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  • Sackett, Albert Edward
    [1] Short service, attestation, Albert Edward Sackett, of 14 Sussex Street, Ramsgate, 21y 2m, waiter & houseboy, unmarried, no previous military service, appointed Royal Army Medical Corps 27 Jul 1915 at Canterbury. Unit 67th Field Ambulance.
    [2] Description. 21y 2m, CofE, ht 5' 7", chest 35", expansion 2", no marks; nok James Uriah Sackett, 14 Sussex Street, Ramsgate, father. Statement of services: RAMC attested Pte 20 Jul 1915, granted 5th rate Corps pay 4d Pte 1 Sep 1915.
    [3] Military history: Home 20 Jul 1915 to 5 Sep 1915, 48d; BEF 6 Sep 1915 to 13 Nov 1915, 69d; BSF [British Salonika Army] 14 Nov 1915 to 17 Jan 1919, 3y 65d; Home 18 Jan 1919 to 14 Feb 1919. Medals: 1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal.
    [4] Trfd to Class "Z" Army reserve on demobilization 14 Feb 1919, address Oxford Terrace, 55 Boundary Road, Ramsgate. Born 1894. Medical category A.
    [5] Medical history: 20 Jul 1915, age 21y 58d, sight imperfect but clear 6/9? with both eyes together.
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  • Sackett, George William
    Attestation, "George Wm Sackett, of 40 Janeway [form damaged], Berm[ondsey], age 17 y 11 m, electrician's opera[form damaged], single, no previous service, dated 5 Sept 1917."; letter dated 22 Sep 1931 requesting period served in Middlesex Regt and refers to "Pt George William Sackett, 5th Prov Battn.";
    Unidentified form [medical disclaimer], "unit 5th Provisional Coy, regt Middlesex, regtl no 105983, Sackett, George William, 40 Janeway St, Jamaica Road, Bermondsey, SE16, age 20, first joined 12/9/17 at Camberwell, medical category or grade in which joined: CI, 'I do not claim to be suffering from a disability due to my military service', examined at Donington Hall, signed G Sackett, 11-10-19, 5th Provisional Company, 5th Batt, Middlesex Regiment.";
    Protection certificate, "Sackett, George William, regtl no 105983, rank Pt, record office -?-, unit 5 Prov Coy, regt Middlesex, pay office -?-, address for pay 40 Janeway St, Jamaica Rd, Bermondsey, theatre of war or command Chatham?, born 1899, medical category B2, place of rejoining in emergency C Palace, dispersal unit Crystal Palace 14 Oct 1919."
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  • Sackett, Jessie Alice
    Descriptive Report Enlistment, John Harding, 23, ht 5' 9", chest 37in, marks tattoo dots outer left forearm, nok Jessie Alice Harding, 40 Mulgrove Road, Fulham, m. Jessie Alice Sackett, spinster, Registry Office Fulham, 23 Dec 1911, ch. Ernest Harry, b. Fulham, 9 Apr 1912, Hilda Elizabeth, b. Fulham, 12 Feb 1914. Services: joined 4 Nov 1914 at Preston, RFA, Glasgow, 11 Nov 1914.
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  • Sackett, Jessie Alice
    Pension file
    Harding, John, d. 2 Dec 1917, Gnr, svc no 42194, R. F. A. (A/178 BDe)
    Harding, Jessie Alice, b. 9 Nov 1892, res. Fulham S. W., widow
    Harding, Ernest Harry, b. 9 Apr 1912, res. Fulham S. W., child
    Harding, Hilda Elizabeth, b. 12 Feb 1914, res. Fulham S. W., child
    Harding, Jessie Alice, b. 25 Jun 1915, res. Fulham S. W., child
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  • Sackett, Robert John
    [1] Short service, attestation, Robert John Sackett, of 19 Parkhurst Road, Manor Park, age 38y 1m, carman, married, no previous military service, [signed J R Sackett], at Ilford, Essex, 15 Jun 1915, appointed to Northampton Regt.
