History of Lewis County, New York

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Ref. to Sacket and Alvin Dodge.

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Census of Electors in Lowville, in 1807.
Dodge, Sacket.
Sacket, William.

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Public Schools
The first school was taught in this town [Lowville] by Miss Hannah Smith, a sister of Mrs. Elijah Baldwin of Martinsburgh, in a little log school house near the lower mill. Samuel Slocum taught in 1804, and was one of the earliest male teachers in town. The first public provision for schools was made in March, 1813, under the general school act then newly passed. Amasa Dodge, Robert McDowell, and Moses Waters, were appointed first commissioners, and with these, Isaac Clinton, William Sacket, Benjamin Hillman, Benjamin Davenport, Chester Buck, and Daniel Kelley, Inspectors.

p 420 Henry [Weller, s. of Silas Weller & Nancy Bush], born [Lowville] Aug. 9, 1817, married Feb. 2, 1847, Eliza A. Sackett, who was born in Lowville Feb. 15, 1820, and died April 24, 1881.

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Harvey Weller [s. of Silas Weller & Nancy Bush] was born in the northern portion of the town of Lowville February 9, 1815. Here he lived until he was fourteen years of age, when his father bound him out to a neighbor, William Bush, until he was of age, for a compensation of three months' schooling in the year, a suit of broadcloth clothes, and fifty dollars in money. When the time arrived when he was to start in life for himself, he very sensibly took, instead of the broadcloth, a suit of homespun and the difference in money. During his time of bondage, which was in the days of militia service. by engaging a substitute in his place and purchasing provisions and notions, which he retailed on general training days, he realized above expenses, from four to six dollars per day, which he saved to add to the meagre sum which was to accrue to him when he attained his majority. He also realized a small amount from trapping nights and mornings, after and before the hours of his labor. By these different ways, at the age of twenty-one, he found himself in possession of about one hundred dollars.
After his majority was attained, he leased of Mr. Bush his cloth mill, where for some time he was engaged in cloth dressing, and afterwards for several years leased the Bush farm. At the age of twenty-six, he married Polly W. Sackett, of Lowville, Jan. 19, 1841, who was born April 13, 1819. At about this time he purchased his first land in the northern part of the town of Lowville, where he passed his life. Polly, his wife, died April 8, 1865, and on the 6th of March, 1866, he married Mary Benedict, of Turin, who died June 24, 1882. Harvey Weller died March 4, 1883. His children are:—Duane, born November 28, 1842, died October 23, 1859; Josephine, (adopted,) born December 12, 1846, died in the fall of 1879; Emma V., died February 13, 1880; Amelia L., (Mrs. J. Clinton Benedict,) born January 12, 1850; Darius E., born July 28, 1858; Perry D., born February 26, 1860.

p 447 [Town of Martinsburgh]
Mr. Martin arrived with his family March 4, 1802, and during this season, many families came on for permanent settlement. Among those who arrived the first and second years, were ... Justus Sacket, ...

p 451 [Burials at West Martinsburgh]
Sackett, Samuel, died Mar. 12, 1846, aged 55.

p 506-507 Census of Electors in Turin in 1807.
Sacket, Monardus [sic]

p 509 [Obituary Dates, and Brief Notes Concerning Early Settlers and Well Known Citizens of Turin and West Turin.]
Sackett Chester, died June 16, 1848, aged 56.

p 517 [Miscellaneous Notices and Obituary Dates Relating to Houseville; Chiefly from Cemetery Dates.]
Sacket Ezekiel, died June 15, 1820, aged 80. His wife, Anna, died November 25, 1838, aged 94.

p 518 [Town of Turin, Special Town Meetings During the War]
July 19, 1864. Provision made for paying the expenses of the War Committee. A bounty offered of $100 for one year, $200 for two years, and $300 for three years. A committee consisting of [10 men including] Gad Sheldon Sackett, and the Supervisor, was appointed to borrow money until it could be raised by a tax.

