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Research historical records

Research data

The research data pages contain transcripts, and in some cases images, of records of Sackett events. The information is from a variety of sources, and source citations are given on each data page.


Data is arranged in the following categories:

Links to Genealogical sketches

The research data pages are linked to Genealogical sketches, names in bold in the records being links to that person's sketch. Not all names are linked—some are names of associated people who are not themselves Sackett descendants, some are not yet identified to individuals in the database, but usually unlinked names are the result of the compiler struggling to keep pace in his record keeping with the mass of available data.

Contribute to our researches

The amount of available research data contines to grow, and the records in these pages are being added to regularly. Contributed research is welcome and may be sent to the webmaster, Chris Sackett .

Family bibles

Old bibles, often found amongst family heirlooms, sometimes contain pages detailing births, marriages, and deaths, and may be an invaluable primary source, with information not found in other records. Photographs of such bible pages are very welcome. Examples of bible pages on the website are at Bibles, Diaries, & Letters.

Newspaper project

A major research project is to find and transcribe newspaper stories relating to the Sackett family. Some 1,200 stories have been added to our records so far at Newspapers, but there are several thousands more to be researched. Contributors to the project will be most welcome. The only requirements are an Internet connection, a willingness to make some occasional time available, and an ability to transcribe accurately. Please contact webmaster, Chris Sackett , if you would like to help.

Military Sacketts

Sackett descendants have served in the military in all ranks and in all the major British and American wars. The research data pages include an alphabetical index of Sacketts in the military, giving brief particulars of military careers, and with links to genealogical sketches.

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