    [2] Ht 5' 7", girth 38", expansion 3", marks: RS and cross on R f-arm JS on R wrist; nok Maria Sackett, Parkhurst Rd, Manor Park, wife. Extract from certificate: Maria Mayne (spinster, Parish Church, Little Ilford, Essex, 11 July 1904. Children: [..]fred (Maria's child) (born before marriage), 30 Aug 1902, Ilford; [..]omas, 15 Jul 1904, Ilford; [..]ne Ellen, 13 Feb 1907, East Ham; [..]dith Elizabeth, 11 Oct 1909, East Ham; Rosetta, 26 Dec 1911, East Ham; Robert John, 4 Oct 1914, Forest Gate; May Georgina, 30 Jun 1917, East Ham. Statement of services: Joined at Ilford 15.6.15; Northamptonshire Regiment, attested Pte 15.6.15; depot posted 20/6/15; Regt/Depot 3, posted 23.6.15; forfeits 8 days pay by RW for absence 2.8.15 to 9.8.15; forfeits 10 days pay by RW for absence 12.9.15 to 21.9.15; Regt/Depot 1st, posted Ex Fce France 25.11.15; Regt/Depot 3, forfeits 10 days pay by RW for absence 14.11.15 to 23.11.15; Depot, posted, Pte, 16.9.16; EC Depot, posted, Pte, 12.10.16; Brd, posted, Pte, 4.1.17; Middx Regt 29th (IW) Bn, transferred, Pte, 22.2.17, authy A [.] G Chatham Garrison 22.2.17; [.] Service Corps H [.] transferred, Pte, 3.3.17, authy CRLD 2/25031, 23/12/16; 1914/15 Star. Service: Home 15.6.15 to 24.11.15 = 163 days; B Ex Fce 25.11.15 to 16.9.16 = 296 days; Home 17.9.16 to 14.8.17.
    [3] [..].8.17 to 9.9.18, 1y 26d; 10.9.18 to 24.9.18, 15d; 25.9.18 to 16.3.19; 17.3.19 to 24.4.19. Home 17.9.16 to 14.8.17. C/35/17 Ex Force, France 15 Aug 1917. British War Medal, Victory Medal.
    [4] admitted 16.9.16 no 2115. Date 28.9.16; to Officer i/c Records, Inf, Warley Station; Officer Commanding, North'n R, Northampton Station; Paymaster, Inf Station. Regimental no 20063 Pte R Sackett, 1st Northampton Rt, has been granted furlough from 30.9.16 to 10.10.16, address while on leave 115 Walton Rd, Manor Pk, London. Not fit for duty. [signed] Adjt & Registrar, Duchess of Connaught Canadian Red Cross Hospital, Taplow, Bucks.
    [5] Protection Certificate. Sick and wounded. Dispersal Hospital, Casualty Clearing Station, Eastleigh, 27 Mar 19. Sackett, Robert John, Regtl no 1325693, rank Driver, record office Woolwich, unit 280 Coy, Regt or Corps RASC (HT), Signed for advance of 2. Address 115 Walton Road, Manor Park, London E12. Born 1877.
    [6] Memorandum. Infantry Record Office, Warley, 15 Jul 1915. To Officer i/c Records, no 9 District. July 2, 1915. Herewith marriage & birth certificates of no 20063 Pte R J Sackett. After the necessary extracts have been taken, will you please forward same to Regtl Paymaster Warley & request him to return the marriage & birth certificates to me. G Shaw, Lieut. Answer: B cert of Robert Alfred returned as woman's name is shown as Maria Mayne formerly Hornby whereas marriage cert shows her as a spinster. 4.7.15.
    [7] The YMCA with HM Troops. From no 20063 Robert John Sackett, 3rd Batt Northampton Reg't, H Coy, 13 Walton Road, Manor Park, Essex, 14 July 1915. Stamped Infantry Record Office 20 Jul 1915. Sir, In reply to your letter of the 10th inst, it appears that you don't understand who the parties are referred to in the childs birth certificate. The name Robert Mayne, given, is the child's grandfather (on the mother's side) & the name Maria Hornby is the child's grandmother who gave her maiden name. The reason for all that is that the child was born before marriage & it is customary for the mother of a child born under these circumstances to register the child in her parents names. The mother of the child is called or named after her own mother, a fact which may mislead one in identifying the child's real mother. Robert John Sackett is the child's father & Maria Sackett is the child's mother. Yours, Robert John Sackett.
