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About the Sackett family


There are a number of articles about the history of the Sackett family on the History & memoirs page.

The Sackett name

For an overview of the Sackett family, see The Sackett surname. This article is also posted on Wikipedia as Sackett (surname).
A more detailed account addressing the question, Where did the name come from?, is given in The Sackett name.

Earliest Sacketts

The earliest recorded Sackett discovered so far is William Saket of Southborough, St Peter in Thanet, Kent, who, in 1317, was one of a number of tenants of the Abbot of St Augustine. He is included in the article The earliest Sacketts.


The Sacketts were among the first colonists of America. The article The Sacketts of America and their origins gives background, and more detailed information is found in the genealogical sketches of Simon Sackett who arrived at the Massachusetts Bay Colony a few months after the Winthrop Fleet of 1630, and of John Sackett, who may have been Simon's nephew, who arrived in New Haven sometime before 1641.

English Sagas

Marion Sackett, of Berkshire, England, who has carried out extensive research into the English Sackett lines, has written a series of articles dealing with various periods of English Sackett history, including the Late Mediæval Period in Thanet, Kent, A Dynasty of Vicars, detailing the careers in the Church of three generations of the same family, and the migration from Thanet, Kent, to London of her branch of the Sackett family in: Why my Sacketts moved from Thanet to London, My First Generation of Londoners, and My Leather Workers.

Migration & distribution

There are several pages, with maps, on the migration and distribution of the Sackett family, detailing their Ancient roots in Thanet, Kent, Emigration to the New World, and Emigration to Australia.
More on Australian Sacketts is found in Sheila Phythian's research paper, Sacketts in Australia—The Early Years, and memoirs of early emigrants to Australia are included in The Sackett family in New South Wales by Barry Axtens.


Memoirs of other Sacketts, in England and America, are found in History & memoirs.

Sackett places

A comprehensive list of places named after Sacketts is at Sackett places.
The page on Sackett's Hill, St Peter in Thanet, Kent, visited by Association members during the 2008 reunion, details the history of the hill, and has a picture gallery and map.

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