Norman Sackett

FatherDeacon Salmon Sackett (1764-1846)
MotherMercy Matilda Curtis (1767-1831)
Marriage1811, OhioGSally Northrup
Marriage1829, PennsylvaniaGMary Goudy2
Marriage1833, Portage County, OhioGSarah Eliza Weston
Norman Sackett, shoemaker, son of Deacon Salmon Sackett and Mercy Matilda Curtis, was born in Warren, Litchfield County, ConnecticutG, on 11 March 1788.1,2,3,4 He died aged 46 in Portage County, OhioG, on 16 August 18342,5 and was buried at Tallmadge Cemetery, OhioG.6 He married first in OhioG in about 1811, Sally Northrup. Sally was born in Brookfield, Fairfield County, ConnecticutG, in 17925 and died in Tallmadge, OhioG, on 9 February 1827.5 He married second in PennsylvaniaG in 1829, Mary Goudy.2 Mary was born in IrelandG,5 and died in March 1833.5 He married third in Portage County, OhioG, on 7 November 1833, Sarah Eliza Weston. Sarah was born in New York StateG in about 18085 and died in Summit County, OhioG, on 24 March 1882.5
     Norman was admitted to membership of the Congregational Church of Christ, Warren, Litchfield CountyG, on 3 July 1808.7
     Norman served as a Private in the Ohio Militia in the War of 1812.8
     Norman was listed in the 1820 census as a householder in Tallmadge, Portage County, OhioG.9 In 1830 he was a householder in Portage, Portage CountyG.10
Norman Sackett (1788–1834), Tallmadge Cemetery, Summit County, Ohio
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Children of Norman Sackett and Sally Northrup

Children of Norman Sackett and Mary Goudy

Child of Norman Sackett and Sarah Eliza Weston

  • Norah S Sackett b. c 1834

1516. Norman Sacket, 18--?–1834, son of (656) Salmon Sacket and Matilda Curtis; married his third wife, Mary Goudy. We have record of but one
3852a Edward C. Sackett, b. July 6, 1831, m. Mary Morgan.

Norman Sackett
The 2nd child [of Deacon Salmon Sackett and Mercy Matilda Curtiss] was by trade a shoemaker, when his father moved to Ohio he was 22 the March previous. He married Miss Sally Northrup of Brookfield, Fairfield County, Conn. They had a large family. Children of Norman and Sally Sackett:

1st – Horatio Northrup, born [blank].
2nd – Claudius Cook, born Dec. 16th, 1813.
3rd – Demming Whittlesey, born Jan. 18th, 1816.
4th – Homer Augustine, born [blank].
5th – Sarah Celina, born 1820.
6th – Ebenezer, born August 1822.
7th – Norman, born March 18th, 1824.
8th – Harriet Elizabeth, born Nov. 1826.

Mrs. Sally N. Sackett died in Tallmadge Feb. 9th, 1827, aged 35. Mr Sackett, in accordance with the custom of those days, connected farming with his trade. His father, gave him [blank] acres off [blank] on which he built a log house, and cleared some of the land. In 1815 he sold this land to Mr. Martin Camp. He then bought of Col. Tallmadge, Lot No 1 in Tract 12. On this he built a log house. According to Ensigns Survey, this lot contained 160 acres. Mr. Sackett was the first settler on Tract 12, and his log house was north about 30 rods from the brick house, now (1877) standing on the farm. Mr. Sackett cleared a few acres, and in 1817 sold to Mr. Abraham Hine, of North Milford, Conn. He then bought fifty acres off the south east corner of Tract No. 7 in Lot 10 of Mr Reuben Beach. On this land he built a log house and a log barn, and made some clearing. In 1819 in company with others, he built a small frame shop with the intention of working at his trade. He built a log house in 1821, on the corner where stands the house of Benj. D. Wright (1877) into this house he moved his family. Here Mrs Sally N. Sackett died on the 9th of Feb. 1827, aged 35 years. It can be said of her that she was a very patient, Christian woman. She left a family of 9 children. Mr. Sackett sold his farm in 1823 to Marcus Hinman, who gave him $10 per acre, and on this farm Mr. and Mrs. Hinman still reside (1877). Mr Sackett, after his first wife's death, he broke up housekeeping, placing his children in families mostly among his brothers and sisters. He and his brother Elezer had a section of the Pennsylvania Canal to build in the vicinity of Pittsburg, Pa. Here he became acquainted with Miss Mary Ann Goudy, and they were married in 1829. After finishing up their canal contract in Pa, they returned to Ohio and bought land in the township of Portage, in Tract 3. This land was in early days called the Oak Openings. As early as 1816 Thaddeus and Wm. Granger, Esq., with their families settled on the Tract. They were visited with severe sickness, and several members of the Granger families died and were buried at the Center of Tallmadge, the Granger families left the farms, those that survived and Norman Sackett moved onto the land, and his second wife died there March 1833, aged [blank] years. She was represented as a refined woman by those who were acquainted with her, and also a humble Christian. She united with the Cong. Church in Tallmadge by letter Jan 1st 1832. Children by Norman & Mary Ann G. Sackett:

1st – Edward Curtiss, born July 10th, 1831.
2nd – Harvey Leander, born Dec. 6th, 1832.

