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Member pages

A benefit of membership in the Sackett Family Association is the member's page. As well as the necessary membership data, the page shows the member's Sackett pedigree, with links to genealogical sketches of each ancestor.

See who else is in your Sackett line

Ancestor pages show a list of Association members who are descended from that ancestor. Descendants' names are linked back to their member pages.

Members' register

The Index to Register of Members is an alphabetical list of members, with addresses (down to Town level), membership number, and email address. Email addresses are encoded against spammers and contain a mailto facility to open a new message window in your email program when writing to another member.

The Index also has symbols indicating the member's Sackett tree, whether they have a picture on their member page, and whether they are subscribed to the Sackett mailing list.

Members' gallery

Members who have provided pictures for their member pages are included in the Members' gallery, and the pictures are linked back to the member pages.

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