877, father Benjamin Hamilton, mother Naoma Marr, informant Mrs Velma Sullivan, Clever, cause adeno carcinoma, bur. Payne Cemetery, nr Springfield, 13 Nov 1949." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1950

  • "Sackett, Cecil Butler, d. 1307 South St, Lexington, Lafayette County, MO, 25 Nov 1950, res. 1307 South St, widowed, housekeeper, b. Grand Junction, CO, 27 Jan 1891, 59-9-28, father Dr Thomas R Butler, mother Letitia Bell Jennings, husband Loy Earl Sackett, informant Mrs Wm M Boone Jr, Lex, MO, cause pulmonary cardiac paralysis, bur. Memorial Park, Lexington, 28 Nov 1950." [Abstract from Missouri Digital Heritage Death Certificate]
  • 1954

  • "Sackett, Betty Lee, d. St Louis City Hospital, St Louis, MO, 5 Oct 1954, res. 1918a South Broadway, St Louis, married, b. Piedmont, MO, 14 Jan 1900, age 54, father Jasper Babb, mother Mary Black, husband & informant Thomas Sackett, 1918a S Broadway, cause pulmonary infarction, bur. Calvary Cemetery, St Louis, 8 Oct 1954." [Abstract from Missouri Digital Heritage Death Certificate]
  • 1965

  • "Sackett, Ruth M, d. Homer G Phillips [Hospital], St Louis, MO, 31 Jan 1965, res. 4132a N Broadway, St Louis, married, b. Arkansas, 24 Jan 1914, age 51, husband & informant Thomas Sackett, 4132a N. Broadway, father Riddle, mother unk., cause cerebrovascular accident, bur. Calvary Cemetery, St Louis, 4 Feb 1965." [Abstract from Missouri Digital Heritage Death Certificate]
  • "Sackett, Artie Catherine, d. Bilyeu Nursing Home, Finley Township, Christian County, MO, 23 Jun 1965, res. Nixa, Christian County, married, housewife, b. Nixa, 20 Sep 1886, 78, father John E Bennett, mother Amanda McCorkle, husband George Sackett, informant George Sackett, Nixa, cause cardio-renal syndrome, bur. Payne Cemetery, Nixa, 26 Jun 1965." [Abstract from Missouri Digital Heritage Death Certificate]
  • 1969

  • "Sackett, Forrest, d. Burge Protestant Hospital, Springfield, Greene, Missouri, 18 Jan 1969, age 59, b. Missouri, 3 May 1909, divorced, occ. household service, maintenance, of 413 S Main, Springfield, father Elmer Sackett, mother Lillie, informant Mrs Betty Savard, 1618 N Kentwood, Springfield, cause cerebrovascular thrombosis, bur. Payne Cemetery, Christian County, Missouri." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Cowles, Halie, d. St Lukes Hospital, Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, 24 Aug 1969, age 76, b. Missouri, 4 Nov 1892, housewife, res. 3627 Genesee, spouse Lucius Lynne, father Filertus Sackett, mother Belle Rass, informant Lucius Lynne Cowles, cause acute myocardial infarction, bur. Mt Moriah, Kansas City, 27 Aug 1969." [Abstract from Ancestry image]

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