Washington State marriages

5 records

  • "19 Sep 1923, at Bellingham, Washington State, Carl Olson, of Bellingham, 54, single, b. Sweden, hotel keeper, father Oli Anderson b. Sweden, mother Anna Pearson b. Sweden; to Helen L Sackett, of Bellingham, 42, divorced, b. Oakdale, Neb, housekeeper, father Chas G Rouse b. Illinois, mother Lydia Motten b. Indiana. By E A G Hardie?, Superior Judge, Ballingham. Witnesses: Mrs May F Olson, ? Olson." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "6 Jan 1926, at Sunnyside, Yakima County, Washington, O A Bond, of Yakima County, & Dorothy E Sackett, of Salt Lake County, Utah, by Mrs Albert C Hartley, Minister of the Gospel. Witnesses: Margaret B Carty, Wilbur T Bond." [Marriage certificate] [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "License 5 Jan 1926, married 6 Jan 1926, at Sunnyside, WA, Oliver A Bond, 32, 1st m, of Mabton, WA, b. MI, farmer, father W E Bond, mother Florence E Burt; and Dorothy E Sackett, 22, 1st m, of Salt Lake City, UT, b. Colorado, student, father Dwight P Sackett, mother Mary Sackett. By Mrs Albert C Hartley, Asst Pastor. Witnesses: Margaret B Carty, Wilbur T Bond." [Marriage register] [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "7 Nov 1930, at Whatcom County, Washington, Don Sackett, of Whatcom, and Rosetta Georgia Baer, of Whatcom. By E B Smith, clergyman, St Paul's Church, Bellingham, Washington. Witnesses: Mrs Carl Olson, Joan Cameron." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Affidavit for License 25 Mar 1974, Arnold H Sackett Sr, 60, b. Winnebago, MN, 30 Sep 1913, widowed, police officer, of 12435 S E Reed Way, Portland, Oregon, & Wanda J Billups, 57, b. Brigham City, UT, 2 Mar 1917, telephone oper, of 12435 S E Reed Way." [Abstract from Ancestry image]

"Washington Marriage Records 1854–2013," digital image, Ancestry.com. (Researched by Chris Sackett).