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A picture is worth a thousand words

Contribute your pictures

Whether in a beautiful leather album or a cardboard box in the attic, most families have handed-down photographs of their ancestors. Digital copies, either scanned or photographed, may be sent to the webmaster, Chris Sackett , for inclusion in the Picture gallery. In accordance with our privacy policy, pictures for publication should be of ancestors born before 1920.

Your own family gallery

Collections of pictures relating to a particular family will be published in a separate family gallery, named after the head of the family. See examples of Family galleries.

Places and documents, as well as people

Places, including houses and other buildings, and historic documents, are also a part of the Sackett family story. These may be included for publication, either in a family gallery or in a separate gallery, depending on context. Items included here should be of unusual or particular historic significance, and not those easily available elsewhere. For example, the website would soon be overwhelmed if we tried to publish commonly held documents such as birth, marriage, and death certificates. Pictures of bible pages having family information are particularly welcome.

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