Roots of the Sackett family are in Thanet, Kent

The roots of the Sackett family lie deep in the soil of the Isle of Thanet in the north-east corner of Kent. Generations of yeoman farmers of the name are found in the records.


The earliest records (see The Earliest Sacketts)—of William Saket in 1317 and of John Sakett in 1444—are found in St Peter in Thanet, as is Sacketts Hill, named by or for early Sacketts who farmed the area. It would appear very likely that all Sacketts descend from a single family of that name, probably living in St Peter's.


The easternmost ancient parishes of Thanet are St John, St Peter, and St Lawrence. These inland parishes were overtaken during the 18th and 19th centuries by the growth of the coastal ports and seaside towns of, respectively, Margate, Broadstairs, and Ramsgate. Further inland is the ancient parish of Minster, itself a port until the rivers Stour and Wantsum silted up in the 11th century. Sacketts are found in the earliest records of each of these parishes.

Sacketts in Kent in the 1500s

    Sackett events in 1500s*
    Parish Baptisms Marriages Burials
    St Peter 28 9 11
    St John 5 2 1
    St Lawrence 2 1 3
    Minster 2 3 5
    * Records began in the 1550s
    The Isle of Thanet in Roman times before the Wantsum silted up
    The Wantsum in 2018
    (Src: Susan Wood)

    Sacketts begin to spread through eastern Kent in the 1600s

    During the 1600s, the vast majority of Sacketts were still to be found in the Isle of Thanet, although several families were becoming established in other parts of eastern Kent. The roots of most of these families may be traced back to Thanet.


    The Sacketts removing furthest from the Thanet area during the 17th century were two of the sons and one of the daughters of John Sackett (1564–1624), whose memorial brass is still found in St Peter's Church. The two sons were members of the clergy and the daughter married a clergyman. The events at Great Mongeham relate mostly to the family of Rev John Sackett (1596–1664) while those at Blean relate to the family of his brother, Rev Stephen Sackett (1605–1678). Their sister Margaret Sackett (1589–1647) married Rev Thomas Cleybrooke who had a living at Swalecliffe.

    Sacketts in Kent in the 1600s

      Sackett events in Kent in the 1600s
      Parish Baptisms Marriages Burials Parish Baptisms Marriages Burials
      St Peter 42 25 24 Blean 9 5 6
      St John 47 7 20 Eastry 9 1 3
      St Lawrence 10 11 12 Great Mongeham 10 4 5
      Minster 2 5 4 Herne 8 4
      Birchington 10 2 7 St Nicholas at Wade 5 1 2
      Canterbury 2 16* 2 Swalecliffe 6 2 3
      Ash next Sandwich 4 7 Staple 7
      Sandwich 4 4 Other† 13 10 5
      * Most Canterbury marriages are not indicative of residence there; this was where licences were issued. † "Other" were all in eastern Kent.