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Most marriage licence allegations followed the same general format, earlier ones often being written in more than one hand, suggesting a pro forma which was then filled in with the couple's details. Later allegations were often on a printed pro forma.

The allegation of 1761 of Henry Sackett of Hornchurch is given as an example of the full text.

"26th Jany 1761
On which Day appeared personally Henry Sackett and made Oath that he is of the parish of Hornchurch in the County of Essex (in which parish he hath had his usual place of abode for the space of four Weeks last past) a Bachelor aged Twenty one years and upwards and intendeth to intermarry with Martha Higgs of the same parish Spinster a Minor aged Twenty years and upwards but under the age of Twenty One years by and with the consent of William Higgs the natural and lawful Father of the said Minor _____
He this Deponent not knowing or believing any lawful Let or Impediment by reason of any Precontract entered into before the 25th day of March 1754 Consanguinity Affinity or any other lawful means whatsoever to hinder the said intended Marriage And prayed a Licence to solemnize the said Marriage in The Parish Church of Hornchurch aforesaid Then also appeared personally the said William Higgs of the Parish aforesaid and made Oath that he is the natural and lawful Father of the said Minor and consents to the above intended Marriage.
[… oomy] Master .......... Henry Sackett [signed]
[… ulckner] .....................The mark of
[… ] ............................... William Higgs
.... Before me
....... Wm Spry

  • "27 July 1728 John Hatt, bachelor, 25+, hosier, of St Dionys Backchurch, & Sarah Sackett, spinster, 24+, of St Dionys Backchurch, at Chelsea, Middlesex."
  • "27 September 1753 John Arnold Junr, bachelor, 21+, of Great Warley, Essex, & Elizabeth Sackett, spinster, 20, of Hornchurch, Essex, daughter of Thomas Sackett, at Hornchurch."
  • "26 January 1761 Henry Sackett, bachelor, 21+, of Hornchurch, Essex, & Martha Higgs, spinster, 20, of Hornchurch, daughter of William Higgs, at Hornchurch."
  • "23 January 1769 Peter Cramp, bachelor, 24+, of St Ann Blackfryers, London, & Susanna Sackett, spinster, 22+, of St John's, Thanet, at St Ann Blackfryers, London."
  • "23 November 1781 James Willis, bachelor, 21+, of West Ham, & Martha Sackett, widow, of Hornchurch, Essex, at West Ham."
    Widow of Henry Sackett.
  • "16 January 1796 John Eve, bachelor, 21+, of Grays, Essex, & Henrietta Sackett, spinster, 21+, of St John's, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, at St John's, Clerkenwell, Middlesex."
  • "23 May 1814 Samuel Sackett, bachelor, 21+, of West Thurrock, Essex, & Mary Wood, spinster, 21+, of St Dunstan, Stepney, Middlesex, at St Dunstan, Stepney, Middlesex."
  • "11 November 1820 Francis Lidgbird, widower, of St Mary, Whitechapel, Middlesex, & Mary Sackett, spinster, 21+, of St John, Margate, Kent, at St Mary, Whitechapel, Middlesex."
  • "19 December 1822 Thomas Ruscoe, bachelor, 38, of St Andrew, Holborn, Middlesex, & Elizabeth Sackett, widow, 21+, of St Andrew, Holborn, at St Andrew, Holborn."
    Widow of Stephen Sackett.
  • "24 April 1826 Richard James, bachelor, 21+, of St Andrew, Holborn, Middlesex, & Catharine Sackett, spinster, 21+, of St Andrew, Holborn, at St Andrew, Holborn."
  • "9 May 1828 John Brooks, bachelor, 21+, of Northam, Devon, & Sophia Sackett, spinster, 21+, of St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex, at St Leonard."
  • "19 September 1834 William Poole, widower, of St James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, & Mary Sackett, spinster, 21+, of St George, Southwark, Surrey, at St George, Southwark."
    Not identified.
  • "20 August 1841 Henry Till, bachelor, 21+, of Chatham, Kent, & Martha Cox Sackett, spinster, 21+, of St Sepulchre, London, at St Sepulchre."
  • "31 May 1844 John Baker, bachelor, 20, of Paddington, Middlesex, son of Job Baker, & Anna Eliza Sackett, spinster, 21+, of Paddington, at Paddington.".

Marriage Licence Allegations, Faculty Office (Society of Genealogists). (Researched by Marion Sackett).