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Sackett snippets

Not quite a rival to Ripley's Believe It Or Not! or The Guinness Book of World Records, Sackett Snippets nevertheless has an entertaining selection of Sackett family oddities and record-breakers. One of them, Ann Sackett, was a world record holder in her time, having given birth to 21 children. Less busy was Chester Sackett, identified here as the laziest Sackett.

Website change log

The website is updated regularly with new material. The Change log details all significant additions and revisions.

Sackett Family Association blog

The website is complemented by the Sackett Family Association Blog. This has occasional posts on the history and genealogy of the Sackett family, including Brief Lives, a selection of short bios of Sackett descendants.

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There is a Site map, and also an alphabetical Subject index. Search (top menu) includes a Google Search for non-name searches. For name searches see Find your Sackett ancestors. Failing that, write the webmaster, Chris Sackett, who will try to help, or will be pleased to receive comments.