    [8] [..] Record Office, [..]ley. R J Sackett, 19 Parkhurst Road, Manor Park. Warley, 4th July 1915. referring to attached birth [..]tificate of your son Robert Alfred [..] is not understood why, on this certificate [..] are described as Maria Mayne, [..]erly Hornby, whereas on your Marriage certificate you are shown as a Spinster, [w]ill you please explain? (sg) F B Watkins, Major, i/c Records, No 9 District. Answer. Sir, In reply to yoour letter referring to my son Alfred which was born before Marriage registered in my maiden name Mayne also mother's name Hornby and Robert John Sackett is the [..] of Alfred. Yours, (sg) Mrs Sackett.
    [9] Infantry Record Off[..] No 9 District, Warl[..] July 10th 1915. Mrs R J Sackett, 19 Parkhurst Road, Manor Park, Essex. The explanation you give in minute 2, is not clear. You state that the father of the child is, Robert John Sackett, but, on the Birth certificate the father is shown as Robert Mayne. Unless you can produce evidence to show that Robert Mayne, and Robert John Sackett, are one and the same man, the separation allowance cannot be issued for the child in question. Further, if the boy, is your child, how is it possible that on your Marriage Certificate you are described as Maria Mayne a "Spinster", whereas the birth certificate shows you as Maria Mayne formerly Hornby. Will you please reply to these questions as quickly as possible. Major, for Officer i/c Records, No 9 District, Warley.
    [10] Officer Commanding, 3rd Battalion, Northamptonshire Regt, Warley. July 20th 15. Sir, In reference to the attached letter and Birth Certificate, relative to No 20063, Pte R J Sackett. Judging from Sackett's signature on his attestation I am of an opinion that the letter was not written by him, will you therefore please interview him and ascertain whether my contention is correct. In any case the writers explanation as to the method of registering an illegitimate child is incorrect, as the column on certificate for the name of the childs father should be left blank, and therefore whoever registered the child in question made a false declaration. I cannot, without further and more satisfactory information authorize the issue of separation allowance for this child. [..] please return the certificate [..] your reply, [..]
    [11 is a deleted draft of the 20 July letter in slightly different wording].
    [12 & 13] Conduct Sheet. Sackett, R J, B Coy, 29[?]th [..] Battn, Middlesex Rgt. Various offences of absent without leave and absent off pass at: Peckham 25.2.17, Park Royal 6.3.17, 8.4.17, 14.5.17, & 23.7.17, Rouen, 20.2.19, rank Dr, When ordered to turn out on transport duty did not do so, punishment 14 days CB.
    [14] Medical history. Sackett, Robert John, b. Stratford, Essex. Examined [15 Jun 1915] at Ilford. Declared age 38y 24 days. Carman. Ht 5 ft 7 in. Wt 163 lbs. Slight defects: lower jaw a bit deflected. Joined on enlistment Northamptonshire Regt, regtl no 20063, transferred to Middx Regt, regtl no 83137, RASC, regtl no T/325693.
    [15] Examined by No 1 Travelling Medical Board and placed in category CII, 12.12.16. Station or troopship: Ampthill, embarkation 21.11.16, disembarkation 28.12.16.
    [16 & 17] Hospital admissions. Admitted 16.9.16, discharged 30.9.16, abscess. Days in hospital 15, [..] of Rt Axilla infected, subsequently breaking [..] abscess formation. Pers evacuated. Cause undetermined. Recovery. No disability. Was on active service.
    [18] Answer to letter of 20 July 1915. From O/Commanding 3 Northamptonshire R[..], to O i/c Records, No 9 District, Warley. Gillingham, Kent, 22 July 1915. Re Minute 1 Pte R J Sackett has been interviewed and states [..] a friend of his wrote the letter [..] him. The whole thing was carefully ex[..] to him and he admitted that the Registration of the child is wrong. Column 4 on attached certificate—Declaration should have been—R J Sac[..] & in column 5 "formerly Hornby" should [..] been omitted. The only explanation he can offer is the ignorance of the person making the declaration.
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  • Sackett, Timothy Protection Certificate, "Sackett, Timothey [sic], regtl no 944601, rank Gr, record office Woolwich, unit 1SUB WRA?, regt RFA, address for pay 92 Jamaica Rd, SE, theatre WC?, born 1893, medical category A, place of rejoining in emergency Charlton Pk, specialist military qualification GCF, Dispersal Unit 24 Sep 1919 Crystal Palace."
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