Deacon Salmon Sackett

FatherDeacon & Captain Justus Sacket (1729/30-1815)
MotherLydia Newcomb (c 1731-1808)
Marriage1786, WarrenGMercy Matilda Curtis2,5
Marriage1839Betsey (Catlin) Pitkins4
Deacon Salmon Sackett, son of Deacon & Captain Justus Sacket and Lydia Newcomb, was born in Kent (later Warren), Litchfield County, ConnecticutG, on 8 March 1764.1,2 He died aged 82 in Akron, Summit County, OhioG, on 23 November 18462,3,4 and was buried at Tallmadge CemeteryG.6 He married first in WarrenG on 3 May 1786, Mercy Matilda Curtis, usually known as Matilda, daughter of Eleazer Curtis and Mercy Carter.2,5 Matilda was born in Kent, Litchfield CountyG, on 19 October 1767.6,7 She died aged 63 on 13 July 1831 and was buried at Tallmadge CemeteryG.6 He married second on 4 September 1839, Betsey (Catlin) Pitkins, widow of Deacon Stephen Pitkins.4 Betsey was born in about 1770.8,9 She died aged 82 in Charlestown, Portage County, OhioG, on 15 February 1852.4,10,11
     Salmon was admitted to membership of the Congregational Church of Christ, WarrenG, on 2 May 1784.12
     In 1790 Salmon was living in Warren, Litchfield County, ConnecticutG. In his household were one man, two boys, and two females.13
     Salmon's wife Matilda was admitted to membership of the Congregational Church of Christ, WarrenG, on 6 October 1799.14
     Salmon was listed in the census in 1800 and 1810 as a householder in WarrenG.15,16
     Salmon was a deacon of the Congregational Church of Christ, WarrenG, in 1808.17 He later moved to Tallmadge, OhioG, and was a deacon of the church there.18
     Salmon was listed in the census in 1820, 1830, and 1840 as a householder in TallmadgeG.19,20,21
Dea Salmon Sackett (1764–1846), Tallmadge Cemetery, Ohio
(Src: Find A Grave, Mr Ed)

Children of Deacon Salmon Sackett and Mercy Matilda Curtis

656. Salmon Sacket, 1764–1846, of Warren, Conn, and Talmadge, Ohio, son of (203) Justus and Lydia Newcomb Sacket, married, May 3, 1787, Mercy Matilda Curtis.
1511a. Mercy M. Sacket, b. Feb. 6, 1788.
1512. Harvey Sacket, b. Dec. 24, 1793, d. Aug. 11, 1815 [sic: 1875]; m. Thelia Eldred.
1513. Leander Sacket, b. Apr. 20, 1795; m. Rebecca Conant.
1514. Eleazer C. Sacket, b. Mar. 1, 1802, d. in 1789; m. (1521) [sic: 1524] Patty Sacket.
1515. Ann Filer Sackett, b. Mar. 16, 1809; m. William Russell.
1516. Norman Sackett, b. Mar. 11, 1789, d. in 1834; m. Mary Goudy.
1517. Lorinda Sacket, b. Dec. 17, 1791; m. David Beach.
1518. Cassander Sacket, b. Dec. 24, 1796; m. Henrietta Beach.
1519. Lodemia Sacket, b. Nov. 7, 1798; m. Sherman Loomis.
1519a. Betsey Sacket, m. Apr. 22, 1800; m. William Beach.
1519b. Solomon D. Sacket, b. Mar. 27, 1804; m. Mary A. Wright.
1519v. [sic: 1519c] Miranda A. Sacket, b. June 10, 1806.
1519d. Ebenezer T. Sacket, b. June 8, 1812.

Dea Salmon Sackett Obituary
Died in Akron at the house of his son E. C. Sackett, on the 23rd of Nov 1846 aged 83 years; Deacon Salmon Sackett.
     Dea Sackett, was born in Warren, Conn, March 8th, 1864 [1764]: and removed to Tallmadge, in this State, in 1811. Owning only the land he designed to cultivate, and the team, which brought him with twelve children, he reached Tallmadge with but one dollar in his pocket, his wife was sick, and the dollar was soon parted with for a quart of poor wine, the best that could be obtained, and that, too, at a point no nearer than Canton. Previous to his setting out from Conn, he had procured a deed for a tract of land near the Center of Tallmadge, a tract evidently desirable; but upon his arrival, he found the ground already occupied and partially improved. The occupants, relying upon an agreement with the agent in the vicinity, had neglected to secure themselves by deeds in due time. With a magnanimity as rare as it was noble, Dea Sackett, surrendered his deed, went further back from the Center into what was then unbroken wilderness, and proceeded forthwith to the erection of a log house, his future residence for 18 years. With one of his oxen he bought some wheat, and with one of his horses he bought some swine. In the next harvest season he began to be rewarded for his toil, and successive crops, and a handsome property, gradually acquired, attested his skill, his industry and his success. Dea Sackett, professed a healthy and vigorous constitution, a sober and steady judgement, and an indomitable energy, and perseverance the straight forward and unostentatious prosecution of his plan of life. He made the interest of the town his own interest; contributed always and substantially to the various public improvements, the construction of roads, the building of bridges, the building of an Academy and Meeting House. He made his religion his constant and paramount concern. He made a profession of religion at the age of 16 (1780) and was in early manhood elected a deacon of the church in his native town (about 1807). He was a warm, substantial and valuable supporter of the institutions of religion. He was characterized by an ardent attachment to the ministers of the gospel; by a readiness to leave his plough in the field, and go from house to house if the state of feeling seemed to encourage, and to labor for the revival of religion in the church, and for the conversion of sinners, and when the infirmities of 80 years and two attacks of palsy had caused reason to totter on its throne, he had, at any time, up to within a few days of his death, but to be asked to lead his children and his grand children in prayer at the family altar, and his mind was instantly recalled from its wanderings, his sentences were correct and well expressed, and his soul was animated as in earlier days, with the sentiments, the hopes and the spirit of an intelligent and unfeigned piety.

—Charles Cook Bronson, History of Tallmadge and the Western Reserve 1804–1886, citing Ohio Observer.

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