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About the Sackett Family Association

The Association

Information about the Sackett Family Association—its objectives, constitution, committee, officers, committee records, and benefits of membership—is found on the Association page.

Becoming a member

All Sackett descendants, whether or not still carrying the name, and others with an interest in Sackett family history are welcome to join the Association. There are no fees for membership. The only requirements for membership are an interest in Sackett family history and a willingness to share research findings with other members.

To join, write to the Registrar (see Association page), giving details of your Sackett ancestry (for this purpose it will be sufficient to identify your most recent ancestor found on the website), or, if not a descendant, giving details of your interest.


The Transactions of the Sackett Family Association are a chronological listing of the activities of the Association, including records of Committee and Association meetings, reports of reunions, the website change log, and an archive of the newsletters which were published each quarter from 2003 to 2009.

The mailing list archive

The Sackett mailing list at is open to anyone interested in Sackett family research.

An historical note

The Sackett Family Association was established in 2003 with 73 founding members. Its origins were in the Sackett mailing list (which continues), started in 1997 by Nancy Siders on behalf of a group of Sackett descendants and researchers who had been corresponding privately for a short time before that date, having made contact through the Rootsweb Surname List.

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