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Martin J. Sackett.
The subject of this sketch is of New England parentage, and was born in the town of Turin, September 15, 1832.
His parents were Gad Sheldon Sackett and Elmina Miller. Their other children were Lucina, born April 27, 1835, married A.L. Kellogg, October, 1856; Lydia, born January 11, 1839, married J. Lucius Seymour, February, 1866; George S., born May 7, 1842; Alson C., born August 27, 1844; Charles K., born March 26, 1848.
About 1830, the elder Sackett bought a farm in the woods on the western part of the town, on which there was a small clearing and a log cabin, in which Martin was born.
Those were the rude days of pioneer life, when the dwellings and the school houses were of logs; when stoves were unknown, and the roaring blaze went crackling up the broad fire-place, and men and women sturdily battled with the privations of such a life to insure their children the future days of more comfort, and a higher place of prosperity. In a few years, the elder Sackett built a framed house, and here on the farm, Martin passed his early life.
He received his education in the common schools, and in Lowville Academy, and taught school seven years, three of which were passed in the schools of Long Island.
Relinquishing that profession, he became interested in farming and produce dealing, in which business he is now engaged. He is the owner of two hundred and seventy-five acres of land, and has under his control a total of four hundred and seventy-five acres. Mr. Sackett is most fortunate in the location of his farm, as it is situated in one of the pleasantest and most fertile portions of the town, deriving on this account a much enhanced value over lands less favorably located. He has always taken great pride in improving to the best of his ability, the lands in his possession, and the beneficial results of his labors are to be seen in every portion of his estate. The following article, written by the editor of the Lowville Journal and Republican, shows the writer's appreciation of the locality in which Mr. Sackett resides:—
"A ride at this season of the year on the East road, from the old Sheldon tavern, beyond Martinsburgh, is positive luxury. The road is smooth and hard, while the landscape, even to the hills west covered with verdure and noble trees, is pleasant to the view. The fine, large farm with its nice buildings, of Martin J. Sackett, attracts attention of the passer by; next come the fine farms of Charles J. Phelps, Almon Miller, Walter Miller, Albert Miller, Stephen Silvernail, James Kilham, John Strong, Charles Bush, Cadwell Dewey, and others whos names we do not now recall, many of them having beautiful and commodious farm buildings, handsome barns, with all the appurtenances and conveniences necessary for successful farming. Beyond Deweyville, and on the road to Collinsville, we noticed the large and comfortable farm house of Albert Foster, and further on the rich farms of F.J. Newman and his father, William C. Newman, who lives near Collinsville. From the latter place direct to Constableville, the beautiful and extensive places of Emory Allen and Henry McVicker, are especially attractive."
He has been assesor of his town three years, but has in general been more content to quietly follow his business than to identify himself too much with politics.
Mr. Sackett has been for the past twenty years one of the most liberal supporters of the Houseville Methodist Episcopal Church.
He was married September 15, 1859, to Susan E. Bush, by whom he had two children, Estella M., born December 13, 1864, died June 30, 1878; and Jennie May, born November 18, 1869.

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J. Lucius Seymour, the only son [of Alva Seymour & ___ Cowles], was born in Turin, March 31, 1831. His early years were passed on the farm close by his present home. He was educated in the district schools of his town and at Lowville Academy, and followed for some years the occupation of teacher, going West in the spring of 1847 for that purpose, and teaching successfully in Iowa and Minnesota. In the spring of 1863 he returned home, and in the following winter went to Virginia, in the service of the Christian Commission to care for the sick and wounded soldiers. He afterward became engaged in farming, and has also been quite extensively interested in lumbering and real estate trannsaction in Minnesota. Mr. Seymour since the age of fourteen has been an active worker in the religious feld, following in this respect the footsteps of his worthy father. He is an elder in the First Presbyterian church of Turin, in which, and in the community at large, he is regarded as a conscientious christian and an honorable man. On the 5th of February, 1866, Mr. Seymour married Lydia Sackett, daughter of G. Sheldon and Elmina Sackett, of Turin, who was born January 11, 1839. Their children are seven in number, as follows:—Arthur T., born December 17, 1866; Alva C., born December 14, 1868; Edward Lucius, born August 16, 1871; Mary Estelle, born July 23, 1873; Dwight Sheldon, born March 27, 1876; Theodore Lyman, born December 30, 1877; Eugene Howard, born July 4, 1880.

p 587
Elmina [Miller, d. of James Miller & Sally Coe], born in 1806, married G.S. Sackett, of Houseville, died in 1882.

p xviii Personal Statistics
Weller Henry H., p o Lowville, farmer 275 acres, born in county in 1817; wife, Eliza Sackett of county married in 1848; children three—Leonard Alden, born in 1852, Harriet, in 1854, and Henry D. in 1860. Father, Silas Weller, born in Westfield, Massachusetts, settled in county in 1801, served in war of 1812; wife, Nancy Bush.
Weller Harvey, p o Lowville, farmer, 300 acres, born in Lowville in 1815; wife, Polly W. Sackett of county, married in 1841; died in 1865; children five, living three; second wife, Mary Benedict of county, married March 6, 1866. Parents, Silas and Nancy Bush Weller.

p xxv Personal Statistics
Sackett, George S, p o Houseville, hop grower and dairy farmer, 120 acres, born in Turin, May 7, 1842, settled on present farm in 1872, has been assessor one term; wife, Ida Bowman, of Pinckney, married February 24, 1870; one child—Leon Sheldon. Parents, Sheldon and Elmina Sackett, the former a son of Joel, one of early settlers of town.
Sackett, Martin J., p o Houseville, grain and dairy farmer, owns 275 acres land, controls 475, born in Turin, September 15, 1832, has been assessor three years; wife, Susan E Bush, married September 15, 1859; children two—Estella M., and Jennie M. Father, Sheldon Sackett.
Seymour J. Luc[i]us, p o Turin, dairy farmer, 275 acres, born in Turin, March 31, 1831; wife, Lydia Sackett, of Turin, married February 5, 1866; children seven. Parents, Alva and Sophronia (Cowles) Seymour, the former came to Turin in 1824, and his father, Beldad, came in 1825.

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