His third wife was Miss Sarah Weston, they were married Nov. 7th, 1833 by Rev. J.C. Parmelee. Mr. Sackett made an exchange of his farm in Portage township and for part pay he took land in western Illinois, which was given by the U. S. Government as bounty to the soldiers of the War of 1812. He went west to see his purchase in Illinois and returned, he was immediately taken sick, with billious fever, arrising from the miasma of the country he had passed through in his journey west. He attended a meeting of the church in Tallmadge, after his return from the Ill. He related to his friends some incidents of his journey across the country; the extent of the prairies, the scattered settlers, the amount of sickness that prevailed from malarial disease, all through the country. And then remarked that he had all the symptoms of the malarial disease and that he must take the prescribed medicines to cleanse his system. He went to Mr. Weston, his third wife's father where he breathed his last on the 16th day of Aug. 1834, aged 45 years. Mr. Sackett made a profession of religion in Conn. He transfered his church relations to the Cong. Church in Tallmadge April 25th, 1813 with Sally N his first wife, both by letter.

He was a man that took a deep interest in the prosperity of the church to which he belonged. And also the church throughout the earth. He was fond of reading and had a retentive memory, a cultivated mind well stored with useful information. All this made him a very agreeable companion in the social circle. He was a man of ardent feelings, and when a subject was brought forward that enlisted his sympathies he was not the man to stand back. When the cause of temperance was first agitated in the church, he was one of most zealous advocates, this was in 1827 and he was a firm adherent through life. And so it was with the cause of Anti-Slavery when that arose, he entered with zeal into that cause, and maintained the principles it advocated through life. He was also one of a rifle company that was commanded by Capt. Rial McArthur, in 1812 and 1813, and in the U.S. service. He was the father of 13 children, 9 by his first wife, 3 by his 2nd wife and by his 3rd wife 1. Norah S.

In conversation with Mr. Marcus Hinman in 1877, I find that I have been led into an error respecting the land on which Mr. Hinman lives. Mr. Reuben Beach sold 50 acres off the south east corner of the farm to Erastus Carter, a brother of his son-in-law Ira Carter. He had emigrated from Vermont and his father, an old acquaintance he sold him the piece of land to encourage him to get him a home. He sold to Norman Sackett, as has been mentioned before and went to Middlebury and run a distillery. He married Tilpah Wilcox, had a family, moved west and died many years since.

The Children of Norman and Mary G. Sackett:
1st – Caroline Lovica, born [blank].
2nd – Solomon Ashmun, born March 7th, 1830.
3rd – Edward Curtis, born July 10th, 1831.
4th – Harvey Leander, born Dec. 6th, 1832."

Child of Norman and Sarah W. Sackett – Norah S."

In a letter before me from Miss Anna Sackett, a daughter of Claudius C. dated Waverly, Ill. May 15th, 1877, she says: Grandfather Sacketts family record was burnt when Uncle Horatios house was burned at Ruggles. This is the reason of its being so incomplete.

Horatio Northrup, baptized Sept. 22nd, 1812, born in 1812 in Tallmadge. Died in the hospital at Cincinnati, Dec. 1862, age 50.
Claudius Cook, born Dec. 16th, 1813. Resides in Waverly, Ill.
Demming Whittlesey, born Jan. 18th, 1816. Died in Wilson County Kansas, Jan. 4th, 1870, aged 59 years.
Homer Augustine, baptized March 29th, 1818, probably born the last of the year 1817. Went south in 1837, and supposed to be dead.
Sarah Celina, born in 1820, married [blank] Reynolds, died at Ruggles O. Sept. 5th, 1852. Aged 32 years.
Ebenezer, born Aug. 1822. Died at Waverly, Ill. Dec. 8th, 1871 aged 49 years.
Norman, born March 18, 1824, resides in Tariffville, Conn.
Harriet Elizabeth, born Nov. 1826, married Johnston, died at Waverly, Ill. Dec. 19th, 1864, aged 38 years.

Children of Norman and Mary Ann G. Sackett
Caroline Lovica, born 1829, married Schlabach is living at De Witt, Clinton County, Iowa.
Solomon Ashmun, born March 7th, 1830 is living at Bloomington, Ill.
Edward Curtis, born July 10th, 1831. His residence is Berdan, Green Co., Ill.
Harvey Leander, born Dec. 6th, 1832. Died at Waverly, Ill, Aug. 13th, 1865, aged 33 years.

Mr. Sacketts third wife was Miss Sarah Weston, they were married Nov. 7th, 1833 by Rev. J.C. Parmelee, they had one child Norah S.

—Charles Cook Bronson, History of Tallmadge and the Western Reserve 1804–1886 (10 vols.), 2:78–81

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