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  • Administration of estate of Oliver Sacket of New Haven, 1794.
    Administrators: Solomon Mudge, Jacob Pinto, appointed 25 Jun 1794. Replaced 8 Sep 1795 by Isaac Bishop & Jacob Pinto.
    Letter 2 Jun 1794 from Lucy Mudge, Canaan, Columbia County, NY, "mother of Oliver Sacket whom I have heard died in the West Indies...". She declined to act as administrator, advised that Oliver's father was deceased, and proposed that Solomon Mudge of New Haven act as administrator. Letter accepted at Court by Eleazer Grant JP.
    Inventory, New Haven, 9 Oct 1795, clothing £3 15 0, cash $8 = £2 8 0; total £6 3 0. Administrators' expenses £2 0 0, incl. advertisements, court fees, & administrators' time.
  • 1800

  • Will of Reuben Sackett of Warren, Litchfield County, Connecticut.
    Date: 19 Mar 1800.
    Wife Mercy, household furniture, a horse, 2 cows, 10 sheep, dwelling house & ¾ of home lot during widowhood & one-third during lifetime.
    Son Samuel, £10.
    Son Alexander, one-third of home lot, plus other two-thirds on payment of £65 to brothers: £10 to Samuel, £20 to Aaron, and £35 to Cyrus; division of land in these proportions as alternative to payment. Alexander's debt to Reuben of £25 to be cancelled.
    Son Aaron, £20.
    Son Cyrus, £35.
    Daughter Aner, 26-acre lot known as Johnson's lot.
    Daughter Mercy Lucinda, ten shillings.
    Daughter Violitty, ten shillings.
    If any of Samuel, Aaron, or Cyrus do not claim, their share of estate to be divided equally among Alexander, Aner, Mercy Lucinda, and Violitty.
    Executor: son Alexander.
    Witnesses: Lysander Curtiss, Lovina Curtiss, George W Curtiss.
    Witnesses sworn at Litchfield County Court, 25 Jul 1803.

    Inventory, 10 Aug 1803.
    Included home lot, 24 acres, with dwelling house, barn, and weaver's shop $410; 30-acre lot across the highway in front of house being part of Colledge lot $540, 26-acre wood lot called the Johnson Pitch $140.
    Distribution of estate, dated 13 Sep 1803, included lists of livestock and other items with values distributed to beneficiaries: Reuben & Aner Williams $34; John & Mercy Lucinda Fuller $45; John & Violitty Bates $36; Alexander Sackett, part of his father's clothes, $10. Distribution ratified as their free & voluntary act at Litchfield County Court, 11 Feb 1804, by Alexander Sacket, Reuben Williams, Aner Williams, John Fuller, M Lucinda Fuller, John Bates, & Violetta Bates.
  • Estate of Capt Joel Sackett, of Cheshire, CT, 1800
    Wallingford Probate District.
    Administrators, 1 Oct 1800: Lydia Sackett, Caleb Todd, both of Cheshire.
    Inventory of personal estate, 10 Oct 1800, gross $677, net $605.
    Beneficiaries: one-third to the widow, one-third to each of the children, Meriah the only daughter & Butler the only son.
    Distribution: 8 Jun 1801.
  • 1804

  • Will of Mercy Sackett of Warren, Litchfield County, Connecticut.
    Date: 16 Oct 1804.
    Testatrix: Mercy Sackett of town of Warren, county of Litchfield.
    Samuel, Aaron, & Cyrus, being at a great distance, half estate if they return and claim within 5 years.
    Son Alexander, Aner Williams, Lucinda Fuller, Violet Bates, $1.68 each. Aner, Lucinda, & Violet to share equally other half if Samuel, Aaron, & Cyrus make no claim.
  • 1848

  • Transcript of Order re William O Sackett
    Estate of Sackett, William O, Town of Bethany, Bethany Probate District, 1848
    Deposited in Connecticut State Library, 9 Dec 1911
    "The subscribers Selectmen of the Town of Bethany having inspected and examined the conduct and management of the business of William O Sackett, an inhabitant of the said Town and residing therein and finding that by idleness mismanagement and bad husbandry he is spending his estate and likely to be reduced to want and himself and family become chargeable to said Town, we do hereby this 8th day of January 1848 constitute and appoint Paulaski Chatfield of said Town Overseer to said William O Sackett to advise direct and order him in his business for the term of one year from the above date.
    Sidney Sperry, Justus Peek, Selectmen."
  • 1909

  • Abstract of will of Melissa Sackett
    Estate of Melissa Sackett, of Winchester, died 30 Sep 1909, widow.
    Heirs: Grove Sackett, of Cranford, NJ, son; Frank Sackett, of Winchester, son.
    Application for probate filed in Court, 6 Oct 1909.
    Will made at Winchester, 9 Aug 1904.
    1. Sister, Amy E Ryder, use during lifetime of house, 45 Wetmore Avenue, Winsted, & wearing apparel.
    2. Frank Sackett, of Winsted, $5,000 in trust, with income to sister Amy Ryder during her lifetime.
    3. Frank Sackett, $3,000 in trust, income to be used for care of house, any excess to sister at Trustee's discretion.
    4. Residue, incl reversion of house, equally to sons, Grove & Frank.
    5. Frank Sackett appointed executor.
    6. Benefits to sister apply only during her widowhood. Benefits to sister may be replaced by payment of $15 per month.
    Inventory & Appraisal.
    Detailed list of assets, total $36,057, filed in Court 24 Nov 1909.
    Return of Claims, total $102, filed in Court 15 Apr 1910.
    Administration Account, filed in Court, 18 Apr 1910. Total assets $34,051.
    Distribution, filed in Court 27 Apr 1910: various mortgage notes, bank balances, etc. to Grove Sackett $18,276; various mortgage notes, bank balances, & house at 45 Wetmore Avenue to Frank Sackett $18,276 (includes house at $3,200).

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