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  • Malheur Enterprise (Vale, Oregon), August 16, 1919
    Revenue Officers and Sheriff Confiscate Modern Still Near Vale.
    What Sheriff H. Lee Noe described as being the best located still yet discovered, was located Tuesday on the homestead belonging to Harvey Sackett south of town near Chalk Butte. And as a result 110 gallons of perfectly good syrup mash and a complete equipment for making the same into that fiery beverage prohibited by the government, were destroyed. The owner, Harvey Sackett, was taken to Ontario that evening where he was bound over to the Federal Grand Jury after furnishing bail of $1,000.00.
    Outfit On Homestead
    Suspicions had been pointing for some time to Sackett on account of a house that he had rented here in town and while back which seemed to be in use and yet no one was ever seen about the premises. On forcing an entrance after he had moved to his homestead, Sheriff Noe found copper kettles and other paraphernalia for a regular still but was unable to get any direct evidence on his man.
    Find Modern Distillery
    Making a visit to his homestead Tuesday, accompanied by Deputies Rand and Charlton from Baker, internal revenue officers of Portland, they found merely where Sackett had hauled some lumber and had made some excavations preparatory to building him a house. Just as they were getting ready to leave one of the men happened to notice that the dirt was not surface dirt but had come from some distance below. They explored about until Sheriff Noe entered an old outbuilding and tore up the floor when they found a tunnel leading downward. Following this up they soon entered a room of about 10 by 10 by 12 which contained all the equipment for an up to date beverage factory.
    They destroyed two 50 gallon barrels of syrup mash and one ten gallon jar of syrup that was evidently going to be used for making beer, also all the other contents of the room except what they wanted as evidence against the owner of the still.
    Held To Grand Jury
    Sackett was away at the time but returned before they left. He believed that the still was so well concealed that they would be unable to find it and so rode right into their hands. He was taken Ontario Tuesday evening and arraigned before U. S. Commissioner C. M. Stearns after which he was bound over to await Federal Grand Jury, furnishing his own bail of $1,000.00."
    [Transcribed from Historic Oregon Newspapers image by Thurmon King]

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